Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Addiction ❯ Introduction ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter One


"Yes this new disease is hard to describe. I know you take it as a joke, but it is not to be taken lightly."

The group of three began chuckling to themselves. There notebooks in hand and pen hooked in sides. There shadows hiding what little was wrote on there pages. They just wrinkled there black sweaters with carefree laughter.

"Get this straight you brats! This disease is highly dangerous and fatal! It will drag your skin from your body making bleed with pain and orthodontic thoughts? " The group huddled together causing the Kakashi to smirk beneath his black facial cover. "Once all that is over you will still feel the sting and the nausea will get worse and you began to hallucinate? Imagining things like blood or murdering your family! Tearing them limb from limb and sawing there pieces into packaged layers for your Christmas tree! Only then to feel the guilt and take a kitchen knife to your throat! But before you misery can end you get to see all the great things that are bodies are about blood puss mucus! The horrible image of your blood splashing the walls around you!"

The group began to cry into each other hiding from the mass murderer bound to be in front of their eyes. If it weren't for the dark features and gleeful eyes and seen face he wouldn't be so creepy.

"Then when you think it's all over the illusions are gone you start rot, your flesh being eaten away by tiny little insects! Then you'll start to get sever paranoia and feel like someones around every corner! So would you like to take this shit lightly or would leave my office and let me fix up a cure for you skinny little asses!"

They began to file out of the room leaving Kakashi to grab at his forehead. Pulling himself into the safety that even a child does, comfort of warm. They shut the door and he locked it like usual. Seating down in his desk. Wiping away the sweat It wasn't like all of it was true but most. Most as in you don't become a homicide and suicide case. Those damn newbies kept bugging him. Some for his research or to ask him what his life is like; those ones normally don't make it out of the room without a black eyes.

Kakashi Hatake is a very handsome man. Leaving most woman in awe. But into these days of his age he wasn't able to keep his posture into the way it was. The only thing that kept him in appeal was the black suit he wore everyday. Especially with his addiction. He had tired eyes with shallow circles traced under his open sockets. Silver hair that was slowly losing it's shine and natural spike. And most of all he was horribly single and still wore his wedding ring. He was 44 for now. He was reaching the age where it all started to set in. He used to be a detective for local department. But he soon joined his old student in the lab.

"Kakashi!" She slammed her foot down. "Damn-it your gonna have to come out of there sometime!"

Her pink hair bounced simply with her rage. This had been to long. He was a scientist and so was she but that didn't mean he could hide. She slam feverishly against the door with her hand. Fist fully read to beat the hell out of her friend.

He ignored her requests and rage surging through the envelops of the hard wood. If anything he wanted to keep away from the vibes like poison. Emotions just couldn't make there way safely in his life.

Sakura Haruno; attraction that could kill a man. She has newly loved long pink hair. A bright face. And some normal tired eyes. She now currently wears a bright red knee length flow dress. She's as a foot shorter then Kakashi. They've been great friends after she graduated school. Meeting every once and awhile, but she couldn't handle Kakashi's old lifestyle. He was always tired and strained. The last case he had though really scared her. He started hurting people around Kakashi, who am I kidding; it was past hurt lets just say there were a lot of funerals. He only stopped when he was dropped off the case for becoming way to emotionally involved. But who wouldn't when the murderer takes out your daughter and wife. After that he couldn't handle it and joined Sakura that was three years ago.

The new disease they were permitted to document and explore was a critical thing. It took a a lot of careful measuring and tentative watch of it. It's been draining the life out of the two, but Sakura better at handling the stress. But Kakashi still hasn't been able to deal with the loss of his growing family. So as Kakashi hid himself it wasn't just hiding. I scared Sakura a lot so she became more frantic. As last resort to Sakura she said something she would regret.

"Are you fucking pouting about that damn Anko and Akito again?"

He could tell she didn't mean it. The sorrow that drenched across her words was all to familiar. But it still hit home painfully, that was his wife and she would always be.

Kakashi unlocked the door and slammed it against the wall while coming face to face with his partner.

"No I'm just think on how to catch the son of a bitch! Do you have a problem with that?" He shouted before stomping off angrily.

Sakura was upset now. She heard that hidden sense of no thank you I don't want your pity in his voice only to know he purposely did that. Only to hide the true emotion that chased him everyday and drove him off towards his house and the bottle of vodka.

"Kakashi please don't leave. I'm worried I don't want you to... go."

He turned to the whispering woman. Only to receive glares from everyone around them. They were awful sick of this. It had happened numerous times before and he wasn't liking the reactions his outbursts received.

"You've gone past emotionless now."

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