Mai Otome Fan Fiction ❯ Sounds in the Night ❯ Chapter 3: Making the Rounds ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3: Making the Rounds
(Later that night, Chrysant Manor, Aries)
Chie walked through the hallway carrying a glass of water she picked up in the kitchen on her last 'patrol' by it. “Shie you are so dead when I get my oak leaf back you'll be scrubbing toilets with your tooth brush...” She said taking a drink.
“What was that Lt? You shouldn't open your mouth so wide in the presence of a higher ranking officer. I'll make you say it again if you don't behave.” Shie said a smirk on her face seeming to be enjoying this far too much.
“Shouldn't you be in the basement screwing your girlfriend? I can't believe the general let you bring her along on a mission.” Chie huffed still unhappy about the assignment being placed under your kid sister wasn't pleasant.
Imari took that minute to walk in wearing a pink kimono with the symbols of Zipang all over it. “Chie-sempai, that is mean.” Imari said putting her arm around Shie's waist resting her head on Shie's shoulder discreetly taking a deep breath inhaling the scent of her lover.
“Yeah whatever I've got a patrol to finish.” Said then started walking off, “Remember Shie I always get even.” Chie then walked past the living room seeing Haruka and Yukino laying on a sofa the latter in her Otome's arms. Chie thought of bugging them but saw how comfortable they were and decided against besides she was in enough trouble as it was. Haruka had raided her office while she was out and smashed her phone good thing she had already transferred the files to disk. She had also told Chie that she was to be on her best behavior or her vacation would be cancelled indefinitely. Every night when she called Aoi the maid asked when she was coming. Seeing everyone here with their loved ones made Chie wish she was back in Wind laying in the arms of her maid.
“After you get off shift…” Imari said pausing to kiss Shie and squeeze her rear causing Shie to let out a squeak, “I have plans for you, my little street muffin.” She finished then giggled.
“Hey I'm the boss I'm off whenever. I gave Onee-chan the night shift.” Shie said then kissed her, “So shall we your highness?”
“I knew it! I know that squeak anywhere!” Chie said turning back around the corner a smirk on her face, “I don't think that the general would take too kindly to you neglecting your duties to have some pretty pretty princess.”
Imari glared at Chie then said, “Chie-sempai, I told you about calling me that.” After discovering that Imari was third in line for the Zipanganise throne Chie had taken to calling Imari that to tease Shie and it had stuck. Truth was it didn't really bother Imari it bothered Shie more.
“Shie this isn't all fun and games we're here because someone tried to kidnap the President last night.” She said then looked into the other room hearing something from the foyer and pressed her finger to her lips drawing her gun before walking over there as the front door opened. A short figure stepped into the darken room and Chie pressed her gun to their temple. “Drop it.” She said seeing they were holding something.
The figure dropped the back pack in their hands and raised them in the air, “Chie sempai? Don't shoot me!” The girl said. “Please!”
“Irina-chan? What the hell are you doing here?” Chie said thinking she knew the voice.
“Uhm…I…live…here…sorta.” Irina said staring at Chie's gun which was still pointed at her as she held up the key in her other hand.
“Hallard what are you doing holding a gun to Irina-chan's head? Put that thing away or would you like to stay a Lieutenant?” Haruka said as she stood at the top of the starts with her arm wrapped around Yukino the president leaning into her though she loosened up when she realized it wasn't an attacker but her sister.
“She caught me off guard that's all.” Chie said putting the gun away and picking up Irina's back pack, “The op order didn't say anything about any visitors tonight. Sorry Irina-chan.”
“Irina-chan, why are you here? I thought you couldn't get leave until the end of the month.” Yukino said she had been wondering when Irina was coming home but with all the new systems she was helping install Irina could hardly get any time off.
“Youko-sensei gave me some time off mostly because one of my inventions blew up on the Principal covering her in Artiain tea.” Irina said. She had made an automatic tea maker for Natsuki to use when Shizuru left on missions because Natsuki always seemed to make a mess when she made tea but the machine had shorted out sending black tea all over Natsuki's office and her. “I left a message on your voicemail.”
