My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 3

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The small plate lifted up with the teacup on top of it before Discord grabbed the handle with his Griffin Talon. It's pinkie stuck out before he sipped at the hot chocolate in the teacup. When Discord placed the cup back on the plate, his whole body quivered as a chill went through it.


"Are you alright?" Fluttershy asked.


"Yeah," Discord said before he added, "Not sure what that was all about." Just then Angel bunny stormed through the bunny door and jumped onto the table. He lifted the rolled parchment above his head towards Fluttershy.


"Thank you, Angel," Fluttershy said as she took the parchment from the bunny's paws.


"What's that? A letter from Twilight?' Discord asked.


"No! It's from Celestia," Fluttershy announced before she began to read the letter. Her eyes scanned each word before she explained, "Celestia wants me to come to the castle and to bring you with me."


"Me!" Discord asked before he quickly looked around and whispered, "If she asks: I've been here since last week."


"What did you do?" Fluttershy asked as she cocked an eyebrow. Discord let out a nervous laugh as he quickly picked up his hot chocolate and loudly sipped it. Fluttershy's flat expression didn't move as she asked again, "What. Did. You. Do?"


"I may or may not have filled the royal pipes with chocolate pudding," Discord admitted into his teacup. Fluttershy let out a sigh and shook her head.


Fluttershy walked towards the train station and saw the rest of her friends were there as well. She walked up to Rainbow and asked, "did you all get a letter from Celestia as well?'


"Yep," Pinkie chimed.


"Why is discord here?" Rainbow asked.


"Celestia asked me to bring him with me," Fluttershy said.


"I wonder why she called for us," Applejack questioned.


"Bet you 30 bits she'll tell us about some great evil that's awoken and only the Elements can vanquish," Pinkie said to Rainbow who seemed eager to take her bet.


"I don't think so Pinkie," Rarity said before she added, "Her letter didn't seem to indicate any distress."


"So let's go and ask her," Discord said.


"That's what we're doing. We just need to wait for the train," Twilight said as she looked left then right to spot any sign of the train. Discord rolled his eyes and snapped his lion's fingers.




Celestia paced back and forth waiting for Twilight and her friends. A large flash caused her to jump. When the flash disappeared, Twilight, her friends, and Discord all stood in front of her. Rainbow shook her head and looked around.


"Could you at least warn," Rainbow was about to say before she suddenly vomited onto the marble floor of the throne room. One by one each pony began to vomit as Celestia watched in utter shock.


"Oops, forgot you ponies aren't adapt to my brand of teleportation," Discord said with a little laugh in his voice.


"You think," Twilight hissed.


"Double fudge cake doesn't taste good coming up as it does going down," Pinkie said before her cheeks puffed up, and she belched out a whole cheery. It landed on the chocolate colored bile in front of her.


Celestia placed her hoof to her mouth to keep her from vomiting and when she was sure she wasn't going to. She began, "Thank you all for coming so quickly." She held back another bout of vomit as her horn glowed and all the bile on the floor disappeared.


"Why did you call us?" Twilight asked.


Celestia let out a sigh and began, "I fear a great evil has awoken."


"Told Ya," Pinkie said to Rainbow.


"Shut it," Rainbow said as she handed Pinkie a bag of Bits.


"Has Tirek come back?" Twilight asked.


"No," Celestia said as she shook her head and added, "A malevolent being called Chaotic."




Shattered Blade tried to escape the Dragon's grasp, but found no purchase. The Dragon laughed, "Persistent aren't you"


"What do you want with me?" Shattered Blade demanded. The Dragon let out another laugh as they descended further down into the depths of the castle.


"I've done my time and served my sentence. So now I'm taking back the crown that was rightfully mine," the Dragon Explained.


"Celestia will never give you the crown," Shattered Blade said matter-a-factly.


"I was ripped of my crown and I will take what is mine," the Dragon growled. At the end of the long dark hallway was a single spotlight. The Dragon dropped Shattered Blade onto the floor. White chains quickly crawled out from the light and wrapped around each of Shattered Blades hooves and his torso. The Dragon looked down at Shattered Blade and joked, "Don't go anywhere." With that, the Dragon started back toward the top floors of the castle. Shattered Blade struggled to break free from the chains, but found no leeway.


The Dragon walked out of the castle and smelled the hot air of the desert. A smile formed on his face before his wings extended and with one large leap. He was in the air, heading towards Canterlot.




"Chaotic?" Rarity asked.


Celestia nodded and began to explain, "He was once one of the eleven great gods."


"Eleven? I thought there was only ten," Twilight questioned before she listed them off, "Aqua, Terra, Cyclone, Inferno, Chrono, Metallic, Storm, Eclipse, Luminous, and Void."


"Yes, he is the eleventh god. The God of Chaos," Celestia continued.


"Some god," Discord snorted before he added, "I'm the only true being of Chaos."


"His brand of chaos was once like yours. Playful and joke like, but something changed in him. He became corrupted and his magic became twisted. His brand of chaos became dark and destructive. The other gods could not interfere since they took an oath to not interfere with each other," Celestia explained.


"How did you stop him," Applejack asked.


Before Celestia could answer a large shadow cast in the stain glass window as a voice called out, "Celestia! Come out to Play-e-ay."


Celestia's heart skipped a beat before she ordered, "To the shelter underneath the castle, Chaotic can't get his claws on the Elements!" the group turned and was about to leave when they saw a circle began to carve into the marble of the throne room. Glowing Amethyst symbols began to edge into the marble floor on the outside of the circle as more lines began to stretch and expanded inside the circle until the Amethyst lines created the shape of a Dragon's skull atop the Chaos Star.