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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Episode 02: Lime Coloured Stories of Love, Courage and Hope
Sung By: Rica Matsumoto and JAM Project
“Sorry to keep you waiting Oniichan!” Yayoi apologized while still smiled cheerfully toward the older youngster wearing glasses that already waiting for her in the central park area of South Atalia's Macross capital city. “It's alright since I just arrived after finished my report to my supervisor before…by the way, are you alright Yayoi-chan?” the youngster with glasses asked. “What do you mean by that Chuck-Oniichan?” Yayoi asked again as the older youngster known as Chuck Nguyen (the same Chuck Nguyen that pilots RX-94 MP Nu Gundam) sighed and just smiled toward Yayoi. “It's alright since you seem fine and nothing wrong at all…” Chuck replied back as he took Yayoi's right hand gently.
“Shall we get going Yayoi-chan?” Chuck asked as the cheerful girl just nods in agreement. “Uhm!” Yayoi replied enthusiastically as both of them walk together toward the grand shopping centre located not too far from the central park. “Damn Chuck no yarou…how come he got loli girl for himself, moreover that girl is an idol!” James cursed as he bites his handkerchief while hiding behind bushes. “Because our squad leader is not a n00b like you James…” John muttered as he sighed. “But again, we also interested on the development between Chuck-kun and Yayoi-chan…he…he…he…Oniichan…moé!” Danny grinned as he gently wiping his nosebleed. “That's really disgusting, anyway why don't you try to find one for yourself Danny?” John asked as his other Jegan's pilot mate replying back. “Unfortunately, people think I'm too harmful toward girl with loli face or even the real one, which is quite frustrating…” Danny replied back with sad voice tone.
“Well, doing something like what Chuck did is illegal to begin with and we shouldn't follow his example or…” before James could finish his sentence, both John and Danny quickly glared at him and replied back in unison. “We don't want to hear your opinion since you're a n00b!” both of them replied back again in unison as James just cowered in the corner behind those bushes.
In the meantime, in another world known as Mid-Childa…
“Nanoha-mama, you're going to be late again today?” eleven years old Vivio Takamachi asked as Nanoha just smiled while she kneeled in front of her beloved daughter. “There is another extra contingent mama need to train today and it will include night time combat training…so, mama very sorry Vivio that mama will come home late again tonight, after today however…mama will try to come home earlier, since mama also miss Vivio's cooking…” twenty-four years old Nanoha Takamachi replied back as she smiled with apologetic look on her face. “Uhm, it's alright…since Vivio understand both Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama always busy with work, don't worry…Zafira and Aina-san will be here today! I will take care the home until Nanoha-mama come back!” Vivio replied as she smiled innocently toward her beloved adopted mother.
“Vivio…” Nanoha quickly hugs her daughter meanwhile Vivio just return the hugs and pat Nanoha lightly. “Uhm, Nanoha-mama…please don't cry, Vivio is not a little kid anymore and Vivio can protect myself if anything happen…and also Vivio always believe Nanoha-mama will save Vivio if something bad befall on Vivio…” Vivio replied as she smiled once again toward Nanoha. “Vivio…” Nanoha stared at her beloved daughter, her pride and joy as Vivio kissed her on her right cheek. “Have a safe trip mama! Don't forget to eat your lunch properly on time as well!” Vivio smiled as she waved her right hand toward Nanoha meanwhile Nanoha just laughed sheepishly. “Nya…ha…ha…ha…mama isn't a little girl anymore Vivio…” Nanoha replied as she laughed sheepishly toward her beloved daughter, Vivio.
“Fifteen years ago…during Jewel Seed Incident, Fate-chan and I saw Gundam Exia, the shades of metallic grey colour scheme of the sleek humanoid fighting machine and it's pilot known as Ave, the Gundam Meister…” Nanoha's memories suddenly drifted back to the event fifteen years ago when Ave and his Gundam Exia was involved during Jewel Seed incident by helping her and Fate Testarossa in order to stop Precia Testarossa. Although the tragedy could be averted back then, it was still a tragedy that would carved inside Nanoha and Fate's hearts and became a stepping stone for those two to do what they already done so far in TSAB/ Time-Space Administration Bureau.
