Metropolis Fan Fiction ❯ A Difference ❯ The Steps of Metropolis ( Chapter 1 )

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Most of the scene when Atlas dies is the same as the movie but I'm changing it from before Timas dad shows up. Just pretend that Tima isn't a robot okay? Thanks. Please R&R!
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Chapter One: The Steps of Metropolis
Tima and Kenichi, two young children about fourteen years of age, were wandering in the snowy streets of Metropolis that had only hours before been a battlefield. Snow was falling from the dark clouded sky, not heavily, but not lightly either. It was a unique sight, something as ugly as war and as beautiful as a winter snowfall in the same picture.
A riot had broken out; the humans demanded freedom and wanted work. Since the robots had been created, they gradually began to take over people's jobs because robots didn't need money; they only needed oil and repairs every now and then, which saved the government a lot of trouble.
Kenichi, a boy with dark green hair, brown eyes, and a big heart full of courage and feeling for what had happened only hours before, had come to Metropolis with his uncle, who is a private investigator. His uncles' job in Metropolis was to find and arrest Dr. Loughton, a mad scientist that was known for making robots with human organs. Kenichi had found Tima at his laboratory as it was burning to the ground; they fell into Zone 2 and became friends. As they gradually made it back to the surface, a boy only a few years older then themselves was trying to kill Tima.
In their escape they met a boy named Atlas, who gave them shelter and started the Up Rise or “The Revolution”. He was one of the reasons the people of Zone 1 decided to take their place on the surface by force; he was also the one who killed Perro.
Perro was a robot that was helping Kenichi's uncle find Dr. Loughton. Now the military has gotten involved, assassinated the president, and has killed most of the people of Zone 1 that were on the surface retaliating.
Something is being said from a speaker in a helicopter as Kenichi and Tima continued to look about the ruin, it says, “The revolution has failed. Metropolis is under martial law in the name of Duke Red. Disarm yourselves and surrender immediately. I repeat. The revolution has failed. Metropolis is under martial law in the name of Duke Red. Disarm yourselves and surrender immediately.” As they heard this they walked among the burning cars and lifeless bodies around them that are being covered by the falling snow. Kenichi was on the surface for one main reason at that moment and that was to find his uncle.
Suddenly, Kenichi heard his name being called and knew right away it was his uncle. He looked from were he stood to the steps of one of the main buildings of Metropolis and was suddenly filled with joy. "Uncle!" Kenichi exclaimed as he ran up the snow-covered steps to meet him. Tima walked up after him, her blonde curls and torques eyes the only color in the white ruin. "So, you're safe! I'm glad. I'm glad.” his Uncle said as he patted Kenichi on the back. He had been looking for Kenichi for quite some time now and was glad to see that his nephew was alive and well.
He was a round man, with brown hair, tiny eyes, and a thick mustache hanging below his small, round nose. His hand was bandaged. "Are you okay too Uncle?" Kenichi asked, looking with concern at his bandaged hand.
He assumed his uncle had gotten involved in the riot somehow, and that was probably the reason he was injured. He saw were his nephew was looking and glanced at his bandaged hand, "Oh, this is nothing.” He answered, both of them still happy to see one another.
He finally noticed the blonde headed girl a few feet away from them. He looked over at her, blinked a few times; just to make sure she wasn't a mirage. "Who's that?" he asked, as he took off his hat, smiling and slightly bowing a silent welcome. He was happy that his nephew wasn't all alone and that he was able to be with someone, if not himself, during their separating. “What?” Kenichi asked, turning around slightly to see Tima standing behind him smiling. "Her name is Tima." Kenichi answered, smiling at her. "She's from the lab and we've been on the run together.” He explained, looking back at his uncle as he did so, then looking back at Tima.
"Tima let me introduce you. This is my uncle." Kenichi said in a polite manner. "Uncle" she repeated and smiled at the chubby man. She hadn't received all of her memories yet, and only a few words were still strange to her. She said it to get a feel of the new word.
Uncle was a little suspicious about this young girl. In Metropolis it wasn't often one found a young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wondered for an instant if she was a German or Spanish spy, but discarded the thought knowing Kenichi knew his friends better than himself.
Atlas, a boy probably no older then seventeen who had started a war but had no idea that the army was involved, came around the corner of a statue that was by the entrance of the building. He grunted as he moved, fell over, then sat in front of the block, leaning against it for support and holding his hand over a bullet wound in his chest. Kenichi noticed Atlas right away and ran over to him, hoping that he could save him in some way. "Atlas!" Kenichi exclaimed as he ran over to him. Atlas, only having a few breaths left of life, gasped, "We…were…set up.”
