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Episode 01: Many Over One's Destiny
Sung By: Rica Matsumoto and JAM Project
“I never expected that South Atalia was warmer than Karafuto located near Artic region…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he just arrived on International Airport, the next day after the commemorate ceremony that ended up with chaos and bloodshed the day before. “Exia already arrived and hidden with optical camouflage in the very secret and safe place…I just need to summon it if situation ask me to do so, although I hope I no need to do so…” Ave was in his deep thought again as he walked out from the airport after his special passport with Celestial Being insignia quickly accepted on the airport area as his arrival visa was secretly manipulated for holiday purpose instead of investigation.
“Luckily nobody was killed and important figures could escape unscratched yesterday…but I wonder, most of the death toll came from La Erde instead and how they could be stupid enough to launch this kind of attack with obsolete equipments only to get trashed…somehow, deep down inside my mind saying about there must be something else happened behind everything…” as Ave continued on thinking about what happened, he saw a car already waiting for him and an older gentleman smiled at him while nods as well. The young author smiled back as he nods as well, as he knows fully the identity of the older gentleman in front of him. “It has been a while, major Guilliam Yeager…” Ave greeted as he shakes the older gentleman's hand firmly. “Not too long ago since Endless Frontier happened in this Material World as well as Substance World and other worlds connected together either by merging or via Crossgate…” Guilliam replied back.
“I heard it was pretty bad yesterday…considering nobody expect that kind of desperate attack happened…” Ave muttered as Guilliam drives his car and gave the young author a lift to the designated Neo Arcadia Confederation Branch located in South Atalia. “Someone leaking the fact that representative Athha and vice prime minister Darlian was there yesterday, since I believe they're the main target of this attack…” Guilliam replied back with his cool voice as usual. “I see, back then I personally believe…it would be a good idea for doing something like what happened to the original Endless Frontier back then…but obviously there are people from my homeworld…Erde, that absolutely not happy with my decision…” Ave replied back as he leaning his head on the seat beside Guilliam's driver seat and stared at the scenery along the road.
“What you did was totally the opposite from what I already done in my past life…but the purpose to protect this new Endless Frontier remain the same…I rather say, those people try to defend their quo status as well as hoping to reap benefit from things they didn't even put an effort to sow…when you brought us here and create new Endless Frontier, their quo status started to cease and their superiority dismissed little by little…I could imagine those kind of people trying to create chaos among this young new established world in order to step up to their previous tainted glory once again…” Guilliam replied back. “I realize that major Guilliam, the fact that my sole decision as well as existence despised by those selfish politicians and dictators masquerading in saviours' robes…but I already made a decision to move forward regardless what happened, since the day I pilot Exia and meet my newfound friends…” Ave replied back as he smiled and chuckled.
“If only you're in my position back then in my original world, I don't think I will committed the mistake I was made back then…” Guilliam muttered as his car entering the main gate of South Atalia's Neo Arcadia Confederation Base. “What do you mean by that major Guilliam?” the young fanfic author asked. “No, it's nothing…I just mused alone, anyway we arrive and I believe brigadier general Katie Mannequin already waiting…” Guilliam replied back as the young fanfic author just nod in agreement as he followed the former Aggressor member entering the main building of South Atalia's Neo Arcadia Confederation.
Interrogation Room Number 001, in the same time…
“Do you realize the consequences for unauthorised access as well as piloting military weapon, no matter in any situation would lead to heavy military punishment…or even death sentence as well?” brigadier general Katie Mannequin ended her sentence as her icy glance pierced through the young high schoolgirl that remain silent sitting in front of her with her mouth shut tightly. “If you don't give us explanation, you only putting yourself into very difficult situation Kagami Hiiragi-san, and I hope you understand that by any mean…” first lieutenant Andrei Smirnov added the explanation as Kagami glared at both officers despite her face quite pale knowing she was really in a very desperate situation at that moment.
“I don't have any choice back then…” Kagami muttered as her voice trembled. “What do you mean by that?” Katie asked. “If I didn't do something, that mobile suit will hurt my friend and my youngest sister, isn't that explanation could be enough to justify my action…moreover the situation was in total chaos and it was emergency situation back then as well!” Kagami replied back as obviously she wasn't happy toward how she was treated. In the meantime, both Katie and Andrei just remain silent before replying back.
“Inexperienced personnel aboard mobile suit would create more victims than what already there…your selfish action only to save your friend and youngest sister could put the rest of people there in danger! Moreover, piloting GN-XIII without proper license and training from Neo Arcadia Confederation Army is totally careless!” Andrei Smirnov scolded meanwhile Kagami just pouted. “I…I know about that…” the eldest Hiiragi sister admitted reluctantly. It was when the door was opened as both Andrei and Katie's attention was quickly diverted to major Guilliam Yeager that just entering the room followed by the young fanfic author.
