Naruto Fan Fiction / Samurai Deeper Kyo Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ We dont have a title... ❯ ch12 ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kiri: grrrr.

Benitora: What's wrong, meh Kiri-han?

Kiri: this calls for desparate messures

Kyo: hm?

Kiri: *gets out carpet bag **think mary poppins! WHOOP!* *sticks arm in bag and feels around* its here somewhere....

Benitora: 0.0 how on earth does your whole arm fit in that tiny bag?!!!!

Kyo: Thats Kirika for you. *thought: That's my Kiri-chan! YEA!*

Kiri: *whole damn arm and shoulder is in the bag, which isnt much bigger than 1/4 of my Kyo sohma backpack, fyi* huh? =^.^= i think i fooooouuuuuund it! *pulls out old scroll*

Benitora: Wha'cha gonna do with dat, my Kiri-han?

Kyo: *eyeing the scroll*

Kiri: you'll see!

At bar:

Siloh: oooohhhh, sake! but..... Kiri-ane (ane just means sister. not older or younger. just a general term for sis) will hunt me down with toothpicks and plastic sporks if i drink behind her back..... but i wanna get drunk!

Yukimura: Yes, Si-chan! Getting drunk WITH ME will be even more fun! *evul smile* kukukukuku

Sasuke: Trust me, Nee-chan. It's probably for the best if you DONT get drunk. Your twin seems scary and strong........ but not as strong as me! HAHAHAH!

Siloh: True. I'll just wait till she shows up and spike her drink, so it wont matter!

Yukimura: *puts arm around Siloh's shoulder* That's my gal!

Sasuke: idiots.

Lee: What are you doing here? *wobble*

Siloh: oh! hi Lee!

Lee: *grabs another thing of sake* *sings* ooohhh, what is the molten liquor, what gets you drunker quicker, what comes in bottles or in cans? BEER! Cant get enough of that BEER, really really love that BEER, makes me think i'm a man! BEER! I can kiss and hug it, BEER, but i'd rather chug it, BEER, got my belly out to here! I could really use a BEER! i can not refuse a BEER! BEER BEER BEEEEER. beerbeerbeerbeer I can remember how much i have had; i drank a twelve pack... with my dad

Guy: That's my son, the manly drunken stud! i'm proud to be his bud!

Lee: here have some pretzels..

Guy: no i'll call it quits; those things give me the shlitz!

Lee and everyone in bar other than yukimura, sasuke and shelby: drink with your family, drink it with your friends! Drink till your fat stomach distends! BEEER is liquid bread, its good for you! we like to drink till we spew, EW! Who care is we get fat; i drink to that! As we say once more..

Same thing as before except Si joins in: What is the molten liquor, what gets you drunker quicker, what comes in bottles or in cans? BEER! Can't get enough of that BEER, I really love it BEER, makes me think im a man! (A/N uh.... siloh?....) BEER! i can kiss and hug it,BEER but i'd rather chug it BEER! Got my belly out to heeere! Golly, i adore it BEER, come on damn it for it BEER, doitforitdoitforit BEER THE MOST WOUNDERFUL DRINK IN THE WORLD! HURAY!

The Drunken stupidness is brought to you by:
The Anti-Milk cult! MUAWAHAHAHAH!!!