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Tribute to the KaMiSaNo.ORG
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In every group of people, there's always a bond. In every friendship, there's always a story.
This story is about four friends who will face a life-long test of friendship in another unfamiliar place.
Who would've thought that a camping trip could change someone's life in an instant?
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Chapter 1:
Out of the Ordinary
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“NORIKO-CHAAAAAN!!!!” the Naru-twins, KayC and Divina yelled in front of Norisa's house.
Norisa peeked out her bedroom window to see her three best friends waving at her.
“Hey, guys!” she waved back, then ran outside.
She ran up to meet them, all packed up.
“You guys sure did pack a lot.” She said.
“Hey, did you guys bring the uniforms…?” Divina asked.
The three nodded.
“I even got my Mom to make me 2 more!” KayC said.
“Nice!” Divina said, with thumbs up.
“So when are we leaving?” asked Brenda.
“Just as soon as my sister's done getting ready.” Norisa replied.
“Your sister's coming?” Divina asked.
“Yeah, Mom said we needed a babysitter.” Norisa replied rather annoyed.
“Can you blame her? It's not gonna be easy with just the four of us.” Brenda stated.
“Eh, you're right.” Norisa shrugged.
“Check! CD's and laptop?”
“Check! Plushies?”
“Check! Akatsuki cloak?”
“Check! Yondaime's robe?”
“Check! Forehead protectors?”
“Check-a-roo! `Guess we're all packed up!” Divina exclaimed as she and KayC finished their cross-checking.
“How much Naruto did you pack?” Norisa asked bewildered by the two.
“A lot, I guess…” Divina replied.
Brenda laughed at them, “Face it Bach, those two never leave home without Naruto.”
Norisa sighed and smiled, “They never do...”
“Oh yeah, who did you bring?” KayC asked Divina as the engine started.
“Can't bring him out yet, Sensei's might kill him…” Divina said, smirking.
“No. Way.” KayC said her eyes widening.
“You better believe it.” Divina said smiling more.
Brenda looked behind her where the two sat.
“Norisa, you better cover your ears, I sense something…” She whispered to Norisa who was sitting beside her.
As Divina pulled out the plush toy, KayC squealed. The two girls in front of them laughed in amusement.
“Oh shocks! You have Itachi now!?” She asked enthusiastically.
“Yep, now I need to get another Sasuke and then if I find an Obito plush, my Uchiha collection will be complete!” She said then laughed evilly, much to Norisa and Brenda's fright.
“FREEDOM!!!” KayC yelled throwing her hand overhead as she stepped out of the van.
“IKUZO!” Divina followed, also doing the same.
“WILL YOU TWO PIPE DOWN?!?” Norisa yelled back as she stepped out as well.
“Calm down, Rise.” Rachelle said, putting her hand on her younger sister's shoulder.
“Well they're getting on my nerves.” Norisa muttered.
“You're saying it as if you've never been with them in their `hyper-mode'.” Brenda said, trying convincing her.
Norisa just sighed as she looked at the two laughing and smiling widely as they hiked uphill.
They had just arrived from their ride from their province.
Norisa's mother insisted that Rachelle should come with them on their way to their newly refurbished vacation house.
Divina and KayC were extremely excited because their parents finally let them go out-of-town with their friends.
The house was far from the road, they still needed to hike uphill so that they could reach it, but it wasn't very much of a hike, there was a cobblestone path from the house anyway.
“Why did Mom have to make you come?” Norisa asked as she dropped herself on the chair.
“Rise, you and your friends are just 11, you think she let you?” Her sister answered back, crossing her arms.
Norisa sighed again. She looked at the three who were looking around.
She noticed Divina and Brenda was looking everywhere; she was admiring the interior design.
The house was a simple two-story house with Japanese-Chinese architectural design.
“I asked Dad if he could have it a little Asian-themed. I thought that since you two would like it that way. What do you think?” She asked.
“We love it!” The two said together.
Brenda liked the Chinese culture; her novel was actually a little bit on Chinese history.
As for Divina, what's not to expect from an Otaku?
They finished dinner before 8 PM. Brenda and Norisa went to their rooms. KayC stayed out the veranda, leaning onto the railing.
KayC was looking up the sky at the stars, “Miyuri was right, the view is awesome…” she thought
“Hey, Sai!” KayC turned around to see Divina heading her way.
“I thought you were busy in your room?” She asked Divina.
“Nah, I got bored, there's nothing good to do.” She said as she pocketed her MP4.
“…your line arts…?”
“…Not in the mood….”
“…your fanfics…?”
“…writer's block…”
“…your novel…?”
KayC sighed in defeat, “When she says it, she means it…” she thought as she looked back the sky.
She listened to the crickets chirping, when she saw a white line suddenly appear in the sky.
“Wow, a shooting star…” she mumbled absent-mindedly.