“I see you must have left it after we left. My room at the Hexagon is being…. Well remodeled. So Haruka and I will be staying here for a while. Well, I'm still happy to see you. I don't see my little sister very often since she became the assistant director of Garderobe and a Meister Otome.” Yukino said with a smile then turned to Haruka, “Haru-chan, get one of the other rooms ready for my sister. Lieutenant and Captain Hallard tighten your patrols. I don't want any more surprises. Princess Imari, you can join us for tea if you like.”
“Thank you madam President I would love to.” Imari said then kissed Shie on the cheek before heading up stairs, “See you later street muffin.”
There was a quiet chuckle from Chie then Irina said, “Onee-chan its fine I'll just stay in my old room.”
“Yes Ma'am! Lieutenant! Go do a running cheek of the perimeter.” Shie ordered her sister not able to resist adding a chuckle to the end.
“Captain why don't you join her?” Haruka said seeing the younger Hallard was having too much fun with this.
“Yes, Ma'am!” Shie said the smirk fading from her face then turned to Chie seeing the smirk return to her face.
“Come on mini me try to keep up.” Chie said opening the door and taking off in a sprint knowing that Shie was a sprinter but wasn't a distance runner. She knew Shie would catch up with her but how long could she hold it?
“Onee-chan, I heard on the transport over here you were attacked last night is everything ok?” Irina said remembering what she had heard on the radio but the report wasn't very detailed. She had called several times always getting Yukino's voicemail, she had even tried the switchboard but it was too busy to place a call through.
“Hai, I'm fine I had Haruka-chan kept me safe. Saeko-mama was concerned as well we had lunch with her today.” Yukino said hugging tighter to her Otome and pressing a kiss to her cheek as they all walked back into the study.
“Saeko-mama should be proud Alyssa-chan is the number one Pearl this year.” Irina said as they walked into the study sitting down as one of the maids served them tea.
“I'm glad, Alyssa-chan was a wonderful room attendant even if Shie was jealous that someone else got to scrub my back.” Imari giggled remembering the looks Shie could send Alyssa who would just stuck her tongue out.
“Hehe that must be fun for the Bubuzuke woman and her pet,” Haruka said getting elbowed by Yukino.
“Be nice Haru-chan.” Yukino said sipping her tea.
“Alyssa-chan takes every chance she gets to rub it in that the principal was only number one because Mai-onee-sama uhmmm got lost....” Irina said.
“Speaking of that Orange haired one and her felon, she always got my vote. Nice strong well built body.” Haruka said nodding. “How is she?”
“I think you mean feline, Haruka-chan,” Irina corrected before Yukino could, “She ran out of ramen last week and we could hear Mikoto-sama waling so loud we heard her at Garderobe.”
Yukino slid her chair closer to Haruka's chair linking their arms “The new system has been working out great Irina.” Yukino commented.
“I happy you like it Onee-chan.” Irina said she had been here about three months ago installing the new system and had worked day and night on it.
“I'm not completely happy with the response time last night but it is better then it used to be.” Haruka said knowing their timing hadn't been delayed by the NEFCOM* system.
“Imari-chan, Youko-sensei asked me to modify your GEM, you master has already approved and it will only take a moment.” Irina said taking out a small case Aries was just her first stop after she spent a couple weeks here she was to head onto Cardair visiting various Otome upgrading their GEMs while Sara did the same in Florence and Lutesia.
“Modify it?” Imari asked. Shie had told her about the new system Irina had installed in Aries but hadn't heard of any other new technology. Takumi had no need of a NEFCOM system since she was the only Otome for Zipang.
“I just put it in this thing here.” Irina said as she took out a small looking box attached several wires and a notepad size tablet as well as another larger box and then set them on the table. “And this will make it so you can contact your master from wherever you are to get a certification. It's a modified version of the little communicators the Columns have with them only better.”
