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In every group of people, there's always a bond. In every friendship, there's always a story.
This story is about four friends who will face a life-long test of friendship in another unfamiliar place.
Who would've thought that a camping trip could change someone's life in an instant?
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Four of a Kind
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`I wonder what Miyuri wanted to tell us…?'
Brenda thought as she walked silently, making her way to school.
Also known as Kairelee, after the main character of her novel, but two of her friends address her as `Kairi-sensei', as respect, being that she was a lot smarter.
Her long hair that reached to her waist was parted on the right; her bangs were swept to side, nearly covering her eye; that was her trademark. She used to wear thick glassed but now she wears hazel brown contact lenses.
Brenda is the smartest girl of the group, the genius, the leader, the novelist and the painter.
She's a very responsible and studious person, but behind that sweet goody-goody aura, is a gilr with and attitude.
She's popular at school. Among the four, she is the one with the most talent, just don't mention to her about her height or she'll kill you.
Brenda is and only child and from a rich family, she even owns her own website, and she loves blogging, painting - oil painting to be exact - and sketching.
She came in the classroom as early as always, not minding the ruckus of her classmates, she opened her book.
As she tucked her long black hair behind her ear she saw the girl who came up beside her with a grin plastered on her face.
“Oh! Good morning Madame Fussy Britches!” Brenda said, grinning to the girl beside her.
The other girl flinched.
Norisa /no-RAI-zuh/
Otherwise known as Rise, like `rice', thus her nickname from her other friend, `Onigiri-chan' meaning `rice ball', but Brenda calls her `Bach'. Her official codename given to her also by `Miyuri is: Noriko.
Norisa is the resident fashionista, the lawyer-to-be and the cartoonist, but mainly: the preppy one. When she's not in her uniform, her get-up is always in style.
She loves to write poetry and she also writes a novel, inspired from her favorite anime - though she rarely talks about it - and her own life story. She loves drawing too.
Her dark brown hair reaches past her shoulder, and she usually wears either a fancy hairpin or a fancy headband to hold up her bangs.
Norisa is from a well-off family, her father works overseas and they have land on three provinces. The youngest among four siblings, she's pretty much spoiled by her parents and she's a `daddy's girl'.
“Ow, it's still morning and you're already calling me names.” She said in monotone.
“Awww, did I hurt you feelings?” Brenda said teasingly.
“I hate you.” Norisa murmured. Yes, that was a joke.
Brenda gasped pretentiously, “I love you too!”She yelled and threw her arms around Norisa's neck.
“Get off me!” Norisa yelled. Brenda let go, laughing her head off.
“Sensei!! Buddy!!” The two heard a familiar voice and turned to meet…
Kay Celine
Nicknamed KayC, but as her official codename, it's Sayuri, originally spelled `Saiyuri' with an `I' as in `Sai'.
Her hair is usually pulled up in a ponytail leaving only a few stands to fall to her face. And she always has that cheerful grin plastered on her face. And that was her trademark.
She's a fan of Naruto just like her friend, Miyuri, as you've noticed: Miyuri and Sayuri. Both labeled as the `Naru-twins'.
Miyuri's actually brainwashing her to write her own fanfic. At least so she wouldn't be the only one, the other two don't really care about fan fiction, they prefer originals.
She loves to sketch and hang around with her friends. She's fun-loving but she's actually quite emotional.
KayC is from an average family but their finances were enough to get her what she wants.
“Morning, KayC!” The two said as KayC took a seat on the desk in front of Brenda.
“Thank God it's Friday, right guys?” She asked, turning around.
“Yep!” The two said at the same time.
“Hey, didn't Miyuri say she was going to give us something..?” She said tilting her head a little.
“Yeah, she did, I'm curious too…” Brenda said touching her chin with her finger
The bell rung before they even noticed. The whole class took their seats as their Math teacher came in.
Later at lunch…
“Wow, looks like Sir Nicolas is enjoying teaching his advisory class…” Brenda said as she laid her chin on her palm, her elbow resting on the desk.
“Sorry guys I'm late!” Another girl came in the classroom. “I got lost on the road of life!” She said smiling.
Her real nickname is Ivy but she's also known in many other nicknames: Tsuta, Hotaru, Yuki, and her official codename, Miyuri.