“I believe it should be more polite if someone knocked first, even for special license holder…” Katie Mannequin replied as she seems unhappy for someone entering the interrogation room while interrogation just happen to be conducted. “I apologize for the rudeness we just done a moment ago, but we are on special order for informing brigadier general Mannequin as well as taking care Kagami Hiiragi's case from here…” Guilliam replying back as he handed down special paperwork from Neo Arcadia Confederation's president Brian Midcrid, as Katie took it and read through the order carefully. “I wonder how you could get the paperwork done in a short amount of time major Guilliam?” Ave asked. “That's special privilege of people holding special license like us…you should be able to pull one or two strings…although don't do it too often…” Guilliam replied back as the Exia's Gundam Meister just nods in understanding.
“How's the legitimate of the paperwork itself brigadier general?” first lieutenant Andrei Smirnov asked. “They're signed by president Midcrid himself, so we only could cooperate with this interrogation process…” Katie replied back meanwhile Andrei just nods, although his facial expression showing discontent for what president Midcrid done. “We believe, we don't have option to refuse this order…major Guilliam Yeager, from this point…all the data regarding the incident happened yesterday as well as another case involving Kagami Hiiragi-san will be transferred under your jurisdiction…we will provide you with all support and information necessary…” Katie replied back meanwhile Guilliam just nods before answering.
“I personally would like the investigation to be conducted as soon as possible as I expecting brigadier general Mannequin and first lieutenant Smirnov to assist me with this investigation, for Kagami Hiiragi's case, I believe special investigator Ave would be sufficient to take care the case by himself…” as Guilliam finished his sentence, the young author's eyes widened and he stared at Guilliam in surprised. “Eh?” Ave startled in disbelief. “You have privilege to make any decision you think necessary over Kagami Hiiragi, and also…the matter of concern as well as message from Sumeragi Lee Noriega will be delivered to brigadier general in our meeting, so you can take your time and concentrate with Kagami Hiiragi's case…” Guilliam replied back meanwhile the young Exia's Gundam Meister just nods accepting the task from Guilliam.
“What will happen to me then?” Kagami Hiiragi asked with unhappy voice tone as soon as Katie, Andrei and Guilliam left the interrogation room with only Ave remain there alone. “I personally would to hear your side of story first before making a verdict of judgement regarding to this case…but I know briefly about what is actually happened to you before…such unauthorized access toward military equipment GN-XIII unit…but I understand from your side point of view and I could understand even more if I could hear from your version of story…” Ave finished his sentence as Kagami just stared to the floor before reluctantly nods in agreement. “If I tell you everything, would you be able to let me go?” Kagami asked. “I will try everything within my power and privilege...” Ave replied back as he smiled toward the eldest Hiiragi sibling as Kagami finally made her decision to tell the young fanfic author about everything that happened from her point of view.
Karafuto Base, in the same time…
Alicia paced backward and forward, as she seems worrying about something, meanwhile Isara as usual busy on performing daily maintenance toward two Tieren units and Edelweiss tank stationed there. “You seems can't really calm yourself down Alicia-chan, did one day without Ave-san really worrying…mou, what a bad girl you are, since you already own Welkin-chan…you still want another one…” Excellen suddenly appeared behind Alicia as she grinned toward Alicia Melchiott that could only yelped in surprise. “Yikes! Excellen shoi! Don't scare me like that! And, I didn't look at Ave with that kind of lust you know! Moreover as well as Welkin! If you could stop spreading misleading rumour and story like that!” Alicia protested meanwhile Isara's head popped out from the bottom of the tank while covered with oil stain on her cheeks, the younger Darcsen girl just smiled.
“Alicia-san is a very good friend with Ave-san, as her relationship with Welkin-niisan is quite a complicate one Excellen shoi-san…but, she actually worrying about Ave-san that at this moment investigating the incident happened yesterday, since South Atalia itself still could be really dangerous for Ave-san and others as well…” Isara replied back as she smiled toward both Alicia Melchiott and Excellen Browning. “Oho, you seems know a lot about Alicia-chan, Welkin-chan and Ave-chan as well…I wonder if there is any story behind it?” Excellen asked playfully as Isara came out from the bottom of Edelweiss and sat on the floor before replying back. “There was a time when Ave-san was stranded in our universe and helped us in the many vicious battles for Gallia liberation, as back then Ave-san just barely learned how to pilot Gundam Exia, while for Exia itself was still armed…only with its basic armaments instead of how its supposed to be armed…” Isara finished her sentence, as Excellen just remain silent before asking the Darcsen girl another question.
