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Rockin' Down the Himura House
This is the tale of the night Kaoru and Kenshin Himura decided to leave their house under the protection of Sagara Sanosuke and their son, Kenji. Kaoru and Kenshin had plans to go visit their long-term acquaintance Saito; Sano and Kenji had major plans of their own. They had both invited a bunch of their friends to a party at the Himura residence--on the same night--with neither of them knowing of the other's intentions. So, after some panicking and thought they decided that Sano should have his party upstairs with all of his age-appropriate friends, where the alcohol would be legal, while Kenji would have his downstairs, with all his pals.
Layout of the house: There are two entrances–one on the first story and another up the stairs to the second story. It is quite a large house so it could adequately fit a good number of people inside, on both floors. The downstairs has a huge living room and a TV/entertainment room attached to it. There's a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, the master bedroom, and 2 other bedrooms. The indoor stairs have been sealed off for the younger peoples’ sake just to avoid any aimless wandering that would take them to the second story, where they could possibly run into trouble. Upstairs, there are 2 small bedrooms, one bathroom, and the rest of the floor dedicated to lounging.
Kenji's invite list
Kurama, Uzumaki Naruto, Hiei, Shizuma Kusunagi, Nala Shikamaru, Hyuga Neji, Hatsuharu Sohma, Alphonse Elric and his kitty, Daisuke Niwa, Hige, Rock Lee, Mordicus the Vampire, Misao Makimachi, Winry Rockbell, Azmaria Hendric, Haruno Sakura, Princess Garnet (Dagger), Kairi, Yukina, Temari
Kenji's Not Invited List
Uchiha Sasuke, Ed Elric, Kazuma Kuwabara, Sang, Dev the devil
Sanosuke's invite list
Hatake Kakashi, Roy Mustang, Vash the Stampede, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, Yakushi Kabuto, Eclipse, Ewan Remington, Sesshoumaru, Aion, Shigure Sohma, Fatalis, Umuino Iruka, Zell Dincht, Tidus, Kurenai, Tsunade, Megumi Takani, Selphie Tilmitt, Lulu, Urd, Satella Harvenheit
Sanosuke's not invited list
Koga, Kikyo, Rinoa Heartilly
Chapter 1--Downstairs
A loud screech was heard down the street as a sleekred motorcycle came to a halt in front of the Himura residence. Removing a helmet, the "red monkey" stepped from the bike and sauntered up the path to the fairly new establishment. A warm greeting was bestowed upon the recently defeated K-Fight champion as the front door swung open, revealing a party already in full swing.
"Kusanagi Shizuma." Kenji, a young, red-haired boy and the host of the party, said the red monkey's name exuberantly as he pulled him inside.
"Partay!" Shizuma had been looking forward to this party for some time, and his overly excited, outgoing personality promised it to be a good one. In fact, maybe he would challenge Kenji to a K-Fight later. If he couldn't beat Ryoko, he would have to find another way to strut his stuff. Heat emanated from his hands as Shizuma imagined kicking the rurouni's son's ass. He was wrenched back to reality, however, as he heard the most heavenly sound--like an angel singing. Apparently, karaoke had begun.
As if in a trance, Shizuma started heading through the house toward the boom box and lyrics screen on the TV. As he was quickly skimming through the CD case looking for a perfect song, he raised up and knocked something with the back of his head. He looked up to see that it was the head of a very pretty girl. Dagger, otherwise known as Princess Garnet of Alexandria, jumped back suddenly and rubbed her sore head.
"Ahh! I'm so sorry!" she exclaimed, bending back down to see the damage on the back of his head. "Are you alright?" she asked, a worried expression of her face.
"Hmm? Oh, yeah. I'm fine." Shizuma said shaking it off. He looked up and asked "...What were you doin' hovering over the top of me like that anyway?"
"Oh, well I wanted to do Karaoke but I couldn't get anyone else to do it with me. So I just decided to choose my own song, but you were already here...I guess I always get in the way of things," she said turning away. "I really am sorry. Umm, is there anything I can do or get for you?" she asked, looking into his eyes.
