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Sounds in the Night
Angel Della Notte
Chapter 1: Something's Missing
Author Notes: This story ties in quite a bit with my other stories, you can still understand it without reading them but it would be better if you read them especially Distances. Even so I'll put a glossary at the bottom explaining some of the new characters and things I've done. This story takes place about two years after the last episode of Zwei.
(Presidential suite, Hexagon, Aries)
President Yukino Chrysant slept cuddling into the shoulder of her blonde Otome while Meister Haruka Armitage slept sprawled out on the bed one hand barely around the president's shoulder. Yukino shifted in her slept clinging tighter to Haruka then opened her eyes hearing a sound in the other room. “Haruka, wake up.” Yukino said.
“Mmmm what Yukino? I'm tried let me sleep.” Haruka said rolling over and pulling Yukino against her bare chest. Earlier that night Haruka had been in a feisty mood and they had made love until the blonde couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.
“Haru-chan I heard something in the other room.” Yukino said shaking the Otome. “Come on wake up.”
“Probably one of those damn cats ever since Mai came back they've been showing up all over the world. One has been lurking in my office for about a week now.” Haruka said pressing her face into Yukino's pillow. “Go back to sleep Yukino.”
Before Yukino can protest any more the door to the bedroom was kicked open four dark figures running into the room. Haruka and Yukino both sat up Yukino pulling the sheet up with her. The first of the attacker grabbed the mattress to the king sized bed and with the help of another flipped it up throwing both Haruka and Yukino to the ground. Two of the other men grabbed Yukino pulling her towards the window. “Got her boss,” One of them said.
“Like hell you do.” Haruka said kicking one in the head then chopping the other across the neck both of them letting go of Yukino. Haruka picked the president up by the arm and pulled her to the wall hitting a painting on it a door opening up. She shoved Yukino in the hall behind. “Get out of here!”
“Haruka!” Yukino said as the door was slapped in her face. “We didn't certify.”
“Now you are going to pay for interrupting us! Materialize.” Haruka said flipping her hair back to show her GEM but nothing happened. “Damnit that Bubuzuka gets to pull her robe whenever she wants!” Haruka said the first of the attackers drawing near. She slammed her head into his head butting him and knocking him across the room.
“So you're the Continental Topaz? Isn't there some rule that prevents you from sleeping with your master? Don't know what she sees in you you're too brawny for my tastes.” The man said walking forward the other two behind him. “Let's see how tough you are without your robe.”
“My pivot life is none of your business!” Haruka said staring them down.
“It's private Haruka-chan!” Yukino called from the hallway.
“What the hell are you still doing here?” Haruka yelled to the door behind her.
“The elevator isn't working.” Yukino said.
“What? They told me that it was fixed.” Haruka said ducking as a bullet flew past her.
“Haruka!” Yukino shouted.
“Barrack the door!” Haruka said flipping a nightstand over taking cover behind it. Yukino already knew what Haruka meant found whatever she could to block the door. Haruka ducked behind the small table tapping her GEM, “Hallard get up here with Delta now!” She shouted into her GEM as the man took another shot this one breaking through the table hitting Haruka in the calf. The blonde winced more so at the yelp from down the hall then the pain. “Enough of this!” She said pushing the night stand out hitting the man with the gun knocking him and another of the men out. She was quick to follow kicking another in the face before he could raise his gun.
His gun flew into the air as Haruka caught it then ran across the room seeing the man she had head butted earlier started getting up. He had barely sat up as she pressed the gun to his forehead, “Please don't kill me!” He said holding his hands up.
(The Hallway leading to the Presidential suite)
Chie Hallard ran down the hall with Delta squad right behind her. She turned the corner running into another squad of Otome running towards her. “Shie! What the hell are you doing? Delta squad is on duty today not Echo.”
“The alarm went off at command. This better be good. I hope she didn't throw the desk again.” Shie said remembering a time when Haruka had gotten angry at something and thrown her desk across the room setting off the duress.
“Not likely I got a call on my GEM being as my squad is on duty not yours. Aren't you supposed to be in Zipang or something? Visiting your girlfriend?” Chie said as they all ran down the hall.
“I convinced Imari to visit the city. I hope she's keeping warm right now.” Shie said flicking her wrist out as they came to the door it splinting into pieces, her element being more of an ability allowing her to control things with her mind.
“Show off,” Chie said as all eight storming into the room as Chie hit the lights seeing Haruka standing before one of the attackers with a gun pressed to his head. She looked past them seeing three more men on the ground the room in pieces.
“Four minutes and twenty eight seconds what the hell took so long?” Haruka said looking over at a clock.
“General , where's your….” Shie said trailing off as Chie just started laughing.
