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~ For Future Generations ~
By: Andou Masaki
Series and characters appeared in this fanfic owned by their respective authors. I only own my Self-Insert character as well as other original characters appeared in this fanfic. It's prohibited to copy this fanfic partially or fully without author's consent. As an author, I welcome any kind of reviews as well as constructive critics, but I would never welcome any flames no matter what happened. This fanfic will contain massive crossover series from various Japanese animations (anime), Japanese comics (manga), and Japanese Role Playing Games (RPG). And also there would be reference to actual events happened in real life as well, so I hope readers could understand this and enjoy this fanfic as any other fanfics previously written by the author.
Thank you for understanding and please enjoy!
Episode 00: Interlude
Ave yawned as he leaning his head on the pilot seat of his GN-001 Gundam Exia, meanwhile the sleek Gundam mobile suit just stood still in front of the frozen lake located near Karafuto Base. Despite the cold weather bellow zero point out there, thanks for being inside Exia's cockpit, the young wishful fanfic author that now also the sole Gundam Meister for Gundam Exia could relax himself while waiting for his superior officers returning from routine patrol. “Six months passed ever since that day…I wonder how's everyone doing after all…” Ave muttered inside his heart as his memories drifted to what happened six months ago when he accepted his destiny to be Exia's Gundam Meister as well as temporarily joining the second advent of Celestial Being led by 00 Gundam's Gundam Meister; Setsuna F Seiei that previously was Gundam Meister of Gundam Exia in another dimension.
Together they fought against A-Laws mainly as well as rescuing and recruiting other Gundam Meisters to begin another armed intervention against A-Laws. It was however; the situation faced back then was a lot different from what Ave knew previously thanks to his affection toward Japanese animations and video games where he obtained all of his knowledge about Celestial Being and other events. Although the outcome still the same or even better from Ave's perspective, such as how Anew Returner survived instead met her own demise like how it was depicted in the animation counterpart, the whole crossover between countless different universes made the young author couldn't predetermine what happened.
During their fight against A-Laws, Ave, Setsuna and the rest of new Celestial Being also get involved to support Gallia's liberation front and from there Ave learnt about the existence of Crossgate Paradigm phenomenon which connect different worlds together into a single banner. Together with Squad-7 led by Welkin Gunther, Exia's Gundam Meister and also Celestial Being manage to emerge victorious until the end, but it was also with help and assistance from various avatars or heroes and heroines originated from countless different universes existed behind countless different Crossgate Paradigms out there.
It was last months when Ave and the rest of his newfound friends and comrades decided to return to the young fanfic author's homeworld and find out the source of the distortion happened in the young author's homeworld. As they fought against the Entity of Darkness and successfully destroy them, Crossgate Paradigm's existence became apparent and people from Ave's homeworld could have access to other countless universes or vice versa. This kind of situation led the prosperity and technology advancement of Ave's homeworld, while in the meantime, the young author also finally revisiting his parents and siblings as also making an amend for his selfish decision he made back then, six months ago. Thankfully, despite his ages that reverted back to around the same age with Setsuna F Seiei and differences of physical appearances as well, due his transformation into Innovator similar to the 00 Gundam's Meister, his parents and other family members open-heartedly accepted his return to his old home.
“In the end, I return to this world again…and the reformation of this world together with other worlds is just begin with the Neo Arcadia Confederation already established to replace UN, I believe at the end…there are people who previously causing the distortion of the world won't be satisfied with what happened…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he glanced over the main monitor of his Gundam Exia. The young author then chuckled and smiled alone as he notices Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott standing near advanced Ragnite powered prototype battle tank known as Edelweiss as well as MSJ-06III-A Tieren All-Region (Taozi) as well as MSJ-06II-C/B Tieren High Mobility stationed nearby.
“I wonder what kind of conversation those two have?” Ave muttered as he activating the highly sensitive voice receiver sensor of Exia as he secretly eavesdropped the conversation of the former Squad-7 members.
