Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ 30 Loving Hates ❯ Notice! ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Title: Notice.

Author: Sakura Sango

Pairing: Itachi/Neji

Fandom: Naruto

Theme: # 2 news; letter :Òôɳ̭

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I don’t own it nor do I imply that I do. I am only borrowing the Naruto characters and world for my fun, only to return them once I have had my fill of them. (Though they may be slightly more wrinkled/torn/disturbed/or whatever else then when I took them.)

A/N: Sorry for any errors, I'm typin this one handed while holding an icepack to my jaw.


Staring at the paper in his hands, Neji shook his head in disbelief. Fumbling slightly the ninja crumpled up the paper, stuffing it in his pocket before walking out of the building.

'There's no way. He can't be...No he can't.' But the dire feeling would not leave. After all it was an official document, meaning it was true. Signed, dated and placed for all ninja's to see.

Neji had known that he was a missing ninja, that much was easily figured out after a week of them officially dating. But he had figured it was some minor offense. He left his duty; decided to leave his village for personal reasons. There were many reasons to become a missing ninja, and not all of them were as awful as this.

Gritting his teeth, Neji turned towards the gates, snarling at the guards that stood before it about a false mission he was assigned. Once out of sight of anyone in the village Neji made a sharp turn to the right before running deep into the forest. Jumping among branches, he kept a hand to his pocket, keeping the paper from falling out. He wanted to know. To understand. If nothing else understand why he was never told, especially after so long of being together.

'Dating it could be called', Neji mused as he jumped to a thick branch, pausing long enough to grab the paper again (he had to be sure it was the right face and name), 'though our dates seem to be weirder then normal.'

Smoothing out the paper, Neji glanced over the words, sighing as they remained the same as the other twenty times he had read it. He could recite it perfectly now- the charges, the info, the warnings. All of it.

Yet somehow the innocent child in him prayed and hoped that it had changed. That the name was wrong- it was same spelling but maybe different pronunciation.

It could still be possible that it was the same name, but a different person. It was possible, wasn't it?

Neji hoped so.

Sighing he continued on to their secret meeting spot. He'd be a little early but that was ok.


Itachi stared at the crinkled paper, less then interested in what it said. Sighing he balled it up tossing it over his shoulder. Shrugging he walked away from the stiff teen refusing to answer the question he had been assaulted with as soon as he appeared.

Still Neji stared, refusing to move or back down. He wanted to hear it from Itachi's mouth, to see what he would say or do. To hear his deep voice agree to the charges on the paper.

Feeling the piercing glare from behind Itachi sighed, bringing a hand to his temple. How was it this little runt could make him stay so long? To make him actually try to work everything else. With anyone else he would have left long ago. Especially after such annoying times, like this paper deal. What was the big deal anyways.

"Fine," Neji jumped at Itachi's voice, surprised that he was actually going to hear him talk. Somehow the boy had assumed that Itachi was just going to walk off without ever speaking. Standing still he waited to hear what his lover was going to say next.

Sighing Itachi continued, still facing away from Neji, "It's all true there. You should know that much. Use your brain, I know you know how. What do you want me to say? Do you want me to go on about how confused I was at the time. How distraught? How I wish I could take it all back?" Itachi looked over his shoulder, his eyes as cold as always, "because if so you're going to be disappointed. I was not confused and I'm not sad over what I did. I did what I had to do."

Neji gasped the words hitting him like a knife to the heart. An icy knife. Eyes wide he stammered trying to put into words what he felt. There were so many questions and so little time in their lives to ask them all. Finally after stumbling over nonsense the teen shut his mouth, his eyes lowering to the rumpled paper. Eyes narrowed as he wished he could just set the paper on fire, destroying the evidence.

"If they are handing these out that means they know I'm around." Itachi glanced around the dense forest, before turning around to face his younger lover. "We should not see each other again for a while."

Neji shook his head, his mouth falling open. How could he suggest not seeing each other? So what if they found out!

"Use your brain Neji!" Itachi snapped, refusing to let emotions rule his mind or his lover's. "You need to go back and stay away for a while."

"B-b-but why? I can run with you, then you don't have to come near here again. Not if I'm with you." Neji protested, his hands clenching tightly.

"I'm not saying it again. Use. Your. Head!" Neji could almost swear the crimson eyes glowed violently as Itachi glared at him. "If you come too, you'll become a missing nin. Especially when they find out you ran away with me. When that happens what will happen to you?"

Neji remained silent, eyes falling to the ground below.

Itachi continued a little softer, "But if you go back and stay away for a while. What proof do they have. Let the papers die away a little. Over time we'll be able to meet again." Itachi glanced at the setting sun. Where had this day gone, he wondered silently. Glancing at the moon he continued, "on the night of the new moon we'll meet here again." Itachi stared at this lover, wondering if he would agree to it. The new moon was a couple weeks away, would he agree to stay away that long.

Glancing up at the sky Neji nodded slowly. This was the only way, as much as he hated it. Itachi was right he couldn't run away. It would do nothing but cause trouble for him and his family. This way they still could be together but being caught would be nearly impossible. "Fine, but when I do come back you better be here." Stuffing hands in his pockets, the ninja slowly turned to head back to his village. There was no point of standing here, delaying the inevitable.

"It's a deal." Itachi agreed before grabbing the balled up notice. It was better to not leave evidence in this spot, just in case. Without a second glance or word the taller ninja headed deep into the forests, walking as quietly as he could.

Neji paused at the edge of the tree line, glancing back long enough to blow a soft kiss to where his lover had disappeared to. Already his heart was hurting at the thought of being separated for so long. But he would wait patiently until he could come back to the forest again.


Not too sure about the ending. But I was like- ehhh I can't find a nice ending no matter what. So I choose this one. This is a turning point for the story and yes- it's meant to be like this, so the other kisses work out (especially the last one)...