“Damn maybe I should start working out more.” Chie said doubled over laughing.
“What the hell are you two gawking at? Get over here and arrest him!” Haruka said hitting the man on the head knocking him out then putting her hands on her hips. Chie chuckled then waved her hand the Delta members stepping forward and cuffing the attackers as Chie just stood there staring at Haruka and laughing. “Stop oranging me! I know I got shot it's nothing!”
“Haru-chan...” Yukino said leaning out of the hallway and stepping across the room wearing a bed sheet as a toga like dress.
“General, you're very toned in the rear. I don't think your uniform does it justice.” Chie said laughing.
“Way to go onee-chan you'll be under me by daybreak.” Shie said.
“You forgot something Haru-chan.” Yukino said pressing a kiss to Haruka's cheek. “You're clothes.” She said walking across the room wrapping a sheet around Haruka. The blonde turned bright red then clutched the sheet stepping behind Yukino as she tied it off, both of the Hallards snickering.
“Alright guys lets get these guys into the dungeon.” Shie said chucking and then tapping her GEM, “Imari-chan I'm on my way back,”
Chie just watched the general adjust her sheet still laughing, “Wait a minute you didn't notice? That you were butt ass naked?”
“Lieutenant you have three seconds to be out of this room.” Haruka grunted.
“Shouldn't that be Major? I am a Lieutenant Colonel now.” Chie said.
“Hallard you know the color orange really suits you.... two seconds.” Haruka said.
“How about that leave I put up for to WindBloom next week? What's the status on that?” Chie asked snickering.
“In about one second it's going to be denied.” Haruka said.
Chie chuckled yet again then gave a salute. “Ho! Then excuse me general granny ma'am!” She then pivoted and walked out. She stopped outside the shatter door summoned her hat and punched her hand through it slapping Haruka's ass.
“Sergeant! You'd better be gone in a half a second!” Haruka yelled from room.
“Mmmm firm need a workout partner?” Chie said leaning into the door.
“Out now!” Haruka said flipping her hair back again. “Materialize!” She commanded as her sheet fell down to the ground.
“Haruka-chan we didn't...certify...” Yukino said shaking her head and looking down. There was a bright flash that went off and Chie was standing there with a camera phone in her hand. She snickered then ran down the hall.
“Yukino! Certify me so I can go get one of the Hallards and make her pay for both of them!” Haruka said shaking her fist.
Yukino shook her head no then took Haruka's hand leading her back into the room. “Nope come on Haru-chan let me look at that leg.”
Haruka looked over and see a bloody strip of sheet wrapped around Yukino's leg in the same stop she had been hit knowing that whatever wounds she received Yukino would too, “Yukino ... I'm” Haruka said looking at her.
“It's not that bad but we need to stop the bleeding.” Yukino said as she knelt down before Haruka tying a strip around her leg. She looked up at Haruka's rear smiling as she stroked a finger across it, “Hallard was right about one thing.”
“Y-Yukino,” Haruka said blushing madly and jerking at the touch as Yukino pressed her finger into one of her cheeks.
Yukino reached up and squeezed Haruka's butt. “It is firm but remember to punish her tomorrow I'm the only one allowed to touch it.” Yukino said then pressed a kiss to it.
“Y-Yukino, stop kissing my ask!” Haruka said a soft moan escaping her lips.
“Its ass Haru-chan, would you rather I kiss somewhere else?” Yukino said moving around kissing her thigh.
“W-what we can't do that! You need your sleep; you're in session t-tomorrow.” Haruka said stuttering.
“You sleep through those all the time why can't I?” Yukino said licking her thigh.
“B-but ...” Haruka said as Yukino stood kissing her and taking several steps forward until Haruka fell back on the bed. Before leaving the members of Echo squad had straighten up the room righting the mattress and putting the remaining sheets back on it.
“No buts.” Yukino said climbing on top of her lover kissing her.
“I'm going to kill Hallard.” Haruka said as Yukino nibbled at her neck. “Tomorrow,” She flipped Yukino over and then started kissing her.
To be continued…..
Author Notes:
Shie Hallard: Chie's younger sister leader of Echo Squad one of Aries' Otome squad. Her GEM is the Shadow Dexterous Amber with her element being mental powers she can move things with her mind or create things with the powers. At the time of this story she is seventeen and a Captain in the Aries army. She is romantically involved with Imari Retiko-Tokiha.
Imari Retiko-Tokiha: Imari is Takumi's Otome her stone is the Lithe Heart Tourmaline and her element is a pair of short swords that can transform into small razor sharp pink dragons. She is a Princess of Zipang being a cousin to Mai and Takumi and is romantically involved with Shie Hallard.