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In every group of people, there's always a bond. In every friendship, there's always a story.
This story is about four friends who will face a life-long test of friendship in another unfamiliar place.
Who would've thought that a camping trip could change someone's life in an instant?
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Chapter 3:
New Identities
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Divina stood there wide eyed, “Tell me I'm not dreaming…”
KayC and the others looked baffled as well.
“This can't be happening.” Norisa muttered.
Suddenly Divina and KayC began squealing.
“IT IS!!! KYAAA!!! THIS IS SOOO COOL!!!” they yelled, their eyes sparkling in delight.
“Aren't you guys even worried that were even here!?!” Norisa yelled.
“Oh who cares about that!?” KayC said excitedly.
“ We're here!! In Konohagakure no Sato!!!” Divina exclaimed.
The two squealed again. It was after a few seconds they noticed Brenda was silent.
“Um… Sensei?” Divina called waving her hand in front of Brenda who was still staring at the gates.
“Sensei…? Brendei??” KayC followed.
Just then a smirk crawled into Divina's face.
“I bet you're thinking of seeing him here, ne, Sensei?” Divina said.
Brenda's mouth curved into a little smile and she nodded absentmindedly.
Divina and KayC smiled.
They turned around and went began walking to the village.
“H-hey, where are you two going!?!” Norisa yelled.
The two turned to Norisa with similar facial expressions.
“To the village, where else?” They simultaneously said.
Brenda followed the two. Norisa sighed and began walking behind them.
“Hey, who are you guys?” one of the guards asked.
“Oh we're... U-um…” Brenda stammered.
“…were travelers!” Divina quickly finished.
“We just wanted to see the village.” She added.
KayC nodded and so did Norisa, but a little hesitant.
“Well okay.” said the guard.
“Don't worry sir, we won't make any hullabaloo.” Divina said laughing as she walked away.
The other three chuckled at Divina's statement while they followed her.
Divina and KayC walked in awe as they looked at the sights of the village.
“It even looks cooler in real life!” KayC muttered.
“I know!! This is so awesome!” Divina replied.
Brenda looked at the two who were obviously overjoyed.
Norisa was indifferent.
“Let's check out the marker!” Divina suggested.
“The marker?!” Let's go!!” KayC replied excitedly.
“Here!” KayC exclaimed.
“I think I'm gonna get a headache…” Divina said.
“What's wrong?” KayC asked.
“Umm… since when did we understand kanji?” Divina asked.
KayC blinked. “She's right, how on earth did I know that the kanji read `Uchiha Obito'…?
The two stood in silence as they looked at each other.
“Okay, you two must be just hungry, let's go grab something to eat!” Brenda suggested.
“Yeah, we probably are!” Divina said and smiled.
She looked back suspiciously at the marker before they left.
“Naruto's right! The ramen at Ichiraku's is great!” KayC exclaimed.
“Where'd you get the money?” Norisa asked.
“Dear Noriko-chan, I never leave anywhere without my beloved wallet with my beloved's name on it.” She said waving her black wallet with the name `Uchiha Itachi' imprinted on it.
“Ri~ght.” Brenda sang.
Right on cue and boy with spiky blonde hair wearing an orange-blue jumpsuit came running in.
“Ooh, right on time, Saa-chan.” Divina said as she put her wallet back in her pocket.
It was then she realized he was still younger and he wasn't wearing a forehead protector, rather, he was wearing the green goggles he wore before he graduated.
“Hey, Miyu-chan, why isn't he wearing the forehead protector…?” KayC whispered to her friend.
“I don't think he's graduated yet…” Divina whispered back.
“Uh, hey, who are you guys?!” the blonde kid asked loudly.
Wow, he is loud.” Divina thought and swear dropped.
Pretend you have no idea of who he really is.” Divina thought to herself.
“Oh umm... I think it's more formal if you'd introduce yourself to us first.” Divina said.
“The name's Uzumaki Naruto and I'm gonna be the next Hokage! Believe it!” he said loudly.
“Hokage huh?” Divina said.
“I'm Div- Miyuri!” she said, quickly correcting herself.
“…Nar-na-N-Ninaru Miyuri!” She finished.
“I'm Sayuri!” KayC exclaimed.
“Ninaru Sayuri!” Divina corrected, “she's my... my… my twin sister!” Divina - Miyuri added.
“We're twins?” KayC whispered; making sure Naruto didn't hear it.
“Yes we are, since we're here and nobody knows who we really are; let's just make them believe were twins!” Miyuri whispered back.
“Alright!” KayC - Sayuri whispered joyfully.
Miyuri smiled at Naruto who seemed to be confused.
“These are our friends-“
“Azuchi Kairi.” Brenda said.
“Y-yeah, what she said.” Miyuri said, “And this is Noriko…”
“I'm Sakura Noriko.” Norisa stated.
“Heh, nice to meet you guys!” Naruto said smiling in his trademark grin then he began running to Ichiraku.
“Oh, hey Naruto, one last question.”
Naruto turned around. “How old are you…?”
“Okay. Thanks.” Divina said then turned around. Naruto went inside.
“He's eleven meaning he hasn't graduated yet.”
Sayuri and Kairi nodded. They stood in silence for a few seconds.
“We have to keep everything we know about Naruto a secret.” Miyuri stated, breaking the silence.
“We're not allowed to talk about it?” Norisa - Noriko asked curiously.
“Why not?” Sayuri asked confusedly.
“That's because if they knew, who knows what they do once they get the information out of us.” Kairi stated.
