Mirage Of Blaze Fan Fiction ❯ This is how it happened ❯ This is how it happened ( Chapter 1 )

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AN: My friend and I sat down to watch this anime and were a little disappointed when Naoe got slapped and outright rejected in the hotel, so this is what I believe would've taken place had Kazuya been a little more willing… this is my first really graphic profane piece of writing *blushes*…
Anyway, enjoy ^.^
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This is how it happened
He stopped rifling through his suitcase, took a deep breath and rose:
“You're the one who ruins me. You're misunderstanding everything.” Naoe's heated words were punctuated with predatory steps around the narrow bed while never once breaking his intense stare.
“I am not just a convenient guardian who looks after you.” He spat out the words with barely leashed anger.
Naoe was now only a few paces away and Takaya felt his breath hitch in his throat. He shrank against the wall, not fully comprehending Naoe's intentions but realizing, with terror, he was trapped between the two single beds and the wall.
“Nor am I your mentor.” Naoe pinned him with a smoldering gaze.
His tone husky, “Right now, do you have any idea what it is that I desire from you? At this very moment?”
Takaya found his voice long enough to cry in outrage before Naoe's fingers snaked around his shoulder, throwing him up against the hard surface.
Fear seized Takaya as Naoe forced his muscular thigh between his legs. “Who are you? What are you doing?” Takaya sounded more pathetic than he'd intended.
Naoe closed the small gap between them until Takaya was imprisoned between his large body and the wall, the cool, smooth surface at his back a vast contrast to the bigger man's hot body.
“I am your servant. I serve and obey.” Naoe slowly lowered his head. Takaya tried to avert his gaze but Naoe brought his hand up to roughly cup his chin, forcing Takaya to look into his lust-ridden eyes. His shoulders slumped in defeat; arms fell limp at his sides, momentarily entranced by their seductive promise.
His manicured nails bit painfully into Takaya's soft cheeks. Naoe's head was only inches away now and Takaya felt his hot breath pluming his face.
Naoe felt his heart quicken and sweat form on his brow; he'd waited so long for this moment and Takaya's resistance only served to exacerbate his state of arousal.
His breath came in short pants as he examined the slighter man's visage. His emotions were written plainly on his face: confusion, fear, outrage and something hidden deeper that Naoe couldn't identify.
He felt his control slipping.
The jutting erection that was straining against Takaya's inner thigh was enough to snap him out of his reverie. Two well-aimed blows at Naoe's skull were easily deflected as Naoe grabbed his arms and pinned them above his head with bruising force.
Takaya could only whimper and look into Naoe's heavily dilated pupils, his brilliant purple irises all but swallowed by black. He forced his body to relax into Naoe's agonizingly dominant embrace.
Naoe relaxed his grip on Takaya's wrists and paused. His burning arousal made rational thought impossible as images of tossing Takaya onto the bed and fucking him senseless burned in his mind.
He growled low in his throat and felt Takaya's body quiver in anticipation despite his initial resistance.
Naoe moved his mouth to Takaya's and hesitated, deciding that Takaya should be the one to close the distance.
For a few agonizing moments, time froze.
Takaya awkwardly pressed his lips to Naoe's. His first kiss was an unsure, chaste affair, but Naoe was quick to seize control.
With a triumphant growl he lurched forward crushing Takaya's slight form to the graceful length of his body, making the wall shudder. His hands dropped Takaya's arms and flew to his hair, burying them in his dark, silken strands all the while maintaining their kiss.
Takaya grabbed the lapels of Naoe's suit and gave a half-hearted shove; it was like trying to move Gibraltar.
Naoe yanked Takaya's hair, angling his head to allow better access to his mouth. He ran his tongue across Takaya's lower lip causing him to gasp in surprise. Naoe seized the opportunity to thrust his tongue into the sweet cavern of his mouth. He moaned in ecstasy as their tongues moved together in a fevered dance.
Naoe left his mouth to trace moist kisses along his jaw line to the delicate shell of his ear. “I've waited so long for this,” He breathed, “Soon you'll be begging for me to be inside you.” He then bit down hard. Takaya bucked underneath him as bolts of pleasure-pain shot up his spine. He ran his tongue gingerly over the angry red bite marks now flaring on the lobe.
Naoe kept one hand firmly fisted in Kazuya's hair and used the other to fumble with his belt buckle, his desire making him clumsy.
Hands that had been trying to push him away merely moments before were now trying desperately to remove his suit jacket. Naoe gave a throaty chuckle at his eagerness.
He briefly broke their contact and Takaya groaned in protest. Naoe was momentarily struck by the young man's beauty. His cheeks were flushed, his lips swollen and damp from Naoe's demanding kisses and his amber eyes were hazy and unfocused beneath his tousled raven bangs. He was the perfect Uke.
Naoe slid off his belt and held it between his teeth. He noticed Takaya's confusion when he gently coaxed the boy's hands from his clothing and placed them behind his back. With one hand he firmly clasped Takaya's wrists at the small of his back and removed his belt from his mouth with the other.
With shaking hands, Naoe reached behind Takaya and tied them tightly together with the belt.
Naoe guided Takaya, bound, to one of the beds, pushing him lightly so that he fell face up onto the mattress, his arms tethered uselessly underneath him.
Clothing now served as an annoying barrier.
He shucked off his Armani jacket, the expensive item fell to the floor with a soft plop. His gray tie quickly followed.
He stepped over the discarded clothing joined Takaya on the bed, climbing over his hips, straddling them.
All of Takaya's thoughts scattered as Naoe sat astride his hips. The tough leather of the belt bit into his wrists and his arms were stretched painfully underneath him. He could only watch as Naoe seized the collar of his long sleeved shirt and tore through the fabric as if it were paper.
Takaya squirmed in anticipation as Naoe stared rapaciously at his exposed chest. He felt his nipples harden and blood fuel his groin. He ground his pelvis upwards, eliciting a deep-throated groan from Naoe.
“A little impatient, aren't we?” Naoe smirked as he bent down, licking and biting the length of Takaya's slender collarbone. Takaya was losing feeling in his arms but he didn't care; all that mattered was that this delicious torture continued. He closed his eyes, giving himself fully to the sensation.
He cried out when Naoe latched onto one of his nipples, teasing it to a taut, aching peak between his teeth. He tweaked the other between his fingertips and Takaya's back arched off the bed.
Naoe felt the throbbing in his balls intensify; Takaya was so responsive to his touch, it seemed the slightest brush of his lips sent him mewling and writhing in wanton craving. He moved his attentions lower scooting further down the bed until he rested between Takaya's spread-eagle legs.
Naoe lovingly caressing the hard planes of Takaya's chest, running his hands over his chiseled abdomen and watched in fascination as the muscles leapt and constricted under his long fingers. His hands finally moved to the fly of Takaya's jeans and the predominant bulge straining underneath, which he daintily cupped.
“Tell me you want this.”
When all he received was incoherent muttering and a thrust against his palm, Naoe withdrew his hands completely and leaned back on his thighs.