He stood up and said with a smirk, "Well, if you put it that way, as an apology it seems like you owe me a dance." He did a slight bow holding out his hand to hers. "What song would you like?"
A minute later, Dagger and Shizuma could be found dancing like crazy people on top of the table in the TV room to both of their favorite song–“I Like To Move It".
------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------
The party was going rather well with a couple people still not present. Hyuga Neji, now qualified as a Chuunin ninja, was on the sofa, relaxing from the previous mission that day–escorting a young nun to her headquarters in New York, the Magdalan Order. Oh, how he wanted to see her again. Wait, I must not think like this...I must think first always of my role as a ninja...but God she was cute. Oops...I really shouldn't use the lord’s name in vain when thinking about a nun.
"...Right Neji?...Neji, you listening, man?"
"...Hmm? Oh, yeah...right," Neji said, coming out of his daydream. He looked at his two pals who he was supposed to be paying attention to. Shikamaru and Rock Lee were staring at him with quizzical expressions.
"You all right?" said Shikamaru.
"Yeah, you're really not being yourself lately. Ever since we were in New York," said Lee. "What's on your mind?"
Neji glared at them. "What does it matter to you? You know, I can't believe..." All of a sudden, Neji's keen eye spotted a vision walking through the door. He couldn't believe it–it was the cute nun that he was assigned to take care of. Holy shit...wait, what is she doing here?
Azmaria Hendric came into the dancing living room, ready for anything. She had never been to a party before because Sister Kate said it wasn't proper behavior. If you wanna see "proper behavior" Sister Kate, you should ask Rosette and Chrno where they were Saturday night. But tonight was different. She was all done with her duties, so Sister Kate gave her the night off to get some rest. Yeah right. For once, Azmaria decided she was going to take a walk on the wild side and bend the rules a bit...but what to do? The only person I know here is Kenji and he's busy welcoming guests. I don't want to bother him. She built up her courage and started wandering around trying to find the best place to fit in. Her gaze went around the room and stopped on the sofa where three very familiar people sat, one of them staring right at her with something weird in his eyes. Eh? Isn't that...the guard team that Sister Kate and Rosette requested for me!
Ohh crap! She's looking!
Neji quickly released his prying Byakugan eyes, which could easily see through anything--including clothes. He pretended to be talking with his friends once again but it was too late. Azmaria had already confirmed her "protector" from the journey.
She triumphantly approached the conversation and said, "I thought that was you," while looking Neji straight in the eye. Shikamaru and Lee looked up at the sound of a female voice actually acknowledging them. They saw whom the girl was trying to talk to and immediately thought Heh, nice try lady. That one won't give anyone the time of better save your breath.
For the first time in his life, Hyuga Neji blushed. He shyly said "Yeah, it's me...Azmaria."
------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------
The clunking of a metal suit sounded down the hall as Alphonse Elric moved uneasily into the room. "Here kitty, kitty," he called quietly. An orange blur rounded the corner and shot under a nearby table. "Kitty!" As Al ran toward the oak table, the orange tabby scurried in the opposite direction, quickly finding itself attached to the lower half of the young nun. "Kitty?" Al continued moving through the room, lifting up objects in search of his lost kitten. Metal clunked loudly against the ground as he crawled toward Azmaria. A quick glance up revealed the delinquent kitten--and Azmaria's undergarments.
A loud scream echoed throughout the room, drawing Neji's attention back to the lovely young girl before him.
"Oh my God, Azmaria! Are you all right? What happened?" Of course the moment I turn away, something happens.
The young nun pointed toward the suit of metal lying at her feet, a large dent clearly visible in his side. A small tabby sat atop Al, mewing quietly.
"I-I'm sorry." Al looked up at Azmaria and Neji. "I was just looking for my kitty." Sitting up, he lifted the tabby to show them.
"Aww..." Reaching over, Azmaria pet the cat, a broad grin crossing her lips. Neji, on the other hand, still looked pissed off.
