MARS Fan Fiction ❯ Rise of a Fallen Angel (Part II of the Angels Series) ❯ Insight ( Chapter 9 )

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Okay, so now, for the final chapter of this story! It'll be very short and probably not worth the wait, but it will be done!
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Chapter 9—Insight
Rei smiled and pulled Kira into a long, slow kiss, and she leaned into it, seeking the comfort her husband never failed to bring. Her leg was beginning to cause her more pain than she would admit, and on top of the physical discomfort, the last several days had been an emotional rollercoaster for her.
When they finally pulled apart, Rei looked over at Emily, who was standing off to the side, away from the airport terminal, saying goodbye to Ms. Reese. He smiled, and his arm squeezed Kira's waist. “We did it.”
Kira smiled happily. “Yeah, we did.”
Rei looked down at her, and there was something in his eyes that even his wife rarely got to see. “I love you.”
The only reply he got was a huge smile and another kiss.
“Come on, Emily, before we miss our flight!” Rei bellowed suddenly, pulling away from Kira and leaving her kissing the air. She just smiled good naturedly, however, and pulled away from him to pick up their bags.
Emily nodded over at them, and gave Ms. Reese a hug. Then the two came over to Kira and Rei, and Ms. Reese said, “So….I guess this is goodbye.”
“Not forever, I hope,” Kira said, leaning over to give her new(ish) friend a gentle hug. “Thank you….for everything.”
“I did nothing at all, dear,” the woman replied.
“Of course you did,” Kira replied, her voice ringing with sincerity. “You gave us a daughter.”
“Nonsense,” Ms. Reese replied, looking down at the floor for a moment before shaking Rei's hand with a surprisingly strong grip. “Now, you all should go on before you miss your flight.”
“Right,” Rei replied, taking the bags from Kira. “Goodbye, Ms. Reese.” And with that, he headed into the terminal. Rei was never one for long, tearful goodbyes.
“Come visit anytime,” Kira replied. “We'll pay for the ticket and whatever else you need us to pay for.”
“I'd love to, Kira, but….” Ms. Reese smiled sadly. “….I couldn't leave my kids for that long. You know that.”
“I know,” Kira replied, smiling back. “But I had to try.”
“You come visit me, though. Anytime you want.”
“You know we will,” Kira replied, then touched Emily on the shoulder. “Are you ready to go?”
“Yeah, I'm ready,” Emily replied, shouldering her small duffel bag. Kira nodded and followed Rei's path, not expecting anything else. Emily was still a quiet person by nature, and it was doubtful that that would ever change.
“Emily….” Ms. Reese said suddenly, as the girl turned towards the terminal. Emily turned slightly to look at her. “Will you ever….tell me what happened to you?”
Emily blinked, and stood there for a long moment, before turning and walking towards the terminal again. She stopped, however, and blinked back tears. This was more painful than she'd expected it to be. After another long pause, she dropped her bags to the ground, turned quickly, and bolted into Ms. Reese's arms. “Soon, okay?” she said softly. “You've been wonderful to me, and you deserve everything I can give you and more, but….there's someone else who needs to know first.”
Ms. Reese sighed. “I suppose I understand, sweetheart.” But she sounded reluctant to accept the reply. “When you're ready, all right?”
Emily nodded. “I promise.”
The next day, Emily stood outside Akemi's apartment, playing nervously with the end of her braid and biting her lip. Shifting from foot to foot, she finally got up the courage to raise her hand and knock softly, and Akemi answered the door a few minutes later.
“….Emily. What are you—?”
That was all he got out before he was cut off by Emily throwing herself at him. The momentum forced him back against the wall in his apartment as she kissed him, and he kicked the door shut. Every coherent thought he had had been forced out of his head as his eyes fluttered shut and he kissed her back.
“I'm sorry,” Emily apologized breathlessly, pulling away.
Akemi could not have been more surprised if a massive baboon in heels had leapt out of the hall closet and held them at banana-point. “….You just….”
Emily ignored him. “I'm sorry for everything. I was toying with you. I didn't mean to do it, but…well, I am an idiot. And I'm a jerk. And….I'm sorry,” she finished lamely.