Six months later, during the last fateful day of Book of Darkness incident, Avalanche Exia arrived to help both Nanoha and Fate in order to rescue their newfound friend Hayate Yagami from the corrupted Book of Darkness. Although it could be said, it was Hayate's own strong will that freed her back then from Book of Darkness, Ave's involvement with his Gundam Avalanche Exia couldn't be denied. Although the young wishful fanfic author was there only to test Avalanche Mission Pack Equipment for Gundam Exia, his effort to rescue Hayate was real, even if Hayate would never met him until perhaps around ten years later after she became commander of Lost Property Riot Force Mobile Section-6. It was when Ave returned to Mid-Childa and met the mistress of Book of Azure Sky (reformatted version of Book of Darkness) for the first time.
“He helped Fate-chan, Hayate-chan and even myself when we try to rescue Vivio from Saint Cradle five years ago, although after everything settled down…he left again as usual…Fate-chan on the other hand tried to keep on contact with him, although he responded very slowly to every electronic digital mail sent for him…until we heard from Subaru and Teana about Gundam Exia's involvement to solve Marriage Incident happened two years ago…” Nanoha remain silent as she sat alone on the bench waiting for the monorail train that would take her to the TSAB training camp. Her mind somehow taken with memories she shared together with the young fanfic author, especially after Ave told Nanoha, Fate and Hayate about his intention to recreating Endless Frontier about a month ago, that finally made the timeline of Mid-Childa flows the same with other countless universes including Ave's homeworld as well.
“When finally our timeline could flows together with his, he isn't here…Ave-san, I wonder what he's doing now, since everybody worried about him…Fate-chan worried about him, as well as Hayate-chan, Subaru, Teana, Erio, Caro, everyone from Long Arc as well as Vivio…and I myself also worried and missed you…I wonder if you're doing fine out there…so far yet so close from here…from Mid-Childa…” as Nanoha sighed, she took a glance to the azure blue sky above her before she board her train that would took her to the TSAB military camp, where she would conduct her training regiment today.
Back to South Atalia's Macross Capital City…
“So what kind of dinner you will make today Yayoi-chan?” Chuck asked as Yayoi just smiled at the older young man before replying back. “Tee hee…I'm planning to make curry tonight, Chuck-Oniichan…you don't mind with curry rice right?” Yayoi asked as she replying back to Chuck. “I actually like curry, moreover if it was served with a deep fried tonkatsu will taste nicer…” Chuck replied back as he nods and chuckled meanwhile Yayoi just smiled and nods in agreement as well. “By the way Yayoi-chan, won't your dad and little siblings will be worried about you?” Chuck suddenly asked. “Don't worry Oniichan! My father said he will be home early today and he can took care of them while I cook for you in your place…” Yayoi replied cheerfully as Chuck just nods.
“Uhm, I'm sorry if I'm causing a lot of trouble for you Yayoi-chan…” Chuck muttered. “Eh?” Yayoi just stared at the young MP Nu Gundam's pilot as her face blushed slightly. “Don't be like that Oniichan, I always happy to be able to cook and stay beside Oniichan…” Yayoi replied back as her usual cheerful demeanour changed into a meek personality. “For sure! I will always be on your side Yayoi-chan! Don't you worry about that!” as Chuck replied back, Yayoi smiled happily and nods in agreement quickly. “Uhm! Chuck-Oniichan!” Yayoi replied back happily as both of them continuing their groceries shopping as well as date.
In the meantime, Danny, John and James keep on trailing over Chuck and Yayoi as they constantly hide their presence behind objects such as benches, walls or retail shelves. “Chuck no yarou! He seems really enjoying himself while we are here still single! No lolis with me! Only a group of not so extraordinary men!” Danny again complained as he clenching his fists meanwhile John and James just sighed, although the later doesn't really have any rights to sigh. “Danny…John…shall we go now? This kind of view makes me feel envious and want to burst on tears…” James muttered as both Danny and John quickly glared to their n00b friend. “I suggest you to remain shut up or you just asking for another crack on those teeth of yours…” John muttered as he glared at James and once again James cowered in fear.
