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On the last chapter, Chapter 9: Trust and Betrayal:
Tima nodded in agreement. Tima smiled happily but a question bothered her…why did Duke Red have Rock in the hospital when he could afford to take care of him in a private place? She slept on the question and in the morning the thought still bothered her. She wondered about it as they walked out of the little shack and up to the surface. “Duke Red is up to something…” Tima thought to herself as she and Sasha walked up the steps to the hospital entrance.
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Chapter 10: Chaos
The automatic doors hissed slightly as they slid open to let the two young girls enter the Metropolian Hospital. Tima stopped and glanced around at her surroundings. She noticed something very odd about the area. Not only the area, the hospital in general. No chaos. Not a single sound could be heard but her faint breathing. Sasha stood next to her.
“Rock is on the 4th floor.” Sasha said softly, her rag doll in her arms. She began to walk, and Tima followed after her. They walked passed the nurse station; no one there either.
“What is going on?” Tima thought as she and Sasha walked down the hall to the elevator. “Duke Red is the cause of this…I'm sure of it…but there isn't any other way I can get Rock right now.” Tima sighed as she pondered this. Sasha pushed the up button on the elevator. Tima looked at Sasha, noticing the grim look on her face. “Sasha, what's the matter?” Tima asked as the elevator door opened. “Nothing…” she answered, her hair covering her eyes. They both walked into the elevator.
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“How can you do this?” Sasha asked herself in her head, amazed that she entered the elevator. Tima stood next to her. The door closed, but the elevator didn't go anywhere. She noticed Tima glance over at her. The look on her face stood firm as she held her doll with one hand and slowly lifted the other to press the fourth floor button. As her hand got closer, she extended her index finger. She hesitated for a few moments, and then pressed the key. The elevator rose as her heart sank. “This is for Hugo, it's all for Hugo” She reminded herself mentally as tears began to fill her eyes. “It's either Hugo or her…” The door opened at their destination.
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Tima knew that something was wrong with Sasha. She could tell that the dark haired girl was upset about something. Tima also had a feeling that this was a trap, that Duke Red evacuated every person from the hospital so no casualties would be hurt. Tima and Sasha slowly walked up the hall to Rocks room. Little did Tima know, the young girl next to her had an automatic handgun in her jacket pocket.
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Kenichi sat in a chair in Rock's room, waiting patiently for Tima to arrive. Duke Red had told him to retrieve Tima and “prove he wasn't completely worthless” were Duke Red's exact words. He heard two sets of foot steps echoing the hallway, then saw two disoriented shadows from the open door way.
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Tima noticed as they walked that all of the rooms on this floor were empty. She didn't like this at all, panic filled her being as she walked next to Sasha. “Sasha…where is everyone?” Tima asked as she continued looking into the rooms. “Probably another group of people tried to continue the “Up Rise” so the staff evacuated everyone that could be moved. Rock can't be moved because he hasn't waken up yet I'm guessing.” Sasha answered. As she spoke her face didn't show any emotion. The nine year old had decided to keep feelings out of this mission. She stuck a hand in each jacket pocket, her doll under her arm, and slowly wrapped her little fingers around the custom made automatic.
“This is it.” she said, stopping short of the door. Tima stopped next to her. Tima hesitated on entering the room, and then she peaked from the doorway into the room. Everything was white in the open space, there only being the bed Rock lay in, a chair, and the contraptions to make sure Rock was comfortable. Tima relaxed s little bit, relieved that no one else was in the medium sized room.
Rock was in the bed; his face colored instead of pale as it had been the night Kenichi injured him. It still pained her to see him like this. The blanket over his body covered the wound in his stomach, but Tima knew it was there. She walked into the room; her eyes now on nothing expect Rock's sleeping form. He looked as he did when he slept at the ruined laboratory. As he slept his true feelings shown on his face, Tima could see it.
He always looked so sad as he slept, and at that moment she remembered thinking at one time he must have had a sad childhood. She stood next to his bed, looking down at him, sorrow written all over her face. She hated seeing him like this.
Sasha entered the room and stood on the other side of Tima, away from the open door. Tima didn't notice Sasha staring intently at the door, her head tilting to get a better look the expression on her face blank yet serious.
Tima was taken out of her thoughts by the creaking of the door. She turned quickly to that direction, her eyes widening and her body tensing as she found the action that caused the door to move. Her lips moved, and she managed to whisper one name. “Kenichi…”
To Be Continued…
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