Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Addiction ❯ Return Of Temari And Victim 35 ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter Four

Return Of Temari And Victim 35

Kakashi awoke the noise of a obnoxious doorbell and stammered to the door. Who stood in the morning light was...

Temari Hatake, Kakashi's sister. A beautiful blond with sparkling teal eyes. Skin so fine and delicate a thorn was never aloud to prick it. Wearing a yellow, strapless, knee length, sundress. A inch shorter then Kakashi. Married with one child, a girl. A husband who cares for her and two brothers, Kakashi, and Philip.

"Temari, what are you doing here?"

Kakashi's dull witted features rose to a happy smile. Even if he was confused of their meeting he missed her so. Mixed emotions arose from him. Slamming the door back; leaving a dent in the wall, he engulfed her in his grasp. A reunion worth using in the midst of the day. The last time Kakashi had saw Temari was the night of their parents divorce.


"I haven't seen you in so long."

"I know, Twenty-five years is a long time." Temari announced while trying to pry him from her.

"Gosh, I must look like shit!" Exclaimed Kakashi.

He released her and ran back in scorching toward the sink.

"Um... Kakashi I'm here to comfort you, but it seems your fine."

Temari began to step up to him when Kakashi went silent and turned to her. Immediately she stopped and put her arms together in front of her as a silent unexplainable shield. You've done this before. Use settle symbols as a shield from the dark world that is reality. We all do it; hide from the truth.

"Oh, I see."

Kakashi's hair slumped over his eyes and a dark aura forming over his figure. Temari new this mood all to well. He was like this the whole time their parents fought. Now it was a more serious cause for this type of mood.

"I don't want to upset you-"

"I know you only want to help, but it can not be done. Please leave now."

Kakashi's arm lifted to a point as he glared at the floor. Temari though would not give up that easy; she's always been a fighter. With that she ignored his signal of clear superiority and walked up to him. Turning not to face her he only made her more curious. Reaching out she brushed a lock of hair off of his finely toned neck.

"Kakashi, don't worry your little sister will take care of everything."

"You sound like I can't fend for myself."

Temari dropped the lock and jabbed her finger into his back. Excreting a painful bellow Kakashi admitted his lose with a whimper.

"See, there's my proof. So how was her funeral? I couldn't make it."

"I know you weren't I waited, but to no avail. It was mostly quiet. A vast amount of people that she just barely knew huddled around her little nest of a home. Well she could call it home now, after all that coffin is the last place she'll ever own as a home. I didn't even know who half of these people were. Many I guess were co-workers. Maybe far off friends. Her father was there though, mother refused to show up. You know that whole you stole my precious baby thing. If you ask me Anko was the feisty one, not me. I wanted to go to the movies and she wanted to be alone with me in my apartment. I wasn't even that bad as a young man."

"Well that took a turn in conversation."


"It's OK."

"Truth is this is the happiest I've been in the past few."

Kakashi immediately cut his statement short. Temari sensing the tension started for the door only to be caught by the arm.

"You know that just makes this all the more awkward?"


"My lover does this often."

Releasing Kakashi took a couple of steps back. Digging in his suits pockets he finally found his new phone in his breast pocket. Flipping it open he dialed in Sakura's number. As it rang he held it up to his ear. A crackle of static was heard before a voice arrived in a musky tone.

"Yes, this is the Sakura Haruno's residence." A scruff male like voice ran over.

In the background was a teasingly daring female voice fighting for the phone.

"Sasuke god damn you, give it to me."

Ruffle of a silk like substance was heard before the supposed Sasuke replied to her.

"Now, now honey do we want to be feisty."

"If you want to be feisty I can be feisty!" She shouts in a dark tone full of a evil intent.

The phone was brought to more static and the female voice was heard more clearly.

"Sorry, this is Sakura."

"Um... It's Kakashi."

Silence went though both Sakura and Kakashi's home. Both their companions becoming wary of what would happen next.

"What is it this time!." Shrieked Sakura.

Kakashi cleared his throat and tried to hide his inner fear of the woman.

"I heard you got another call last night, from the morgue."

"Yes, they had a interesting find. To many words though for your pea brain little mind." Sakura teased.

After all if Kakashi was going to interrupt her time with Sasuke she was going to push buttons unknown to anyone else.

"Yeah, yeah, just spill the news."

"Well Kakashi, as you know they found Sierra Montey's body."

"No I didn't."

"Well anyway. The fact is, she was alive for twelve days before he decided to cut into her. For twelve days Kakashi, he had her locked up for that long. The shape of the body told them that she was dehydrated, hadn't drank anything sense the kidnap, same goes for anything edible. She was also alive to witness everything from the kidnapping to the cutting of the limbs. That's not all either. He was drugging her with the date rape drug the whole time. This shows us that he likes these type of methods, we're one step closer."

"No we're not. If we were closer, Sakura, we wouldn't be in this situation. He purposely let you see the drug, he wanted you to know his true intentions Sakura."

"Kakashi, why can't you just let a good thing be good?"

"Because it isn't good Sakura, it's just another illusion he has planted for you."

"Kakashi." A momentary amount of pure pain slipped into her words.

Kakashi knew that type of voice all to well, he knew what pain sounded like. What pain felt like, what pain looked like. He knew it all.

"Thanks." Kakashi stated dryly before hanging up.

He took the phone in hand and stuffed it into his jackets pocket once more. This was not the end of their conversation, nope it had only started.