“John-san, James-san and Danny-san? What are you three doing here?” it was a very familiar female voice as the three of them jumped in surprise. “Gomenasai…did I surprise all of you?” it was Nunnally Lamperouge and her best friend which also her knight Alice that coincidentally also just finished their shopping. “Of course you are Nunnally-chan, but Oniichan didn't angry about that at all…” Danny replied as he smiled toward Nunnally. “Don't come any closer lolicon pervert!” it was Alice this time, that using her signature kick to kick Danny and stomp over his fallen body. “Gasp!” both John and James paled. “Ah…Alice-chan…even your kick and your stomp is so cute and elegant…” Danny muttered with blissful face as he got blood coming out from his nose and mouth.
“A…Alice…! That's really cruel…” Nunnally panicked as she frantically trying to stop her best friend (knight) from injuring Danny even further. “What are you talking about Nunnally? This guy is self-announced lolicon and very famous in this endless frontier circle! I as a knight just take the most efficient measurement before he starts on harming you!” Alice replied back meanwhile Nunnally just sighed in defeat. “Anyway, what are you two doing here?” John asked. “Ah, we're just shopping groceries for everyone else from Special Honorary Foreign Legion Irregulars taskforce as we now working independently from Neo Britannia Empire under Euphie-neesan, I mean princess Euphemia…moreover after Neo Britannia Empire decided to be part of Neo Arcadia Confederation…” Nunnally explained as she smiled toward John.
“Nunnally decided to stay here with me and the rest of Irregulars members, since after Zero departed from their world…Nunnally promised him to protect the gentle world she and Zero envisioned together…and I decided to accompany Nunnally no matter what…even to the bitter end if it requires…” Alice added as somehow her facial expression look saddened as Nunnally gently embraces her knight from behind. “Alice-chan, I promise Niisan that I will protect this new gentle endless frontier together with everyone else…so there won't be any bitter end for us and everyone else, please don't say anything sad like that…” Nunnally whispered as Alice just smiled toward the princess she sworn to protect with all of her might regardless what happened.
MOÉ…” both Danny and James quickly covered their mouths and noses to prevent themselves from having massive nosebleed meanwhile John turned his face away as he blushed slightly as well. “What are you three doing here?” John, Danny and James gulped as they turned their heads in unison only to find Chuck and Yayoi already standing behind them, especially Chuck looks very unhappy knowing his date with Yayoi was followed by those three stooges, especially the n00b. “Eeer Chuck, as friends, we just worried about your wellbeing and we decide to make sure everything goes alright…” James muttered. “Baka! You just make thing goes worse n00b!” Danny smacked James on his head. “Well, we just wondering what you two up too so we decided to check as well as doing some shopping before we met Nunnally-chan and Alice-chan…” John explained as Chuck just sighed before muttered. “At least there is still someone that honest here…” Chuck muttered.
“It's has been a while…how are you Chuck-san?” Nunnally greeted the MP Nu Gundam's pilot politely as Chuck just bowed his head slightly before replying back. “I'm fine Nunnally-sama…it is indeed has been a while ever since the endless frontier created here…how are you anyway? And you too Alice-san?” Chuck asked. “Both of us are doing fine! Moreover, after all Nunnally always been protected by me and my comrades, so there is nothing to worry about…” Alice replied back on Nunnally's behalf with her professional knight demeanour meanwhile Chuck just smiled and nods in agreement. “True is true indeed…” Chuck chuckled in agreement.
“Ano…since everyone's here…do you guys want to join us for dinner? I will cook curry rice tonight and if all of you want to join us ne?” Yayoi smiled as she invites John, James, Danny, Nunnally and Alice to have dinner together. “Are you sure it is alright? I mean…we don't want to disturb no…I mean not sure if the ingredients will be enough?” Danny asked. “Don't worry, there are more than enough, is it alright Chuck-Oniichan?” Yayoi asked. “Chuck-Oniichan…urayamashi!” Danny screamed from deep down inside his heart. “It's your call, I'm cool with that Yayoi-chan…” Chuck replied back as he smiled toward his little girlfriend. “Yatta! Then it's decided, since I need to cook for many people, we better leave now or we would have late dinner!” Yayoi replied in enthusiasm as everyone there smiled at the very cheerful little girl that seems matured for the girl around her age.