“You mean Takumi-kun won't have to be with me to certify?” Imari said taking her earring out rubbing her bare ear.
“That's the idea. Haruka-Onee-chan. I'll need to do yours too. So you won't be forgetting it and falling off cliffs, or fighting kidnappers in the nude.” Irina said as she took Imari's GEM and put it in the box closing it then punched a few buttons causing machinery to start to work. She had been listening to an off beat news station that had been poking fun at the fact Haruka had fought off the attackers without her robe and in the nude.
“Why couldn't you of shown up yesterday?” Haruka grumbled having caught a little of the news cast. She had already briefed Chie that if any photos of her that night ended up in print that she would rather not find out what would happen to her.
The machine beeped and Irina took the GEM out and gave it back to Imari and then held out her hand for Haruka's GEM.
“Here you go.” Haruka said as she handed the earring over while Yukino giggled, “What?
“You have a tan line where your earring should be.” She said still giggling as she leaned over kissing where the gem should be. Irina let out a low chuckle but stopped at the glare Haruka gave her. She looked back down at the GEM then finished the process before giving it back.
Haruka leaned away from Yukino enough to place the GEM in her ear then wrapped her arm around Yukino again. “So, Yukino doesn't have to be with me to materialize?”
“Just tap your GEM like you normally would to communicate with other Otome but instead say Onee-chan's name and she'll hear you.” Irina said.
Haruka stood up placing her hands on her hips then reached up and tapped her GEM. “Yukino? Can you hear me?” She asked.
“You're right next to me Haru-chan, of course I can hear you. Yukino said giggling again then looked down at her ring which was glowing.
“Onee-chan try giving vocal certification through the ring.” Irina said. “It's called
Mastorial Advent GEM Intelligent Certification, Communication or MAGICC for short.”
Yukino brought her hand to her mouth and whispered into the ring. Haruka felt her GEM grow warm like it usually did during certification. She had to admit it felt strange for this to happen without Yukino kissing the GEM, even still she said, “Materialize!”
A light green robe appeared before Haruka along with a bright matching light before it settled onto the blond. She looked down at her hands flexing the gloves the experience still a little odd. “See. Now you try it Imari-chan, yours is a better test anyway.” Irina said looking at the princess.
“Can I talk to her through the GEM?” Yukino asked a smirk on her face.
“Yes Onee-chan it works just like a radio but it's only linked to you and Haruka-Onee-chan.” Irina said looking over at Imari who stood there staring at her watch.
“It is near in the morning there Takumi should be awake.” She said then she tapped her GEM, “Takumi?”
“I-chan? I didn't think our communications would reach this far.” Takumi said across the GEM. “Is everything alright?”
Yukino continued to smirk then brought her ring close to her mouth whispering as Haruka turned bright red. “Kumi-kun can you cert me?” Imari said, “Irina-sempai has installed a new device into my GEM that allows you to certify me remotely.”
“Yukino stop whispering that kind of stuff in my ear!” Haruka said her face now completely flushed.
Ignoring the President of Aries and her Otome Imari stood up calling out, “Materialize!” She closed her arms and long silver appeared over her arms then she them down as an obi like garment formed over her waist and her torso looked like a Yukata. The lower portion was similar but formed a long strip of material that went down to her feet splitting at both sides allowing her legs to stick out. The final part was both of her hands holding two Asian style short swords and then flexed them outward striking a pose the robe being different shades of pink.
A whistle came from the doorway where Shie leaned against the frame looking at her girlfriend. “Lithe Heart Tourmaline you are looking as sexy as ever.”
“Shie!” Imari said blushing.
“What you look hot in your robe.” She said hearing Haruka clear her throat and turned to Haruka saluting. “Perimeter all secure Lt Hallard and I are switching out with Kazue and Jenna.” She dropped the salute after Haruka then wiped some sweat from her brow, Chie had bested her around the perimeter but she had somehow managed to at least keep up most of the way.
