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Purity of the Impure Soul
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It’s been a week since Negi started being trained by Ku and nearly two weeks since Brent started being tortured… I mean ‘trained’ by his brothers. Today wasn’t any different for Brent except for some reason he swore he kept seeing a girl with white hair in the seat next to Kazumi out of the corner of his eye but every time he looked she wasn’t there. He was only half listening to Negi’s lesson when the bell rang and everyone started getting ready to go to their dorms for the night.

“Okay everyone. Have a good afternoon and I’ll see you in the morning.” Negi said.

Brent grabbed his bag and started to dash out of the room when he saw the girl again. This time he stopped and stared at her for a few seconds and noticed how sad she seemed as she forlornly looked out the window. Brent realized how long he had been standing there and quickly dashed to get his shoes and things from his locker. When he got outside he felt eyes staring at him and turned to look at his classroom window and saw the girl. He had to admit… she was kind of cute… and he liked her red eyes. He then realized she was probably a ghost and resolved to visit her that night after training. He waved at her and saw several emotions flash across her face; confusion, hope, and then happiness. He then turned and rode off on his skateboard.

Later that night

Sayo Aisaka ‘sat’ sadly at her desk, basking in her loneliness when she heard something move behind her.

“He-he-hello? Is someone there?” She asked fearfully.

She was a poor excuse of a ghost, she’d trip over feet she didn’t have, she was a scaredy cat and jumped at the slightest noise, and she couldn’t scare anybody no matter how hard she tried. Now she was fearfully looking around the back of the room trying to find out what moved and hoping she was just hearing things when she heard a thud behind her. She slowly turned trembling towards the front of the room to see a dark clothed figure with a red and black mask crouching on the desk staring at her intently. She also saw the light blue blade extending from its wrist. She immediately shrieked in terror which caused the man to laugh.

“So I wasn’t seeing things. This room is haunted.” He said in a deep gravelly voice as it closed the blade.

The man then took of the mask and lowered the hood before smiling. Sayo recognized his face.

“You’re that boy who joined class, Brent Nakitaka.” She said “You can really see me?”

“Yep I’ve been able to catch glimpses of you for a while now but it was only just as class was finishing today could I see you clearly and so I decided to meet you.” Brent explained

“What’s your name?”

“Aisaka Sayo.” Sayo replied happily.

“So Sayo how long have you been here?” He asked as he sat on the desk.

“I think I died in 1946 so about sixty years.” She said thoughtfully.

Brent started to laugh when she said this and she turned to look at him in confusion,

“What’s so funny?” Sayo asked.

“Nothing… it’s just the 1940’s bring back a lot of memories.” He said wiping away an imaginary tear from his eye.

“What do you mean?” Sayo asked in confusion “How can you be sixty years old? You don’t look that old.”

“Actually I’m closer to 1928 years old.” Brent said sheepishly.

Sayo’s mouth hung open and her eyes went buggy in surprise as she processed what Brent had just told her.

“How can you be 1928 years old?” She asked when she recovered.

Brent explained to her what he was and she seemed to understand. A few hours later and she was looking at him reverently.

“Wow your so brave Brent-san!” Sayo said after he told her about D-day.

“Nah I was just trying to protect my friends and the others. “He said “So how far can you roam?”

“Well I can go to the minimart nearby.” Sayo replied.

Brent closed his eyes and held his chin in his hand as he wondered what this meant.

“Well it seems to me that your anchored to this room for some reason” he said after a minute “Maybe my brother could help you travel further.”

“You think he can do that?!” Sayo asked excitedly.

“Maybe, usually depends on his mood which is hard to gauge but he’s been in a better mood than usual so he should be helpful.” Brent said happily.

They remained in the room as Brent told Sayo about his life and Sayo told him about all the people she’d seen come through the class and it soon was almost time for him to head home.

“Well its time for me to head for home.” Brent said.

“Um… Brent?” Sayo asked.

“Yeah, what is it?” Brent replied.

“That blue blade on your wrist, what is it?” She asked.

Brent flicked his wrist to extend the blade.

“This blade is made from the rarest of substances. It’s not found in nature and the compounds are hard to acquire.” Brent explained.

“Tell me! Tell me!” Sayo shouted excitedly.

“Well first off you need to know that it’s an alchemical process used to create the metal used in the blade and that it’s a very complicated process. The first 3 ingredients are purest silver that has been cursed by Sefots the Dearian goddess of peace, I know that may sound paradoxical but to call any Dearian god a god is like calling Gandhi the devil, then you need pure gold that had been blessed by Geliar the demon god of order. The third ingredient is some flesh and bone willingly given by a Chinese Green River Dragon; they have very few pain receptors and can regenerate body parts quickly. It’s hard to get them to agree to give you some.” Brent explained slowly “The problem is you need two tons of the silver and fifty pounds of the gold in order to create enough material to make something this big. The last few ingredients are difficult to get. You need the bone of a 500 hundred year dead wolf that has been engraved with a spell called ‘The Blending of Soul’ the reason for which I’ll explain later. You also need fifty ground dragon scales from an Arctic Dragon, Amphitere, and a Oceanic dragon that’s been ground to a fine powder, the last thing you need is wood from an Acacia tree. You take the stuff to the Kilauea crater in Hawaii and smelt the metal down separately. You place the dragon flesh and bone into a separate cauldron and then you pour the metal into it making sure its evenly mixed and let it simmer for three months while you meditate for three months in order to calm your mind and settle your spirit.”

“Why do you have to meditate?” Sayo asked.

“Well the blade is essentially a part of the makers soul so in order for it to form properly you must be clear minded and at peace with yourself as you forge it. Anyway after you’ve meditated the stuff should be glowing bright pink in color at which point you mix the powders and add them. If done correctly the solution should turn green in color at which point you must say the spell engraved on the wolf demon bone while holding it in your left hand before casting it into the liquid metal which should then turn the color representing your soul. The color is never the same for each person… mine was black with red and silver streaks and if it’s made right you will enter your mind to meet ‘yourself’ so to speak. This is the most difficult part as most people are unable to bear meeting their true self and most are driven insane or even killed by the encounter.” Brent continued “The colors can be interpreted many ways and only your unveiled self knows what they truly means. You then pour the liquid into the desired mold and it should start to compress itself to fill the mold perfectly without spilling. You must finally use basic smith work except that instead of water using to cool it you need to use your own blood to seal your soul with the metal. The metal doesn’t cause physical harm instead it will cut your soul meaning it will kill summoned demons instead of dispelling them and can stun or kill depending on my whim and the person its used on. The metal is supposed to change as you do but I made mine almost a thousand years ago and it hasn’t changed a bit.”

“Wow Brent-san that’s amazing.” Sayo said.

"I gave it the name 'Purity of the Impure Soul because I was told that my soul is both pure as pure can be and tainted by something I cannot see." Brent finished.

“I guess you have to go now huh?” Sayo asked.

“Yeah but I’ll be back tomorrow night.” Brent said as he put the mask back on and raised the hood over his head. “Later Sayo.”

He sank into the desks shadow and vanished leaving Sayo alone.

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