“Let me and Alice help you as well, we will cook and we have more choice for dinner I think…” Nunnally offered her help. “Eh? Are you sure Nunnally-sama? Yatta!” Yayoi once again replied in enthusiasm. “Nunnally, I can't really cook and don't compare me with Sayoko…” Alice whispered meanwhile Nunnally just smiled innocently toward Alice before replying back. “Don't worry too much Alice-chan, everything will be alright…your fried omelette taste very nice and it's my favourite…” Nunnally replied as she smiled innocently toward Alice that sighed in defeat before whispering back to her princess. “Omelette is the only dish I could cook Nunnally! This is really bad you know, if they expect me to cook complicated dishes!” Alice whispered at Nunnally as her face paled meanwhile Nunnally just giggled. “You're so funny Alice-chan…” as Nunnally replied back, Alice could only sighed in defeat as she fully knew that when her princess already made up her mind, nobody could stop her anymore.
Meanwhile, on South Atalia Island's isolated area where Gundam Exia secretly hidden…
“From the information Chihaya gave me before, it seems Einst infestation happened in my homeworld as well, but that kind of information only serve as additional information for what I suppose to investigate to begin with…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he leaning his head on his Gundam Exia's pilot seat. “Huh? E-mail?” the young fanfic author glanced on the status screen of his Exia as he found one new unread e-mail inside his Exia's mailbox system. “I wonder from where this letter came from?” as the young Gundam Meister muttered, he clicked on the letter itself as he finds out the sender of that letter. “Fate Testarossa Harlaown…” Ave muttered inside his heart as he opens the e-mail to read the content.
It took him a few minutes to read the whole content of the letter as Ave sighed when he finished on reading the e-mail letter. “I haven't really e-mailing Fate, Nanoha, Hayate and the rest of former Mobile Section-6's members lately…and they seem worried about my posting on my own homeworld since the news about hostility happened in this world quickly spreading over…even to Mid-Childa after they became part of Neo Arcadia Confederation's member…” Ave sighed as he clicked on the reply button as a small hologram computer keyboard appeared in front of him as he typing the reply for Fate, one of his most trusted best friends. “I just need to let her know, that I'm alright…nobody get injured here…and also I miss her, Nanoha, Hayate, everyone from Mobile Section-6, Long Arc and of course Vivio…” Ave muttered inside his heart again as he typing the reply for Fate that he also asking to forward his other e-mails to Hayate and other ex-members of Mobile Section-6 and Long Arc as well.
“Many things happened to me, although for my homeworld's inhabitants…only around six months just passed since the day I met Gundam Exia and made a decision to become Exia's Gundam Meister…”
Ave remembered countless adventures he experienced during his travel as Gundam Exia's Gundam Meister, from Mid-Childa that he visited several times in different timelines before finally Mid-Childa's time flow connected to his homeworld's time flow after the success of recreating new endless frontier. It wasn't only Mid-Childa, but many other worlds or universes now have the same time flow as they were connected thanks to the advent of Crossgate Paradigms. Although, his homeworld surely benefiting from open and fair relationship with other worlds, Ave couldn't deny the fact that many dictators, rulers and hypocrite politicians that now completely lost their superiority hate the fact this new endless frontier happened and created by Ave; former Earth's inhabitant.
“I think rather than indulge myself into depressing thought like that, I should believe in myself that I already done the best I can for the better world as well as other countless universes existed on the other side of Crossgate Paradigms…and now the most important thing is to find out the mystery behind that incident as soon as possible to prevent any further casualties and victims…” Ave muttered again alone as he renew his determination not only as Exia's Gundam Meister, but also part of human race in these countless universes to strife for the better tomorrow. “And thanks a lot Gundam Exia, for always be my blade, shield, power, courage and determination to keep on fighting toward the ideal future…” Ave smiled as he pats on the onboard computer that displaying e-mail and the status of his mobile suit GN-001 Gundam Exia itself.
In the meantime, night town district inside South Atalia Macross Capital City…
“Bullet-kun, are you sure that Guilliam-san want us to meet him in this place?” Kusuha asked as Bullet turned his head toward his girlfriend before nods in agreement. “He sent us a message showing this place is the one, and also he obtained certain information that we already looking for this past two years…” Brooklyn Luckfield known also as Bullet replied back. “Bullet-kun, do you think…it's also related to Irui's origin as well as the legend behind Choukijin?” Kusuha asked. “It might be related, it might be not…regardless what is the information major Guilliam has for us, I believe sooner or later, the incident happened yesterday would lead us to the answer of those mysteries behind Irui and Choukijin…” Bullet replied back as Kusuha just nods in agreement.
