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Chapter 2–Upstairs
The upstairs door swung open to reveal a fairly young blonde man, probably in his mid- to late-twenties. “Sano,” Ewan Remington, an angel and priest of the Magdalene Order in New York, called out. “Why is it we can’t use the door downstairs?”
Re-tying bandages on his hands, the spiky-haired street fighter moved toward the door. “Oh yeah. Kenji’s got a party down there.”
“You mean the boy?”
A nod from the “rooster head” confirmed.
“W-without supervision?”
Another nod.
And Remington, the angel that he was, decided the children needed adult supervision. “Now, who’s a good candidate?” Scanning the room with sexy blue eyes, the angel finally let his gaze fall on Kabuto. “Ah, you look like an intelligent, energetic young man. You can supervise the children.”
Yakushi Kabuto made a quick glance to either side to be sure the blonde was speaking to him. Reaching up, a single finger pushed glasses up the bridge of a slender, well-shaped nose. “I only take orders from Orochimaru.”
“Is that so?” An amused look overtook Remington’s face. “Alright. I’ll make you a deal. If you can beat–“ he paused, glancing once more around the room. “–him,” Remington pointed out a tall blonde man in a red trench coat, “At a game of poker, then you don’t have to go down. If you lose, though, you’ll get to supervise the kiddies.”
“You’re on.”

“Vash the Stampede?”
The blonde man, wanted for destroying the city of July and with a bounty of 60,000,000,000 double dollars, glanced up with a drunken expression. “Hmm?” A tye-dye headband was tied around his forehead and several empty glasses sat on the table before him.
“I challenge you to a game of poker.” The platinum-haired ninja slapped a deck of cards on the table.
“Really?” The gunslinger paused as a hiccup escaped his lips. He looked at Kabuto, trying to focus on him. “What’s in it for me?”
Quick thinking caused Kabuto to grab the first woman who walked by him–Satella Harvenheit. The red-haired jewel summoner squirmed in his grasp, shouting obscenities in German. “Play me or she’s gone.”
Vash instantly snapped into an attentive state. “I will save you ma’am.”
“I don’t need to be saved!” Satella continued to squirm in Kabuto’s grasp before the medical ninja stuck a mild sedative in her arm. The slender jewel witch slumped over in Kabuto’s arms.
Vash had quickly begun dealing the cards as he witnessed the scene before him. “You ruffian, let’s get this over with!”
After about ten minutes, Kabuto angrily threw his cards on the table. “Dammit!”
An airy chuckle could be heard as Kabuto had a fit and Vash rushed to Satella’s side. “Have fun with the kiddies!” Remington called out as Kabuto stormed out of the room, mumbling an incoherent obscenity as he went.
“Don’t worry miss, I saved you!” Vash pulled Satella into his lap as he talked to her in his “heroic” voice.
“Vhat?” The jewel witch attempted to sit upright, but gloved hands encircled around her waist prevented Satella from moving. “Vhere did he go?”
“Why, I beat him–“ the blonde paused, giving her his don’t-worry-your-hero’s-here look. “With my love and peace!”

“Sugar!” A very exuberant Selphie Tilmitt pulled a box of sugar from the cupboard before running off in the opposite direction. Finding herself a corner, she sat down, cradling the sugar. The lid was hurriedly torn open and she shoved a hand in. Small white granules fell to the ground as Selphie raised a handful to her mouth.
“Miss?” A dead-sexy black-haired demon stepped toward Selphie as she inhaled the sugar. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea…”
Selphie looked up, sugar smeared over her face. “Why?”
“Well, because it’s sugar,” a slightly amused Eclipse attempted to explain. Oh, how this girl reminds me of Raenef.
Selphie merely gave him a befuddled expression and continued eating.

After being so near to Vash for several minutes, Satella realized he’d had a bit to drink. Scanning the table, she saw he had only been drinking punch. “Vhat have you been drinking?”
“Punch.” The blonde talked quite loudly, even though Satella sat near him.
“Is zat all?”
Vash nodded, attempting to move to the other side of the table, where Satella sat. However, he tripped clumsily over his own boots, and a hearty laugh could be heard.
Walking toward them was an attractive dark-haired priest in a blue suit, a broad grin on his face. “Great punch, eh Vash?” His gaze moved from Vash to Satella, and he couldn’t help but laugh again. “Trying to make a move on the ladies, I see.”
“Well you couldn’t get a date even if you tried.” While Vash was often overly flirtatious, Nicholas D. Wolfwood never seemed to make an attempt, except on someone’s life. As the two men began to squabble about their love lives, Satella slipped away from the table, the last sign of her a flash of red hair as she went.