The resident Otaku and Narutard, and a hyper active weirdo, and she admits it. She's so obsessed of Naruto that most her wardrobe scream `Naruto'. She isn't fond of literature but she loves to write fan fictions of Naruto, and pays less attention to the novel she was originally planning to write. She has short reddish-black hair reaching only to her shoulder, he bangs fall to the side, framing her face. She's very lazy but very hyper; she's loud, childish and pretty much a rebel. Prone to sudden random outbursts, some of her friends seee her as crazy sometimes, hearing her laughing or even talking to herself, but she's used to that, in fact, she's proud of it! But behind that insane and I-don't-really-care-about-the-world attitude is a stack of knowledge, although rarely used, as she says it. She loves to draw too, and she always tries to animate her line arts in the computer.
She used to wear glasses too but now she wears contact lenses too, her's is gray.
Her trademark is her weird hair styles, she says it's `anime-inspired' and she loves to laugh evilly.
Her usual `do is like Mitarashi Anko's of Naruto.
She's from a different class from the three.
She's also from a rich family, she's really spoiled and she always gets what she wants and that would explain her wide collection of anime items. Although she's hyper, she sometimes tend to be distant and would sulk in her seat at the corner of the room, sometimes staring blankly at the window.
KayC giggled, “Kakashi-sensei, is that you?”
“Will you ever quit using that excuse?!” Norisa shouted.
“Let me think…” Divina said walking to the three, as she put her 2 bags down she said with a big grin: “Nope.”
“You are so childish.” Norisa sighed.
Brenda chuckled, “Get used to it, Ba-.“
“I don't wanna hear it from you!” Norisa quickly cut her.
The other two laughed.
The four had lunch, with a little laughter in between.
“Sayuri-chan, don't scream, okay…?” Divina asked KayC after they ate.
“Okay, buddy!” She said trying to hide excitement.
Divina reached to the paper bag she brought and pulled out a doll of Yondaime Hokage.
And as expected, KayC screamed, but she managed to suppress it enough so the whole class won't be disturbed much, it was already noisy anyway.
“I'll give this doll to you as a gift, Saa-chan. Sorry, they didn't have Sai.” Divina said smiling as she handed the doll to KayC.
“For real!?” KayC asked eagerly while tightly hugging the doll.
“Yup!” Divina replied smiling, “And don't forget to bring that to camp!”
“One week away from your parents! It's a good thing you dad let us stay in your summer house at Baguio, Norisa!” Brenda said.
“It's really a great spot too!! The view was awesome!” Divina exclaimed.
“Yup, I always wanted to go out-of-town with you guys! And KayC was even allowed to go with us!” Norisa pointed out.
“I know!” KayC said smiling still. “This is gonna be an awesome Sem Break!”
“Oh yeah!” Divina quickly said. “I brought you two yours, too!” She reached on the paper bag and pulled up 2 dolls, a realistic kitty doll and…
“OH MY GOSH! SASUKE!!!” Brenda let out a suppressed squeal when she saw the doll.
Divina handed the cat doll to Norisa, “I wanted to give you a Naruto plush too but I don't know who you wanted.”
“That's okay, I like this cat, and it's cute.” She said, she didn't look disappointed much to Divina's relief.
As Divina was about to hand Brenda the doll, she quickly snatched it from Divina's hand and hugged it tightly.
“Kairi-sensei, did you take you anti-fangirlism pill..?” Divina said, jokingly.
“No, besides it has no effect on me!” Brenda said.
“Sensei, what level is your fangirl syndrome on!?” Divina yelled.
“Huh, did you say something?” Brenda said adoring her doll.
Divina twitched. The other two just laughed at little scene.
“What about you? Who're you gonna bring, Miyuri?” KayC asked. “Is it Kyuubi-Naruto?! Tobi?! Kakashi?! Or Deidei?!”
“Saa-chan, please don't call Deidara-niichan, `Deidei'…”
KayC laughed. “Okay, so who will you bring?”
Divina wave her finger and winked. “It's a surprise~!” She sang tauntingly.
“You two are so Narutarded” Brenda said giggling.
“And you'll be next, Kairi-sensei.” KayC said smiling evilly.
“And all that will be left is Noriko-chan.” Divina said and laughed evilly.
Norisa twitched. Brenda laughed at the three. `They really must be twins.' She thought.
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The next chapter:
The four are going on a cross-country camping trip.
In a week away from home, what could possibly happen?
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|Author's Note|
I'm so not good at this, but it's turning out to be a hobby.
Hmm, Noriko-chan is right; I should really take Language and Literature in college…
I'll try to update this as fast as I can.
Forget what I said last time, I don't want to publish this at
I'm lazy…! And yes, my titles never make any sense.
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