Metropolis Fan Fiction ❯ A Difference ❯ Hiding Out in Zone 1 ( Chapter 2 )

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Hello everyone!
Just pretend Kenichi's uncle didn't find that little red book that has all the information about Tima in it okay?
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On the Chapter 1: The Steps of Metropolis:
Duke Red stood slowly, the driver next to him with the umbrella. “You will pay dearly for this Rock.” Duke Red said coldly. “I know…” Rock answered as he picked up Tima slowly with his free hand and pulled her over his shoulder. He shot and blew out two of the four tires on Duke Red's car. After he did this he gave one last glance at the one he called father than ran as fast as he could away from the area.
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Chapter 2: Hiding Out in Zone 1
Rock continued running, never looking back, as he put his gun into the proper place and held onto Timas leg so that she wouldn't fall off his shoulder. The scenery was changing as he ran, changing from buildings, snow and destruction being everywhere to the escalator to Zone 1 being in sight from a distance. His cheek was still bleeding slightly, but not as bad as it was when it first happened. As the entrance began to be closer and closer as Rock ran, he could hear sirens in the distance. “Crap…” he thought as he ran towards to sign that said “Zone 1”. When he finally reached the escalator steps, he stopped for a moment, breathing a little hard. He moved Tima to his other shoulder quickly but carefully, and ran down the escalator. Rock had just entered Zone 1 when a thought hit him. He ran in the direction of the burnt laboratory of Dr. Loughton.
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Kenichi woke up only a few minutes after Rock had hurried Tima away and forgot for a second where he was. Then he remembered and got up quickly. He ran over to his uncle, who was still unconscious in the snow, to see if he was okay. Kenichi knelt down next to him and checked his pulse. "He's alive" he sighed with relief "thank goodness." Kenichi heard footsteps and looked to see who it was, hoping it was Tima. It was Duke Red with a very smug look on his face. Kenichi got up quickly, he looked mad at that moment.
"Where's Tima what have you done with her!" Kenichi shouted, knowing that Rock was Duke Red's stepson. "I've done nothing with her, that idiot ran off with her threatening to kill her if I followed so I had no choice but to stay." "So you're saying that..." Kenichi started "that Rock has Tima" Duke Red finished the sentence.
To Be Continued…