Akemi just stood there, dazed. “You're….”
“Um…yeah. I am, huh?”
“I, uh….you're….” He raised his hand slowly and stroked Emily's hair. “God, you've got a gorgeous voice.”
Emily rolled her eyes. “Try again.”
“Um….when did this happen?”
“Another story for another time. Right now….I need you to come home with me.”
“Because I….have something to tell you. And I need Rei and Kira to be there when I do.”
“You really don't have to tell us this if you don't want to,” Kira said softly, handing Emily a mug of hot chocolate and sitting down in Rei's lap in the armchair, her own mug steaming in her hands.
“I know,” Emily replied. “But….I owe you that much, at the very least.” She sighed and stared down at the mug, her stomach churning. She couldn't decide if she should hide in Akemi's arms for the duration of the drama's unfolding, or curl up on the opposite side of the couch. Maybe she should fly back to America, call Rei, have him put her on speaker, and just tell the story from there. Finally, though, she gathered her courage and began. “I know Ms. Reese told you….where she found me the second time. And about my parents. But she has no idea what happened between the time I left the orphanage the first time, and the time I came back.”
“No….she doesn't,” Kira replied quietly.
“Well, uh….there's a good reason I didn't tell her.” She gathered herself and took a sip of her cocoa. “See, after my parents died, I swore I wouldn't go to an orphanage. Ms. Reese was nice, but I didn't trust her. Everything that had happened to my parents was just so new….and I was so scared. So I bolted, because I was stupid—I still am—and it was the only thing I could think to do. I lived on the streets and in a karate studio I'd found every time I got the chance, but then I met a girl….named Maria. And Maria was….the best thing that had happed to me in ages. Her mom taught me a lot and I spent every day at their apartment. I still spent the nights on the streets, but….I had more of a home than I'd had in a really long time. I was….happy. Well, as happy as I could have been at that point.”
Emily faltered to a halt, and then she set her mug on the table next to the couch, stood, and walked over to stare out the window. Folding her arms, she shivered in spite of the room's warmth. “One night, Maria and I were….in this alley near her house. I don't remember why we chose that spot….I think it was my idea. But we were playing there and this….guy came up. He was….huge, and mean-looking. And….God, I'll never forget the way he looked at us.”
Kira's heart froze. Oh, no….
“He, uh….killed Maria. Just pulled a gun and shot her, without so much as a word. It was quick and I don't think she felt much pain, and to this day….I'm so grateful that he killed her. Because….what he did to me….I wouldn't wish that on anybody.” She raised her hand to wipe the tears off of her cheek. “Maria was my best friend. And he took her away. And then he took away everything that made me….me. I had nothing left. Friendship, happiness, hope, pride….innocence….he took it all.” She bit her lip. “And he's still out there. Because I was too scared to tell anyone anything. And now if he kills, or….hurts….anyone else—”
Emily was stopped by a soft hand on her arm. Too soft to be masculine….
“Emily,” Kira said softly, reaching down to take Emily's hand in both of hers. “Listen to me. I know how you feel.”
Emily felt an unexplainable anger bubble in her stomach. “No, you—”
“I do. Because it happened to me, too. My….stepfather. He was the one….who….” She stopped. “I still haven't forgiven him. And….I still have nightmares about it.” She sighed, and turned Emily gently to face her. “I wish I could tell you that it stops. That finding people to love you just….magically cures it. But it doesn't stop. It doesn't go away. And you'll have to live with it for the rest of your life. It's….like a scar. An old war wound, whatever you want to call it. But….it does become an easier burden to carry. And I want to help you carry it. If….you'll let me.”
“So do I,” Rei spoke up without hesitation.
Akemi, however, didn't say anything. He didn't know what to say.
Emily's eyes were shining with unshed tears, tears that she didn't dare let out and hadn't dared let out in many years.
“Cry, Em,” Kira said quietly. “Just….cry.”
And from the moment the first tear fell, their lives changed….for better, for worse, forever.
Nothing could possibly break the four of them apart now.
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