Marvel Avengers Fan Fiction ❯ Marvel Imagines ❯ New Guardian ( Chapter 2 )

[ A - All Readers ]

Pairing: Peter Quill x human!reader

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Peter, Y/N, Gamora


For the past few years, you had heard stories about the famed guardians of the galaxy; about their selflessness and sacrificing themselves for each other as well as their bravery and battling anybody that stood in their way. But what most pulled you towards them was the fact that their leader, Star Lord, was a human like you. This fact filled you with happiness and excitement as it made you feel that anything is possible, even you joining the guardians.

You had heard around that the Guardians were planning to stop near you, so you began to devise a plan to ask them if you could join. You knew, from your many hours of research, that the Guardians tended to hang around near places with priceless artefacts which put your wheels in motion. You searched around your town and eventually stumbled upon a small, quaint shop at the end of a street. Walking towards it, you noticed a large ship peering around the corner of one of the buildings which you recognised immediately: The Milano. 

The sight filled you with glee and excitement. You were actually going to be in the presence of the Guardians of the Galaxy! These feelings changed, however,  as you neared the shop. Your nerves were beginning to get the better of you and you contemplated walking away when the door to the building opened and you were met with a pair of beautiful green eyes staring back at you,

You stood in the doorway, completely in shock with your mouth hanging open. Peter chuckled and leaned forward, closing your mouth with the tip of his fingers. “It’s not very often I get a reaction like that!” Gamora walked up behind him and raised her eyebrows. “I don’t think anyone has ever given you a reaction like that.” This made you chuckle a little whereas Peter looked around him and shot Gamora a death glare. “What makes you so sure?” Gamora scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Because it’s you, Quill.” 

Peter shook his head and turned his attention back to you. “So, lovely, is there something I can help you with?” Your eyes turned wide and you could feel your heart begin to beat faster. Taking deep breaths, you calmed yourself down enough to answer. “I’ve heard about you guys, the Guardians of the Galaxy, your heroic missions and the family that you’ve found with one another”. Peter and Gamora smiled at each other before turning back to listen to you. “Peter, the fact that you’re a human and are the leader of the bravest galactic hero group just makes me so proud. I’m human to, so I guess I’m asking.” You took another deep breath. “Could I be a part of your team? I haven’t got any superpowers or skills but I’m willing to learn! I’m wicked smart so I could be behind the scenes!”

Peter held up a finger to you, indicating that he and Gamora were going to have a conversation. They both huddled in a circle and talked in hushed whispers for a while before turning back around. At first Peter’s expression was solemn which made your stomach drop with sadness but, slowly, his lips curled into a smile and he gave you a thumbs up. “Alright you can join us, but only on a trial basis for now. I wanna see what your made of.” You smiled with delight and nodded your head, suppressing the urge to wrap him into a hug.

“Also, I never caught your name.” “Y/N. My name’s Y/N.” Peter held his hand out for you to shake. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m assuming you know who we all are?” You nodded your head in response. “Good. Are you ready to get going?” Your heart hammered faster and faster with excitement. The journey that you had been dreaming of for a while was finally coming true!

You lead the way to The Milano with Gamora and Peter walking slightly behind. “Actually, they’re kinda cute to. If things don’t work out, I may keep them around.” He looked you up and down, checking you out which earned him a slap to the head from Gamora.