My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Care Bears and My Little Pony at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ❯ Chapter 1: Preliminaries ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1: Preliminaries

Oopsy and Wingnut took the instructions from Mark, making their way through the city, heading to Champ's Gym. The two cannot wait to join Team Care Bears for the games.

"Hey, you two!" Mark exclaims as he appears with a smile. The boy shakes the two's hands as he spoke. "I'm so excited that you both decided to join Champ's Gym!"

"Yeah, so are we." Oopsy chuckles as Wingnut beeps in agreement. "Any chance Champ would be there?"

"Oh, he will be. Have you two completed your registration yet?"

"Oh, not yet. We are heading to the gym to do so right now."

"Okay! Bright Heart Raccoon is the one you need to talk to about that!" Mark explains to Oopsy on the Care Bear Cousin to talk to for registration. The boy checks his watch, gasping. "Yikes! I gotta go! Good luck!"

Mark left, leaving Oopsy and Wingnut on their way. Upon arriving, the two spots two figures in front of the gym. One of them is a Star Buddy, the helpers of the Care Bears. Another is a male purple furred raccoon wearing a orange hat and orangish yellow jacket. He has a yellow heart-shaped light tub on his tummy. His name is Bright Heart Raccoon.

"Oopsy, Wingnut, hey! Welcome to Champ's Gym!" Bright Heart exclaims as the Star Buddy squeaks a "hello" to Oopsy and Wingnut. "The Care Bear Family is eager to shed some gym and go for the gold with you two! And in honor of you both signing up, allow me to award you with a skill stamp for you."

Bright Heart gives a stamp card to the two newcomers who takes them. Wingnut whirls as his friend comments, "Yeah, you both must be thrilled to have us."

"Right, Star Buddy and I are thrilled that you both decided to join us. You probably must've heard how the gym works."

"Sure do! Wingnut and I heard about the gyms participating in Beijing, Vancouver, London, and Soichi. This is our year to finally participate!"

"Well, you two better start training right away if you want a shot at the gold medal!" Bright Heart exclaims, smiling as he motions to the gym. "We'd love to see our own members of Team Care Bears take home the gold!"

Oopsy and Wingnut nodded as they headed into the gym. They are preparing to train for the first event that Team Care Bears will be participating in. The green bear hopes that his gym will win!


Apple Bloom hums as she made her way to Rainbow's Gym. She is excited to join Team Pony and participate alongside her own sister Applejack. Her own friends will be happy to see her.

"So are you joining Rainbow's Gym really?" Brad ask Apple Bloom with a smile.

"Eeyup! I am heading there right now!" Apple Bloom exclaims happily to Brad, grinning.

"Cool. So have you made it official yet? Scootaloo handles the new member registrations there."

"Really? Hee-haw. I done guess being Rainbow's number one fan has paid off for her to be allowed to do that."

"Sure do. Well, I guess guitar practice so see you around later!" Brad chuckles as he heads off to guitar practice, leaving Apple Bloom to head off on her own to Rainbow's Gym.

Sure enough, Apple Bloom arrives at the said gym. Another foal is there waiting and smiles upon seeing her. It is a young female Pegasus filly has orange coat, grayish purple eyes, and ragged, pale short pink mane as well as a pink tail. Her cutie mark is a wing with a lightning inside a red, pink and purple shield. Her name is Scootaloo, Apple Bloom's fellow CMC member.

"Yeah, Apple Bloom! You're here!" Scootaloo exclaims eagerly. "Thanks for joining us at Rainbow's Gym! I knew you would join us eventually. It would be 100% awesome to have you aboard! Allow me to give you your official Rainbow's Gym skill stamp as a signup bonus!"

Scootaloo gave the stamp to her friend. Apple Bloom giggles as she takes the last stamp card, "Hee haw! I am so excited! Is my sister here?"

"Nah. She's getting ready for an event coming up, but she will watch you. Anyway, there! You are now a bonda fide member! Oh, I guess you probably have heard how the gym works!"

"Eeyup! I done heard of all the Olympics Team Pony participated in."

"Cool, then I guess I won't need to explain it to you again. Better get right to your workout and start training!" Scootaloo exclaims eagerly. "Oh yeah, I can't wait to add you to the roster of medalists to come out of this gym!"

Just then, Mark passes by, giving a mean smirk while asking, "Hey pony, you competing in today's event? Well, Champ's Gym got this one in the bag! Ha ha ha ha!"

"Geez!" Apple Bloom groans out as Mark left. "What is with that guy? He and Brad been giving mean attitudes to each other, especially when Oopsy, Wingnut and I met them before!"

"Yeah, they have been doing that since we got that, and it's weird because Mark and Brad are usually cool." Scootaloo remarks with a shrug. She comment, "Give Mark and Brad some time. By the end of the games, I'm sure those two will be just as good of friends as they are rivals."

"I hope so. Better get training for the preliminaries! Where are they exactly?"

"Oh, in Maracanã. You're at Copacabana right now."

Apple Bloom nodded as she headed into the gym. The filly got training to do before her own preliminaries!