“…Demo sono tanbi ni omoi dasu
Nagareboshi wo sagashite ano hoshizora
Chiisana koro no negaigoto wa ima
Mukashi mo kawaranai mama…
She heard Divina beginning to sing softly…
She sang along by the chorus…
“..Sora wo mi agereba
Hoshitachi ga hora matataiteru
Kono hoshi no hitotachi mitai ni
Samazama na hikari wo hanatte…”
They didn't hear Brenda who came by until they heard her sing with them.
“…Sono naka de boku mo hitoki wa kagayaiteitainda
Me wo tojite kokoro ni chikau
Nagareboshi ni yume wo takushite.
“What are you doing here?” KayC asked.
“The question is: What are you two doing here?”
“Passing the time.” The two said together. They looked at each other for a second.
Brenda laughed.
The next night…
“Hey guys!” Norisa yelled as she entered the living room..
“What?” was all that Brenda replied.
“Huh?” The `twins' said dryly.
Norisa blinked in amusement, the Naru-twins twins were awfully bored.
“What's with the two of you?”
KayC sat beside Divina on the floor leaning behind the sofa.
“No net connection, can't read the latest chapter….” Divina said dully, staring at her laptop.
Brenda was writhing something while she was lying on the couch.
“Let's go outside guys! My sister said she won't be back `til tomorrow morning, why not take a stroll out?” She asked the three.
“No thanks.” Brenda said.
“I'm good here.” KayC looked at Norisa then stared back at the screen of Divina's laptop.
“Meh.” Divina said, not even looking away from the screen, trying to suppress annoyance.
“I found a cave, you said you wanted to go see one, didn't you Divina?” She asked.
“Well yeah but…” Divina paused. “Ah, sure! Why not? I'm boring myself here!” she exclaimed.
She shut of the computer and invited the other two.
“This place is starting to give me the creeps!” Norisa said holding her arms to ward off the cold.
“Sorry, Princess, you were the one who gave us the idea.” Divina said, and then chuckled.
They went in further the cave with Divina in the lead holding the flashlight.
KayC followed then Brenda and Noriko at the last.
Divina heard the echo of water dropping from a stalactite.
Norisa, being already crept out, got frightened and clung to Brenda.
“Scaredy cat...” She muttered.
“Sensei, you're starting to sound like Sasuke-teme.” Divina said chuckling.
“Haha, Funny.” Brenda said sarcastically.
Divina accidentally took a wrong step on a loose rock and flinched and nearly screamed.
“Looks who's scared now.” Norisa taunted.
“Yeah, whatever, I was only worried it that might have triggered this cave to collapse.” She said keeping herself together.
“Psh, Yeah right.”
Just then they heard thunder from the opening of the cave.
Norisa and Divina, much to Brenda's surprise, screamed, KayC was petrified, Brenda was just shocked.
The two were really frightened that they accidentally ran further in to the cave, the other two had no choice but to follow them.
They caught up to the two who were trying to catch their breaths.
“Sometimes, you two really surprise me.” Brenda said.
A couple of seconds later the flashlight went out.
“Uh oh...” Brenda said.
“Not good.” Norisa said trembling.
“Definitely not a good sign.” KayC stated.
“You guys worry too much. I brought spares. Sheesh.” Divina said as she carefully pulled out the extras from her pouch.
Divina nearly dropped the batteries when lighting suddenly flashed.
“Don't be a clutz.” Norisa scoffed.
“Try putting batteries on a flashlight when you can't even see anything.” Divina countered.
Soon she finally got it to work again.
She waved the flashlight around. “Does anyone know where we've gotten….?” Divina asked.
“Not far I guess, the path we went was straight ahead…” Brenda said pointing to where they did come from.
“We really should get out of here; this place is kind `a starting to scare the crap out `a me.” Divina said.
They went on their way out of the cave.
“Doesn't the forest seem a little thicker…?” KayC asked curiously.
“You must already be sleepy, Kay.” Norisa said, nervously.
But she's right; the forest does seem a little thicker…” Divina thought then looked up.
“That's odd…” She said
“What's odd?” Brenda asked.
“It's nothing, Sensei. I must be over-thinking again.” Divina replied, scratching the back of her head.
There was thunder and lightning while we were inside, but why's the sky clear out here…?” She thought narrowing her eyes as she looked back at the cave.
The four returned home, nothing much changed out of the ordinary.
The three slept peacefully but Divina was getting the feeling something did, and it was a very bizarre change.
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The next chapter:
What did happen after they got out of the cave?
What's with the weird weather anyway?
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|Author's Note|
Oh joy… Chapter 1 already? I'm ecstatic. *said with no emotion*
Kidding, I'm really glad I could write this…
It's almost exam week and I haven't even turned a page in my notebook XD
I'm such a good student *sarcasm*
Hope you enjoy reading the story!
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