“Bullet, Kusuha…” a cold voice could be heard as both Bullet and Kusuha startled for a while before turned their heads as both of them saw major Guilliam Yeager already standing behind them wearing dark brown long coat reminiscing him with undercover agent or mafia from old mafia movie known as The Godfather. “Guilliam-san, I didn't see you coming…” Kusuha muttered as she blushed in embarrassment a bit as she realized how unprepared she is, in case enemy attacking. “Don't worry about that Kusuha, I just arrive myself…and also Bullet…shall we find a place inside that pub to discuss the matter each of us had so far?” Guilliam replied back toward Kusuha as he asked Bullet in the same time. “I agree, in case there are any who spying on us…talking inside the pub will be least suspicious than discussing this matter in the middle of the street like now…” Bullet replied back as he and Kusuha nod in agreement toward Guilliam's suggestion.
Meanwhile two females also enter the pub where previously Guilliam, Kusuha and Bullet already entered. “Uhm, Chun-Li-san, do you think it would be alright for me to enter this kind of place as well? Since I'm still minor here…” Cammy muttered as she hides her face with the red hood from her long cardigan she wears. “Don't worry, since I'm your guardian here…moreover, I think it would be nice to have break after we finished our task and handed down those two criminals to local authority…” Chun-Li replied back as she smiled toward Cammy before two of them take a seat on the bar section, not so far from where Kusuha, Bullet and Guilliam seated.
“Ladies what do you want for drink?” the bartender asked. “Just a usual azure crystal mix…how about you Cammy?” Chun-Li asked as she finished ordering her alcoholic drink. “I…just a glass of milk maybe…” Cammy replied back innocently as Chun-Li just sighed before she glared toward the bartender and others who trying to suppress their laugh over Cammy's request. “Oops…sorry ladies…” the bartender apologized as he blends Chun-Li's requested drink before handed down a glass of milk for Cammy as well. “So, brigadier general Mannequin said…they suspect this new industry called Freymont was involved on the incident happened yesterday?” it was Bullet's question from the table behind both Chun-Li and Cammy that took the Chinese female Interpol agent to eavesdrop the conversation.
“Freymont Industry…?”
Chun-Li carefully listened to the conversation as she signalling her partner Cammy to do the same as well. “So, what making this Freymont Industry really suspicious is their production lines seem only copying obsolete mobile suits to be sold to the third party from this Mirror Moon?” Bullet asked as he took a bite of his chicken steak as Guilliam nods before taking a sip of his sake. “But Guilliam-san? Maybe because they want to reserve their budget for the time being, they're producing and selling obsolete type mobile suits so they could produce them in large amount of quantity…” Kusuha muttered as she raising a question as well in the same time. “I believe on the point of view for normal people like us, it would be logical to do that Kusuha…but for industrialist such as Rin Mao and Isurugi, this kind of move would only causing disadvantages over their company in long-term run…” Guilliam replied calmly as he stared at both Kusuha and Bullet.
“What do you mean by that major Guilliam?” Bullet asked. “The profile of the company, especially heavy industry such as Mao Industry, Isurugi Industry and Saijou Industry was measured using the quality of humanoid mobile weapons they produce so far…industry that focusing on producing cheap mass produce units without even slightly think about the quality of their products would eventually fall behind from the race of mobile weapon industry, although…Freymont Industry did what I and Rin Mao thought would be a foolish move to be done…” Guilliam finished his explanation. “In other word, you're saying…Freymont Industry seem to have unlimited supply access over fund and materials to produce their mobile weapons, albeit they keep on producing obsolete type units as if they're testing Neo Arcadia Confederation Forces' fighting capability…” Bullet muttered meanwhile Kusuha just remain silent as her mind giving a deep thought over Bullet's and Guilliam's words. For some reason, the young Dragon Lady had a really bad feeling over everything that happened.
