Metropolis Fan Fiction ❯ A Difference ❯ Trust and Betrayal ( Chapter 9 )

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On the last chapter, Chapter 8: Escape from Death
Tima sat against a wall in the build she was hiding in and cried quietly to herself. “Oh Rock…if only I could have prevented this from happening…you're the only friend I have left I can't lose you too…” Tima sobbed quietly to herself. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her and before she could scream on of the hands covered her mouth. Tima tried to struggle but couldn't get lose. “Sssssshhh its okay it's just me…” the voice said eagerly. Tima knew that voice. “Sasha”, Tima mumbled through Sasha's hand that was covering her mouth. Tima knew at that point she was save because Sasha was one of the local children that played with her when she lived with Atlas. She knew that Sasha could help her make everything right again.
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Chapter 9: Trust and Betrayal
Sasha was a little girl with hazel eyes and amber colored hair. Tima remembered Sasha telling her once before that she had been a small time spy for an organization because no one would suspect a little girl of being a spy, and it saved the organization a lot of trouble to hire a little girl then an adult that would ask questions. She told Sasha everything that had happened since she had last seen her, how Rock had kidnapped her and a friendship developed, how Kenichi became what Rock once was, and how she was in the predicament she was in at that moment.
It had been a couple of days since Rock had been shot and captured, and Sasha had taken Tima to her home to clean up, eat, and rest to regain her strength. Tima slept most of the time because she had lost of blood do to the gunshot wound in her shoulder. Sleep would help her body to use its energy to heal and regain blood loss.
Tima sighed, sitting on the floor of the old shack, compared to most living conditions in Zone 1, it wasn't that bad. There was a door and two boarded up windows, slits of light shining through the gaps between wooden boards. There was also a lamp lighting the inside of the small little home, a bed, followed by some dirt stained dishes, cups, slightly rusted silver wear, broken and unusable crayons and pencils, and water stained paper that browned slightly from being scrubbed and reused. There was also a doll that was made of a cotton material that Sasha carried with her everywhere, it was missing an eye, the other a large black button you'd find on a mans shirt, it short sleeved dress once a deep dark color of purple now was a discolored light purple. Its arms and legs didn't have fingers or toes, just a slight roundness to them like that of mittens, minus the part of the mitten for the thumb. Its hair was made of many strands of a reddish, brownish colored yarn, and had a smile that was sown on with black thread and wasn't made with ears or a nose. The doll looked like it had been through much in its time, the cotton material originally a milky white color was now covered in dirt smudges.
Tima sipped some water from a glass, set it down next to her and then picked the doll up and held it in her hands, looking at it. Timas face was expressionless, yet there was a sadness to it also. Her usual glow was gone at the moment, now she was slightly pale because of her blood loss. Sasha was sitting next to her, Tima finished her story minutes before, it being the first time in days she had the strength to tell it. Neither talked so that they both could sort their thoughts.
Finally, Tima spoke softly and looked over at Sasha, “I heard that your older brother was involved in the up rise with Atlas, I'd assume he was anyway since Atlas was one of his best friends…did he survive…?” Sasha nodded slightly, “He's in critical condition, but he is at the hospital and on life support for now…” she said quietly. “The hospital?”, Tima said, surprised, “How did he get in the hospital? Kenichi had told me at one time that if you lived in Zone 1, it was almost impossible to afford the hospital, how did you do it?” Tima asked, wondering how a 9-year-old girl could have possibly gotten the money.
Tima was happy that Hugo, Sasha's older and only living relative, was alive, but still wondered how she could afford it all by herself. “Well…lets just say I have friends in high places” Sasha answered, taking a few moments to choose her words carefully. “Anyway, I'm sorry Tima but I have some errands to run, I'll be back as soon as I can, is there anything you need me to get?” Sasha asked her friend as she got up from the floor. “No…but thank you for asking, and thanks for the hospitality, it really means a lot Sasha…”, Tima said, handing Sasha her doll. “Don't mention it, well…I guess I better get going”, Sasha mumbled, looking at her glass-cracked wristwatch. “I'll see you later” was the last thing she said as she headed out the door.