“Hyiii! It's freezing here! Welkin! Why we must stand by here as well?” Alicia asked as she half complaining about the harsh weather where Karafuto Base located, meanwhile her squad leader that also her love-interest just sighed before replying back. “Well, it can't be helped…since we agree to be Randgriz representatives in this world and also it would be impossible to take the whole squad members here with us, and again…the location was also selected so we are not under the impression of invading Ave's homeworld instead of becoming safeguard designated by the agreement of Neo Arcadia Confederation…” Welkin replied back. “I know…I know, it just we barely have equipment here…only two old type mobile suits, Edelweiss and maybe the one that quite advanced is third generation Gundam type mobile suit like Exia over there…so, I'm worried if we really need to fight against enemies…” Alicia replied back as she stared to the ground and pouted.
“I don't think everything will be that bad Alicia-san…Niisan…since, I'm sure there are many people that willing to take their differences and problem into negotiation table as well as solving them peacefully instead fighting and conquering one to another…” Isara Gunther, Welkin's adopted youngest sister added her thought as she just came out from Edelweiss' canopy after doing routine maintenance to the battle tank itself. “Thanks Isara for the thought, and Alicia…I understand fully about your concern, moreover since the insurgency caused by La Erde getting more and more intense lately, but I believe everything will be fine, since remote base like Karafuto won't be needed to participate or under attack by those terrorist…” Welkin smiled as he told Alicia not to worry too much. “I know! I know about that already, it just…” Alicia paused before sighed and smiled toward both Welkin and Isara.
“Just forget about what I just said and complain before…I think, I just worried too much about what happened out there…” Alicia is replying back, as both Welkin and Isara just smiled back and nod in agreement. “Despite all of the problem, asking three of us to stand by in the middle of freezing weather like this is very inhuman! Moreover, why Ave could stay comfy inside Gundam Exia by himself while we are frozen here? I wish I'm Gundam Meister as well…since I have powerful mobile suit and comfortable post during standby period…” Alicia muttered as Welkin just sighed meanwhile Isara's face paled slightly and she put her hands on the mouth and whispered. “A…Alicia-san! Actually…” before Isara could finish her sentence, Gundam Exia's eyes flashing its green lights and the young fanfic author replying back.
“Hey! I just heard someone saying that I'm slacking off inside Exia's comfy cockpit…I wonder is that you the one who say that Alicia?” Ave asked as his voice booming from the built-in speaker system installed within Gundam Exia's frame. “Yikes! Isara! How…how come Ave could hear what I just said before?” Alicia just paled and asked nervously toward the youngest Gunther sibling, meanwhile Isara just giggled before replying back. “Eto…Alicia-san, have I inform you about how built-in sound sensory of Gundam Exia even more sensitive and sharper than AEU Enact?” Isara asked sheepishly. “You haven't obviously! Ave! I didn't mean to say that, I'm just joking and it is our leader's fault to order us standby in this kind of weather obviously…ha…ha…ha!” Alicia quickly replied back at Isara before laughed sheepishly toward Gundam Exia meanwhile Ave just sighed from inside as he saw this situation.
“Yahoo! We're back!” it was a usual happy tone that Ave, Welkin, Alicia and Isara always heard ever since they were stationed on Karafuto Base as that voice came from their playful and sexy second in command of Assault Trooper X Team, second lieutenant Excellen Browning. From faraway, Ave's Exia detected the incoming PTX-007-03UN Rein Weissritter followed by the commander of Karafuto Base's assault team, first lieutenant Kyosuke Nanbu inside his custom personal trooper PTX-003C-SP1 Alteisen Riese that sometimes also referred as Gespenst Mk-III. “Welcome back Excellen-san…Kyosuke-san…how is the patrol today?” Isara bowed slightly as she greets the two commanders of Karafuto Base's assault team.
“Everything was fine according to the schedule and thank you for the effort of remain standby during our patrol, everyone…” Kyosuke replied back as he climbed down from Alteisen Riese's cockpit. “I see…that's really reassuring…” Isara replied back as she smiled toward Kyosuke. “Is this kind of standby order related to the recent activity of La Erde, first lieutenant Kyosuke?” Alicia asked, as the Steel Beowulf just remain silent since his love-interest Excellen Browning replied back on his behalf toward Alicia. “Eto, the normal routine patrol is compulsory no matter how safe the situation is…and the standby order is also compulsory for ATX Team procedures, since no matter how La Erde's activity getting more and more intense or not, to be ready for the worst case scenario is a good thing right!” Excellen chuckled as she replied back toward Alicia that just gulped and nods in agreement.
