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Chapter 3–The Evil Council
Edward Elric was lying comfortably on his bed, hands rested under his head. He was wondering where his little brother, Al, could be. He was acting really weird tonight. He said he needed to go out and not to wait up for him? He’d better not get into trouble. A rather ironic thought considering that Ed was the one who caused most of the trouble they had ever gotten into. Then I call over to Winry’s house and she’s gone too. Hmm… Out of the silence, Ed heard the shrill ringing of his phone. He got up and answered it. “Hello?” he answered. To his surprise, Uchiha Sasuke was on the other end.
“Edward, have you seen Naruto around?” he asked.
Still kind of shocked at the call, Ed said, “No, uhh…I haven’t seen him. Al’s gone too.”
“Really?…Okay, something’s going on and I’m going to find out what. I called the Sohma house and they said Haru was missing too.”
“Huh…” Ed responded, thinking.
“And…did you get a letter in the mail?” Sasuke questioned. “One saying that ‘You are not invited to Kenji’s party’? I got one and I went to go ask Naruto about it, but he was gone.”
“Yeah, I got one of those too…pretty rude, huh?” said Ed, livening up a bit. He glanced around the room until his eyes fell upon a trashcan in the corner with the tip of a ripped envelope sticking up from the garbage. He got up and walked to it while saying, “Wait a minute…” He dived into the trashcan and pulled out a letter addressed to Alphonse Elric. He reopened it and read, “Dear Al–Himura Kenji invites you to a party at the Himura residence on Friday the 8th at 7 o’clock p.m. Hope to see you there and tell this to no one.” Something clicked in Ed‘s mind as he recognized the appointed date on the invitation was, in fact, that day, and 7 o’clock was the time that Al left. “Sasuke? I think I’ve found the problem,” Ed said quietly, his inner rage starting to boil to a maximum.
“What is it?” he asked. And his rage-o-meter started to climb up as well as Ed told him what he found.
“And come to think of it…” Sasuke started, “I saw a letter getting delivered to Kabuto yesterday…he must have been going as well. I’ll go find out.” And with that, Sasuke said he’d call Ed back if he found anything.

Sasuke snuck into Kabuto’s apartment, silent as a grave. After a couple minutes of searching the kitchen counter and bedroom, he found what he was looking for. The delivered letter saying, “Yo Kabuto–Sagara Sanosuke invites you to a crazy-ass party at the Himura house on Fri. the 8th at 7 o’clock p.m. Be there or be square and don’t tell anybody about it. PS–bring your own drinks.” Sasuke thought a moment about the situation and concluded that it would be a real mess if there were kids at an alcohol involved party…something about that wasn’t right. He snuck back out of the apartment and, if anyone was possibly watching, they only saw a black shadow dart from the window, across the lawn and over the fence. The perturbed Uchiha walked down an ally shortcut back to his quarters and noticed a woman walking rather agitated and stiff. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the same white envelope in her hand as well. He stepped out into the moonlight and faced Anko–his instructor for the 2nd task of the Chunnin exam.
“May I question you about your invitation?” he pressed when she saw him.
Suddenly Anko’s anger swelled to a maximum and she burst “WHAT DO YOU MEAN INVITATION? MORE LIKE A LACK OF INVITATION TO ME!” She took a couple of deep breaths and, still with a slightly raised voice, said, “I mean, who would send you an invitation NOT inviting you to a party? Huh?”
“Well, do you know anyone else who got a ‘not invited’ invitation?” Sasuke asked.
“Yeah,” she reasoned. “Gai got one too. And Rinoa Heartily…and Kikyo and Koga, you know those two that always bother Inuyasha? And, uhh…I think that’s it. Why do you ask Sasuke? Are you…interested in going too?” she said with a smirk.
Sasuke glared at her and replied rather quickly with, “Shut up! No! I just want revenge because I wasn‘t invited either…and besides, you shouldn’t be criticizing me; just a couple of seconds ago you were yelling at the top of your lungs because you ‘weren’t invited’,” he said with a mocking voice.
Immediately the anger came back into Anko’s eyes as she remembered. Little mill-wheel brat.
“Never mind,” he said when he saw her face. “The point is that we have to do something about it, right? Gather up all those people you mentioned and meet me at the park down the street in 20 minutes. Got it?”
Liking the idea even more by the second, she replied, “Roger,” and left with a swoosh.