Back to Karafuto Base, in the same time…
“Let me introduce you all to our new reinforcement members from NERV Japan, First Child Rei Ayanami as she will be piloting Evangelion Unit-00, Second Child Shikinami Asuka Langley as she will be piloting Evangelion Unit-02, and the Third Child Shinji Ikari as he will be piloting Evangelion Unit-01…” Kyosuke Nanbu introducing those teenagers from NERV to the former members of Gallia Militia Liberation Forces' Squad-7. “Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Alicia…Alicia Melchiott and this guy here is our squad leader Welkin Gunther!” Alicia quickly shook Shinji's hands as the younger boy blushed meanwhile Asuka glared at the older girl before shouted. “What are you doing to my Shinji!? Don't you dare to seduce him!” Asuka shouted as Alicia glared back to Asuka. “Little brat! I think someone should teach you a manner to respect older people that just trying to be friendly!” Alicia muttered back meanwhile Welkin just sighed.
“Niisan, shouldn't we stop them?” Isara asked. “I don't think we could Isara, if we could, I already done it before in the first place anyway…” Welkin replied back as he just once again sighed in defeat. “Baka…” Rei muttered with her emotionless voice tone as Asuka now glared back at the albino girl with short blue hair and crimson eyes. “Did you say something Wonder Girl?” Asuka demanded. “Nothing at all…” Rei replied back quickly as Asuka quickly continuing her argument with Alicia, meanwhile poor Shinji was caught in the middle and could only giving a heavy sigh and pleading look on his eyes for help he could never get.
“Ne…ne…ne…Kyosuke, do you think that girl Asuka somehow tsundere and didn't want to admit the fact she loves Shinji?” Excellen asked with playful smile and voice tone toward her partner. “Don't know and don't really care…” Kyosuke replied back with his cold voice tone as usual. “Mou! Always cold and uncaring as usual! But, again…that's your own charm Kyosuke…” Excellen pouted before she smiled and replied back toward Kyosuke. “…” Kyosuke just remain silent as he sighed when he heard that comment from Excellen. In the meantime, both Welkin and Isara just trying their best not to laugh or giggling over the comment made by Excellen Browning toward Kyosuke Nanbu, since both of them are their superior officers at Karafuto Base where they are stationed.
“By the way Niisan, I wonder about what Ave-san doing at the moment?” Isara asked. “Ave is always very serious when it comes to investigation matter, so I bet he at the moment will be busy compiling and investigating all data as well as information he just obtained from his ground investigation…” Welkin replied back as he smiled toward his youngest sister, before asking her back a question. “Did you worried about him?” Welkin asked as Isara blushed slightly before timidly replying back. “I sometimes worried about Ave-san, Niisan…but in the same time, knowing how Ave-san always do the best in everything he can…I somehow could put my faith on him as well, as he is one of few people I really care the most…” Isara replied back. “I see…that's why when he come back later on…you should greet him and told him welcome home, as well as give him the warmest smile he will remember from you Isara…” Alicia suddenly commented as she already took a time-out from arguing with Asuka.
“Alicia-san…” Isara muttered as she stared at the older girl that just grinned back at her. “Ara…ara…is something special and interesting happened here, Isara-chan?” Excellen suddenly asked as she smiled naughtily toward the young Darcsen girl who could only remain silent before blushed slightly and reluctantly nodded before replying back at her second senior officer. “It's not entirely like that Excellen-shoi…but in the same time, it might be correct as well, as I admired Ave-san and his Gundam Exia…” Isara replied back meanwhile both Alicia and Welkin just smiled and nod together agreeing on Isara's reply. “I'm not sure if it would be fair to categorize this feeling as love, but if it so…I might really love and care Ave-san and his Exia as well…” Isara finished her reply as she smiled toward everyone else there including Excellen.
“Whoaaa! Ara…ara…your reply really made me speechless Isara-chan…so, Oneechan will give you advise over what you should do and how to make sure about your feeling is really love or not…” Excellen paused as she finished her sentence. “Can you let me know as well, Excellen-shoi!” both Alicia and Asuka suddenly jumped in front of Isara as they're replying quickly on Excellen's request before Isara could even replying back. “Ara…ara, I thought both of you already going out fine with your boyfriends Welkin-kun and Shinji-chan…” Excellen replied back as she teased both Alicia and Asuka that just blushed in embarassement. “But, since both of you now become good girls, Oneechan will teach you two as well…” Excellen added as she smiled toward both Alicia and Asuka as well, meanwhile Kyosuke, Shinji and Rei just remain silent before the Third Child opened his mouth to ask a question toward first lieutenant Kyosuke Nanbu.