Tima stared at the door as it closed. “She's hiding something…she's never been quick to change subjects…then again she's probably worried about her brother and doesn't want to talk about it.” Tima thought to herself. “Then again…I've never gotten a strange vibe from her before…I must be imagining things…” She got up from the floor and wiped the dust off the back of her pants with her right hand, hardly able to really move her left arm because of the bullet wound in her shoulder. She moved it when she had to, but it was too soon to really try to use it because she would feel her shoulder pulse in pain if she tried any quick movements that involved the upper body. She laid on the bed, whispering to herself, “I have a feeling that Rock is alive, or maybe I'm just making up that feeling to get over the shock…I don't know…I know I shouldn't hope Duke Red saved him because he'd force Rock to tell him where I am, but I still hope he survived…” Then she fell into a deep sleep.
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Duke Red sat at his desk, face to face with another person. “So, you came after all”, Duke Red said to the figure before him, “Have you come to a decision? As I've told you, I will save him as long as you do as I tell you. If you do as I say I'll make sure he makes a full recovery and returns to you, otherwise he will die if he is not properly taken care of with the right medical care.” The figure before him answered, “I have decided to help you, he is the only thing I have left in my life, and if he dies I die, I will continue to do as planned.” The figured said softly. “Good” Duke Red smiled, “You have made the right decision, it will influence the outcome of what is to come.” The Duke handed the figure a check, “Now you'll be able to live a better life, and save your loved one” he said to the figure as she folded the check in half, turned and walked out of the room, Kenichi closing the door as she exited.
Duke Red looked over at Kenichi. “The doctors say Rock will live,” Kenichi said. “That was some stunt you pulled Kenichi, you know good and well what orders were given to you, if I said everything or not, every specific detail was put into your brain before I mentioned them to you. If he would have died, it would have been your head on the platter.” Duke Red said in a serious, cold tone. “Without Rock there is no way we can get Tima, everything that must take place she must do of her own free will, if that wasn't the case I would have just let Rock die.” The Duke continued to explain. “You are replaceable you know, I replaced Rock and I can replace you too, if you do another stupid move like that you'll be terminated, understood?” Duke Red ordered. “Yes sir”, Kenichi answered, “I'll be sure to be more careful sir.” “You do that”, replied The Duke coldly, “Now get out of my sight.” Kenichi walked out of the Dukes office and closed the door behind him.
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Fifteen minutes later Kenichi stood in the hallway of the hospital, staring intently at the figure in the medical bed in a room of white on the other side of the glass. The figure was Rock, sleeping peacefully, the sound of the heart monitor beating steadily and an IV needle connected to his wrist. Kenichi glared at the sleeping Rock, “It's because of him that I'm in this position”, Kenichi thought to himself. He suddenly smirked slightly, still looking at Rock. “I'll let the Duke have his fun for now, but when I choose to, I'll start having some fun of my own…but for now I'll watch in amusement as the Dukes little plan falls apart around him, one little incident after another.” Now Kenichi said out loud, “I assure you Rock, once my fun begins I will surely kill you without delay.” He laughed quietly as he walked down the hall, turning gradually from quiet chucking to loud hysterical laughter.
Sasha, holding her doll in one hand and what looks like a folded piece of paper in the other looks out of her older brothers room to stare at Kenichi. As she stares an annoyed look appears as an anime sweat drop runs down the side of her face.
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Tima wakes up and sits up quickly at the sound of the door screeching open. She notices that it is now nightfall. Sasha walks over to the bed and takes a metal box out from under it. She opens the box and sets a folded piece of paper in it, then puts it back under the bed. “Rock is a live, and I know where he is”, Sasha said to Tima as she finished setting the metal box under the bed.“Really?” Tima said joyfully. “Thank goodness, I thought I'd lost him…where is he and how did you find him?” Tima asked quickly, anxious to go to him. “He's in the hospital on the same floor as Hugo.” Sasha explained, “We can go see him now if you'd like.” Tima hugged Sasha, “Thank you so much…I'd really like to go see him.” “Alright”, said Sasha. “But lets wait till morning, the sun has already set.” Tima nodded in agreement. Tima smiled happily but a question bothered her…why did Duke Red have Rock in the hospital when he could afford to take care of him in a private place? She slept on the question and in the morning the thought still bothered her. She wondered about it as they walked out of the little shack and up to the surface. “Duke Red is up to something…” Tima thought to herself as she and Sasha walked up the steps to the hospital entrance.
To Be Continued…
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