Marvel Avengers Fan Fiction ❯ Marvel Imagines ❯ Bad Dream ( Chapter 1 )

[ A - All Readers ]

Pairing: Peter x reader

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Peter, Y/N, Aunt May (mentioned)

Words: 373

T/W: Mention of anxiety.


You woke up in a pool of sweat, your heart beating hard against your chest. Sitting up, you looked over at your bedside clock: 3:50 am. You huffed and cradled your knees with your arms, placing your head in between. Closing your eyes, you could see the remnants of the bad dream come back into focus and tears began to fall down your cheeks.

Ever since you found out about Peter being Spiderman, you had constant nightmares about the different things that could happen to him. You didn’t want to tell him, but you were scared for him, knowing that he’s risking his life everyday and that one day he could never come home.

Thinking about Peter allowed a warm feeling grow in your chest and you could feel the anxiety slowly fade away. Slowly, you untucked yourself and threw your legs over the edge of your bed to put your shoes on before quietly opening the window to sneak out of the house.

Peter only lived 5 minutes away from you, which is why you made it to his house in no time. Spotting the wild vines growing at the side of his house you ran up and began to climb, careful not to be too loud and wake Aunt May. Once at the top, you noticed that Peter’s window was slightly ajar which you were thankful for as it made it easier for you to get in. 

Once inside you slipped your shoes off and tiptoed over to Peter’s bed and getting into the covers, cuddling up to Peter who awoke with a start. “Y/N?” He peered at you through sleep-ridden eyes. “What time is it?” “4am. I had a bad dream and I needed a cuddle.” Peter shook his head and laughed softly. “You mean to tell me that you snuck into my room, at 4am.... to cuddle?”

You were thankful in that moment that the room was in darkness as you felt your entire face turn red. “Shut up, Pete.” He chuckled before bringing you closer into his chest and kissed you on the head, returning to his slumber moments later. You could feel your eyes begin to flitter back into their sleep as the beats of Peter’s heart lulled you to sleep.