Neji's Byakugan had taken effect as he stared down Al. However, a quick glance at Azmaria showed she was not in the least bit upset anymore. As Neji's temper began to cool, he realized he could see every curve of the young nun's body. His attention quickly faded as he looked her over.
"Neji? Neji!"
"Hmm?" Once again, Neji's attention was drawn back to Azmaria's face.
"Are you feeling okay?" Al and his kitty had left several minutes earlier, and Azmaria had quickly caught onto the ninja's staring.
"Sorry, I'm just feeling a bit--" he paused, forcing himself to keep his eyes from wandering down her body. "--distracted."
------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------
"Where have you been!" Winry Rockbell shouted at Al as he seemed to wander aimlessly in her direction.
"Umm, well..." Al rubbed the back of his metal head nervously as he looked down at the young mechanic.
"Well?" Winry's question was answered as the mewing of a cat could be heard echoing within the metal suit. "Al!"
Al's head dropped as he removed the orange tabby from his chest.
"I thought Ed told you to get rid of the cat."
"Well, he did. But I-I couldn't just leave him on the side of the road. Besides, Ed's not here."
Winry glanced up excitedly at Al's words. "What? He’s not?" The mechanic had felt something, or someone, was missing, but hadn't been able to put her finger on it until now. An evil smirk crossed her lips as she looked at Al. He knew this was not a good sign. "So, Al," she began, a mischievous look in her eyes. "Care to help me get Ed's watch? I know you know when he leaves it unattended."
Al looked down at Winry, feeling nervous about doing something to upset Ed. "Well, I--"
"Oh, come on Al. He tried to make you get rid of your cat. You need to show that shorty he can't push you around anymore."
"O-okay," Al stuttered, still unsure whether or not he wanted to betray his older brother like that. "Well, he leaves his watch next to his bed when he sleeps."
------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------
"Ohhhh! Wow! It's so pretty! I want it, I want it!"
"Huh? N-no! That's mine! I kinda need it!"
"You-you’re not going to...give it to me?" said Misao Makimachi, tears welling in her eyes.
"N-no, don't You can hold it if you want, but I just can't give it to you," Kurama explained holding out a beautiful rose to the entranced girl. She took it and started examining its details. "Now, just be careful. It may look lovely, but don’t forget that it is a weapon."
Misao gasped and looked up "It's a weapon?"
"Uh-huh, so..."
"Now I really want it!" screamed Misao. She took off running in the opposite direction with a very confused and worried Kurama staring after her.
"What's going on?" said a short demon killer wearing a black cloak. Hiei walked up to Kurama, having witnessed the entire episode of a girl snatching his infamous rose whip. "Well?...Aren’t you going to go get it back?...Kurama...Kurama!"
"Hmm? Yes?" Kurama turned toward Hiei with a glazed look in his eye. One good look from Hiei's glare could make anyone flinch. He awoke from his shock and answered, "Yes, yes I am going to get it back." And with that he strode off in search of the obsessive thief. Hiei watched as he walked away and thought, That one is just too soft.
After many minutes of searching, Kurama found his target. Misao was hiding under the stairs twirling the rose between her fingers, apparently trying to figure out how to get a weapon out of it. Kurama, fully recovered, moved silently and with amazing speed behind her. He leaned in to her ear and quietly said, "There you are," receiving the precise reaction he wanted.
A very startled Misao squeaked and jumped up and started to sprint away, glancing over her shoulder to see if the pretty redhead was going to follow her. All of a sudden, she ran into a sturdy figure. She looked up and into the punkish face of a boy with black and white hair. There was a Pop! and she fell back only to be enveloped into a cloud of white smoke. She crawled out of the smoke coughing and wheezing.
Kurama walked over to her and bent down. He pulled the rose gently out of her hand and tucked it back into the safety of his pocket. She stood up and gave him her meanest look. He was the first one who had ever taken back what she had stolen. She started to say something as an excuse about how he got the rose back, but his eyes cut her off. He wasn’t paying attention to her, but to the spot where she ran into the boy. She gasped, The boy!
She turned and saw everyone in the room gather around as the smoke cleared. An opening in the cloud showed that the only thing that remained of the boy were the clothes that he was wearing.
