Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Addiction ❯ Will You Marry Me ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter Seven

Will You Marry Me


"I'm not Manuel."

Crawling across the floor to the bloody form. The girl reached out for her dearest friends shirt only to be smacked crossed the face and to be sent flying. Landing on her back she confusedly looked up at him. She had known him sense they were children and now suddenly he wanted nothing to do with her, well he wanted everything to do with her she just didn't know it.

"Do you want to fight for your life or may I just take it? I don't feel like releasing sexual energy today." Her friend asked.

Turning to face her she saw it. She saw the killer intent that he hid from her this whole time. The burning rage in his eyes. The pain he felt as a child that she never saw. The blood he had spilled from other women, from people she just barely met on the street. From women that had loved ones, women that were treasured. He was pulling authority into the room. She saw clearly that he didn't pick the weak to be sliced by his blade. He picked the strong he wanted them that way so he could make them weak, he would tear them down

"Why did you choose me?" Was all she could ask.

"Because you have such beautiful blond hair." A moment he thought and whispered "just like Kakashi's sister."

"Who's Kakashi?"

"I'm just finding out for myself. He cried much when I killed his lover and daughter. But now it's starting to come down to 5 others. Only 5 left to kill before he has no one left. I have to see what is finally reaction will be."

"Manuel, why did you become like this?"

"For starters your calling me by my old name. Next I became this way from abuse I suppose."

Before she could speak he pulled out a scalpel. Startled she jumped back and clung to the wall. He chuckled, while walking towards her.

"Maybe I will take out my sexual energy on my new toy."

After dragging Kakashi to his group session Sakura,Temari ,Deidara,Naruto ,Choji ,Sasuke took him to celebrate. Naruto Richard, tall man. He sat in the corner of the long booth. Naruto has unusual orangery-yellow hair the falls just to the middle of his neck. Hazel eyes and a brown suit. Yeah that old goofball grew up to be very serious. Deidara sat next to Naruto, blond hair that falls around his shoulders; always reminds you of the sea for some reason. Slight stubble on his chin, dull blue eyes, and casual jeans and t-shirt. Choji you guessed it, a total moron sat crossed from Naruto. Brown burning eyes, brown hair at the length of a normal male haircut. Truffle shuffle t-shirt and comical shorts with penguins on them. Laugh lines stained amongst his skin. Temari joined Choji and Sasuke did as well. Sakura and Kakashi sat by Deidara. Sasuke and him got into a fight about her being on the edge of the booth, of course Sasuke won by Sakura's vote.

"I'll be right back." Sasuke stated.

Standing up he rushed toward the restroom. The muttering of the group consisted of gossip and cases of old remains.

"Why did they all have to come Sakura?" Crossing his arms he slid slowly into his seat. "All I needed was one person to come not the whole first floor. It's a little strange."

Sakura looked over the bunch that had joined them. Quickly she smiled and looked down upon Kakashi.

"Because Sasuke said he had something important to say afterward and that it would be best if everyone was here for it."

"How do they even know Sasuke. I mean Jesus Christ Sakura! Deidara didn't even know who Sasuke was until I started whining about him."

"Let's not talk about this." Sakura requested.

Kakashi not hearing the hint of anger in her tone of voice just kept going.

"Besides Sasuke isn't good enough for you, he's just some pretty boy. I may have been drunk but I was right, he won't be able to protect you from 'The Slicer.'"

The others over hearing their conversation stopped talking immediately and looked their way. Intently waiting for Sakura's move, just waiting for Kakashi to be smacked upside the head. Backs arching over the edges of their tables. Hair drooping over faces and a few tongues sticking out in concentration.

"What ever you say Kakashi."

That single statement set him off. Kakashi was really pissed now.

"You know what fine! You can let him be your lover, but when your funeral comes around when "The Slicer" gets you I won't be there? Enjoy being alone in solitude!" Kakashi shouted.

Standing up he slipped on his suit's jacket. Squeezing through the space of the table and Sakura he left the booth. The group watching as backed up his rant. Stomping off toward the door. Sakura was left utterly speechless. Before Kakashi could leave and never see Sakura's face again, Sasuke walked up to her with a small box. He peeked over the edge of another booth and watched him kneel before her. He knew what would come next. Running toward the group his was to late as Sasuke asked her four simple words.

"Will you marry me?" Sasuke asked.

Kakashi stood behind him wide eyed and unknowing of what he would do next. Slowly backing away Kakashi turned and ran out the door. Sakura still worrying about Kakashi took a few minutes to think. Sasuke looked down, he knew that she wouldn't say yes. He did prepare himself, but perhaps maybe not enough. Perhaps he was...

"Yes Sasuke."

His gaze leaped up to Sakura's face. A generous grin of happiness was falling down on him and he couldn't help, but chuckle in victory. The people in the restaurant cheered and clapped their hands at the sight. Sakura on the other hand was still waiting for Kakashi to come back through those glass doors.

Choji jumped up on the table and cheered like a child.

"He got the girl and Kakashi got shit!" Choji shouted through the building.

The group gave him disapproving glares and he sat back down satisfied with his outburst.

Kakashi don't go. I need you here. What was all that crap about I'll always be here for you, Kakashi? Please don't go, I don't know how to handle this knew type of relationship. Kakashi, your like my brother please come back.