Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Addiction ❯ Big Step ( Chapter 8 )

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Chapter Eight

Big Step

Sasuke had finally fallen asleep and now was Sakura's chance to get out and look for Kakashi. Slipping ever so carefully out of bed she put on a blue tank top and jeans. Taking her car keys out of her purse she ran to the door. No doubt Sasuke would wake up soon, but she didn't care.

Sakura started the car. Her heartbeat rapid. It was only to talk to Kakashi, right... right? The lights on the street passed by quickly and left no evidence of it's existence. Each moment a stretch of time bringing Sakura into a scared little rap of a screech. She parked her car within a apartment parking lot. Choji was standing in front one of the doors. She opened the door slipping out and slammed it shut.

"Sakura, Kakashi isn't here. I called you here so we could talk."

Choji sounded sympathetic and she didn't like it. She wanted no pity in any situation with Kakashi. She wanted him to be given pity.

Sakura immediately went to open the drivers door. Choji gave a deep sigh. He knew she didn't want to do this. Who would, open up all there weaknesses to the world around you, but it was needed. Sakura knew what he was going to do next and she stopped the man before he could.

"Your not going to say anything to stop me from finding Kakashi. Even if you do bring that up."

Before Choji could reply properly and give Sakura a taste of his mind her phone began to ring. Perfect time. But she slightly wanted to see what Choji reply would sound like. Would it be sad? Would it be but hurt with pride slipping in subconsciously? She held the phone to her ear.

"Sakura I'm sorry to call-"

"No Kakashi don't be. Call anytime, where are you? Are you OK? Are you drunk, wasted, injured? Answer me!"

A gasp was heard over the phone. Kakashi was utterly surprised. He could tell himself that he let a bit of pain slip through his words on accident, but he didn't think she would react that fast to it. Or was it something else, was she unsure of her answer to Sasuke.

"I'm at home. No I'm fine, are you OK?"

Sakura hung up before she could here him ask. She opened the door and leaped in. She gave Choji a curt nod of telling him you lost and went into gear. That was the only thing she needed to get her fully to his home. She swung the door open and realized she had been plotting a lot more then she thought for it all swept out like the air itself. She took the initiative and knocked on his door.

It opened giving her a peek at the world of Kakashi. It was absolutely, totally, and disgustingly clean! She pushed the door open further and looked over at Kakashi. He started to back away like she was some kind of feral animal, she followed.

His hands went in front of his face slowly going back and forth as in trying to calm her and giving himself protection. The way she wrinkled her nose told him she was upset, upset with something.

"Now, now Sakura."

She heard the fear within his voice. Sakura right then stopped. Taking notice of her fists scowl and other anger factors she relaxed her body. Right as he was relaxed she took that moment right then and pounced on the man. They tumbled like morons. Thuds like someone walking were heard before she had him. Straddling him on the floor.

He was utterly shocked. His expression seeped into her. That expression would be remembered for a long time. She would take it into thought while thinking of Kakashi. A expression that she had never seen before. A expression that she hadn't thought Kakashi owned. She only thought that maybe through the tough emotions he lost the expression.

Sakura suddenly buried her hands into his shirt. Grasping hard like she was going to fall off. He looked up to see her face and the reason for this and the expression was melted away with worry. She slammed her head down into his chest. Resting the crown of her head on his heart. His beating giving her hope that he would listen.

No matter what can happen for some reason we always fall down from our pride to comfort the ones we care for, worry for. That is exactly what Kakashi decided to do. He wrapped his arms around her back and let her cry. Even though he was the one that should be crying now. He would put his long waiting pain aside and let her be comforted by him.

Between his shirt and tears she began to speak.

"I don't know if my answer was correct." Sakura slurred.

Her words were already so screwed with the tears, but the pain on top of it just made her quiver and Kakashi scowl. He knew he was partially to blame for her being upset. He after all yelled at her before she was proposed to. But now that wasn't the time to think about his past words it was time listen to hers.

"Sakura, it's OK."

She cleared her throat quickly before sitting up and trying to cover her face with her wrist. Kakashi pulled the wrist from her face. Surprised he didn't expect a red beat to perform on her skin.

He couldn't help it. So he involuntarily placed his hand on her cheek. Sakura looked away scarcely. This was something lovers did and it was so surprising how it fit within the twos relationship.

"Kakashi what do you want my answer to be?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi and her looked each other directly in the eyes. Beaming colors fighting for dominance to spit the words out. They came closer mere inches away from separation. His expression softens to pure sweet devour.

"What do you want my answer to be?" Kakashi whispered to her lips.

She gave a short gasp to the breathe that tickled her lips and gave a sensuality. He slowly comes in even closer. The tip of their lips touch. He ducks towards her ear. Leaving her with a sense of want. Making her desire him, that is all. He would let her get a taste of her own medicine.

"I repeat, what do you want my answer to be?"

Sakura takes his face in her hands quickly for no escape. She felt so different right now. Like all these touches would stay amongst her skin and burn with delight. Before he could respond with anything she places her lips with his. Making the colliding mesh of a sculpture that they have been. Saying a threatening tale within just the form of clay.

He turned the tables and slammed her on her back. Slipping his tongue in her mouth. Sakura immediately tried to push him off. With her strength fading away as they got further and further into the stage of lovers she had a hard time keeping a grip on his shirt. Air seething both their voices. But Sakura had nothing else to say, this is exactly what she wanted, but she was getting married to another man. It started to sink in and she gained the power to push him off.

Kakashi fell backwards on his ass. Looking at her bewildered. She stood up and wiped her lips of there shared fluids. With all this she could be sending the message that she didn't love him, but it simply was she didn't belong to him.

She glared at him and hid the true emotions that lay on the mere surface. This is what she was afraid of, being in the middle. Always she teetered in the middle of Kakashi's marriage. Then between "The Slicer" and Kakashi. Now it was Sasuke and Kakashi. She had to stop the pattern and forget the promises that were made to her.

"Kakashi, I have to tell you something!"

He looked away. Like he knew what she was going to say.

"You don't love me."

A a snap of pain was felt through her torso. That was completely untrue and she didn't know if she wanted hims to think that or know she did love him. But letting him know that would cause them both a large amount of pain. That was the only emotion he knew nowadays so either way it was like that. Hurting a man she loved, always hurting him.


"Holy shit Sakura, what is up with you?"

"What is up with me. Your the man that kissed me back knowing that I had a fiancee. Your the man that filled me with another being, your the man. It's all your fault."

She slid down to her knees. Crying into her hands.

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