Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ 30 Loving Hates ❯ Bar Tales. ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Title: Bar Tales.

Author/Artist: Saku (arizonaicerose)

Pairing: Itachi/Neji

Fandom: Naruto

Theme: 14. radio-cassette player; ƒ‰ƒWƒJƒZ

Disclaimer: I don’t own it nor do I imply that I do. I am only borrowing the Naruto characters and world for my fun, only to return them once I have had my fill of them. (Though they may be slightly more wrinkled/torn/disturbed/or whatever else then when I took them.)

A/N / Warnings: AU. Ok so I looked and saw my pairing was on the deletion list, gulping I quickly wrote this out. Hopefully it's ok for a rush job. Hopefully this counts kinda a radio.
Also for pairings there's yaoi (duh), het mentioned and a mentioning about soon yuri. Don't yell now that I told you about it.
(sorry for the crappy title, I drew a complete blank...)


The bar reeked of old beer and sweat. The dusty lights barely lit up the room, casting dirty shadows against the walls and tables that littered the small room. Off to the side was a long bar, a lone silver haired man leaning against the wooden top as he stared at the patrons. This shabby bar became his baby after his dad had killed himself. Kakashi had taken on the task, feeling that it would be fun for him to try to continue the small, run-down bar.

Though the patrons were few, they were consistent. Only a group, that he had learned to know personally, hung out here. Making it feel more like an extension of his home. And it helped make him feel that even though the small bar was failing, that even though it was run-down, and in major need of a fixing up, it was loved by someone other then himself. And that made him happy. This was his family.

Black eyes swept around the room. In the corner were the inseparable duo- Sakura and Ino. They had been friends throughout their childhood, never separating, even when petty high school fights over boyfriends took the hormonal girls by storm. Smiling they waved to Kakashi before turning back to their drinks.

In the other far corner, hidden by the dust and furniture were the two 'ubberly cute love birds' as so named by the fellow patrons. Naruto and Hinata. Two people that Kakashi had personally pushed together; especially after seeing, after the first stop, just how apparent their love for each other was. Just last week they had announced that they were getting married and everyone was invited- much to the joy of everyone.

Well every one except for Sasuke, the bar's self-acclaimed emo drunk. In fact the said boy was right now sitting hunched back over a tall glass, staring at it's contents as though it held the answers to the world in it. Sadly, no matter how hard Kakashi tried, in the ever cliché role of bartender, he could not get the dark haired boy to spill his guts over why he was so downcast all the time.

Off at the end of his bar was a group of unlikely friends, though everyone here was a friend. The four of them sat huddled about, a deck of cards sitting between them as they played 'Go Fish.' They were also the only non-drinkers in the whole bar. Instead they decided to sit in the quiet bar, playing card games until Kakashi decided it was time to kick them out.

And by the looks of it, it was going to be early tonight. Within the group, Lee and Shikamaru were very competitive, meaning that chairs would be broken if he allowed them to stay for too long- especially if Lee was loosing. Which by the look on his face was very much true at the moment.

Sighing Kakashi focused on the other two in the group. The two almost silent members. If it wasn't for Lee and Shikamaru he would probably end up locking them in the bar every day. Choji looked like he had given up on the game, his cards sitting haphazardly in one hand as the other dove eagerly into the pretzel bowl. If it wasn't for his weight, Kakashi would have assumed that the boy never ate outside of here.

Tenten on the other hand, had her nose buried in a small book, her eyes squinting to read the black letters in the dim light. Her cards lying face up, a self-appointed rule that Lee had made soon after she started pulling out books to read during the long card game nights. Biting the edge of her lip the young girl eagerly turned the page, her small eyes moving as fast as she possibly could. Blushing the girl pulled the book a little closer to her, as though to keep prying eyes away. Wearily Kakashi reminded himself to check what book she was reading later on.

Glancing around he noted that two of his patrons were missing, the other two love birds of his group (though it wasn't to say that more were soon to come. He knew how much Sakura loved Ino, and it was only a matter of time before she told what everyone already knew).

Sighing Kakashi pulled out the bowl of quarters that he allowed constant patrons to use for the small jukebox in the corner. He knew that soon the silent atmosphere was going to be broken. Somehow it was too good to be true that he could have one silent night. No pounding music, no loud screaming, no crashing of tables. It was weird how two of the quietest people could become such loud, partying drunks. Especially if they were in the 'mood.' Praying to every deity that he could name, Kakashi prayed that they had had their fun before deciding to come.

However he could tell that was nothing more then a dream as the two entered. They each carried a gleam in their eye. A gleam saying just how much they wanted to party.

Itachi strode in first, his eyes darting around the room, before pausing on his younger brother. When around they rarely spoke, only making eye contact long enough for Sasuke to duck his eyes down again. Something told Kakashi that they had had a nasty fight long ago. Something that could not be wiped away with a couple of drinks.