“So, everything is fine today…and is it alright to wrap up everything since the main event on South Atalia Macross City just about to begin…” Ave suddenly commented as he just stepped down from his Gundam Exia's cockpit. “Wooow! That sounds pretty good actually! We can have romantic lunch and watch from the lounge ne Kyosuke?” Excellen teased. “Kusuha is the representative of ATX Team as well as Karafuto Base together with Bullet, I don't think it would be necessary for us to watch as well…” Kyosuke quickly replied back with his cold and emotionless voice tone as usual. “Mou, always as unromantic as usual!” Excellen pouted meanwhile Welkin, Alicia and Isara just smiled and giggled as they saw those two lovers in front of them.
“I haven't seen any of this kind of commemorate concert before, so this is the first time for me…although I only could see the concert itself from television, I really…really looking forward for that…” Isara smiled as both Kyosuke and Excellen stared at the youngest girl. “Then shall we go to the lounge? I believe the concert and main event will be starting anytime soon…” Ave reminded as Excellen lightly elbowing her partner.
“See! I told you that everybody will be interested to this kind of event…moreover there will be many pretty idol singers, songstress there as well…and also, I heard the legendary Galactic Fairy will also arrive here!” Excellen muttered as Kyosuke just sighed and nods. “Up to you then…” the Steel Beowulf replying back as he let Excellen to do as she pleased. “Alright then! Everyone! Let's begin our participation to watch the concert from faraway!” Excellen shouted as she threw her right fist to the sky. The young Exia's Gundam Meister, Welkin, Alicia and Isara just smiled as they watch Excellen's enthusiasm before they together with Kyosuke following Excellen that already walk her way to the lounge. As everyone walk to the lounge, the young fanfic author for all sudden remembered something and he just do a pondering as he wondered about what is in his mind at that very moment.
“I wonder how Adiroth and others doing? I bet they're in the concert at the moment…” as the young wishful fanfic author finished his thought, he continued on following Excellen and the others to the lounge area.
South Atalia Island's Capital City, during the same time…
“Speaking about concert, we don't have any chance to enjoy it since we stuck in security job like this…” Adiroth commented as his Aile Mission Pack equipped GAT-X105 Strike Gundam standing on the rear side near two RGM-89 Jegan units piloted by local Federation's pilots. “Shouldn't complaining for this, since we are pretty lucky to be able to spot this event for the first time for free as well and also see other idol singers there…I bet Ave couldn't wait to see Yukari Tamura-san and Mizuki Nana-san's performance here…” Aldi Masna replied back from inside his SVMS-01 Union Flag unit, meanwhile on his nearby four mobile suits belong to the Regular Army known as GNX-609T GN-XIII units with deep blue colour scheme of Neo Arcadia Confederation Army stationed there with their pilots. “What happened here actually really like a robot carnival since different units from different universes coexist side by side…well, Crossgate Paradigm really something actually…” Amal Masna, Aldi's youngest brother also commented from inside his AEU-09T AEU Enact Commander Type accompanied with four mobile suits indicated as regular AEU-09 AEU Enact units.
“Anyway, where is Chuck?” Adiroth suddenly asked. “Haven't seen him or heard anything from him ever since our post being designated before…moreover the signal of his mobile suit is not active indicating he was down there doing something else…” Aldi replied back as Amal just sighed. “Well, that's what you get from lolicon and idol fanboy! But, he is quite adaptable if situation require him to fight and protect in emergency situation should be…” Amal finished his sentence as both Adiroth and Aldi just shrugged. “Anyway, hey! How could you get to pilot Gundam type suit while we just pilot mass-produce unit?” Aldi asked with teased complain as Adiroth quickly shrugged. “Beats me! When I register myself to this squad, they assign me to pilot Strike Gundam, so I believe I'm lucky here!” Adiroth replying back as both Aldi and Amal just sighed.