“Kyosuke-chui, is Excellen-shoi always like that?” Shinji asked as Kyosuke just shrugged. “Dunno, but if you stay here a bit longer you'll see with your own eyes…” Kyosuke replied back meanwhile Shinji just could only nods meanwhile Rei sighed. “Baka…” the First Child muttered as she sighed and stared at the ceiling.
Back to South Atalia's night town district…
“Chun-Li-san, did you hear about the new heavy industry those people just talked about? Freymont Industry, do you think it has anything to do with the smuggled parts of mobile suit we found during the raid just before?” Cammy asked half whispered. “We better not to make any judgement yet base on what we just heard from them, but I personally curious to hear more from them as the gentleman in the long coat is former Aggressor member and could be considered as a living legend ever since Divine War and L5 Campaign ended…” Chun-Li replied back.
“Aside from mobile suit parts, we also found a large amount of opium smuggled by those two people, don't you think it would be strange if a rising corporation in mobile suit development and heavy industry suddenly risk their name to smuggle opium, Chun-Li-san?” Cammy asked again as she took a sip of her glass of milk she just ordered before. “You're right Cammy, I feel there is something not right here…moreover when you remind me about those opium we found hidden within mobile suit parts' crates…as if they will use those drug and sell them illegally or perhaps to use it for something else…” Chun-Li was in her deep thought as Cammy asked a question. “Use it for something else, what do you mean by that Chun-Li-san?” Cammy asked as Chun-Li just shook her head before replying back. “I personally still not sure, but if we heard even further from their conversation…I believe, we could find explanation behind it…” Chun-Li replied back as she smiled toward her younger partner meanwhile Cammy just nods as she smiled back toward Chun-Li.
In the meantime, unknown by both Chun-Li and Cammy, Guilliam actually realized the fact his conversation with Kusuha and Bullet was eavesdropped by those two ICPO agents. It was however, the legendary dimensional jumper as well as original Gespenst R's pilot pretend he didn't realized that and keep on engaging his conversation with both Bullet and Kusuha. “Chun-Li, a legendary female agent of ICPO that single-handedly investigating the world largest criminal organization SHADALOO and with other fighters successfully defeated the leader of SHADALOO, Vega as well as led to the demise of the evil organization itself…” Guilliam muttered inside his heart as he remembered what he saw happened back then in Chun-Li's and Cammy's original world before new endless frontier that connect their homeworld with many other worlds via Crossgate Paradigms happened.
“On the other hand, Cammy…a mysterious girl without memory that rescued and protected by Chun-Li…she belongs to M16's Delta Red on her own homeworld, but her origin somehow clouded behind the shadow of mysterious power known as Psycho Power…she's the one mentioned by Ingrid and she would be proven as strong ally together with Chun-Li…” Guilliam paused again as he took a sip of his drink. “What happened major Guilliam? You seem thinking about something before?” Bullet asked. “It is not something that important, since I only trying to summarize my own information and checking wether I forgot to tell both of you something…” Guilliam replied back as Bullet just nods in agreement meanwhile Kusuha remain silent and sips her drink as well after listening at Guilliam's words.
In the meantime, somewhere else on the central district of Macross City…
“So what should we do again?” seventeen years old Chall Acustica asked as she took of her Celestial Being dark grey coloured pilot helmet meanwhile two other pilots following her. “One thing for sure, our mission is to avoid any battle if possible…until we establishing contact with Gundam Exia's Gundam Meister…since we're in charge of delivering Seven Swords armaments for him…” Resonance Ruido replied back as he grinned toward Chall, meanwhile the third person, which revealed as an older woman known as Marlene Vlady seems not really pleased with the assignment she, Chall and Ruido had at the moment. “I don't understand, why he didn't brought Seven Swords with him in the first place? It's still nice enough for Ian Vashti to inform us to do delivery job for him…” Marlene replied back as she sighed in disappointment.
“Uhm, Marlene-san…I don't think it's nice to say that…since we all indebted to the future Celestial Being as well as Ave-san and his Gundam Exia…” Chall replied back, as Marlene just remain silent. Marlene understand fully the fate that would befall her and the rest of second generation Gundam Meisters if not because Ave and others interference back then. As the young fanfic author decided to establish the new endless frontier, she and Ruido was given chance to start anew as well as seeing their grown-up version of their daughter is doing fine within the future Celestial Being that really reassuring for her. “We're not supposed to be alive now, yet we still alive and fighting alongside Celestial Being and others under the banner of Neo Arcadia Confederation…and I still believe the fact…everything we could experience at the moment are all thanks to Ave…Exia's Gundam Meister and the rest of future Celestial Being members including our daughter as well…” Ruido commented as he smiled toward both Chall and Marlene meanwhile both second generations female Gundam Meisters just smiled back at Ruido before nod in agreement as well.
