Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Addiction ❯ New Body ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter Two

New Body

Science it's so more explainable. Nothing can dissipate those thoughts except... no not even that.

Kakashi walked into the autopsy room quickly sickened by the sight. The disease really torn up the body. To the point where facial features and sex was not readable. He was never the one to hold stomach fluids through this kind of thing so he sat down beside it. Waiting for Sakura's arrival. Listening was the only thing he could do without puking right about now.

Sakura walked in letting the door shut behind her. She heard muffled tears from across the room and she immediately knew who had joined her. She walked over to the table taking the sight if only for a moment and going around. There sat Kakashi. He wasn't crying per say just holding his stomach and mouth as insurance. The medical examiner came around the table and crouched down to Kakashi's level.

"Hi Sia, can we get this over with quickly?"

He nodded slowly and gently as if to say it's OK sir. But instead of keeping the room level Sakura had to begin.

"Oh look at this I think it might be a part of the ear. But was it doing here by the leg." She smirked with her words, oh did she love to tease him.

The examiner cleared his throat and looked towards Sakura. She nodded and he snapped the elastic glove one more time. Making sure to have both on tightly. The body was as she said very separated.

"Oh looky here." Sia stated.

It was of words that should have been joyful, but Sia turned them into statements of cold emotionless raw pressure.

Sakura looked over to what he pinched between his fingers. In which he held up. She saw only a black dot wrapped in rubbed white. He sat it down in a small metal bowl. It clanged with delight of separation from the body. She immediately looked into the bowl to see a small bottle the size of her thumb nail. It held a dark blue material inside.

"Sia where did you pull that from?" She asked.

Kakashi was now intrigued and began to listen more intently. Sia noticed his glance in interest.

"I pulled it from the chest cavity."

Sakura reached for the extra pair of gloves by the bowl above the victims head. She slipped them on with a snap and picked it up. Quickly ready to open it. Sia stopped her hand and shook his head in answer of her inner question. She gave it to him and he opened it quickly. Unscrewing the miniature cap. He pulled out the small cloth.


He dropped the little bottle and showed a face of shock. Shock that scared both Sakura and Kakashi. They jumped from there spots and ran to his aid holding his arms. Sakura his right and Kakashi his left. They glanced over at the cloth.

"Holy shit!" Kakashi released a shriek.

This was nothing much, but noting Kakashi's trauma it was a lot for him. It brought demons back that he was still not able to fight back. What on the cloth was the date in which Anko died and the date in which Akito his child was born. Under was the oh so famous signature. TS.

He slammed back and fell. On his ass he held his left arm in front of his face in protection. His face twitching in utter uncontrollable flinches. His breathe now heavy, fast.

Sakura's phone ruined the moment of pure horror. She opened it and opened the picture message. What stood inside was a picture of a woman tied naked to a bed. She was obviously fighting her restraints. She had bloodied lips and bruises dressing her body thoroughly. The bed had only one sheet under her, it was drenched heavily with her bodily fluids and a white fluid.

Kakashi now stood behind her. He took the phone from her hands before she even noticed his presence. He looked at the photo only releasing a changed expression. A expression that he had for the longest time after Obito...


"It's funny how you told me that she didn't have to experience this, you told me." He sighed. He then gave her a sharp look of don't speak and shoved the phone brutally into her chest. "You told me this victim died a peaceful fucking death!" He shouted.

Quickly Kakashi ran out the room. Taking the angered aura with him, only to leave one emotion buried in Sakura; sadness. It didn't take long for her realize where he was going, were he always went to mourn , home.

Unlike Kakashi she cleared the message and called his old boss. Making sure he knew about the incident. Sia watched carefully.

"Yes, OK. Yeah I can come over there now." She hung up then.

"Sakura make sure to check on Kakashi afterwords."

She gave him a nod before dashing out of the room. Telling him she was in a hurry to head off to talk with the man, but she didn't expect Sia to get it. She opened the front the door and ran for her car. Zipping inside and driving to Kiba. One of Kakashi's old co-workers.

She sat down in front of the man. Only taking in his tired eyes and slobbed appearance. He probably took Kakashi's case. He looked at her directly and folded his hands on his desk.

"Miss Haruno, Kakashi is being brought back. He will take his case along with my help." She went to speak. "I know, I know. It's gonna be rough that's why you'll be joining Shikamaru in the evidence lab. Your latest um.. whatever you call it disease will be handled by Ino tell your done here and we catch the brutal killer."

"But I-"

"And the best part you might just become a real detective if you play your cards right and help Kakashi."

She became ultimately silent. She stood leaving him in wonder of her thoughts. She dipped in a way of greeting and left. Leaving poor Kiba confused and exhausted.