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In every group of people, there's always a bond. In every friendship, there's always a story.
This story is about four friends who will face a life-long test of friendship in another unfamiliar place.
Who would've thought that a camping trip could change someone's life in an instant?
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Chapter 4:
I Guess the Vacation's Over Guys…!
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“Don't you think we should be worried?” Noriko asked KairI as she lounged on the sofa.
“I'm not sure myself. I feel a little weird but it looks like this always happen to Miyuri, I mean, she didn't even look surprised!” She replied as she put a notebook in her bag.
“Kairi, you know Miyuri, nothing like this surprises her…” She got up and saw Kairi packing.
“What are you going to do with those…?” She asked curiously.
Kairi didn't answer.
“Wait - don't tell me you're going with them!?”
“Kinda…” Kairi answered, scratching the back of her neck.
Noriko sighed, “What got into your head?” She asked dryly.
“I prefer not losing to Miyuri at anything, and if it means I have to play her game, I'll give it a go!” She said cheerfully.
“Competitive side…” Noriko sighed again, “That's girl's an expert, she knows a lot of things we don't.” She stated.
“I know.” Kairi said.
“You know? Then why are you even trying?”
“Just for fun.” She said cheerfully, as she threw herself on her bed.
“Miyuri too obsessed to know that something's wrong about being here… right Kairi?”
“Yep.” She agreed.
The other room…
“Okay, that's the last of it…” Miyuri said disappointedly as she closed the big trunk.
“Hey wait, what about these?” Miyuri glanced behind her to see Sayuri holding up their plush toys.
“That can stay out here, it's not like we bring them outside right…?”
Sayuri pondered for a moment then smiled, “You're right.”
“I can't believe I won't be able to wear my Naruto shirts anymore!!!” Miyuri said, faking tears.
“Well you said we have to put away all Naruto fan stuff.” Sayuri said, chuckling.
“I know, but I really love those shirts.” Miyuri got up.
“And we're not supposed to wear our coats either…” she paused,
“Especially yours.” Sayuri interrupted, still snickering.
“Yeah, they might think I'm a spy for Akatsuki.” Miyuri said before breaking into laughter.
“Yeah, one that doesn't even knows how to use basic ninjutsu!” Sayuri laughed too.
“Okay I got enough, I might suffocate.” Miyuri said a couple of moments later, as she sat on her bed.
“What about you're wallet?” Sayuri asked, sitting on hers.
“Oh that…? I guess I just won't bring it out often, I don't have any other else.” She said,
“It's already dark, we better-“
“Practice manipulating our chakra!” Miyuri interrupted, she shot up.
“I was gonna say `get to sleep'…”
“But we should at least know how to.” Miyuri justified.
Sayuri rolled her eyes, “Fine then.” She answered, laughing.
“At least if we know how, we can start practicing jutsus.”
“And how would that be…?” Sayuri asked, raising and eyebrow.
“Dear, dear, Sayuri, I have a list of ninjutsu in my bag and I know all the 12 hand seals.” Miyuri said,
“You never cease to amaze me, buddy!”
Miyuri didn't seem to have any problems, as for Sayuri…
“Why does it seem so easy for you? I can't feel anything!!” she whined.
Miyuri took a few seconds to think,
“I guess the meditation actually did wonders for this…” Miyuri muttered.
“Excuse me…?”
“Well, Kairi-sensei and I used to meditate every time when we weren't doing anything, I guess that probably helped…” Miyuri said, a little unsure.
“She meditates?”
“Yeah, she does, she knows Tai Chi too.” Miyuri said monotonously.
“Did she teach you that too!?!?”
“No, she was forbidden to.” Miyuri said, “Maybe you could join us tomorrow, I guess Sensei wouldn't disagree.”
“I hope so…”
Next morning…
Miyuri woke up early for no apparent reason. Recently, she's been waking up so early…
5:38 in the morning?! This sucks…” she thought, irritated, she looked to her side to see Sayuri still sleeping soundly.
Not being able to get to sleep, she decided to meditate, knowing it'll help her with the chakra manipulation.
Twenty-two minutes later, Sayuri's alarm clock went off.
Miyuri snapped out of her concentration and saw Sayuri turned the clock off.
“Morning, Saa-chan!” She said happily.
Sayuri yawned, “Morning, Yuu-chan…” She said drowsily as she got up.
“Class doesn't start till 8 you know, and the academy's not that far.” Miyuri said, snickering.
“It doesn't? Aw fish paste.” Sayuri muttered.
“Since you're awake, you should meditate then.” Miyuri said as she closed her eyes and continued.
“I thought your hands are supposed to be in some other position…?” Sayuri asked curiously.
Miyuri's eyes shot open and glanced at her hands in the form of a tiger seal.
“Sensei said that the hand positions can be different.” She said closing her eyes again.
Sayuri nodded, “I prefer this since I'm used to it already.”
Sayuri nodded again, “But Sensei usually just relaxes her hands on her knees.” Miyuri finished.
“O~kay…” Sayuri sang.
Kairi actually woke up earlier; she woke up 5 in the morning just to meditate.
