Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ 30 Loving Hates ❯ Passion ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Title: Passion.

Author: Kitsune of Darkness

Pairing: Itachi/Neji

Fandom: Naruto

Theme: # 10. 10 and # 3. Jolt! ƒ†ƒ‹I

Rating: PG-15 or R (I really think its one of these two.)- whatever you would rate a strong lime and kinda fade away

Disclaimer: I don’t own it nor do I imply that I do. I am only borrowing the Naruto characters and world for my fun, only to return them once I have had my fill of them. (Though they may be slightly more wrinkled/torn/disturbed/or whatever else then when I took them.)

Warnings: Lime, fade away before lemon, suggestive material, yaoi (M/M)- don't like don't read

A/N: Ok so when you find out that your pairings are in danger of being deleted and you're tryin to think of ideas let me state it is NOT good to watch a Ai no Kusabi AMV >_< It brings the plot bunnies to ya like crazy! Though that may be good in a rush fic...


It had only taken ten weeks for Itachi and Neji to decide to take their relationship further. Though the move had started innocent enough with the two kissing, their hands tangled in each other's long, wind knotted hair.

Sure enough the kisses became more as their desires got the best of them, their hands gripping the tangled hair harder. Lust and desire fueled their kisses as Itachi pushed Neji- not so gently- against the trunk of the tree that they had been sitting under. Gasping at the sudden jolt of his head against the tree Neji pulled away long enough to glare at his lover before pulling the taller boy into another kiss.

Sliding over the smaller ninja, Itachi straddled the boy, his hands already working to rid him of his shirt. Neji pulled at the long jacket growling as the fabric refused to co-operate with his efforts as he tugged desperate to feel the skin underneath.

Smirking Itachi broke away, his hands covering Neji's as he slowed the frantic tugs, helping the ninja separate the buttons and sliding the offending cloth off muscular arms.

Leaning down Itachi bypassed Neji's swollen lips, instead opting to trail soft kisses down his cheek to his neck. Reaching the hallow of his throat, Itachi pulled away slightly his lips ghosting Neji's shoulder, making the boy shudder at the touch.

Pulling away Itachi pressed his lips against Neji's in a chaste kiss before pulling away his forehead resting against the cold metal of Neji's protector. Hands reached up, gently tugging the knot free as he let the object fall to the ground, watching as it bounced lightly on ground before coming to a rest next to the two half clothed bodies.

No words were spoken as Itachi lifted up off of Neji's lap spreading his legs enough to slide the ninja off of the tree lying him flat on the hard ground. White met red as the two stared at each other, silently asking if they were ready and answering that they were.

After all they had been waiting for ten weeks now for it to be ok by both.

Lying on top of Neji, Itachi captured those delicious lips again, faintly grabbing the taste of the ninja's lunch earlier that afternoon as his tongue plunged into Neji's ready mouth.

Slowly Itachi slid down, hands and lips trailing down the boy's perfect body, tasting and memorizing every part. Reaching the waist band of his pants, Itachi stared into Neji's eyes, waiting to see if he wanted to stop. Receiving nothing but whimpers at the loss of the touch, Itachi continued down.

Neji cried as he arched his back, eyes closing.

Here in the forest they could be louder then if they were in the village.

And Neji took that opportunity as he lost himself in pleasure.