Back at his house, Sasuke had already relayed the plan to Ed and he was meeting them in the park with all Kenji’s ‘not invited’ guests. He was thinking of a plan that could ruin the party and wreak revenge on everyone at it. Why were they invited and not us? Suddenly a familiar evil face popped into his thinking. Yes…he could help. He’s the solution!

Sasuke stood up on the slide so as to get everyone’s attention. “I brought you all here because we were all left out of something we could have been included in,” he announced, giving them a moment to think about what he just said. “I have a plan that could ruin the party and wreak revenge on everyone at it.” Everyone was all evil grins and smirks now.
Koga piped up and said, “So…what’s the plan?”
Sasuke replied, “I know someone…so terrible…so horrible…so evil…so unbelievably nasty that all of Hell flinches at the mention of his name. And since we are doing such an evil deed in crashing this party, I believe he would be delighted to help.”
“So…” Anko asked, “who’s the guy?”
Sasuke paused to build the suspense and said, “My brother…Uchiha Itachi.” There was a freezing gust of wind at the sound of the name that was so powerful that Sasuke fell off the top of the slide with a thud!

Sitting cross-legged in the center of a temple-like room upon a pillow, Itachi barely listened to his little brother’s request. He was in the middle of a meditation when he was rudely interrupted. He could have killed them all right then and there, but given the information that Sasuke had revealed, he was proud at the fact that his sibling turned so evil because of such a minor thing. However, “I do not wish to spoil my lovely hands participating in such a stupid, petty act,” Itachi said as they all sat in front of him awaiting his decision, he still being in the meditating position. “Although I am thrilled, Sasuke, that you have finally taken an interest in the evils of the world. For that, I will give you some information that will help you.” His audience shifted, listening intently. “There is a Council. An Evil Council…its headquarters are located on the roof of the building to the left of the Himura house. There, you will find a group more than willing to help. Now…go.” At the mention of the last word, there was a rushing noise and not one person went slower than a sprint out of the room.

“Someone is not here yet...who?” Orochimaru said snake-like, sitting in his assigned seat on the semi-circular table, and noticing that one seat was not occupied.
“That would be Aion. I believe he is still at the party,” Naraku replied to him.
“What? I called him to come back half an hour ago!” the white angel, Krad, retorted, listening.
As Krad finished, the hatch leading up to the roof opened to reveal the out-of-breath sexy sinner, Aion.
Sephiroth smirked at him from his seat and asked him mischievously, “What? Did you get lost?” absently hinting that the party was at the house just next door.
Aion hissed, “Shut up!” while taking his seat, neglecting to tell them that what Sephiroth had said was, indeed true.
Shishio cleared his throat to gain the council’s attention–although he was amazed they could hear it through his layers of wrapping. “Here now. We must remember what event has taken place here. A group of avengers came to us for help…help we must certainly…uhh, h-help…them…with?” Shishio cursed himself for his mumble-stuttering. He was never very good at giving ‘grand statements’. “Damn it!” he yelled. “We need to help them! It was a terrible thing that my arch-enemy son and my arch-enemy’s best friend had committed; not inviting these poor souls to a party!” There were nods of agreement around the table.
“So…what-are-we-going-to-do-about-it?” the homunculus, Envy, asked, all the while changing into a different person at each word.
Knives, the ‘Humanoid Typhoon’s’ evil twin brother rolled his eyes and said, “Would you stop that? It’s really is rather annoying.”
Envy uttered an evil giggle and changed into Knives’s body, mimicking him in his exact voice. “Would you stop that? It’s really rather annoying.”

