Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Addiction ❯ Dreadful Secret Revealed ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter Three

Dreadful Secret Revealed

After a very traumatizing day of exposed remains Kakashi went home. Walking eagerly into the bathroom he tripped over is old red rug. Hitting face first he wondered why he never got rid of that dreaded rug. Quickly a shade of green was brought to his face when he thought why; wife. Slamming his fist hard on the old fabricated wish. He didn't know how to feel, he didn't know how to just let it go. He knew she would want him to move on, but was that true. He wanted to find a way to take out his energy of anger, hate, disturbance. Did he fail her or did he succeed?

Closing his eyes neatly shut and stumbled to his feet. Clutching the wall in utter defeat his hands became eerily weak. Taking one step at a time watching his every move, making no mistakes. Taking great measures not make a error. After a milestone of forced steps he arrived out of the restroom and into his bedroom. Looking at the old worn out thing it reminded him of "her."

Sakura had gone to get rest a while before Kakashi did. She slept in a nicely fit packet of fabric. One big heavy blue quilt tucked in under her. Waking up the pounding on her door she pulled on her robe and walked to the door. Tying it on her way, stupid frilly pink

Lets just say Sakura really wasn't a fan of pink. Pink was something she truly despised. She really only hated it for she thought it made her look more vulnerable. She did wear a lot when she was young but she grew out of it. Even though she wouldn't be able to fight of even a child she didn't like looking it. Pink also was found with stupid logos on it, like the robe. The robe held a "naughty"over the left breast; how undignified. Sakura may of looked like a total dude magnet, but she had even her standards.

Unlatching the easy push and pull lock she pulled her door open. A freshly dressed man stood outside in a black suit; much like Kakashi's. Natural black hair was plopped on top of his scalp, just enough to cover his ears. A sharp, happy, featured faced carved into his face. The only thing that show he was even over 18 at the most was a little scar on his left cheek. A random pretty boy he could be described, but something was off about him. A frightening sense that he has been through more then just a childhood. Maybe it was just everyone's reaction to a to a clean cut young man that hardly showed his face. Hand in pocket and right one laying on his side.

"Oh, I didn't think you would be at this hour." Sakura stated with a high blush.

She started pressing her toe to the ground in a teenage crush way. She looked up to him with a cheesy grin. Taking the door in a passing he pressed it completely open. Sakura just stepped back and let him enter. Just one swift move, just like actors in movies.

"Sakura, I haven't seen you in a month." The man told her in a sincere statement.

Backing up further as if leading him somewhere he followed. Arms wavering mindlessly as if following his owner.

"Sasuke. Your finally home."

"Sakura I missed you so much."

Sakura stops in her tracks and lets him wonder like fool into her embrace. Slightly taller then her; just so his chin lain on her head. A perfect match. Sakura's arms wrapped around Sasuke's waist and grasped eagerly at the back of his shirt. His arms not daring to touch her like she's forbidden fruit.

Sasuke Uchiha was his name. A perfect person. He got perfect grades all through school, perfect collage, prefect teeth. Sasuke was actually in the same school as Sakura, just different subjects. He wanted to be a lawyer and she wanted to be a scientist. He left a month ago for a job and ended up staying a little longer then planned.

"Oh so sweet. It's bitter how much you care." Sasuke stated.

Sakura smacked his arm; making him confused.

"Don't talk like that around me." Sakura commanded him.

Chuckling Sasuke finally took the chance and entangled his arms around her. Small hands he had, like a woman. Sakura single mindlessly snuggled into his jacket. Waiting for the moment just to tear of the clothes that concealed his beautiful chest, but before she could do anything her phone began to ring in the bedroom. Sighing she drop her arms and stomped off to the bedroom.

Lifting it to her ear Kakashi shot in.


"Kakashi, I can hear you, you don't have to yell."

"How did you know it was me?"

"Because your the only retard that would call me at this time in the morning, shouting my name no doubt."

Kakashi and Sasuke both could hear the irritation in her voice. Like she was about to slam a fist into the wall; happened before. With a humming moan in displeasure Kakashi responded quickly.

"That's true, um... I have big news on the case."

Kakashi sitting at his own desk at home after giving up on sleep. Shoveling through papers of his favorite cereal killer.

"I just got a phone call from the police, they got another victim, but not only that. I was looking through last years files and the lab forgot to tell us about the figure prints on the knife they found."

Stopping he flipped the next page and scanned it with exhausted eyes.

"Yes?" Sakura said in anticipation.

"S-S-Sakura." Kakashi shakily pronounced her name.

"Kakashi are you OK?"

"A-Akito is i-in here."

"In what Kakashi."

"The Slicers file."

Sakura knowing exactly what he was talking about sat on the floor defeated.

"Kakashi we didn't want you to be too upset so we-"

"So what! You didn't bother to tell me that my own daughter was raped and murdered by the same man that did the same to my wife!"

"Kakashi it's not-"

"I don't want to hear your crap!"

Hanging up the phone Kakashi shattered it on the floor and broke into tears. Laying his head down on the desk letting salty water seep into the papers splattered over his desk. Uncontrollable sniffles busted through the silence called his home, her home. Akito Hatake was a young girl at the age of 12 when she was murder. What made him so upset though was that especially did something as unusual only for Kakashi; after all "The Slicer" was a lot of things, but not a pedophile. "The Slicer" after all liked the thrill, but the maturity of the women he killed.

Sakura massaged her temples in frustration. Sasuke could see it and in utter helplessness entered the room just so that the tension would ease. Sakura inattentive of her surroundings just ignored his silent gesture and looked at the blinking number on her phone. This was familiar, Kakashi after all often had nothing to do at two in the morning. Finally dismissing herself from the pain she shut it with her finger and set it down on the bed. Looking up Sakura realized Sasuke was in the room and looked the other way in full embarrassment.

"So whats up?"

"Kakashi has some new evidence on "the special case."


Walking further in he sits beside her on the floor. Putting his arm around her own he chuckles.

"What's so funny?"

"Your so adorable when your upset."