“So when Ave first piloting Exia, his Gundam didn't posses the proper armaments like now?” Excellen asked.
“Hai…Ave-san's Exia back then only armed with GN beam sabers, GN beam daggers and Proto GN Sword as its main armament, since he got separated from other Celestial Being members before the proper armaments of Exia known as Seven Swords could be installed on the unit itself properly…” Isara explained again meanwhile Excellen just nodded as she listened to Isara's explanation carefully. “I was shocked back then as well, as Ave charged toward that Valkyria from the Empire…Selvaria…I think her name is, she wasn't only could deflect Edelweiss' shells back then but also using her spiral lance to parry Exia's Proto GN Sword, it surprise me to no end…” Alicia added her explanation meanwhile Isara nodded as well as Excellen stared in disbelief toward Alicia's story.
“But after together with Ave-san travelling across different realms, I personally notice the fact there were many individuals possessing abilities to fought against machinery such as battle tanks and giant humanoid fighting machines only with their fists or blade weapons…” Isara muttered as she trying to remember those people profiles. “Somehow Master Asia, Domon-kun, and Ryu-kun's names appeared in my mind Isara-chan…” second lieutenant Excellen Browning muttered as Isara nods in agreement. “But what we're doing back then was pretty daring as well, for fighting against The Black Spectre only with reinforcement from Ura-Genbu ninja squad…” Alicia muttered as she remembering something.
“Back then was quite tough Alicia-san, since I remembered how your injury still preventing you to be able to scout freely…” Isara added. “Injury?” Excellen asked. “Well, I and Welkin was fell from the cliff, thanks to mortar explosion…as I ended up suffering injury on one of my ankle…I think I sprained the left one back then…” Alicia muttered. “There was a lot of enemy's patrol back then as well as the Empire received reinforcement from a group possessing five MSER-04 Anf units…as well as six tanks…” Isara added. “Then, how you manage to escape from that situation Alicia-chan?” Excellen asked. “It was Welkin who help me by using his knowledge about the surrounding area…tracking animal's track while avoiding mortar explosions, meanwhile Ave and his Gundam Exia took out those tanks and Anf units with the help of Isara's Edelweiss…combination of everyone efforts I guess…” Alicia finished her explanation as she smiled toward Excellen.
“Well, that's quite an experience you had…no wonder you seem really close toward Ave-chan and Welkin-chan, but I wonder which one you will choose later on…Alicia-chan?” Excellen asked again with naughty expression and smile on her face. “Eh!” Alicia startled as she blushed. “Alicia-san, I wonder as well…wether you like Niisan or Ave-san? Since, both of them having good personality…so I wonder…” Isara paused as she blushed slightly as well. “Mou! Not you too Isara! Why, you and Excellen shoi really love to tease people about their love trouble?” Alicia pouted while Excellen just grinned widely. “Oho…love trouble…so you really admit that you love both Welkin-chan and Ave-chan ne…Alicia-chan?” Excellen asked again as Alicia could only gulp in surprise.
“Alicia-san? Do you really…” Isara gasped as she blushed as well meanwhile the aspiring bakery apprentice frantically trying to defend herself. “It's not like that! Welkin and I is just only…” before Alicia could finish her sentence, a familiar voice suddenly could be heard coming from behind her. “Is there anything wrong about us Alicia?” it was Welkin's voice that innocently asking about what going on, meanwhile Alicia's cheek blushed even redder as both Isara and Excellen decided to remain silent, although the later trying very hard to suppress her laugh. “Eeeer…” Alicia hopelessly trying to explain the situation as Welkin just stared at her with clueless expression on his face.
In front of Karafuto Base Main Building, meanwhile…
“We're finally here…and the weather is actually much more colder than what Misato already inform us before…” Shikinami Asuka Langley just let out her displeasure comment came out from her mouth as she stepped down from the military transport followed by the other two personnel around her age. “Asuka, let me help you carry yours…” it was Shinji Ikari who offering his help as Asuka blushed slightly before replying back. “Shinji…ba…baka! Don't do that here, since you just embarrass me in front of Wonder Girl!” Asuka complained although deep down inside her heart, she was really happy since Shinji offering to help her. “I didn't see anything…” Rei Ayanami commented with her usual flat and emotionless voice tone meanwhile both Shinji and Asuka just sighed before the later replied back in regard to the First Child's comment.