6:30 AM; Sayuri and Miyuri walked downstairs, already dressed, although they didn't wear their hoodies, their shirts had the wing symbols.
When they went to the kitchen they were surprised to see Kairi eating breakfast, all dressed up.
“Sensei? Are you heading somewhere?” Miyuri asked.
“Yeah, Kairi, where to?” Sayuri asked as well.
“Yep, you wouldn't mind if I tag along, right?” She said to the two.
“You mean your coming to the academy with us?!?” The two asked eagerly, stars in their eyes.
“Uh-huh!” Kairi said, smiling to them.
“Kairi, I'm off!” they heard Noriko call from the living room.
“Off to where?” Miyuri mumbled under her breath.
“She said she got a job.”
“She what!?” Miyuri and Sayuri asked Kairi unbelievingly.
“I don't know! Don't look at me!” Kairi said, putting her arms up defensively.
“Job at where?” Miyuri asked.
“Ichiraku… I think… she said she asked Ayame about it while we were talking to Kakashi.”
“Ayame?” Sayuri asked.
“Teuchi's daughter.” Miyuri stated.
Sayuri looked at her. “Teuchi's the owner of Ichiraku.”
“Oh! Them!”
Miyuri and Kairi looked at each other before looking back at Sayuri again.
“Hey we still have to see the Hokage right?” Kairi said.
“Oh yeah, we do!” Miyuri said.
The three quietly walked the hallways, along with a Chuunin to guide them.
Miyuri wasn't talking because she might slip up again just like last time.
“It's a good thing Hokage-sama was busy yesterday, ne, Sen- I mean Kairi?” Miyuri corrected herself, remembering she shouldn't be calling Kairi `sensei' anymore.
“Uhhh… yeah…” Kairi said as they walked to the door.
“Umm…thank you….” Miyuri said the Chuunin who guided them there.
Miyuri was actually itching to call the spiky-haired Chuunin by his name.
“No problem.” He said smiling to them and walked away.
When she was sure he was gone…
“Whew… I almost called Kotetsu by his name….” She said, wiping an imaginary sweat from her forehead.
“Poor you, you have problems pretending you don't know them.” Kairi taunted.
“Yeah, yeah, even Saa-chan's not having problems, you don't know much about them, right?”
Sayuri only smiled, but Miyuri was sure that was a yes.
They opened the door to see the Hokage looking out the window, talking with Kakashi.
“And speaking of the new students, here they are.” Kakashi said.
“Ah, Kakashi-san.” Miyuri smiled.
The Hokage turned around to face the three and smiled at them.
“Would you three come closer?” The Hokage asked.
“Sandaime Hokage; Sarutobi Hiruzen; student of Shodai Hokage; teacher of the Legendary Sannins; father of Sarutobi Asuma; Konohamaru's grandfather - duh.” Miyuri stated softly.
Sayuri giggled, “Too much information.” She whispered to her.
Thank goodness, they didn't hear what Miyuri just said.
“So you are travelers, huh. So where's the other one?” The Hokage said.
“She had other business, Hokage-sama.” Miyuri quickly answered.
“Oh I see.”
After talking to the Hokage the three went straight to the academy.
“Wow, he is old.” Sayuri said laughing.
“Of course he is, he's not like Orochimaru and Tsunade who has a jutsu too look young.” Miyuri laughed.
“You two are total nutcases.” Kairi commented.
“Of course I am!” Miyuri said still laughing.
They stopped laughing as they entered the academy building.
“I wonder what class we'll end up in.” Sayuri said, still snickering.
“I hope we end up somewhere interesting.” Miyuri said, smiling.
They walked in silence until another familiar Chuunin came up them.
“Ah, you must be the new students.”
“Yes, sir.” Kairi said, although she was expecting Miyuri to talk but she thinks she knows already why the two stayed silent.
“I'm Kairi, and these are my friends, Miyuri and Sayuri.” She stated.
He smiled at the three, “I'm Umino Iruka, and I'll be your teacher then, come on, class starts in ten minutes.” He said.
The three followed.
“Well at least I know the teachers, as long as it stays like that, I'm happy!.” Miyuri whispered to Sayuri.
“Picky.” She whispered back and laughed.
“Here we are.” Iruka said, interrupting the two's conversation, if they ever were having one at the moment.
“This is both the first and the last class I'd ever want to be in….” Miyuri muttered when Iruka opened the door.
“Why last? I mean this is the best class we can be in!” Sayuri whispered.
“Yeah, why both?” Kairi asked.
“I like it here because this is the best class I would hope to be in; I hate this class because my least favorite-slash-most hated character is here.” Miyuri replied.
Sayuri sighed, “You are SO demanding.” Kairi said and chuckled.
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The next chapter:
Kairi decided to join in as they continue their stories on their way to being shinobis.
Noriko's not joining and is still bothered about the incident.
While Noriko's bothered about being there, Miyuri's bothered by the fact that she knows too much.
Now that the three are entered in the academy, how will this story go?
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I hope you enjoyed this chapter :D
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