Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ Demons ( Chapter 6 )

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Demon and True Love
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The puppets hands clicked and there fingers became foot long blades. The puppets then leapt at him led by the diminutive Chachazero, Kaore A.K.A. Brent flipped forward onto his left arm and pivoted it so that he slammed the oncoming Chachazero into the ground cracking the pavement and making a large CRASH.

-A few blocks away-

Asakura was walking back from the school after forgetting what time it was while she was editing the video and was left in the dark. Luckily she had just finished when the lights went out and was on her way back to the dorms when she heard the crash.

“Huh… What was that?” She wondered running to find out what it was.

-Back with Kaore-

Kaore jumped into the air and looked down as his eyes flashed. He held up his right arm across his chest.

“Here comes my magic. Infernal Whip! He said swinging his arm back as a long thread of what looked like fire extended from his forefinger and middle finger.
(A/N: Think Balrog from Lord of the Rings. It’s that whip and when I mention shadow fire it’s the same thing as the Balrogs flames.)

The whip extended twelve feet back before splitting into a fork. He swung the whip and it hit one of the charging puppets making an enormous CRACK that sounded like thunder and made the puppet shatter into pieces with the force. He whipped his arm back and wrapped the whip around a puppet behind him and spun it around slamming it into several others making a twelve foot area around him.

Infernal Flare!” He shouted opening his right palm facing towards three puppets charging him and fired an orb of Shadow Fire at them.

It hit the lead one exploding with a much quieter way then it looked like it should. The three puppets fell to the ground aflame as more leapt up at him.

Infernal Gust!” He shouted as his fore arms became wreathed in flame he thrust his arms forward making wind blow for a second before waves of Shadow fire erupted from his body.

The waves of fire hit the leaping puppets and several were incinerated instantly. The fire soon ceased and he landed on the ground. There were still about fifty puppets left as his eyes flashed again. Suddenly he felt a shooting pain in his back and he felt weak. He turned around and saw Chachazero with a large syringe leaping away.

“Now you can’t use those nasty fire spells.” She said manically.

Another hundred puppets leapt off the roof with their claws extended. He leapt out of their path and ducked under Chachazero’s meat cleaver.

“Than you leave me one choice!” He shouted.

“I’d stop if I were you!” Chachazero said “Master said that you love this girl and if you try anything I’ll run her through Brent-san.”

Brent froze and turned around to look at the diminutive puppet and froze. The tiny puppet was standing on Kazumi’s shoulder with one of her meat cleavers to her throat. Brent trembled as he saw that she was cut across the stomach by what looked like one of the larger puppets claws. She had tears in her eyes and seemed to be trying to remain calm despite the situation.

“Now. If you surrender and put this special collar on I’ll let her go.” Chachazero said holding up what Brent recognized as a slave collar.

Brent didn’t move as he contemplated the facts. She had Kazumi in a very precarious position about five feet in front of him. There were at least fifty blade handed puppets surrounding both him and Kazumi in a ten foot circle. He knew that if he put that collar on he would be Evangeline’s slave until she released him which he doubted she ever would. Also he was 98 sure that as soon as he put the collar on she would order him to kill her and he’d be forced to do so then most likely he would be forced to destroy the whole school before using his strength to overpower the curse she was under. He formulated a plan and stepped forward focusing as hard as he could on the shadows, trying desperately to make Chachazero’s shadow smack her off Kazumi. When he was three feet away he succeeded. Chachazero went flying and he dashed forward only to be blocked by one of the puppets. He twirled around it and grabbed Kazumi… and felt five blades pierce his right shoulder and a shout of pain from Kazumi followed by complete silence. He looked down and saw that the five blades had pierced his shoulder… and went straight into Kazumi’s chest.

“Kazumi-chan?” He asked.

She didn’t answer and he was sure that she wasn’t breathing. He shook her slightly beginning to get worried as the puppets closed in on them.

“Kazumi-chan! Please say something?” He cried desperately as tears began to fall down his face.

He shook her again as tears fell down his face like a river. He heard her take a shuddering breath and gasp in pain. Looking apologetically into her eyes he quickly pulled back away from her tugging the blades from her chest before repeating the feat with the puppet whose hand was in his shoulder and extending his blue blade he stabbed it into the puppets head that then collapsed in a heap. He turned and grabbed Kazumi and faded them both into the shadows, reappearing on the other side of the square. She gasped in pain again as he gently sat her down.

“Kazumi-chan… I’m sorry. Please wait here… and don’t be alarmed by what you see.” He said before vanishing and reappearing next to the puppet army.

Kazumi checked her wounds and saw that only one of the claws had pierced her chest but since she wasn’t coughing up blood she assumed that it had missed her lungs as well as anything vital… still hurt like hell though. She couldn’t move her arm very well but when she looked at it she realized the wound looked like it had been healing for days… it was almost gone. She heard a roar and looked back to the fight. Brent had his arms across his chest with open hands and shouted.

“Kensei style, Way of the Four hands!” He shouted as he closed his hands.

She then saw purple rings appear around his hands as he uncrossed his hands and all six of his blades shot out their sheathes. The two katana float by the back of his hand as the four shorter blades floated around him. He swung his fist and the katana cut a puppet in half and two of the smaller blades did the same thing. As he whittled the puppets down she gasped as he got cut up more and more by the puppets claws.