“Fly,” Imari said letting go of her swords both of them floating in the air, her GEM blinked information and the elements turned into two long razor sharp pink dragons both of them flying around Shie. “Behave street muffin. They don't like people who make me angry.” Imari said smirking.
“Angry? I know I tend to make you scream but I never thought it was out of anger.” Shie said reaching up and petting one of them touching the flat of the blades.
“Shie, behave.” Imari said calling her dragons back to her one sitting on her shoulder the other perching on a lamp.
“Hai, your highness,” Shie said walking over to Imari and pressing a quick kiss to Imari's cheek then petted the blunt part of one of the dragons again, “Be nice girls I'm not going to hurt your mistress. Shie jumped at the sound of an alarm causing her to cut her hand on Imari's dragon.
To be continued…
Author notes:
Irina Woods / Chrysant: Irina is Yukino Chrysant's half sister with them sharing the same father. She is the assistant director of Garderobe and is bound to Fumi. Her GEM is the Labyrinthine Wit Ammonite and her element is a mechanical bird that resembles a phoenix. Though she is bound to Fumi, she still requires certification from the Garderobe administration. Her GEM is a new or 2nd generation type so it does not require treatment from the MAGICC process.
Kazue Jarin: A member of Delta squad and a First Lieutenant in the Aries Army.
Jenna Michaels: A member of Echo Squad and a First Lieutenant in the Aries Army. She is Shie Hallard's second in command.
Technical Terms:
Neo Fumi Certification Omni Materializer (NEFCOM): This system, based on the concept of the Surrogate System. It was designed by Irina Woods specifically to be used by the Aries Military Otome Squads Delta and Echo. It was decided that the squads, that had started their existences by being bound to certain high ranking officers were ineffective as a unit for the fact that they had to secure physical certification from said officers. Even being units composed of all 2nd generation GEMs, were not utilizing their full potential and thus, NEFCOM was created.
NEFCOM works on the principal of being an amplifier of sorts. It allows the Otome under their commander to call for their robes after said commander is certified. NEFCOM itself is bound to two people. General Bowan and General Devine. The two ring holders of Chie and Shie Hallard who are also bound to it. Both generals hold what can be considered 'squad' master GEMs. That allows them to certify their commanding Otome though NEFCOM. The major advantage of this is that NEFCOM has a core similar to that of the Surrogate System. But different in the way the core doesn't burn out only breaks in the same way an electrical circuit breaker would in the event of receiving too much damage or over 48 hours of continued use; meaning that the masters themselves do not receive damage if the squad members are injured only if the commanders are as they are still bound to them directly. Chie and Shie do not need to utilize NEFCOM and can be certified either way.
Though it has become procedure for them to bind themselves though it unless it has become damaged or they are on a directive different from the squads. The main purposes for this is to make it so four Otome are not bound to one master which can be considered foolhardy and stupid.
Mastorial Advent GEM Intelligent Certification /Communication (MAGICC) Process: The ' MAGICC ' process as it came to be called was developed by Youko Helene and her then apprentice Irina Woods after the Wind Uprising. Though created at the same time as the Surrogate System, it was not put in place until after the events of Zwei. The process involves re-encoding the GEM of the Otome making her able to communicate with her master and if necessary receive vocal certification to unlock the Otome's GEM.
Though this process had been completed on most Otome excluding the Five Columns as they need no certification, Mai Tokiha; The Fire Stirring Ruby, Arika Yumemiya: The Blue Sky Sapphire and Nina Wang: The Neptune Emerald.
The reason for this is that Arika's GEM seems to act adversely to the process, This also could be caused by the fact that her master is the only one in recent history to carry two contracts of non 2nd generation* GEMs as well at the Blue Sky Sapphire having an incomplete and final form.
The process on Mai's end seemed to work but had to be reversed do to her materializing for no reason at random times. The apparent cause was the fact that her master ring had been ingested by Mikoto, the Neko-megumi-sama.