"Well, before we completely decide on a plan of action, I believe we should all share our opinions on what to do to get revenge and determine the best solution with a vote." Sephiroth glanced around the table making sure that all of the evil plan-plotters were listening. Satisfied with their directed attention, he continued. "As for me, I think we should stab them. I am willing to give lessens to anyone willing to learn Sin Harvest. And just think, hardly a mess and each one of them with a perfectly driven hole in their disgusting bodies."
There was a murmur around the table as everyone thought about the idea. It was Shishio’s turn so everyone tilted their heads and waited. Out of the silence he boomed, "Burn them! I think we should torch the house and burn them all!" Silence once again.
Very slowly and unsurely, a hand was raised towards the middle of the table. Orochimaru in a slightly frightened and girly voice contributed, "I think we should bite them…I like biting people."
Krad slammed a closed fist on the hard table and responded rather heatedly, "Okay, I am not biting a single person…do you have any idea how gross that is?" He sighed, polishing his newly manicured nails. Gaining his composure and taking a breath, he said, "Look, why don’t we save ourselves a ton of hassle and let me just seal them away in a few paintings…It’ll only take a couple of minutes." He glanced over to Sephiroth and added, "And where won’t be any clean-up necessary," with a smirk. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a beautiful pure white feather and began to play with it between his fingers.
"Seal them inside paintings? What a childish thing to do, and not remotely cruel enough," Naraku pondered out loud, resulting in a tongue sticking out at him from Krad’s direction. "Now if we use my Shikard Jewel pieces, I would be able to bring into to this world those who have already left, and use the powers of hell to do my bidding!…" At this the council stared at him with puzzled expressions. "I could summon and control dead people! Gosh, are you guys always this thick?" Shishio leaned over to his left in his seat and whispered to Envy, "Now, that is a guy who can deliver a good punch line statement." Envy replied, "Ohh my goodness, you should listen to Ed’s father speak that way; it sounds like butter," he emphasized with a lovely flick of his hand.
A silver-clad hand shot into the air as everyone’s gaze turned to fall upon Millions Knives, the Humanoid Typhoon’s brother. “Well, as I always say, you have to kill the spider to save the butterfly.” Everyone stared at him in confusion.
“And what exactly does that mean, Knives?” piped up a rather unpleasant-looking Shishio.
“It merely means that you have to destroy what is imperfect to save what is perfect.”
“That’s not what I meant.” A heavily bandaged and slightly burnt fist slammed against the wood of the table, rattling the few objects that rested on the surface and knocking over the glass Naraku had been attempting to control using several shards of the sacred Shikon No Tama.
A slight pout overtook Knives’s features, turning his sinister appearance into something more innocent. However, the look quickly disappeared as Knives pulled out his custom-made black gun. With a snap of his fingers, the gun and right arm of the plant began to transform. Within seconds, his arm had morphed into the infamous angel arm, the same type of weapon that had destroyed July and Augusta, and blasted a hole in the fifth moon. “This is all you need to get revenge.”
The purple tongue of Orochimaru had stopped mid-lick as Knives revealed his angel arm. “Fufu, what are you babbling about?” he asked nonchalantly, setting down the shuriken he had been in the process of cleaning blood off of.
An exasperated sigh escaped the lips of the blonde plant, heavy lids falling over bright blue eyes as Knives tried to calm himself. His eyes shot open as he grimaced at his companions. “I mean, just blast ‘em all to hell with this!” His infamous temper had finally flared, the temper that only showed itself when the Gung-Ho Guns screwed up, or when his brother presumed to point his gun at, and occasionally shoot, him.

“So, what’ll it be?” an impatient Shishio questioned of his companions. He was still set on the idea of burning everyone, but it didn’t seem to be going his way. “Our ideas so far included: burning them, stabbing them, biting them, sealing them in paintings, attacking them with the undead, or blowing them up.” Every member of the council fell into a silent ponder over the ideas that had been presented.
“Why don’t you guys stop being so childish?” Aion interrupted the silence. “It’s a party, for pandemonium’s sake. You simply go in there and crash the party.” He sighed heavily, impatiently clicking sharps talons together. There was a unanimous nod around the table.
“Sure, but how exactly do you plan on crashing the party?” Always the perfectionist, Knives needed an exact plan of action. “These kids can’t just jump through the windows and be done.”
An evil grin crossed Shishio’s face. “I have the perfect idea.” And with that, everyone leaned in close to hear the battousai’s successor’s plan.