There was much muttering and pondering going on in the living room as Haru Sohma, now in his cow form, looked in through the window. Man, that was way too close. It’s a miracle this window was open, or I would’ve been discovered. Who was that clumsy girl anyway? Forget that…he saw curious people poking and examining his clothes on the floor. He sighed and walked around the back corner of the house so no one could see him. I need to get my stuff back. Ok, think…I have two options: Walk in there as a cow and ask for them, or wait until I change back and walk in there naked…Hmm, decisions, decisions.
As he thought about his plan, he looked over and saw a shed in the backyard. Hmm…he trotted over and opened the door with his nose. He walked in and Pop! He turned back into his human form and started rummaging around trying to find things that could help his situation. Shovel?…naw. Pick axe?…nope. WD-40?…definitely not. Ahh ha! A fishing pole! This’ll work.
Back at the window, he saw that his clothes still remained on the floor, completely forgotten. With a line and hook ready, he waited until he had a clear shot to snag his pair of pants. Ready…now! He cast the line. As it went sailing through the air, Misao Makimachi, the girl who started this dilemma, intercepted it as she went running through it's path, no doubt running away from another one of her victims. The hook locked onto the very end of her long braid and when the line became taught, the jerk made her tumble back to the floor.
"NO FRICKIN' WAY! THAT IS COMPLETE BULL SHIT! I CAN'T..." Smack! Hatseharu punched himself just in time to prevent Black Haru from taking total control. He glanced up nervously to see if anyone heard his outburst. Relieved, he quickly loosened the line and reeled it back in. While everyone was laughing at Misao's appearent "trip and fall" backwards, Haru took the opportunity to snag his pants and shirt. His boots and trench coat could wait. Haru had to snicker at the fact that no one saw a pair of pants and a shirt mysteriously move by themselves inch-by-inch towards an open window.
Once he had his clothes back on he entered the house once again through the back door. He went into the living room and picked up his trench coat and his black boots.
"Hey you!" Misao said from behind. Haru turned to see Misao walking toward him, a puzzled expression on her face. She stopped just a couple inches before him with a directness in her personality that Haru couldn't believe.
"Uhh, yes?" Haru responded after an awkward moment.
"You-you were the one who I ran into earlier...then you disappeared. I recognize your black and white hair. How did you disappear like that?” she seriously asked.
Haru stuttered and became extremely nervous that the girl might find out his secret. “Umm…well, uhh…”
She said, “You know, I’ve been a thief all my life and have been pretty good at it. But never before have I seen that kind of act.” She lowered her voice to a whisper and cupped her hands to his ear “Would you mind giving me a little advice and some tips…please?”
It was almost midnight and a few of the guests had taken to sleeping on the floor in the bedrooms to escape the noise of the still partying crowd. The doorbell rang. It couldn’t be explained, but everyone looked up or woke up. A terrifying feeling spread instantly through the party–so terrifying, it even stopped the music. Everyone was as still as statues and felt as though they had just witnessed their own death scene. A few seconds passed and the one at the door began knocking. Knock, knock, knock. Kenji, being the host had to overcome his fear and got up from the couch. The only sounds came from the slow tap, tap of Kenji’s sandals over the hardwood floor and the heavy breathing of the people he passed. Kenji got to the door and paused. He reached for the doorknob and paused again, just centimeters from it. He took a deep breath and…
“Ohh, please.” said a very pretty blond walking confidently towards the door. Her hair was put up into four different ponytails and she seemed to be carrying a gigantic fan. She gently pushed through the guests moving to the door. When she got there, she moved Kenji aside and grabbed the doorknob. She opened the door wide enough for everyone to see. The porch light blazed so brightly that all they could see was the frightening silhouette of a person with something huge over their back. There were many gasps and muffled screams. “What is it with you people?” Temari said turning off the deceiving porch light.
There stood Gaara of the Sand, arms crossed and his enormous gourd of sand tethered to his back, his black-encircled eyes scanning the sight before him. He took a step in through the door. Temari closed it with a slam! behind him, and the party came immediately back to life.