My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 4

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The circle glowed and bones spat out of it. They floated in the air before they connected to one another before forming a Pony skeleton. The air was still as the Pony skeleton stood in front of the group. An Amethyst glow appeared in the eye sockets of the skull. Flames erupted from the bones and engulfed them in flames. They began to roar louder and became more intense as the skeleton disappeared into the flames. As fast as the flames appeared, they disappeared to reveal a white Pegasus with Dragon-like wings standing atop the red circle. He opened his eyes and stared at the group with slanted Amethyst eyes. He smiled a toothy smile filled with dagger-like teeth. Flames shot from the back of his head and flank to create his mane and tail.


"My oh my, how you've grown Tia," the white Pegasus laughed.


"You do not have the right to call me by that name," Celestia growled. The Pegasus let out a low chuckle before he began to slowly walk towards the group. They began to walk backward, all except Discord who had his arms folded in front of him.


"So you're this God of Chaos?" Discord asked. The Pegasus stopped and looked at Discord who snapped his Griffin claw. A large pink cloud appeared above the Pegasus and then rained down chocolate rain onto him. It seemed there was a magical barrier around the Pegasus because the chocolate rain seemed to fizzle away as it got three inches away from his body.


"So, you're the thing that replaced me?" the Pegasus asked before he added, "I see the Gods still love their tricksters." Discord let out a definite snort as he glared down at the Pegasus. The two stood there in a staring contest before a toothy grin formed on the Pegasus's face. His wings suddenly phased into ash that swept in the air before dissipating. A small spark of flames formed on his forehead as a horn grew on his temple. The horn glowed and an Amethyst aura formed around Discord. He was lifted up violently before the Pegasus hissed, "Be gone you filthy copy." Discord felt his body suddenly be jerked to the left. He screamed in shock as he slammed into one of the stain glass windows. It shattered and he flew through the window and down towards the pavement.


"Discord," Fluttershy and Celestia screamed in unison. Fluttershy suddenly froze and felt a pair of eyes staring at her. She shakily turned to see one of the stallion's Amethyst eyes staring at her. She recoiled and hid behind her pink mane as he turned to face the rest of them. Celestia quickly stepped in between the stallion and the group as she hissed, "Stay away from them."


"Ho, ho, ho, so these are what the Elements have turned into?" the stallion laughed before he closed his eyes, bowed, and added, "Hello Elements of Harmony. I am the God of Chaos: Chaotic." Chaotic's eyes shot opened and his slanted pupils stared at the ponies. Celestia's horn glowed and a golden orb wrapped around each pony behind her before they disappeared in a golden flash. Chaotic stood up and let out a loud, bellowing laugh, "Do you honestly think that will save them? I saw her, your new Alicorn. Does she even know what she's signing up for or did you forget to tell her?" his smile grew as he began to walk towards Celestia. His horn phased into ash and dissipated before flames erupted from his sides and his Dragon-like wings extended before folding back to his sides.


Celestia moved to the side and watched as Chaotic walked past her and began to ascend the small steps to the throne. He turned and stared down at Celestia before he sat down. He smiled another toothy grin towards Celestia who seemed to just glare at him. She didn't make a move or even try and stop him from planting his flank onto her throne. She had a plan and it required Chaotic to keep his attention on her.


"My sweet Tia," Chaotic said as he shook his head and added, "You can't pull the wool over my eyes." An Amethyst glow appeared behind the throne and a massive skeletal fist engulfed in flames shot up from behind the throne. There was a shriek of pain and Luna flew through the air before she corrected herself and landed next to Celestia. She hit the floor and crumbled to her knees as steam rose from her right wing. Chaotic's smile grew again as he laughed, "Oh my, is that little Lulu?" Luna seemed to find the strength to stand as she shot up to her hooves and glared at Chaotic.


"You do not have permission to call me by that name!" Luna yelled. The voice boomed on the marble walls around the throne room.


"I thought us Gods were on good terms with you two?" Chaotic mused.


"You are no God!" Celestia roared. Chaotic raised a hoof and placed it where his heart should have been and looked hurt.