In the meantime, nearby inactive RX-94 Mass Production Nu Gundam unit, a young man wearing glasses could be seen looking around nearby the crowd. “Ugh! Damn! I couldn't see anything at all! How I suppose to see Karen Children concert from here then?” it was Chuck Nguyen the eternal otaku with millions of hidden talents as he was selected back then to lead a small squad of young elite pilot compromised from his old friends as he also received Mass Production (MP) Nu Gundam as his personal mobile suit in the contrary of Aldi and Amal that only received Union Flag and Enact Commander Type as their own personal mobile suits. “I could use my MP Nu Gundam's built in camera, but it feels different from watching it with my own eyes obviously…” Chuck muttered again inside his heart as he tried to jump several times in order to have a peek on the stage from the crowd but without much success.
After doing several times failed attempt, Chuck decided to gave up and returned to his MP Nu Gundam's cockpit. “Well, should be grateful since MP Nu Gundam equipped with panoramic cockpit and it would be easy to spot Karen Children from here…” Chuck muttered inside his heart as he activates his mobile suit. It was when his three subordinates that happen to be his best friends arrived in their Jegan units. “Hey Chuck! There are many idols here, shouldn't we try to approach them and sign a contract as their manager?” James asked from his Jegan as Chuck just glared at him before replying back. “Don't be a n00b, since when your suggestion always yield a good result?” the eternal otaku snorted. “Eeer…don't held your grudge about that visual novel project…moreover, you should just believe in me like how I believe in you who believe in me…” James replying back as he recites the famous quote from Kamina “Aniki”.
“The problem is I don't believe in you no matter how you believe in me who didn't believe in you at all! Is that clear?” Chuck replied back as his MP Nu Gundam pointing its beam rifle toward James' Jegan unit. “Whoa! Chuck, I think that's a bit dangerous trying to shoot your fellow team-mate here?” John asked from inside his Jegan as his mobile suit made a shrugged movement. “Sometimes, I think James deserve to have it…” Danny replied back as well from his Jegan meanwhile James just squealed. “C'mon guys…could all of you at least believe in me who believe in you all?” James asked again before Chuck, John and Danny replying back in unison. “Problem is…WE NEVER BELIEVE IN YOU NO MATTER HOW YOU BELIEVE IN US WHO NEVER BELIEVE IN YOU AT ALL!” as the three replied back in unison, James just cowered even more meanwhile Chuck, John and Danny laughed at their hearts content.
“Don't you think the speech getting over too long second lieutenant Kusuha?” the blue haired girl turned her face and she saw a young Autonomous Federation soldier greeted her.
“Ah, ensign Tokio Kurono…I haven't see you for a while, how's ensign Aiko doing? About the speech…I rather not say anything about that…” Kusuha replied back as the young man just laughed. “I don't think Cagalli would hear anything…so it would be fine…” Kurono replied back meanwhile Kusuha just giggled when hearing the reply. “Ah, you're here Tokio! I told you not to wander during our job! Since the whole enterprise at the moment is depend on our performance and also those advanced mobile suits equipped with GN Drive Tau belong to the new Arcadia Confederation would prove to be hard for the enterprise to sell their product…!” Aiko suddenly appeared behind Kurono as she scolded at her best friend that happen to be her love interest as well.
“Aiko-san, how are you?” Kusuha politely greeted the young magenta haired girl as Aiko realised the fact that someone else is there with Kurono when she scolded him. “Uhm, hi second lieutenant Kusuha, how are you? I haven't seen you for a while, ever since that day…” Aiko replied sheepishly as she blushed slightly, meanwhile Kusuha just smiled back at the younger girl before replying as well. “I'm fine Aiko-san…and I believe you also fine as well…” Kusuha replied back as Aiko just smiled and nods in agreement. “Second lieutenant Kusuha is here as representative of Karafuto Base, although I haven't ask her…I believe, second lieutenant Brooklyn Luckfield is also here as well isn't he?” Kurono commented as Kusuha just smiled and nods in agreement. “I don't think it's because of your newtype ability that made this prediction…ne Tokio…” Aiko muttered as she glanced as Kurono while smiled at him and elbowing her love-interest's groin lightly.