“Listen Wonder Girl, I know that you're jealous if your newfound big brother just being nice to his girlfriend, but there is limitation between brother and sister relationship that won't be able to pass certain line…” Asuka made her remark as Rei just sighed before replying back. “It seems you forget about Nagase siblings and how they become lovers afterward…” Rei Ayanami replied back as she referring to Junichi Nagase and Minato Nagase's relationship. “Argh! Why you just need to remind me to those two Wonder Girl! My mind never could think straight remembering on what will you do toward Shinji!” Asuka scratching her hair meanwhile Rei just chuckled. “Ayanami, I don't think it would be right for you to keep on teasing Asuka with that…” Shinji sighed as Rei quickly nods before smiled toward Asuka.
“Don't worry Asuka, I won't do that to Shinji, moreover after we are brother and sister now…” Rei replied back as Asuka just sighed before nods in agreement and smiled back toward Rei Ayanami. “And I believe, it would be the task of a supporting partner and lover to be able to accept her lover's overprotective youngest sister right…” Asuka replying back meanwhile Rei just giggled. “You got me one on that…” as Rei finished her remark Asuka grinned and nods in agreement as well.
“Ano…I don't think it would be a good idea if we keep our will be comrades waiting for long time, Misato-san said, it would make NERV's image look bad as we are in the middle of recovering our image after we prevent Third Impact from happening back then…” Shinji reminding both Rei and Asuka as both of them quickly nod and walk together with Shinji entering Karafuto Base's main building.
Back to South Atalia's Neo Arcadia Branch's building…
“Another third party you said…” Katie Mannequin stared at Guilliam with serious expression on her face as the former Aggressor's member nod. “Based from the entire surveillance record, and also the remain of mobile suits as well as armoured modules used by those attackers, they were indicated belong to La Erde…meanwhile, special investigation team led by officer Louise Halevy and Mr. Bushido already dispatched to establish investigation contact toward Isurugi Heavy Industry…developer of armoured module class humanoid fighting machines…” Andrei Smirnov added. “We all already know about Isurugi's company policy and involvement during Divine War in the past as well as third party supplier of mobile weapon similar to three superpower countries from your world, right after world unification under A-Laws took place as well…but from this data…I found there are another party involved in this incident…” Guilliam replied back as he handing a compact optical disc toward Katie.
“Freymont Heavy Industry? I never heard about them before…” Katie commented as she display the content of the optical disc on the projector inside the briefing room. “I also never heard about them as the most prominent industry after this new Endless Frontier was formed a while ago are Mao Industry, Isurugi Heavy Industry, as well as Saijou Heavy Industry owned by joint venture between Nishimikado Group and Akatsuki Group…” Andrei Smirnov added. “Freymont is pretty new among Confederation's top brass but their production capacity surpassing Mao Industry, Isurugi Heavy and even Saijou Heavy Industry combined…” Guilliam replied back. “As if they could create those humanoid weapon units in very fast pace with cheaper cost compare to other industries…” Katie muttered as she began to take interest on suspecting this new corporation.
“But another thing I found interesting here is…Freymont never producing original units so far from their company streamline production plan…as if they just copying other industries by mass producing Hellion units and sell them to this world's opposition organization known as Blue Cosmos, main supporter of La Erde behind the shadow…” Guilliam finished his sentence as Andrei raised a question. “Any other units they produce aside from Hellion?” he asked. “So far, the data I obtained only showing Hellion as the primary products…but I heard, there are plans to also producing Flag units as well as Tieren units…” Guilliam replied back. “I don't like this…” Andrei Smirnov muttered. “Care to explain this first lieutenant?” Katie asked as Andrei took a deep breath before explaining his thought toward Katie and Guilliam.
“This new company…Freymont, they have capacity of efficiency to produce as many mobile suits as they want in the short amount of time…but, they only produce obsolete type units that already scrapped ever since the advent of GN Drive Tau as well as compact energy battery and nuclear fusion reactor…not to mention Tronium as well, but they still keep on producing these obsolete units and sell them with very cheap price to parties who dislike the presence of Neo Arcadia Confederation…as if they deliberately testing our fighting capability before revealing their trump cards…” Andrei paused meanwhile Katie and Guilliam remain silent as well. “I could understand the point lieutenant Andrei came from…but using their own products as test objects would be going too far to daring and careless for growing corporation…or else, they want us to make the first move so they could justify themselves for developing more advanced weaponry…” Katie added her comment as Guilliam nods in agreement.