"Oh, that hurt," Chaotic said before his hurt expression turned to a sly smile and then turned to an aggravated expression as he stated, "I am a god you worthless walking glue stick." He stood back on all four hooves and his body turned to flames.


"Be ready Luna!" Celestia said as her horn glowed and in a golden flash, her halberd appeared in her magic and floated around her body. A golden glow appeared on Celestia's body and when it dimmed, she wore her golden battle armor. Luna nodded and her horn glowed as well. In a dark blue flash, five crescent moon shaped cutlasses appeared and floated around Luna's body. Dark blue aura appeared on Luna's body and when it dissipated. She wore her dark blue battle armor. The two sisters looked towards the flames and charged.




The Golden light illuminated the large shelter underneath the castle. Each orb disappeared and dropped each pony unceremoniously on the metal floor. When Twilight hit the floor, she let out a groan as she slowly stood back up.


"Ok, that's the second time we've been suddenly teleported," Rainbow ranted.


"At least we didn't puke this time," Rarity said as she stood up.


"Why did Celestia send us here? If we use the Elements, we could take out Chaotic," Fluttershy said.


"Maybe they won't work," Pinkie said.


"That's preposterous, the Elements always work," Rarity said matter-a-factly.


"No, Pinkie's right," Twilight said as she examined the steel door in front of her. Her horn glowed, but when the magic hit the door knob, it faltered and disappeared. She let out a frustrated sigh and attempted to open the door again as she explained, "The Elements are used against creatures of great evil. However, the Gods are neither good nor evil. They are a neutral entity."


"Then explain that to Chaotic," Rainbow said as she sat on her haunches. Twilight's magic wrapped around the knob, but suddenly faltered again. She did this over and over and over again for thirty more minutes.


"Celestia Damn it!" Twilight cursed aloud as her magic faltered for the fiftieth time and she slammed her right front hoof into the door.


"I think you should give it a break Twi," Applejack said as she walked over to her and placed a hoof on her shoulder. Twilight did say a word or even look at AJ before she fell to the floor and began to sob. AJ quickly knelt down and ask, "Twi, TWI!? Are you alright?"


"Spike," Twilight sobbed before she continued, "Spike and my brother and Cadence."


"What about them?" Rarity asked as she and the rest of her friends now walked over to Twilight.


"This shelter, this bunker is only used when Equestria is in utter shambles," Twilight sobbed again as she continued to explain, "I read about it in one of Celestia's journals. It was built if Equestria cannot be saved." Twilight looked up at AJ with tears streaming down her face as she added, "Celestia sent us here because she knows Equestria will fall. She saved us, but left everyone else outside to die." Applejack stared down at her before her eyes began to widen. In a split-second Applejack's back hooves bucked at the steel door. She winced and once again bucked at the door. The thought of Apple Bloom, Granny Smith, and Big Mac in harm's way made the pain nullify as she continued to buck at the door.


The door shook, but not from Applejack. She looked up in time to see Rainbow slam her body full speed into the door. Rarity's horn glowed as she tried to turn the knob, but like Twilight. Her magic dissipated when it touched it. Pinkie bounced around the shelter before she bounced and delivered a dropkick to the door. The steel whined but didn't falter. Fluttershy suddenly slammed her fragile body into the steel door, let out a wine and backed away before charging at the steel door again.


The thought of Tank, Scootaloo, and her parents still outside pushed Rainbow to slam her body against the door again. Rarity gave up with magic and began to charge with Fluttershy. Sweetie Belle, her parents, and opal clouded her mind as she slammed against the steel door with Fluttershy. Angel bunny, the rest of the animals, and her parents made her cry as she charged the door again. Pinkie bounced around the shelter like a cannon as Gummy, the cakes, and their two babies, and the thought of a world without sweets made her bounce even faster before she collided with the door. However, no matter how much they pounded and charged at the door. The magical metal would repair itself and continued to keep them from escaping.


The shelter suddenly shook violently and caused the group to look up at the ceiling. They turned their attention back to the steel door and charged once again. Praying that this time the door will break open.