“Of course not! But, I just guessing that fact since Bullet-san and Kusuha-san always being stationed together as the same team…so, I believe that support my prediction before…am I right?” Kurono replying back as Aiko nods in agreement meanwhile Kusuha just giggled. In the meantime, Bullet can be seen walking to their direction as he brought a large cup of cold drink for Kusuha and himself. As the gentle girl that somehow earned nickname Dragon Lady took the large cup of cold drink, she glanced over the speech given by Representative of ORB Cagalli Yula Athha, meanwhile behind her there are several representatives from every Confederation members such as vice prime minister of foreign affair Relena “Peacecraft” Darlian, Azadistan's first crown princess Marina Ismail, as well as representatives of Katharon; Shirin Bakhtiar and Klaus Grad could be seen there as well. Meanwhile, Innovades like figures could be seen sitting around other representatives as well. Kusuha thought, they might be agents from Tieria Erde that now part of Veda to watch over mankind from these countless universes until the promised day of future dialogues.
“The world was changed not so long ago, and many people from different worlds work together to strife and unite for the better tomorrow…although, the fragile peace perhaps could shatter anytime, the fact there are quite number of people that willing to fight for better tomorrow on the negotiation table instead taking arms could be considered a good development…” Kusuha thinking inside her heart, as she remembered the pivotal role Celestial Being perform during the time when countless universes merged into one or connected by Crossgate Paradigms referred as “Dawn of The Sunrise Era”. Under the guidance of Tieria/ Veda and leadership of Setsuna F Seiei, Celestial Being will be proven as the deterrent forces in order to maintain the balance and peace created from sacrifices of many people before. It was certainly something that Kusuha and everyone else understand fully, as for that reason, she together with everyone else was there to see the commemorate ceremony that marks the official new confederation between countless universes.
“I think, it would be wise for me to return to my mobile suit Musha Gundam and stand by in case La Erde causing trouble again…” Kurono muttered as he leaving followed by Aiko that smiled toward Kusuha. “We will keep our eyes open, so Kusuha-san and Bullet-san could enjoy this concert and ceremony!” as Aiko replied playfully, she sprinted toward another mobile suit indicated as RX-77D Guncannon Mass Production (MP) Type that happen belong to her. “Eh!” Kusuha startled as she blushed slightly meanwhile Bullet gulped and couldn't find any words to replied back. “Bu…Bullet-kun…shall we go back…as well?” Kusuha asked with her nervous voice meanwhile Bullet just scratched his hair before smiled and replying back toward his lover. “I think…we should, since it would not be good to leave our (YMD-01D) Gouryu Kai and (YMD-02T) Raiko Kai unattended here…” Bullet replied back as Kusuha just smiled back at him while nods in agreement.
Meanwhile, around Moon Cradle Orbit where new development base from joint venture of Krung Thep and Mao Industry/ Tesla Leicht Institute located, in the same time as well…
“Heh! I won't let you do as you please! T-Link Knuckle!” Ryusei Date using his Real Personal Trooper Type-1 (R-1) as he charging toward his opponent on the mock battle at the moment. “Whoa! Not too fast young man, I won't let you get close that easy…” an older male known as Lockon Stratos that happen to be a Gundam Meister for GN-006 Cherudim Gundam replied as he aiming his GN Sniper Rifle II toward the incoming R-1. “Haro! I leave the offensive and defense to you!” Lockon instructed as the assist-bot flapping its ears before replying. “Roger that! Roger that!” as the orange Haro replying, Cherudim Gundam activates its GN Shield Bits and GN Rifle Bits as well, as the incoming R-1 still charged toward its direction.
“What!” Ryusei startled in surprise as Cherudim Gundam begin its counterattack toward his R-1 unit. “Lockon Stratos! I will snipe you down!” as the Gundam Meister exclaimed, six GN Rifle Bits together with GN Sniper Rifle II begin a bombardment toward R-1. “Crap! That's unfair!” Ryusei complained as his R-1 quickly transforms into R-Wing before leaving the attack range of Cherudim Gundam. “Well, that's not unfair…I rather said, that's a tactic young man…” Lockon replied slyly as he stopped his Cherudim Gundam's bombardment.
