My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Care Bears and My Little Pony at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ❯ Prologue: Welcome to Rio ( Prologue )

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Author's note
The Olympics has finally arrived in Rio. So in honor of it, my friend and I are doing our fanmakes of the new Mario and Sonic game, involving the Care Bears and My Little Pony! I hope this will be fun so read on!

Prologue: Welcome to Rio

It is a fine day in the city of Rio in Brazil and the folks are excited. The Olympics of 2016 has arrived there. Athletes from all over has come to participate in this great sport of events and peace. Two gyms are in this city, ready to compete against one another for the gold.

As a bus stops at a beach, two figures got off it, one of them held a gym bag. One of them is a green bear with an Oopsy symbol on his tummy. The other one is a brown robot with a screw and whirl nut on his head with a computer compartment on his chest and a wheel for a leg with metal pincers. His name is Wingnut.

"Well, this is it, Wingnut, Rio!" Oopsy exclaims as Wingnut beeps happily. "Our fellow Care Bears are here, participating in the Olympics! This is our chance to join them and take home for the gold for Carea-Lot."

Wingnut beeps but dodges a soccer ball which was kicked into the air. A pedestrian calls out, "Sorry about that!"

"Well, this looks like a good place. Now where..."

"Howdy!" A voice spoke up as the two turns to see someone else getting off the bus. This someone is a small female Earth pony. She had golden yellow fur and a red mane that had a big red bow in it. Her cutie mark is an apple with a heart inside on a red, pink and purple shield. "My name is Apple Bloom! You here for the games?"

"Sure am!" Oopsy exclaims, shaking Apple Bloom's hoof. "My name is Oopsy, this is my friend Wingnut."

"Well, golly! Us apples like to make new friends!"

"Yeah! Me too!"

"Hey, welcome to Rio!" A runner spoke as he approaches the two. "Are you trio in town to watch the Olympic Games?"

"More than that, we're going to participate!" Oopsy explains to the runner with a smile as Wingnut beeps in agreement.

"So am I!" Apple Bloom exclaims with a happy giggle. "I am going for the gold for Equestria!"

"Oh, so you're here to compete too? Well, you three are in luck!" The runner said with a grin. "Rio is almost home of two gyms headed by world-famous athletes! Join one so you can compete in events for a shot at the gold!"

"That's why I am here! My sister Applejack's gym is in Rio, so I am done joining up with the My Little Pony!"

"Well, me and Wingnut are joining the Care Bears." Oopsy explains proudly. He wants to prove himself as a top notch care bear as well as athlete to all of his friends.

Just then, two boys run up to the three. One of them is a brown haired boy dressed as a orange bear while the other is another boy dressed as a Pegasus pony. The former was the first to spoke, "Hey! You three are new here and we heard you wanted to take home the gold in the Olympics! My name is Mark."

"And my name is Brad." Brad exclaims with a smirk to the boys.

"Right, we're here to prove ourselves and win home the gold." Apple Bloom said with a light giggle. These two boys are funny in their silly outfits.

"Well, if that's the case, no question about it, just go over to Champ Bear's Gym. They call that bear the "Champ Jumpoing Genius"." Mark said with a smirk to the newcomers. "The Care Bear will be your fast track to getting medals in no time!"

"Hey, whoa! You want the gold? Speed is 100% awesome and more important!" Brad snaps as he shoves Mark aside rudely. "Why, if I wanna compete, I would fly over to Rainbow Dash's Gym right now. She's in charge there. No pony can get you up there on that podium faster than she can!"

"Forget it, moron! It's Champ's Gym!"

"Rainbow's Gym, you jerk!"

The two gave angry glares at one another, then turn away from each other. Wingnut beeps in concern. These two are definitely big competitors when it comes to recruiting folks.

"Guys, we already made our decision." Oopsy said to the two boys, calming them down. "Wingnut and I are going to join Champ's gym, fitting since I'm a Care Bear and all."

"Ah, in that case, welcome aboard." Mark said with a smile to the green bear and robot. He gave out some papers while speaking, "The instructions to the gym is on there. Just talk to the register person to join."

"An' I done planning on joining my sister Applejack in the games, so the Rainbow Dash's Gym is for me." Apple Bloom said to Brad, making him smirk in approval. Looks like the Pegasus got a new recruit! "Good, the instructions to her gym are here." Brad said, giving out the paperwork to Apple Bloom. "Just try not to get lost and speak to the pony in charge."

"Wow, this is awkward we're joining separate gyms, Oopsy."

"No problem. We can still win medals. And no matter what happens, at the end, we are good friends."
Oopsy said as he held out his paw. Apple Bloom smiles as she shakes it. "May the best gym win."

"You got that right!" Apple Bloom said with a smile. She can't wait to see Oopsy compete in the games to see how he does.

The two sides then separate, heading off to their gyms. Unknown to Oopsy, Wingnut and Apple Bloom, this is one Olympic games that no one will ever forget!

Author's note
Pretty good, what do you guys think? Until next time, read, review and suggest.

Oopsy is from the Care Bears of course, along with Wingnut.

Mark is an OC in my Care Bears fics which has references to the Star Wars and Star Trek films. Brad is from "My Little Mane Six 2".