It took a few minutes or so as Oopsy, Wingnut and Apple Bloom work on training for the preliminaries. They must not fail or all their efforts are for naught. Soon, the trainees, finished, left their respective gyms and heads to the gym which is about to depart for Maracanã.

At bus stop, both gyms saw someone fixing the bus sign. He is a male unicorn who has a light grey-olive coats and a red and white mane. He wears a blue and white-striped shirt and a flat straw hat. His cutie mark is a left facing apple slice. His name is Flim, of the infamous Flim-Flam brothers.

"Hello there, newcomers!" Flim exclaims as he wipes the sign. "Welcome! This is the bus to Maracanã, where the preliminaries for both the 110m Hurdles as well as the 100-meter dash! Get a seat as the preliminaries are going to start! Once you're satisfied with an outfit of your choice, board the bus."

"Right, you and your brother ain't up to any con this time, right?" Apple Bloom ask, giving a suspicious look to Flim due to her family's history with him and Flam's past scams.

"Not this time, I assure you little Apple! Just assisting with the Olympics!"

Soon the bus arrives as the passengers got on. Oopsy ask Apple Bloom as he and Wingnut got on, "I take it you and your ponies know him."

"Awww, he and his brother done tried to conned ponies into their scams, but we always expose them one way or another." Apple Bloom remarks, rolling her eyes as she got on the bus.

"Wow, must be crazy."

Once everyone is on, the door closed as the bus departed. Flim waves as he spoke, "Safe travels and best of luck!"


Soon everyone arrives at Maracanã, heading to different sides where the teams must enter to compete in their own preliminaries. Both gyms are determined and excited for this.

"All right, this is the Olympic Stadium." Bright Heart explains to Oopsy and Wingnut with a nod. "This is where the preliminaries for the 110m Hurdles will be held. Now, if you don't know what it is, you must jump on boards and make it to the finish lines."

"Sounds a bit easy." Oopsy said with a nod. He trained on that back at the gym so hopefully the bear is experienced by now.

On the other side of the stadium, Scootaloo meanwhile explains her gym's event to Apple Bloom, "Today's event is the 100m, held right here in the Olympic Stadium in Maracanã. First up are the preliminaries."

"You got to come in second place or higher to advance to the finals." Bright Heart said to Oopsy and Wingnut on the task. If either of them wants to make it to the finals, then they must make it to first or second.

"The top two finishers will meet on to the finals. But for those in 3rd place and below, it's the end of the road."

"If you placed 3rd or under, it's the end of the road." Bright Heart said seriously to Oopsy and Wingnut. If any of them fails to make it to first or second, then their competition is over!

"So do your best and give it your best shot, I know you can do it!" Scootaloo exclaims to Apple Bloom with a smile.

"Right, do your best and put your training to good use. Oh, BTW, while there are no rules saying that robots can't compete, we can only have 1 player per a gym. One of you two newcomers must do this alone."

Oopsy and Wingnut spoke amongst themselves for a few seconds before the bear spoke, "All right, just to be fair. I will do the Hurdles. Wingnut can take the next one."

The robots whirls a bit happily. Bright Heart gave a smile. It's only fair.

"Right, well good luck." Bright Heart said to Oopsy with a nod.

"Good luck, Apple Bloom!" Scootaloo exclaims, slapping Apple Bloom on the back. "Remember your training and you can do this!"


Apple Bloom breathes in and out as she got into position for the 100-meter dash. The filly checks out the competition, consist of animals competing in other gyms or the whatnot.

"All righty, you can do this. Remember your training...and your big sis is watching." Apple Bloom mumbles, knowing that Applejack is in the stands watching here or probably on the sidelines. Either way, the filly must not lose this.

"On your marks!" An announcer calls out as Apple Bloom and runners get ready. "Ready?" A gun fire was heard going off. "GO!!!"

The runners run off, running as quickly. Apple Bloom got a rocket start, running ahead of the pack. She is close to the finishing line, using the skill from her stamped star to make it to the end.

"FINISH!" The announcer calls out.

"TIME!" The referee calls out as he checks the time on his watch. He nodded and motions to the winner. "The pony from Rainbow's Gym wins!"

"HEEHAW!" Apple Bloom exclaims as she jumps around, doing buck kicks into the air. "I made it to the finals!"


Oopsy breaths in and out as he prepares himself for the 110m Hurdles. The bear hopes he makes it to finals by placing first or second.

"On your marks." The announcer said as Oopsy and the other racers position themselves, ready for anything. "Ready?" The usual gun fire was heard once more. "Go!"

Oopsy quickly darted off, getting ahead as he hops over the hurdles as did the other racers. Another one is close to passing, so Oopsy quickly uses the skill from his own card to make it to the finish line.

"FINISH!!!" The announcer exclaims eagerly. "The winner is the bear from Champ's Gum!"

"All right, yeah!" Oopsy exclaims, jumping up and down while dancing in victory. The bear has made it first and is in the finals!

The newcomers' training has indeed paid off. Oopsy and Apple Bloom are heading to the finals. But what player from the other gym they will face will soon be revealed!

Author's note
The preliminaries for both the 110m Hurdles and the 100 meter dash are done, Oopsy and Apple Bloom are in the finals. But are they ready for their competition? More to come so read, review and suggest!