Not so faraway from the training site, two other giant humanoid fighting machines could be seen standing there as they inspecting the whole training/ mock battle process, as those two machines indicated as RW-1P R-Gun Powered piloted by the leader of SRX Team, Viletta Badim, and the other one is GN-0000 00 Gundam piloted by Celestial Being's Gundam Meister leader at that moment, Setsuna F Seiei. “The pilot of Cherudim Gundam seems really skilled as he never gave Ryusei a chance to get closer to him isn't it right?” Viletta Badim let out her comment as she records the entire one on one duel between R-1 against Cherudim Gundam. “On the other hand, I believe Ryusei Date is a good pilot, since he manages to keep Cherudim Gundam on a bay…although his movement a bit reckless, but he definitely grow to be an ace pilot in the future…” Setsuna F Seiei; The Innovator replied back meanwhile Viletta just smiled and nods in agreement.
“You're right, I believe so in hidden potential possessed by Ryusei…and also, I should be thankful since your organization would be kind enough to help us during this training session…” Viletta replied back, as Setsuna just nodded in agreement.
Meanwhile, inside Mao Industry staff lounge, Feldt Grace followed by Mileina Vashti can be seen watching over the commemorate ceremony from the large HD monitor installed there. Among them, Rio Mei Long and Ryouto Hikawa that happen to work with Mao Industry also there to watch historical moment that will affect multiple universes altogether. “Back then, never crossed in my mind…that we will meet new friends and comrades from different alternative Earths, but right now I'm watching the ceremony held for this purpose together with two them…to be honest, I feel really grateful for that…” Rio muttered as Feldt and Mileina turned their heads slightly toward the beautiful Chinese girl there. “This world was originally Ave's homeworld…but after he decided to become Exia's Gundam Meister back then…Ave not only saving our universe together with Setsuna and the others, but helped to reveal the existence of other countless worlds behind Crossgate Paradigms as well…” Feldt commented meanwhile Mileina and Rio nod in agreement.
“But what Ave-san did was connecting every single countless worlds either by merge them into one with his old homeworld or by Crossgate Paradigms, although his intention was good back then…I doubt everyone in his homeworld would see that intention with the same eyes that Ave-san using…am I right Feldt-san?” Mileina asked as she added her remark, meanwhile the pink haired tactical operator of Ptolemaios 2 just nods in agreement. “It was the same with our homeworld before A-Laws emerged back then and performed world unification using illegal methods and forces…wars and conflicts were used as tool to make money and war economy began from there…” Feldt paused as she bites her bottom lip, remembering about how her first love-interest Neil Dylandy or the previous Lockon Stratos was killed on that kind of war.
“For that reason, I believe Celestial Being existed to become a deterrent that would end the conflict…as our world wasn't that different to begin with, until someone led a coup against our United Earthsphere Federation in order to prepare mankind to face threat from outer space back then…” Rio commented as her face look a bit saddened as well. “I was belong to that organization called DC back then, until I met Rio who serve as Federation Autonomous Team's pilot of Gespenst Mk-II…after learning about the true nature of the conflict, I could understand why people joining Celestial Being or DC back then…although I couldn't say, my or our way to unite mankind as well as eradicating conflict was the right one…but, the feeling for wanting to make a change was real and mutual back then…as they brought people together…” Ryouto added as everyone else stared at the young engineer before nod in agreement.
Feldt glanced over the HD monitor screen as she noticed Cagalli just finished her speech. “It's strange, as at the moment however, I could somehow believe…there are people out there that trying their best to make a difference in this world, although it would be a long winding road for each of us…I believe, one day…the time for us to be able to understand one to another will come…” Feldt muttered as she smiled weakly toward everyone else meanwhile Rio just chuckled and smiled back toward the senior tactical operator of Ptolemy 2 before replying back. “I believe so as well, and because of that I and Ryouto are here…since we will do the best what we can in order to protect this new frontier…together with all of you and other people from countless different universes as well…” Rio replying back meanwhile Ryouto, Mileina and Feldt just smiled before nod in agreement as well.