A soft knock on the door could be heard as Katie told the person about the door wasn't knocked. It was Ave, the young fanfic author and Exia's Gundam Meister that just arrived and entering the briefing room afterward. “How's your investigation and verdict toward Kagami Hiiragi's case, Ave?” Guilliam asked. “All the data already compiled and recorded in this recording device, as for me personally…I couldn't find any justification to lay any charges to her except for boarding military equipment without proper license, then again…the situation yesterday was a total chaos…so I took a liberty and let her home with her youngest sister and her friend with agreement that she left all her detail so we could contact her and summon her anytime…in case further information is required…” Ave explained about his decision toward Guilliam meanwhile Katie just sighed before replying back.
“To be honest, your judgement was a bit too personal and careless special investigator Ave…since, there is proper regulation already made toward anyone who disregard it and took careless action that would endanger life of many people…” Katie Mannequin commented as she shown displeasure toward Exia's Gundam Meister's decision. “I personally agree with brigadier general Mannequin about this case…moreover, the record showing Kagami Hiiragi's reckless action by piloting GN-XIII unit couldn't be erased easily and it would be there as her permanent record if similar thing happened again in the future…it would only make her punishment will be heavier and disadvantageous for her to defend as well as justifying her action…” Andrei Smirnov added his comment as Guilliam stared at Ave before commenting as well. “Any other thing you would like to add, Ave?” he asked.
“Well, I believe the fact that I took this decision was right to begin with…moreover, I already preparing backup plan about what should I do to Kagami Hiiragi next…since her data showing unusual piloting ability…” Ave paused meanwhile Katie startled in slight surprise as she adjusting her glasses before replying back. “Are you planning to recruit her to join military?” she asked as the young Exia's Gundam Meister nodded in agreement.
“I already constructing a plan to utilize Kagami Hiiragi's latent ability on piloting mobile suit inside the data I provide there, as she won't be part of regular Confederation army…I would assign another non-solar furnace equipped unit for her…” Ave replied back meanwhile Katie and Andrei just speechless as Guilliam chuckled before replying back. “You always made a decision that amaze everyone Ave, but this time I hope will be the last time you going too far to make and take the decision by yourself…it won't be look good if you're regular army personnel but thankfully you're special license holder so regular army regulation won't give you any disciplinary action…” Guilliam replied back as Ave nods before replying back. “I will be careful from this time onward…and I hope those data and record would be useful…” Ave replied back as he ready to leave the briefing room.
“Are you going somewhere special investigator Ave?” Katie asked. “There is a certain place I want to visit, not only to gather additional information about what happened yesterday…but also to see certain old close friend of mine that happen to be on the incident site yesterday…” Ave replied back as he left the briefing room. “I couldn't believe that he just come and go as he pleased...” Andrei Smirnov sighed. “But, I could see how he would be a good leader in the future, moreover his way to make a judgement is always something that he think ahead other people as well as outside the box…although it could be proven as double-edge blade for him if he doing it in formal military organization…” Katie commented as once again she adjusting her glasses.
“I will study this data and get back to you as soon as possible, in the meantime I also obtain additional information from Sumeragi Lee Noriega…” Guilliam suddenly made his remark as Katie stared at the ex-Aggressor member before replying back. “From Leesa?” she asked. “She asked Ave to deliver this message to you personally, but since I gave the young investigator task to investigating Kagami Hiiragi…I personally would hand this additional information disc for you brigadier general…” Guilliam replied back as he handed down another optical disc to Katie Mannequin. “Was Leesa say anything or asked anything to me?” Katie asked as she took the disc from Guilliam before the ex-Aggressor member replied back.
“I believe Sumeragi Lee Noriega didn't say anything or not something I was informed by Ave…” Guilliam replied back meanwhile Katie just nods when she heard the answer.
South Atalia's 765 Production Office Branch, approximately fifteen minutes later…
“Cleaning is done! Restocking supply and stationery is done! Preparing evening tea for producer is done as well! Everyone, now I'm leaving!” it was a cheerful voice of thirteen years old idol Yayoi Takatsuki that could be heard across the gloomy atmosphere inside the studio building as the cheerful young idol bid her good bye for the day to her co-workers as well as other staff members as well. “Be careful on your way back home Yayoi-chan and say my regards to your boyfriend as well!” Haruka Amami shouted from the locker room as she waving her right hand toward Yayoi that already become like a little sister to her. “I will for sure! Haruka-Oneechan!” Yayoi replied back half shouting cheerfully as she left the 765 Production Office Branch.
