Meine Liebe Fan Fiction ❯ Loving Waltz ❯ Loving Waltz ( Chapter 1 )

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Loving Waltz

“Care to dance little cousin?” He asks me, looking dashing as always, looking at me lovingly.

I just wish it were a more sensual love he has for me.

He gently takes my arm, being the gentleman that he is, and guides me to the floor. His aura is so warm and strong. I love him dearly.

Dance with me, my beautiful little cousin

We begin to waltz, I am clumsy, dancing is not my forte. He tells me to follow him; he will lead me through the motions. He has no idea I will follow him anywhere. He can lead me to hell and I would praise him for it.

Let me fly away with you Lui

He tells me I am getting better that we are flowing like a stream. He can be so poetic at times, my gorgeous Lui.

I want to hold him tighter to me, but that would be to unseemly. We pass Orphe and Eduardo; they look so in love, their passion unmistakable. I wish my dear cousin would look at me with those eyes.

Care to dance my delectable little cousin

As we whirl around the dance floor, I feel as if I am floating. His arm around my waist comforts me yet arouses me too. His agile hand, well practiced from swordplay, entwine with my small thin ones, feeling safe within his grasp.

Let me fly away with you Lui, I want to be yours

We glide pass the orchestra pit, my feet dancing in tune to his, he head bends down to my ear.

“You look so beautiful tonight, little Camus.”

Feeling his warm breath on my ear sends sparks through my body. It is taking everything within me, not to jump into his arms.
Care to dance forever with me, beautiful little cousin

The dance is starting to end, he whirls us close to the edge of the floor. We stop just in time to the music ending. He takes both my hands into his and pulls me delicately from the dance floor. I am so entranced by his lavender eyes, I don’t notice he is leading me to a balcony.

Let me fly away with you Lui, take my heart

He opens the balcony doors, pulls me through, and closes them with a flourish. He turns towards me again, his hair caressing my face; it smells divine just like him.

Care to be my love, care to be mine forever, beautiful little cousin

I walk towards him tentatively, wondering what to do next. There is no need, for I am swept into his arms. His hand touches my face and gently guides it to his. My face flushes red; we share our first true kiss. I am trembling in his grasp.

Let me fly away with you Lui, my love for you is forever

He rubs his hand down my clothed chest until he reaches my pants. With a twist of his wrist, his hand is in my shirt. That causes me to gasp. When he tweaks my nipple, he crashes his mouth to mine, to contain my cry.

My beautiful little cousin, you are mine

He takes his hand from my shirt, his lips from mine.

“Are there other things you are willing to learn little Camus,” he smiles seductively.

I tell him anything he is willing to teach me, I will be an apt pupil. He laughs and picks me up bridal style. He walks us down the stone steps. Where he is taking me I do not know, nor do I care.

I have always been yours Lui, please keep me