Back to South Atalia…
“Oneechan! We're here finally…and the ceremony is about to begin…” Tsukasa Hiiragi smiled cutely as she pointing out to the stage where Ranka Lee singing a song to entertaining attendances and guests of the ceremony. “Hmmm…I like that song, really nice and Tsukasa! Don't run by yourself or you will get lost!” Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa's eldest twin sister scolded as Tsukasa just laughed sheepishly. “Tee hee…gomen ne Oneechan…” as Tsukasa replied back, Kagami just sighed as she took Tsukasa's right hand as she guides her youngest twin sister to walk among the crowd. “O…Oneechan?” Tsukasa asked reluctantly. “It would be a big trouble if you lost right! So, until we meet Konata…I will never let you wander by yourself…” Kagami replying back as Tsukasa just smiled back cutely and nods. “Uhm!” Tsukasa replied happily meanwhile Kagami just smiled back toward her beloved youngest twin sister.
The song that Kagami loves was sung by Ranka Lee, as the newly risen galactic idol singer dubbed as Galactic Cinderella somehow becoming the eldest twin-sibling's favourite.
“Anata no oto…DOKUN…DOKUN…DOKUN…kikoetekuruyo…DOKUNR 30;DOKUN…DOKUN…” as Ranka Lee singing a very heart-warming song called Anata no Oto, Kagami smiled while guiding Tsukasa and enjoying the song as well. “Kaze ga hana wo sakaseru…youni…warai aetara…” Kagami unconsciously humming and singing the song as well as she follows Ranka Lee's singing voice. “Oneechan?” Tsukasa asked meanwhile Kagami blushed slightly and smiled toward her youngest twin sister. “Eeeer…I only try to imitate the song since I like the song, that kind of thing should be alright to do right!” as Kagami answered nervously, Tsukasa just stared at her eldest twin sister and nods in agreement.
“O Ho…it seems Kagamin really love this kind of atmosphere…” it was a familiar sly voice of Konata Izumi as Hiiragi twins turned their heads only to see Konata waving her right hand toward them. “Yo…!” Konata greeted them as Tsukasa just smiled and greeted her back, meanwhile Kagami sighed before scolded the short Otaku girl in front of her. “Ugu…” Konata squealed as if she was acting as certain girl from a famous visual novel/ love sim game known for her taiyaki obsession. “There is no point for you to act like that and hope I will not starting to scold on you! First, you told us to wait in front of the ceremonial gate…but after that, we need to find you among the crowd and we…I mean Tsukasa almost get lost on the way, I bet those new mobile suits really catching your attention right!” Kagami was scolding toward Konata as the short Otaku girl quickly replying back.
“Yah…but you know right? Those new models…GN-XIII really cool, as they were equipped with GN Drive Tau! It was a breakthrough from conventional mobile suits using ultra-compact batteries or nuclear fusion reactor and its energy should be able to recharge itself after period of time!” Konata explained with enthusiasm as Kagami just sighed. “Hai…hai…I know your enthusiasm toward Gundam and mobile suits are unparallel in many universes, moreover after Crossgate Paradigms causing the connection of countless different universes as well as merging some of them…” Kagami replied back meanwhile Konata just laughed sheepishly. “Iyah…for someone as cold as you that said never care about something that previously originated from anime and otaku culture, you're surely know a lot Kagamin…maybe mouth always said something different from heart right…” Konata replied back slyly as Kagami just blushed as she slightly fumed.
“Konata…why you!” Kagami scolded Konata again, but she stopped straightaway as Tsukasa pulled her right arm lightly. “Oneechan…there is Super Messiah over there…” Tsukasa timidly muttered as she pointing out toward three latest models of variable fighter known as VF-25F Super Messiah piloted by SMS Private Military Contractor's pilots that just arrived from Frontier City (Macross Frontier Colony City). “Wooow…if those Super Messiah are here, that mean…” Kagami gasped as Konata just nodded and grinned toward her best friend. “Oneechan?” Tsukasa asked. “Sheryl Nome, the legendary Galaxy Fairy is arriving!” Kagami shouted in disbelief as suddenly she blushed as Konata grinned even more after she notices Kagami's enthusiasm toward galactic idol singers that just happened recently.