“Yayoi surely really cheerful despite what just happened yesterday…” Azusa Miura muttered as Haruka's facial expression for some reason become saddened. “Azusa-san, is our presence really loathed in this planet? I wonder what is really the true purpose of unification done by Celestial Being and other people involved in the previous Endless Frontier as well…I do happy since I met many different people and made many different friends back then that still keep contact with me until today, but I couldn't avert my eyes from reality how many people in this planet didn't like us since they feel we took their spot as the ruler of this planet…” Haruka muttered as Azusa just remain silent without being able to reply back.
“Haruka! You can't mop around like that! We are idols and our job is to be able to show great spirits and hope toward our fans! I believe that's what Ranka Lee-san and Sheryl Nome-san will do in this kind of situation! If you can't do that, you better leave this production house since you only will hold our feet down with you!” Iori Minase berates as Haruka just stared at the tsundere younger girl who glared at her. “But…but Iori-chan, the situation happened yesterday is really…scary…if…hiks…this kind of thing keep on happening…those hates would eventually make me to dig the hole on the ground…and bury myself…” this time Yukiho Hagiwara replied on Haruka's behalf, although as usual the cry baby Yukiho looks like struggling very hard to not burst in tears.
“Yukiho! Haruka! Don't sweat it too much! If something like that happening again in the future! I will definitely protect you two since I confident with my additional skill on piloting Power Loader!” Makoto Kikuchi, the tomboyish idol of 765 Production Office grinned, as she assuring both Haruka and Yukiho not too worry about what had just happened yesterday. “Speaking about…eeer…did anyone see Chihaya? Is she already left?” Azusa asked as Haruka replied back. “Azusa-san, I saw Chihaya-san leaving before Yayoi-chan, and when I asked her, she just told me that she have appointment to meet someone…” Haruka replied. “I wonder who is the person she actually meet at the moment? I don't think Chihaya had any boyfriend yet, and she won't be leaving early if she just want to see one of her fans…” Iori muttered.
“Ano…I heard Chihaya-san saw something during the incident yesterday, I believe the reason she left early today related to the incident she saw yesterday…” Haruka muttered as everyone else stared at her. “I just hope Chihaya won't find herself in dangerous situation…” Makoto commented as she showing worried expression on her face. “Chihaya know pretty well how to take care herself, so don't worry too much…” Azusa smiled and replying back.
“Sorry to keep you waiting…” Chihaya apologized as she approaching a young man that no other than Exia's Gundam Meister, Ave. “Don't worry about that Chihaya, I personally just arrived around ten minutes ago…” Ave replied back as he opened the passenger seat's door of the car for Chihaya Kisaragi, as the elegant idol singer just smiled before took a seat in the car Ave just borrowed from Neo Arcadia Confederation Base. “How's work?” Ave asked as he drove the car along the seaside road meanwhile Chihaya remain silent before replying back toward the young wishful fanfic author.
“It is the same as usual, but we received many harsh criticism as well as threatening fan letters from habitants of this world…honestly, people like Yukiho often cried more when she was alone…I personally even wonder wether the decision for connecting different worlds and re-emulating endless frontier here is a correct decision to begin with…” Chihaya replied back. “Sorry for causing a lot of trouble and made you all suffer because I did something that I thought was right back then…although in reality, many people still despise what I did until today…” Ave replied back as he sighed and keep on continuing driving his car. “What happened yesterday gave us answer and understanding about the resentment this world feel over our presences…Ave, I still don't understand the reason for you to recreating endless frontier with your own homeworld…I couldn't deny the fact there are people that grateful over your action back then, but still…aside from these few people, I believe most of them despise the idea of endless frontier to be happened here…” Chihaya replying back as this time she seems sought over the answer from Exia's Gundam Meister alone.
“I saw many things in my past life, I want to do something about it…yet, my hands will never be able to hold or protect anything I treasure dearly back then…until, I met Gundam Exia…” Ave paused his sentence as Chihaya stared at the young Gundam Meister eyes and remain silent as well. “I decided to became Exia's Gundam Meister since I hope that I could change the fate of myself and many others as well…I made that decision knowing fully that I will changed into totally different person and my name is the only thing will remain…the person name Ave standing in front of you is an Innovator and not the real Ave that should be existed if he decided to spend the rest of his life as usual normally…” Ave paused again, as this time Chihaya took a deep breath before replying back. “I remembered what you said about you reverted back to your younger self with different appearance…as I notice as well, there are people that seem you know very well…now already far older than you in appearances…” Chihaya replied back as Ave just sighed.