Itachi wore his normal attire, a long black trench coat that went down to his knees, underneath could be seen a mesh shirt, barely poking into view at the V in his neck line. Black leather pants and black combat boots sealed the deal. Along with his black hair and crimson eyes, he looked very intimidating. Especially when he stared at you silently, eyes gazing through his upper lashes. However Kakashi had learnt that, unless you hurt his boyfriend, he was gentle as a kitten, the scary look was nothing more then that. A look.

Behind him, though betrayed by the gleam in his eyes, walked a timid looking Neji. The boy always seemed so timid, so ready to bolt at the first sign of trouble. Smiling he spared a wave to several of his friends before walking towards the bar. His arms crossed over the smooth surface, chin buried in his arms. Eyes glanced, quite cutely- Kakashi had to admit, through his long lashes as he sighed. Dressed in bleach faded blue jeans and a simple dark blue long sleeved shirt with a dragon on the front- he looked like the total opposite of his lover.

Silently Kakashi pushed the worn plastic bowl of quarters over to Neji, before walking back towards the long bottles of beer. Grabbing two dusty bottles he sat them next to the boys smiling before turning away. Pausing mid step Kakashi looked back, “Just don't destroy the bar tonight.”

Smirking Itachi grabbed a small handful of quarters tossing them at the silver haired man, earning a shocked squeak from Neji as he pulled the bowl closer to his chest.

“Don't waste them all!” Neji whined as he jumped off of the stool, still hugging the quarters to his chest the boy ran for the jukebox. “You promised we would dance remember!” A whine was slowly entering Neji's voice as he leaned against the bright orange machine. “You promiiiiiised.” Puffing out his lower lip, Neji lowered his head, his eyelashes fluttering suggestively as he held up a quarter. “Remember all the fun you promised me tonight if I came! I gave up my favorite show for the fun.” Biting his lip, Neji continued, “I mean you said after here we'd spend the whole night having fun, especially in the bedroom!”

“EW! T.M.I!” Sakura squealed as she pressed her hands against her ears. “No more! I don't wanna hear about it!”

Kakashi rolled his eyes, a sigh that almost bordered on a groan fell from his lips before he could stop himself.

Smirking Itachi looked over, “What jealous? Wanting some of me?” Itachi asked, blowing a kiss to the weary bartender.


“Just joking! Ok choose the songs!” Itachi smiled as he grabbed the two bottles heading towards a small empty table. Whistling he pushed a couple of the other empty tables around, making a small square- just big enough for the two to dance the night away.

Loud music filled the small bar as Neji smirked triumphantly placing the bowl on top of the jukebox. His hips swaying lightly as he walked towards his lover. Smiling he pressed himself against the firm body of his lover. Wrapping a leg around Itachi's Neji pressed his hip against his lover before pulling away.

As the music filled his veins Neji danced around the small square, his hips swaying sexily. His hands brushing against his chest, fingers dancing around taunt muscles. A seductive smirk crossing the boy's face.

Swallowing hard Itachi tried to tear his eyes away from his lover. But no matter how hard he tried he couldn't. The taller boy just stood motionless, jaw hanging open. No matter how many times he watched Neji dance, every time was like the first. His heart would start to race. Palms sweat. As his breaths started to speed up, the boy tried his hardest to keep his body under control. Despite how wild they usually were, Itachi knew that if they were to start screwing in the bar...

Well something in his gut- right next to the part that screamed for Itachi to grab Neji and toss him onto the nearest empty table- knew that he would end up kicked out of a bar. And probably a bill for several therapist visits for his friends.

Gulping again Itachi stepped a little closer his hand reaching out. Pale fingers slid across an even paler cheek. Slowly he pulled his smaller lover closer. Bending his head down Itachi kissed Neji deeply on the lips, his tongue snaking out pressing lightly against his lover's lips. Eagerly Neji opened letting the tongue glide in slowly. Moaning Neji's eyes rolled back as tangled his fingers in the dark ebony hair.

Slowly the two pulled away as Itachi wrapped his arm around Neji's waist. Pulling his boyfriend against his body Itachi began to lead the next dance. At that moment everyone and everything else in that small, dank bar disappeared. The jukebox changed to a slower song, the beat easy for the two to dance close together.

Holding hands, body to body the two danced. Their eyes glowing with the love they felt for each other. Huge smiles plastered on both of their faces.

Two bottles of beer sat opened but untouched on a nearby table. Drops of condensation slowly dripping onto the wooden table. By tomorrow when Kakashi cleaned up the bar, there would be two water marks showing where the bottles had sat untouched for the whole night.

But for the moment even that did not matter as the two danced, smiles on their faces as the stared into each other's eyes.