“Konata!” Kagami blushed even redder as she tried to hide her embarassement, meanwhile Konata just laughed and running away from Kagami. “Kyaaa! Kagamin not very honest to herself…despite having an Oni appearance and personality, you're actually could act cute as well…Kagamin…” Konata teased as Kagami quickly chased over the short Otaku girl. “Ah! Oneechan! Wait!” Tsukasa also quickly and frantically chasing over Kagami as well, as her attention toward Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome that just arrived already diverted away from her mind.
South Atalia, somewhere else, far and hidden from people's attentions…
“Those invaders from another worlds, doing this kind of ceremony and concert as if this world all belong to them!” the first mysterious guy commenting sarcastically as his AEU-05 Hellion unit was readying its linear rifle. “But this time for sure, we will definitely causing huge uproar so those infidels won't do anything as they please…” another mysterious person inside his Hellion unit added the comment as his unit readying its sonic blade. In the meantime, behind them there are approximately twenty-five Hellion units armed with both linear rifles and sonic blades as they ready to create huge uproar later on. “Just don't forget, our mission is to serve greater purpose, especially for The Philosopher…since, only by following their lead…our Earth would be saved from those invaders came from another realms…trying to taint God's teaching…” the third person, this time piloting armoured module DCAM-06 Guarlion unit replying back as the first two mysterious persons nod in agreement.
“Then, we shall readying ourselves for this mission now! Or else, we would never be able to create the first impact against those infidels! Moreover, the pilot of that unit known as Gundam…the one armed with a long blade and equipped with only a single solar furnace…I heard he was once Earthling like us, and now he so much a scumbag and selling his own world to invaders from other worlds…if we even meet him, definitely we will pass our judgement over him…” the first mysterious guy/ person clenched his fists meanwhile his followers shouting a warcry as well. In the meantime, there are additional fifteen DCAM-06 Guarlion units there as well, making a total number of mobile weapon army ready to fight and creating chaos over the commemorate ceremony.
“Earthians like us should only deal with ourselves, and also the influence of those invaders and infidels already corrupted some of our kind, believing to advance to different realms, forgetting God's teaching and our ancestor's teaching…as well…so, we will bring back our cultures once again over this planet and because of that…we shall begin our operation Dawn of The Blue Cosmos! Long live La Erde…!” the second mysterious person shouted as everyone else presented there letting out a warcry.
In the meantime, behind the shadow, a lone figure smiled, as he seems satisfied with how the situation developed so far. “Everything is progressing like what he really want to be happening…only a few more string, the first phase of a new dawn for this Endless Frontier will begin…those Philosopher really very nice tool to be used, little bit more gift of technology from us would be a nice stimulus for them…I shall report this matter to him first and see this interesting development for a while…” as the mysterious lone figure disappeared, showing the new phase of this young generation's Endless Frontier is just about to begin.
To Be Continued…
ED Theme Song/ OP The Song starting from Episode 01
Singer: Rica Matsumoto & JAM Project
Used Previously on: Sunrise World War Playstation 2 Game Software
Preview of The Next Episode
As the new flame of war erupted, Ave was sent secretly by Celestial Being to investigate what happened. There, he met Hiiragi siblings for the first time as well as his old friend, Chihaya Kisaragi. Ave together with Guilliam Yeager also revealing another trivial information toward brigadier general Katie Mannequin about what he suspect happening as well as additional speculation from what happened deducted by Sumeragi Lee Noriega.
In the meantime, NERV special division was dispatched to assist Karafuto Base and preparing themselves in case the second attack happening. First Child Rei Ayanami, Second Child Shikinami Asuka Langley and Third Child Shinji Ikari once again aboard their Evangelion Units with helps from new allies that just arrived.
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“Why I must pilot that thing! I have nothing to do with it!” by: Kagami Hiiragi