“I experienced many battles in different timelines…perhaps six months was a very short time for me, but the amount of time passed in each worlds differs before everything was connected back then as the new endless frontier…there was ten years war involving the Black Spectre and other mechanized soldiers known as Personal Troopers…meanwhile on the other universe, personal trooper known as designated mechanical giant robot piloted by their respective pilots instead of AI-controlled mechanical puppet…” Ave stared at Chihaya meanwhile the elegant idol just replied back at the young wishful fanfic author that now already become Exia's Gundam Meister. “You told me before, from Gallia Liberation toward JS Incident happened to this techno-magical world known as Mid-Childa…as well as many other things happened in the past such as Jewel Seed Incident as well…you was involved in many key events only to revisit them later on and saw the different timeline of those worlds and people you once interacted with…” Chihaya paused as Ave just smiled and chuckled.
“Heh, the first time I met Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa Harlaown was when both of them around nine or ten years old during Jewel Seed Incident…afterward, I met them again in another universe Mid-Childa as both Nanoha and Fate already nineteen years old…the same age with lieutenant colonel Hayate Yagami, their best friend that I just met that time…” Ave replied as Chihaya just sighed before smiled weakly toward Exia's Gundam Meister before replying back. “Although to be honest, I still questioning the purpose of this new endless frontier, but I think…the fact that I and the rest of people I already met as well as I will meet later on…now share the same timeline, this fact only I think…I should be thankful to your decision back then…” Chihaya replied back as Ave just stared at her before nods in agreement as well.
“You're welcome, anyway…I just remembered the reason for you to contact me yesterday is about certain thing that you just saw during the incident…” Ave paused as Chihaya nods in agreement before replying back toward the young Exia's Gundam Meister. “The situation yesterday was total chaos, fortunately we manage to made our escape before we become victims ourselves…and also thanks to patrol units that one of them led by Yayoi-chan's boyfriend…” Chihaya replied back as Ave just nods in agreement. “Those attackers seem really desperate and at the end they couldn't destroy the ceremony completely…but one of the Hellion unit suddenly transformed I think…” Chihaya paused. “I believe it would be normal for AEU-05 Hellion to be able to transform…” Ave replied back as Chihaya just glared at the young fanfic author before sighed and replied back.
“You should know that I didn't mean by transforming into mobile armor version…” Chihaya replied coldly as Ave just grinned sheepishly. “Gomen…” the young Exia's Gundam Meister replied back as he apologized as well. “There are light blue coloured crystals sprouted from that Hellion's armor plates and its movement become intense like it was going to berserk…luckily, those security personnel quite expert on doing their jobs and a civilian girl piloting GN-XIII unit without even thinking twice and manage to destroy the infected Hellion unit…” Chihaya finished her story as Ave remain silent for a while. “Ave?” Chihaya asked. “Those blue crystal…I suspect those crystals are…Einst crystal…I forget the designated name for it…but in Kagura Amahara…they call those crystal as Kusabi-Ishi…” Ave replied back as Chihaya just nods as she tried to understand Ave's explanation.
“Is this Kusabi-Ishi really bad or dangerous?” Chihaya asked again. “Those crystal itself was pure and posses no threat toward living creatures…only if any living creatures begin to intentionally harness the essence of Kusabi-Ishi, they gave the crystal itself chance to be sentient and they start to take over the entire world…it was happened before already in several worlds and I was involved in the quest to destroy Kusabi-Ishi together with its source known as Einst…” Ave replying back as Chihaya leaning her head on the passenger seat as Ave's car stopped on the side road where beautiful sunset over the ocean could be seen from a far.
“I never expect to find out these countless universes connected as endless frontier also inviting more conflict and mystery to this world…a world where fictions become realities…and I as well as the rest of my friends from 765 Studio never ever think it would be possible…” Chihaya muttered meanwhile Ave just remain silent for a while before replying back. “I never consider what is exist only behind the monitor screen as something not real to begin with, moreover after I decided to become Exia's Gundam Meister back then…I more convinced that everything I thought was fictions and hope become realities indeed another realities exist in another realms…so close yet so far, connected by Crossgate Paradigm Devices…” Ave replied back as Chihaya just closed her eyes before smiled at the young Gundam Meister and replying back.
“Well, I don't think it would be good for us to talk about gloomy talk like this and get our attention diverted away from our original objective…about those crystals appeared from the Hellion…Kusabi-Ishi, what will you do about it?” Chihaya asked after she replied beforehand toward the young fanfic author. “I have some friends involved directly and indirectly with Kusabi-Ishi…one of them even possessing Einst blood within her vein, because of that, I will inform them directly about this matter and find out how to deal with it…” Ave replied back. “I hope, we no need to deal with Dorothy again just to clean these crystals from this world…” Chihaya muttered as she chuckled and smiled toward Ave. “Oh…c'mon…Dorothy isn't a bad person, although she's quite a bomb-girl maniac…but in the heart, she just someone that always indulge herself with her invention…like certain young goddess I knew before…” Ave replied back.
