Metropolis Fan Fiction ❯ A Difference ❯ What?! ( Chapter 11 )

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Authors Note:
Hello!!! This one is a dozy, but I think all of you will be surprised.
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On the last chapter, Chapter 10: Chaos:
She stood next to his bed, looking down at him, sorrow written all over her face. She hated seeing him like this.
Sasha entered the room and stood on the other side of Tima, away from the open door. Tima didn't notice Sasha staring intently at the door, her head tilting to get a better look the expression on her face blank yet serious.
Tima was taken out of her thoughts by the creaking of the door. She turned quickly to that direction, her eyes widening and her body tensing as she found the action that caused the door to move. Her lips moved, and she managed to whisper one name. “Kenichi…”
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Chapter 11: What?!
Kenichi closed the door with a gloved hand as Tima stared at him, unable to move. “Surprised?” he asked with a smirk forming on his lips. “You didn't think there would be a happy ending now did you?” Tima shifted backwards, bumping into Sasha. As she felt Sasha's presence behind her, she also felt something pressed firmly against her back. She froze, knowing instantly what the object was. A gun.
Sasha knew this had to be done. She fired into Timas back several times. As Tima fell over she pointed the gun at the sleeping Rock and shot him in the head. At this point the room of white was getting covered in their blood as well as Sasha who had blood splattered all over her face and shirt. All of this was taking place in a matter of seconds. Sasha let the empty magazine drop of the gun as she pulled a fully loaded one out of the back of her doll. She reloaded her automatic, keeping eye contacted with Kenichi the whole time she'd been slaughtering Tima and Rock. She had a crazed look in her eye as she aimed the gun at him and pulled the trigger. As she did this Kenichi withdrew his gun and shot at her at the same time. The event ended with the room being showered in blood and there not being a living soul in the room.
When Duke Red heard about the news and couldn't live anymore, so he flipped a switch that blew up the Earth.
The End.
JUST KIDDING!!!!! I felt like scaring you guys * grin * nothing like this happens don't worry. I'll have a real chapter up soon