As he said this uncle and Tima walked over to them, just as Kenichi noticed Rock farther down the steps than himself. Tima noticed him too, and took a few steps back so that she was behind uncle. Rock was a boy of about sixteen years of age, he was young but stronger then one would think. Rock had a past; all who were involved with him knew this. He had been trying to kill Tima to prevent the "End of the World" and to protect his stepfather and he was very close to achieving his wish as he walked up the steps, having a serious expression on his face and his hands in his pockets.
He wore his usual sunglasses, with his gun in its holster on his side. He was a boy with dark brown hair and deep, navy blue eyes. He had the Marduke armband on his upper right arm. He was the leader of the Mardukes, an underground political party that terminated robots that were out of their jurisdiction.
"So, we meet at last,” he said, walking up the steps slowly as he did. Atlas had fallen over, dead, and Kenichi was about to move to grab him when Rock pulled his gun out of its holster and quickly aimed at him. "Don't move!” He ordered, staying in place for a few moments then began walking the rest of the way up the steps.
Tima took another step back as he did so. She was a shy girl, didn't really show her emotions. She hadn't had a reason to show her emotions yet, but it was obvious she feared Rock. "Don't resist.” He nodded towards Tima, “If you hand her over, you might be able to go home alive.”
"Shut up, Rock, you wont keep your word!” Uncle shouted at the boy.
Rock looked at the old man and smiled. There was no warmth in that smile, just a coldness that would send a chill down anyone's spine. “I know what you're up to-“ Kenichis uncle continued, but he wasn't able to finish by the time Rock quickly aimed and shot at uncle.
As he shot a look of satisfaction was on his face. For a moment there was just the shot of the gun, then silence. Kenichis uncle fell over from the force of the bullet lodging into his shoulder, leaving Tima standing there, looking at him, eyes wide. Everything had happened very quickly, yet in slow motion all at the same time.
As uncle was falling Kenichi dived at Rock, tackling him. He was angry at Rock for what he did to his uncle. Rock still looked satisfied at his handwork, then saw Kenichi a moment before he tackled him, his expression changing from satisfaction to surprise in seconds as Kenichi bit into his arm, right were the Marduke armband was in place. As they fell together the gun flew out of Rocks hand.
The gun landed on the steps were Rock had been standing moments before, now he and
Kenichi were tumbling down the snow covered cement stairs as Tima watched them. “Why you little-…” Rock began angrily the moment they stopped tumbling. Rock gritted his teeth and stood, holding Kenichi by the collar of his shirt. His sunglasses were now a few steps way from were they plummeted. Rock was standing and Kenichi wasn't up on his feet yet, his feet were on the ground still but Rock had a hold of his shirt collar, shaking him slightly, and Rock didn't look as angry anymore.
"Ti- Tima, get the gun!" Kenichi shouted just before rock kneed him in the stomach. As Rock was doing this Tima was picking up the gun and standing as Kenichi slowly fell to the ground, unconscious. Rock was walking up the steps as Tima completely stood. He picked up his sunglasses. As Rock was walking towards Tima, uncle stood up, using a wall for support, and stumbling in Timas direction. Rock stopped a couple of paces away from her, put his sunglasses back on and reached out his hand. "Now, let's have it back.” he said, meaning the gun. Rock then continued to walk towards her slowly.
Uncle said, gasping, “Don't…give it to him…!” As he said this he gasped a few more times, holding a hand over his wounded shoulder, then fell, going unconscious. With her left hand Tima lifted the gun in an aiming position at Rock, or attempted to. As she did he stopped about two stair steps away from her. She wasn't used to the weight of the gun, so it wasn't completely steady.
The snow continued to fall as he smiled, raised his arms up and said, "You sure you can shoot me?" He pointed to himself "I am a human you know!" Tima stood there, gun still lightly swaying in the air a bit as she continued to aim at Rock. She glanced over to where Kenichi lay unconscious in the snow, and then looked back at Rock. She didn't understand what was happening, she had never experienced a friend being injured before, and her face was expressionless. Tima had her finger on the trigger of the gun, but didn't put pressure on it. Rock and Tima stayed like that for a few moments in silence, the only noise being the snowflakes lightly falling and landing on the ground. She did care about Kenichi and what happened to him, but she still didn't completely have her memory back and couldn't remember how to express feelings such as anger and pain. She had had a small taste of fear before, but not terrifying fear.
Rock took a quick step forward, which caused Tima to accidentally put some pressure on the trigger. The gun trigger was very sensitive, and the gun went off. All that was heard was the deafening sound of the bullet shooting out of the barrel of the gun. Tima was knocked over by the force of the gun, landing on her side on the snow-covered stairs. Rock also fell over. Silence.