“Sorry if I act grumpy before…” Marlene muttered as she blushed slightly meanwhile Ruido just grinned at her before replying back. “Don't sweat it! Although I said we should thank Ave and his Gundam Exia for altering our fate back then, the fact he acted inefficient and gave us trouble to bring down Seven Swords for him is real, well…I won't blame you if you somehow feel grumpy like that…although don't take it too heartedly…” Ruido replied back meanwhile Marlene just smiled as she chuckled and nods in agreement as well. “How about when we meet Ave-san later, we scold him together?” Chall suddenly suggested. “That's a good idea actually…what do you think Marlene?” Ruido replied back as afterward asking his fiancé a question as well. “It doesn't matter anymore, but scolding him for a bit I think should be fun to do as well…” Marlene replied back toward Ruido and Chall's suggestion as she also smiled and nods in agreement as well.
In the meantime, not so faraway from the three second generation Gundam Meisters, a single mobile suit known as GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type-F standing there as it's Gundam Meister, known as Artificial Intelligence Meister 874 or Hanayo remain silent. “The new endless frontier, as well as people who keep on fighting for it in order to protect the unbroken promise of peace…I wonder, wether everything will be fine as it is…and the peace could be everlasting…Veda…Tieria…” Hanayo muttered, as she just sighed in the same time.
“Exia's Gundam Meister…another Innovator that surpass the boundary of time and space…even though it wasn't just because of him, this momentary peace could be attained…I shall extend my gratitude for creating endless frontier and help our friends, families, comrades as well as me myself in the past…even until today…” Hanayo paused her sentence as her hologram figure sat on the pilot seat of Gundam Sadalsuud Type-F. “But, who never expected…a wishful fanfic author like him is actually another Innovator that now transcend closer to Legion…” Hanayo smiled as she chuckled alone before Gundam Sadalsuud Type-F flying away from the location where it stood before. “Ruido, Marlene and Chall…good luck and please work together with Ave to protect this world and the rest of the countless universes of this endless frontier…I shall watch over all of you a little bit longer, until the time for future dialogue come…” Hanayo muttered as her hologram figure disappeared as well, leaving Haro like device with nekomimi installed on the onboard computer AI of Gundam Sadalsuud Type-F.
“Huh? What happened Chall?” Ruido asked. “Uhm, for some reason, I have this nostalgic feeling as if I heard Hana-chan's voice praying for our happiness…didn't you hear that too, Ruido-san, Marlene-san?” Chall asked as she replied back. “Now that you mention it, I somehow feel nostalgic as well…although I didn't heard anything like what you just heard Chall…” Ruido replied back. “I feel nostalgic as well, but I don't think you're just imagining something don't you?” Marlene asked back as she added at Ruido's reply as well. “I'm not sure as well Marlene-san…but I believe somewhere out there…Hana-chan is watching over all of us…and always protect us…” Chall Acustica replied back, meanwhile both Ruido and Marlene smiled at the youngest second generation Gundam Meister before nods in agreement meanwhile Ruido caressed at Chall's long wavy light chestnut coloured hair as well.
As the three second generation Gundam Meisters ready to continue their task to deliver Seven Swords equipment toward the young wishful fanfic author and his Gundam Exia, unknown by Chall, Ruido and Marlene, someone keep on observing their movement from faraway behind the shadow. “They move far quicker than what I already anticipated…but, everything still progressing in the accordance of the original plan…at the moment, only this Mirror Moon's Earth suffered from terror attack done by its own people…later, other worlds…one by one, will also be engulfed into the chaos! I will keep on observing little bit longer…and by the time mankind realize how foolish they are, fighting driven by their own personal ambition and greed without thinking even further over understanding and harmony that can be created between these countless worlds…universes…under the new banner of endless frontier…it will be already too late for them to find salvation…” as the mysterious figure finished his sentence, he smiled alone and again disappeared behind the shadow.
To Be Continued…
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