In the meantime, inside Yggdrasil Command Room, a little young goddess known as Skuld sneezed. “Kiddo, what happened to you? Your nose all red…o ho…I think, you're thinking too much about Belldandy and Keiichi that you left alone in the substance world…” Urd smiled mischievously as she teased her youngest half-sister. “URD! It's not like that! Something or someone talking behind my back, for sure about it!” Skuld replied back as she shouted over Urd that just chuckled and grinned back toward Skuld.
“Anyway, it is getting quite late…Chihaya, I drove you home and if you don't mind, do you want to grab dinner with me?” Ave asked as Chihaya just smiled before replying back. “I don't mind, since I also quite hungry and believe me…I will be tired when I arrived at my flat…so, we better grab dinner outside…” Chihaya replied back toward the young Exia's Gundam Meister. “Any suggestion?” Ave asked back as the girl with long dark blue hair took a second to think before replying back. “I know this place that quite good and not really formal or too expensive…the owner there is a nice person, do you want to go there?” she asked. “Sounds good to me…” Ave replied back as he drove his car back to the opposite road and took a sharp turn toward the place Chihaya suggested to him to grab their dinner.
Meanwhile, South Atalia's capital harbour/ pier area…
“Shit! Those bitches are chasing over us!” one of the criminals running away from his pursuers meanwhile his partner pulled out his beretta handgun. “Hey, bro! If we get caught we will be doomed, since the boss told us not to get caught!” the second criminal muttered meanwhile his senior partner in crime just glared at him. “Stop right there!” a female voice could be heard as a young Chinese woman wearing blue coloured costume chases upon those two criminals. “Crap! I'm going to shoot her!” the second criminal panicked as he pointing his beretta toward the young Chinese woman that no other than Chun-Li.
“You idiot! Just run or…” the first criminal tried to warns his stupid partner in crime but his attempt proven to be too late already. Another shadow leaped behind Chun-Li as this figure quickly locked the second criminal into submission and broke his hand that carrying a handgun. “Chun-Li-san! I take care this guy, you take care the other!” it was Cammy in her Delta Red costume quickly subdue the second criminal. “Thanks Cammy!” Chun-Li replied back as she performing somersault, using both of her hands as foundation to kept her balance before attacking the first criminal guy using her signature attack known as Hyakuretsu kyaku. As the first criminal wailing in pain, he was thrown slammed to the metal bench nearby and left unconscious.
“It just happened yesterday and it seems these criminals already seizing opportunity to conduct their criminal activity…I wonder if Mishima Zaibatsu is involved in this shady activity…” Chun-Li muttered as Cammy replied back toward the Chinese officer. “Chun-Li-san, I don't think these two criminals involved directly to Mishima Zaibatsu…and again, I don't see the point for petty criminals like these two endanger themselves to smuggle mobile suit equipments and parts secretly from officers like us…” Cammy replied back as Chun-Li was in her deep thought for a few moment. “Chun-Li-san?” Cammy asked. “Ah, gomen ne…I suddenly just in my deep thought about something else…but it wasn't something important and if I found my thought will be relevant with our case…I will let you know Cammy…” Chun-Li replied back as she smiled toward Cammy. “Hai…” Cammy smiled back as well as smiled toward her.
Somewhere else, hidden from Chun-Li, Cammy and everyone else's eyes…
“Everything progressed as what we expected Sir…” a mysterious figure whispered as he spoken using mobile phone like communication device. “Oh, you no need to worry about that…with the situation heated like this…it is only a matter of time before Mishima Zaibatsu throwing their hat on the ring as well…moreover, I heard the young president of Mishima Zaibatsu really ambitious to take down PLANT using his company asset no matter what…” the mysterious figure replied again as his mysterious master talked with him from that device.
“Oh, I think you worried too much about that Interpol lady and Delta Red girl…Sir, both of them posses a little to no threat over our plan…and again, what we should concern ourselves with at this moment is the existence of those crystal from previous Endless Frontier indicating their return…” the mysterious figure replied again as this time, his serious expression can be seen behind the shadow. “I see, as per your advise Sir…I will observe the development little bit more, and from the conclusion I draw…I will definitely make the plan successful…” the mysterious figure replied back again before he chuckled, smirked alone and disappeared behind the darkness.
To Be Continued…
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