Tima sat up slowly, steadying herself. Rock also sat up, trickles of blood slowly flowing down the side of his face where the bullet barely crazed his cheek. When Tima fell the gun went flying from her hand and landed between the two. Rock leaned over and grabbed the gun quickly, aimed at Tima without really aiming and fired. Once again the sound was deafening, leaving Rocks ears ringing. Tima had fallen over again, and Rock was now in a kneeling position. He put his gun back in its proper place with one hand, wiping the blood off the side of his face with the back of the other. He stood and looked at Tima.
At first glance one would think she was dead, but Rock could see that the bullet grazed her ear and she had hit her head on the step during the fall, knocking herself out. A small puddle of bright red blood began to form, sinking into the snow and staining strands of her blonde locks to a strawberry pink. “Blood…?” Rock mumbled, almost amazed. He took pushed his sunglasses up so that they were sitting on his head and dipped a gloved finger in the small, snow cone like puddle that was forming. He lifted the blooded finger to his face, and sniffed lightly. He knew right away that the substance was, in fact, blood. “How can that be?” Rock thought to himself in wonder. “If she is a robot, she's the most humanlike I've ever seen…” he mumbled softly. “Of course she is, that is because she is human.”, said a familiar voice.
Rock looked down the stairs where the voice came from, and in its place stood Duke Red. He stood next to his black car wearing a black trench coat. His driver stood next to him in his black uniform. The driver held a black umbrella over Duke Red's head, following his every move so that he wouldn't get any snow on him. The snowflakes were falling at a slow, steady pace around them.
Duke Red was the highest and most respected person in Metropolis. He adopted Rock when he was young and all alone, now Duke Red was very hateful to him. It is probably because of this that Rock acts like a cold person. Rock still respects him and did everything he was told to do whenever it came to his stepfather because he respected Duke Red for taking him in as a child, even though Rock hadn't heard a kind word from Duke Reds lips in some time now. Duke Red had the same hair type and eye color as Tima, it was clear that they were father and daughter.
“What are you saying father?” Rock started and pointed at the unconscious Tima that lay next to him. “Are you implying that this is the real Tima that supposedly died seven years ago?” Duke Red gritted his teeth and said with an authoritive tone “I am not your father! I pitied you and took you in when you were orphaned, and I will not discuss the well-being of Tima to the likes of you!” The last word echoed into the distance, then there was silence. After a few moments Duke Red continued. “Now, give me Tima and I just might not have you arrested to assaulting her, either way you can kiss your leadership of the Mardukes goodbye and I never want to see your face again.” Duke Red began to walk towards him.
Rocks head was down. At that moment he was deciding whether to disobey a direct order from his stepfather or find out who this girl really was. Either way he had to choose quickly. Rock pushed his sunglasses back into place over his eyes, pulled his gun out of its holster and aimed it at Tima. “Take another step forward, and I will kill her without hesitation.” Rocks tone was very serious as he said this. Duke Red stopped for a moment. Rock could feel Duke Red's eyes burning into him even without looking at him. “You wouldn't, she's an innocent child.” Duke Red said, as he was about to take another step. “Do you really want to chance it father?” Rock questioned, finally looking up and staring at Duke Red in the face. His blue eyes intense and at that moment were visible through his sunglasses. His finger moved into the trigger. Duke Red took his step, still doubting him. As he did this he pulled the trigger, and the gun fired. A moment after this Duke Reds eyes slowly began to widen and he slowly fell to his knees, the sound vanished and all was quiet. “How…how could you? How could you do this to her you ignorant little bas-…” Duke Red stopped in mid sentence. He finally noticed the bullet hole in the ground that was centimeters away from Timas head.
“That was a warning shot father…I never miss twice.” Rock warned. Duke Red stood slowly, the driver next to him with the umbrella. “You will pay dearly for this Rock.” Duke Red said coldly. “I know…” Rock answered as he picked up Tima slowly with his free hand and pulled her over his shoulder. He shot and blew out two of the four tires on Duke Red's car. After he did this he gave one last glance at the one he called father than ran as fast as he could away from the area.
To Be Continued…
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If you don't understand why Rock kidnapped Tima, he did it because he knew either way he'd be arrested.
Y'all know Rock; he'd rather go with a bang then quietly lol. He wants to find out who Tima really is, if she is the actual Tima or just some girl that Loughton made look like Tima. Also as I said, pretend that all the stuff about Tima being built and stuff never happened, pretend Rock just assumed Tima was a robot because he had heard that the real Tima died of a sickness.