Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Konoka and Setsuna: The Challenge of Love ❯ Chapter 1 The Discovery ( Chapter 1 )

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Setsuna took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. The winter
air now making her breath visible. She sat atop the World Tree
thinking about Konoka. It seemed years since they had spoke,
though it had only been days. Setsuna's love for her grew every
single second."But, why cant I tell her?" She heaved a heavy
sigh. She couldnt avoid Konoka much longer, the winter break
was almost over. The samauri jumped from the branch she was sitting
on, and landed gracefully on the snow. "Tomorrow I will speak with

Setsuna reached her dorm that evening around 1 in the morning, heading
in from patrol. Her senses tingled as she entered her room. It was pitch
black. The desk lamp she usually leaves on, she assumed had burned out.
She fumbled around in the darkness to find the light switch. When the room
filled with light, Setsuna found Konoka lying on the floor before her.
"MISS KONOKA!" The beautiful princess lay motionless.
Setsuna's heart pounded as she quickly picked her up and placed her on
the bed."Konoka, please.." Setsuna begged. She checked her pulse.
Konoka was still alive, but barely.

Setsuna's desperate screams had attracted other students. Amoung them, Asuna
Kagurazaka, and Professor Negi Springfield. Before she knew it, Konoka had
been swept away from her by Negi. Setsuna reacted how she had been trained,
and nearly attacked the young professor. Negi muttered something in Latin,
and everything seemed to freeze, except Setsuna, and himself.

"We have to get her help, follow me, Setsuna" Negi exclaimed.
Setsuna only nodded, and followed him. Everything snapped back to normal.
They pushed through the crowd of chattering students. Setsuna could her them
gossiping already. She didnt care. All that mattered was Konoka. The girl who mattered
more then anything in the world to her. Her closest friend, her only
love, her precious Konoka..