My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Reborn ❯ Chapter 6

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

"It's about damn time," Discord said as he looked around the shelter and added, "Didn't even know this place was under here."


"Discord!" the six mares yelled in unison before Fluttershy found the strength to get to her hooves and lunged for the draconequus. He grunted as she collided with him and hugged him.


"How did you find us?" Fluttershy asked.


"Yeah, we thought you were a goner after that Chaotic guy chucked you out the window," Rainbow said.


"Well so did I," Discord admitted before he explained, "After I was thrown out the window. I tried to teleport, but his Aura somehow kept me from teleporting. Like it could control my own brand of Chaos magic, but luckily he didn't see where he chucked me. I landed in some bushes that cushion my fall. However, they were a bit thorny." Discord bent over and pulled a large thorn from his backside.


"We need to get going!" Rainbow interrupted before she added, "We have to help everypony else."


"Are you sure, it's utter chaos outside," Discord said.


"I thought you were ok with chaos?" Rarity asked.


"Yes, but this type of chaos is dark and corrupted," Discord admitted before he added, "Celestia was right, this creature's chaos is something out of a nightmare."


"Celestia!" Twilight shouted before she asked, "Discord Celestia, and Luna."


"I know," Discord interrupted grimly before he added, "I felt their magical presences disappear a little while ago."


"You don't think?!" Fluttershy asked.


"No, Celestia and Luna are just captured," Discord said before he looked down the long hallway before he turned back to the rest of them and added, "But I won't let my friends get captured." He quickly started down the hallway and stopped when he heard groans and cries of pain behind him. He turned to see the six limping and crawling towards him as pain riddled their bodies and made them unable to run with Discord. He rolled his eyes and snapped his Griffins claw. In a flash, the six mares stood on all four hooves. Their bodies felt no pain as their bruises, scrapes, and cuts all had gone. He motioned for them to follow and they began to run towards the entrance to the underground bunker.


They ascended the stairs towards the secret door that lead to the bunker. As Discord placed his lion's paw on a small square plate. Twilight's eyes suddenly glowed and she lifted up into the air several inches above the ground. Then, her eyes dimmed and she was softly placed back on the ground. She shook her head and placed a hoof on the side of her head.


"What was that?" Pinkie asked.


"Oh no," Rarity said as she placed her hoof over her mouth in shock. Twilight looked at her before she looked at where she was staring. Her blood ran cold as she saw the newest addition to her Cutie Mark. Along with Celestia's sun on the right side of her Cutie Mark and Luna's crescent moon on her left. In the middle of her Cutie Mark was a crystal heart. She began to hyperventilate as tears began to swell in her eyes. She heard muffled voices around her, but all she could focus on was the new Cutie Mark she acquired. She felt her body be lifted up and shook before she felt a sharp pain across her right cheek. She slowly turned and looked at Discord.


"Damn it Twilight snap out of it!" Discord yelled and smacked her again before he roared, "Do you honestly think Luna, Celestia, or even Cadence would want you to sit there and cry? They gave you their power, now use it!" Twilight slowly looked into Discord's eyes and then looked down at the ground in sorrow.


"I'm sorry," Twilight muttered. Discord sighed and gently set her down on the ground and turned to once again place his claw on the small square on the wall. He pushed it in and the wall shook before moving up to the ceiling.


"It's alright, but you need to understand if Chaotic gets his claws on you, it's all over," Discord explained.


"I know," Twilight sighed before she stood up straight and added, "I'll take out that bastard and save everypony Chaotic has captured."


"That's the spirit," Discord praised before he stopped and sighed, "Before we head out. I have to warn you: what you're about to see may shock you to your very core." The six stopped before they took a deep breath and followed Discord through the threshold to the outside world. The outside world was not just filled with chaos, but utter carnage.


The world was filled with screams of pain and panic. Skeletal creatures attacked everything that moved and the group ran into three Pony skeletons. The flames engulfing the skeletons crackled as they turned to stare at the group. the middle Skeleton had charred flesh in its mouth as the Amethyst glow in its eye sockets stared at the seven. It let the flesh drop to the ground and lifted a skeletal hoof and pointed towards Discord and the six mares before letting out a shrill, bone-rattling screech. The two other Pony skeletons lifted their heads to the sky before letting out the same shrill, bone-rattling screech.


"Quick, this way!" Rainbow said as she pointed towards the train station as the world filled with shrill, bone-rattling screeches. As they ran she asked, "Discord, can't you teleport us?"


"I could, but we don't have the time to wait for you all to empty your stomachs all over the ground," Discord yelled. He suddenly slid to a stop as a massive group of skeletal creatures engulfed in flames block their way. The six stopped as well and turned to run in the opposite direction, but were cut off by more creatures cutting them off.


"Do you think now you can teleport us?!" Rainbow yelled. Discord nodded and was about to snap his fingers when a chain wrapped around his Griffin claw by the wrist. He yelped in pain as the flames engulfing the chain burned at his skin.


"Oh, don't go," Chaotic's voice begged. A red circle with glowing Amethyst symbols edged its way into the ground quickly before bones spat out of it. The bones connected to one another to create an 18-foot long skeletal boa constrictor. An Amethyst glow came from the eye sockets of the boa's skull before the skeleton erupted into flames. When the flames ceased, Discord and the six mares stood staring at the large pearl white boa constrictor. It's large Amethyst slanted eyes looked to each pony as its large icicle-like spines rattled with anticipation. His ruby red forked tongue flicked from his mouth as he hissed, "Wouldn't want you to miss out on the fun."


Discord looked to his left to see a wolf skeleton engulfed in flames had the chain that was wrapped around his wrist in its mouth. It growled at him as it pulled the chain tighter. Rainbow seemed to sneak closer to Discord and whispered, "What now?" discord looked from Rainbow to the rest of the mares.


"We can't fight him alone," Discord whispered as he added, "For us to succeed, we need help and for that, we need Twilight's alicorn magic, but." Discord then looked towards Fluttershy who looked back and simply nodded.


"We trust you," Applejack said. Discord nodded and knew what had to be done.


"What are you planning?" Chaotic mused with a flick of his tongue. Discord let out a sigh and prepared himself for what was coming next.


Discord's lions paw quickly snapped and he was gone in a flash. The chain that had wrapped around his griffin claws wrist fell to the ground. Another flash and he was next to Twilight. He quickly scooped her under his Griffin's claw and in another flash, the two were gone.




"I need to go back!" Twilight screamed. After they had teleported away from her friends, Chaotic, and his skeletal army she had vomited like before and attempted to teleport back. However, Discord placed her inside a large pink bubble. Now every time she teleported, she ended up back inside the bubble. She grunted and screamed again, "I have to go back! I can't leave them like that!"


After Discord had placed her inside the bubble, he had let it float with him as he walked through the snowy tundra. Her ranting and raving were starting to get on his nerves and finally he snapped. He turned to her and roared, "How do you think I Feel!" Twilight jumped at his outburst as he continued, "I had to leave Fluttershy, my only friend with that demon! You're the only one with enough alicorn magic to get who we need to help fight Chaotic." He was breathing through gritted teeth after he finished. Twilight just stared at him in shock for several minutes before she could respond.


"I-I'm sorry," Twilight admitted. Discord didn't respond. He simply snapped his fingers and let her out of the pink bubble. He turned on his heels and stormed off. Twilight watched him for several seconds before she quickly ran towards him to catch up. For a long time, the two traveled through the snowy tundra in silence. It seemed Discord was looking for something and Twilight finally broke the silence by asking, "Who are we getting to help us?"


"Sombra," Discord said flatly.