‘How can he take so much damage and keep going? Is he really that tough?’ she thought.
Finally there were only ten puppets left but Brent was on the ground with most of his costume shredded. His mask was gone and he was too tired to continue. He glanced over at Kazumi and smiled sadly.

“Now you’ll see why I’m called a Demon.” Brent shouted as he began to glow slightly.

He seemed to burst into flame and stood up. When then flames went down Brent was standing upright and all his wounds were gone. But his appearance was what shocked Kazumi the most. His forearms were now covered in dragon scales, his hands were sharp claws and wreathed in flames, he had a long black tail and two large black fire covered wings. Kazumi gasped at his appearance and realized that he wasn’t all human. He really was a demon… but he was her demon and even though she only met him a while ago she knew that he was a good person. He rose up twelve feet into the air with one flap of his large fiery wings and raised his arm to attack the puppets again… then they all collapsed and the lights came back on.

“Ah man… the barriers back on. Master lost her powers again.” Chachazero said sadly as she lay limply on the ground.

Brent ignored the tiny puppet and glided over to Kazumi who stood up clutching her arms and gasping in pain. Her face was wet from the tears running down her face as Brent landed in front of her.

“Now you see me as I truly am… well sort of. I live as a human but exist as a demon.” He said as he returned to normal “I’ll understand if you never want to see me again.”

He never finished his sentence because Kazumi had thrown her good arm around his neck and kissed him deeply. This time they both felt the sensation of being struck by lightning. He kissed her back and gently wrapped his arms around her waist. She gasped in pain as he touched the cuts on her stomach and he released her. That was how Negi, Asuna, Chachamaru, and Eva found them. They both turned crimson as Negi rushed up with worry.

-An Hour Later-

As Negi, Asuna, Kazumi, and Brent walked back to the dorms Brent couldn’t stop looking at Kazumi… something about her was familiar. But he couldn’t figure out what it was that reminded him of something.

Japan, Feb. 12, 1169 A.D.

Brent was running down the road with tear filled eyes wearing his black robe and hiss words on his back. Another village had just betrayed him. He finally slowed down and wiped the tears from his eyes as he walked down the road to a small roadside inn. He moved the sheets aside and entered finding it relatively empty and sat down at a bench. He put his head in his hands and tried to calm down when he heard soft foot steps approaching from behind. He slowly slid his hand to his shin and grabbed a throwing knife, then waited for the assassin to be within reach. When he was he leapt up and over the assassin twisting in mid-air and landed behind him putting the blade to her throat… and he realized this was his server. He released her and backed up a few paces before bowing deeply.

I’m sorry but I’ve been on edge for quite some time and thought you were an assassin.” He said while bowing.

It’s okay sir. I understand.” Said a kind voice.

He looked up and saw a teenage girl that was around 15 who was bending down looking into his face with a smile and her eyes closed. Her skin was slightly creamy in color and she had red hair. She opened her eyes and he saw they were Azure blue. She was wearing a sakura petal kimono with a white background.

(A/N: Can anyone see any resemblance?)

I’m Ryu Ashitaka.” He said blushing.

My name is Ayura Asakura and welcome to the Ichigama inn Ryu.” She said.

I need a place to stay for awhile. How much is a room?” He asked.

121 yen a night.” She said as he got up.

Jan. 1, 1170

Brent and Ayura were standing in a nearby grove of Sakura trees as the petals fell in the Caramel colored sunset sky. He was going to tell Ayura that he loved her… and that he was part demon. He prayed to his ancestors, Dragon, Human and Demon that she wouldn’t react the like the others did.

Ayura-chan… There’s something I need to tell you about me.” He said nervously.

What is it Ryu-kun?” She asked.

I love you.” He blurted.

I love you to… with all my heart.” She replied.

There’s one more thing I need to tell you.” He said sadly.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

I’m part-demon.” He said with a tear in his eye.

He heard her gasp and heard foot steps but was surprised when he felt her hug him.

Ryu-kun… I’ve known you for nearly a year and I fell in love with you a month after you got here. There’s nothing that could change that.” She said before kissing him deeply.

March 7, 1171

The inn was engulfed in flame as Ryu pulled Ayura down the street at a full out run. Demons had attacked him and started the fire but all he was concerned with was Ayura’s safety. When they were a mile away they stopped to rest for a few minutes. He heard something whiz through the air followed by a thud and turned to look at Ayura sitting on a rock behind him. She had an arrow through her heart and he felt like he had one in his. His eyes ignited as he was slowly covered in flames at his grief he put his palms together with his elbows stuck out as the steam rose from his eyes.

INFERNAL RELEASE!” He shouted in tears as he exploded into a pillar of Shadow fire.

(A/N: The following description may be confusing so I’m just going to tell you that he looks like the Balrog with a dragons head and feet.)

An arm made fire and shadow pushed through the twirling pillar of fire which immediately disappeared revealing a twelve foot burning Dragon that was made of both fire and shadow. Its eyes were yellow and its wings were enormous as it lifted up into the air roaring in rage and pain. It flew over the filed surrounding the forest they hid in to see the army of weak demons that had killed Ayura and swooped down towards them.


The entire field was suddenly engulfed in a whirlwind of shadow fire as he listened with glee to the tortured screams of the dying demons below him.

Next Day

He buried Ayura in a simple grave atop a hill near where her inn once stood with a simple carved stone as a headstone. With tears falling thickly down his face he turned and left.