Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ 30 Loving Hates ❯ A Normal Relationship ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Title: A Normal Relationship.

Author: Kitsune of Darkness

Pairing: Itachi/Neji

Fandom: Naruto

Theme: #11. Gardenia ‚­‚¿‚È‚µ‚ÌR 40;Ô

Disclaimer: I don’t own it nor do I imply that I do. I am only borrowing the Naruto characters and world for my fun, only to return them once I have had my fill of them. (Though they may be slightly more wrinkled/torn/disturbed/or whatever else then when I took them.)


Neji stood across the street from the flower shop glancing at it occasionally. There in the window was the newest flowers of the season. And all Neji could do was stare at the beautiful colors.

Already he had found the perfect flower, a beautiful white gardenia. It sat in a small vase, perched on the shop's windowsill, displaying it's beauty to the rest of the world. Though he was no flower expert, Neji knew that that flower would be sold soon, most likely to be given to someone's lover as a present. It was just too beautiful to stay in the small, cluttered shop for long.

He wanted to run in there and grab it before anyone else did. To be able to sneak it to his lover in the forest, as a gift. Nothing special. Just a flower to show how much he loved him. But his pride kept him rooted to the spot, staring at the flower.

He knew if he was to walk in there it would be the talk amongst everyone he knew. There would be whispers behind his back and rumors would fly. Then people would try to follow him, to find out who this lucky girl was. For it could not be his family. And if people were to start following him trying to find who he loved Neji would have to leave Itachi in the forest alone, fearing that they would be found.

Neji clenched his eyes shut shaking the horrible thoughts from his mind. No he couldn't risk it. There was too much at stake. He already knew he was pushing his luck by being around Itachi but to actually draw attention to it. No it was more then what he could do.

Sighing the teen opened his eyes again, staring longingly at the flower. Even still he would have loved to have given him the flower. Just to be able to feel a little more normal in the relationship.

It was too bad that he could not draw better then stick figures, Neji reasoned as he stared at the flower. If he had been any kind of artist he could have drawn the flower on a small piece of paper and given it to Itachi. Though Neji reasoned, that it would have seemed a little odd to give a folded piece of paper with a flower drawn on it. Especially with his drawing skill.

Leaning against the building behind him Neji closed his eyes again, his mind picturing the flower in great detail. In his mind he had boldly walked into the shop barely glancing at Ino as he walked over to the flower. There, in his imagination, the price did not matter- he had enough for it- and he bought the flower without a second thought. He carefully wrapped it in a thin paper, careful to not muss the beautiful petals , but at the same time protect it from the dust. After all such a beautiful flower as this deserved to be protected from the elements outside.

He would carefully walk out the gates, flower in hand as he darted from view. No one would follow him, deciding that he would tell who the lucky person was later when he thought it was right.

In his mind he could see himself walking up to the silent Itachi, the taller man would be staring at the sky through the branches- a common hobby of his lately. Smiling Neji would carefully unwrap the flower, fingers brushing against the petals, making sure that they were smooth and in order. Then he would proudly hold the flower up to Itachi, who would look at the flower surprised.

"A gift for you because I love you so much," Neji would whisper, afraid to break the silence as he stared into the crimson eyes before him.

"Aw," Itachi would walk closer to the teen, a small smile on his face, "Thank you Neji." Carefully he would grab the flower pressing it up to his nose before holding it out for Neji to smell.

And he would lean forward, and even though he had smelt the flower the whole way there, he would smile while sniffing the beautiful scent.

Leaning closer Itachi would close in the space, pressing his lips against Neji's in a soft kiss, a Thank You kiss. They both would decide to just sit together arms wrapped around each other as they stared at the forest before them, talking about whatever they felt like.

Shaking his head again, Neji woke himself up from his musings. 'Man,' he thought while scratching his head, 'I must have been listening to Tenten too much to get that mushy. What would they do if they ever found me being that lovey.' Neji turned away from the flower shop, deciding there was too many things that could go wrong for him to chance it.

Pausing Neji stared at the flower in the window again. Besides.... Smiling Neji shook his head before heading to the training field.

'Hell, besides what says that Itachi would want something like a flower? He's never been that kind of person.'

Neji just had to face it, he did not have a normal relationship. And probably never would.


New twist on the kiss. Sorry I just couldn't think of a way to make this work, except for this. Also sorry if Neji seemed out of character in his mind. But who knows what he imagines while walking around. Feel free to tell me what ya thought of it!