"Excuse me, hello?" There was a tap-tap on a microphone and all the guests directed their attention to the top of a table in the center of the room. Standing there was a gorgeous devil, in his full form, by the name of Chrno. "Ladies and gentleman…I have just had the sudden inspiration…to sing a duet…with the one I think about most." All the women in the room let out hopeful gasps as they stared transfixed at his beautiful demon figure. "And I am not referring to Rosette…” There were even more sighs from the awaiting women. "The one I think about most…is you…Aion." Everyone’s jaw dropped at this insane announcement and Aion, just walking into the room, looked up with a puzzled expression. Chrno looked straight at him and in barely an audible whisper, he added, "You son-of-a-bitch, two-timing bastard for manipulating Rosette’s mind." However, Aion heard it with his keen demon ears. A smirk appeared on his lips and he started walking towards the table where the other fuming devil stood.
"Chrno, I would love to sing a duet with you,” he said while staring into Chrno’s eyes. There were many disgusted glances being given to the two apparent "gay devils". In another barely audible whisper that no one else heard, Aion said, "Well, it’s your fault, isn’t it? You over-greedy piece of shitty filth. If you hadn’t stolen her life time away in the first place, then she would’ve never listened to me at all. You overgrown devil-brat."
“What song would you like?” Chrno skimmed through a list of duets while giving Aion nasty looks. “Hmm…how about this one?” The title Ain’t No Mountain High Enough flashed across the screen. Picking up a second microphone, he tossed it to his singing partner, along with another glare; Aion returned the favor. Moments later, the words had appeared on screen as the music began playing. At the sight of the two “gays”, people had left the karaoke stage, but after hearing the two sing, a crowd had begun to gather.
“’Cause baby, there ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you.” Every time they sang the last line, both Aion and Chrno shot each other menacing looks, as is to say, Oh yeah, I’m coming to get you. Some who noticed the look thought of it as a look of lust; others ignored it; while others still were too caught up in the majestic voices of Chrno and Aion to even notice it.
“My love is alive, way down in my heart, although we are miles apart.” Chrno sung these lines with feeling. Many women took it that he was singing it for them, though it was really meant for Rosette, even though she wasn’t present; the men took it to be meant for Aion.
“If you ever need a helping hand, I’ll be there on the double just as fast as I can.” Aion shot Chrno another nasty look. The two devils had resorted to looks instead of words, as it would be a bit odd were they to stop in the middle of the song to whisper insults at one another.
The ringing of a phone was almost inaudible above the raucous of the party. Tidus, who just happened to be standing near, picked up the receiver. “Hello?” After a moment of straining to listen, the blitzball player moved the phone from his face. “Dudes, shut up!” The room fell silent as Tidus shouted at them.
Lifting the receiver back to his face, he listened for a minute before lowering it once again. “Aion? Like, is there an Aion here?”
The devil dropped his microphone mid-song and shifted through the crowd, moving toward Tidus and the phone.
“Dude, it’s for you.”
“Whatever.” Aion took the receiver from Tidus and hesitantly placed it against his face. There was a moment of silence, and then, “Oh shit!” The phone clattered to the floor as the sinner sprinted out the door.
The entirety of the room remained silent as the guests absorbed the scene that had just taken place before them. But as quickly as the room had quieted, it burst into noise again.

Having circled the room 17 times already, or possibly 23–the intoxicated blonde had lost count–Vash couldn’t seem to find Satella anywhere. A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he took a seat on the nearest couch, propping large black boots on the coffee table with a loud ‘thud’. Blue eyes began to shut, trying to find relaxation when they suddenly locked on a small, pointed silver object. “Hmm?” A gloved hand reached out and seized the object, pulling it close to his face for examination.
“That, my dear friend, is a shuriken.” The platinum-haired Jounin of Konaha had noticed Vash looking at the ninja throwing star he had absent-mindedly left on the table.
“What’s it do?”
“It’s a weap–“
But before Kakashi could finish his sentence, the blonde had thrown the star across the room with a flick of his wrist. The metal object soared past several people, igniting cries of excitement from those who couldn’t identify the object, and shock from those who could. The hearty laughter of Wolfwood was interrupted as the shuriken shattered the glass he was holding, just nearly missing the tip of his nose. The priest turned around, dark eyes locking on Vash; Vash gave him the worst attempt at an innocent look Wolfwood had ever seen as he pointed a finger at Kakashi.
Wolfwood picked up the shuriken and chucked it back, missing his target and hitting, instead, a large wooden stump that had suddenly appeared in a puff of smoke. The confused priest looked around, seeing Vash and the stump, but not the ninja that had accompanied the humanoid typhoon until most recently.
“Whew, that was close.” The Jounin reappeared in a nearby closet, having narrowly escaped being hit by the throwing star intended for Vash the Stampede. Attempting to move toward the closet door, he bumped into something with an “oof”.
“Who’s there?” The voice of a young German sounded throughout the closet before a light suddenly flickered on and revealed the ninja and jewel summoner standing mere inches apart.
“Sorry ma’am.” Kakashi stepped back. He had never had a girlfriend, nor shown affection toward any woman, so being so near to one now was slightly unnerving. The Jounin attempted to push his way through the clustered closet, but instead found himself and Satella pressed against the door after tripping over a broom and several other various objects.
As the two tried to untangle themselves, the closet door suddenly swung open. Releasing them from their prison, Kakashi and Satella fell to the floor, still tangled in each other’s limbs. Both looked up to see the stunned face of Vash, who had thought to seek refuge from Wolfwood’s wrath in the closet. Emotions flooding his face, Vash quickly took off in the opposite direction, holding his left arm in a very strange position.