Miyuri nodded, “That's why and because it might change the whole plot of the story.”
“And that's why we needed to change our names too, they might think our names are pretty odd and they could suspect us of something, right?” Kairi added.
“Right, and that's why not a squeak about what's going to happen at all.” Divina said.
“Not even one…?” Sayuri asked.
Miyuri put her finger to her chin and pondered about her question.
“Well, the trivial stuff wouldn't hurt…” Miyuri said.
“Like what?” Noriko asked.
Miyuri looked around to make sure no one was listening.
“Like when Sasuke and Naruto kissed.”
Noriko and Kairi twitched. Sayuri's mouth formed a perfect `O'.
“And we should pretend we don't know anyone here, mmmkay?” Divina added.
“Will do.” Sayuri and Brenda agreed.
They stood in silence again.
“…'Sakura'…?” the three questionably asked Noriko.
“I got it from Alice Academy'.” She repied.
“Ohhh…” Miyuri said, her mouth forming a perfect `O'.
“…so what was with 'Ninaru'…?” Noriko asked.
“I couldn't think of anything else. The first thing that popped in my head was `Naru-twins' and the number 2…” Miyuri replied, waving her hand casually.
Noriko blinked, “…so what about `Az-“
“Sensei used that surname in her novel, remember?” Miyuri said.
“I was gonna use `Xi'en' but I remembered I was supposed to use Japanese.” Brenda -- Kairi scratched the back of her head.
“I guess I'm not supposed to be calling you `sensei' anymore.” Miyuri said.
“I guess so…” Kairi sighed.
The four continued to roam the village.
“Hey, Miyuri…” Sayuri called.
Miyuri turned around to see a gate that was locked with yellow tape that was written with kanji that read `No Trespassing'.
On the top were banners bearing the symbol that was familiar to them.
“So this is the Uchiha compound eh….” Miyuri said absentmindedly.
“I guess so…” Sayuri muttered.
“This place?” Kairi asked, “But it's-“
“Pretty much abandoned.” Miyuri interrupted.
“It has since the massacre. Probably just four or five years ago…” Miyuri finished.
The four looked at the gate a little while longer.
“Hey guys, let's go, I'm not involved if Br—I mean Kairi and Yuu-chan end up yelling at each other.” Sayuri said.
“Why would they?” Noriko innocently asked.
Sayuri pulled Noriko close to her, “Uchiha Itachi and Uchiha Sasuke.” She whispered, emphasizing each syllable.
“I think I get what you mean.”Noriko whispered back, “Let's go!” She yelled.
“I never expected Konoha to be this big, ne Saa-chan!?!” Miyuri exclaimed as she walked backwards.
“I know!” KayC replied, having the same volume as Miyuri.
“Hey, what if we go to the academy? I mean, if we might be stuck here for a while, we should become shinobis, right Saa-chan!?!” She asked Sayuri.
“That'd be awesome, Yuu-chan!!” She replied eagerly. “And we could go on awesome missions too!”
“But wouldn't that be a little… you know…” Noriko said, thinking of a word to describe some certain missions.
“Nori-chan, that's what makes shinobi missions exciting!” Miyuri said.
Sayuri nodded keenly.
“You know, you should watch where you're going Miyuri, you might trip.” Kairi advised.
“Don't worry, Sensei, I have eyes behind my head.” She said laughing.
“What? You have Byakugan now?” KayC replied laughing as well.
As for Noriko - totally out of place, she has no idea.
Noriko was totally spaced out and the three were laughing that they didn't notice a certain shinobi in their way.
Noriko snapped out before she knew it,
“ Miyuri, watch-!“
“ -out. Never mind…” Noriko face palmed.
“Ow.” Miyuri muttered as she sat up.
“Oh, sorry, I wasn't looking.” A familiar voice said.
Miyuri looked up to see one of the familiar Jounins of Konoha lending her a hand.
“Hatake Kakashi in the flesh!! Sugoi!!!” She screamed in her head.
“Ah, don't worry, it was my fault, I was walking backwards.” She said laughing as he helped her up.
“I've never seen you four around here.”
“Ah we're travelers; we just decided to move in.” Miyuri said laughing nervously.
“Ah, travelers I see. So where do you really come from?” He asked.
“U-um… well… we…our parents didn't tell us, Kakashi.” Miyuri mentally slapped herself.
Why the hell did she say his name!?!” Sayuri and Kairi panicked.
“How do you know my name?” He asked.
“W-well, of c-course, I do! Y-you're the fabled Copy Ninja Hatake Kakashi! Everyone knows you!” Miyuri declared.
Nice excuse!” both Kairi and Sayuri mentally gave her a thumbs-up, relieved that Miyuri still had her `escaping tactics'.
“Okay. And you are?”
“Ninaru Miyuri.”
Kakashi turned to the others.
“Ninaru Sayuri!” Sayuri answered gleefully. “I'm her sister.”
“Sakura Noriko.” Norisa said apathetically.
“I'm Azuchi Kairi.”
“You travel on your own?” He asked. The three nodded, Noriko didn't pay attention.
“Aren't you four pretty young to travel on your own?”
“Why yes, yes we are.” Miyuri quickly said.
Doesn't that sound like Phineas?” Kairi thought.
“O-kay…” He said. “What did you girls come here for?”
“Well…” Miyuri looked back at her friends, and Sayuri obviously knows what she was going to say.
“…we heard that a lot of great shinobis are from here so my sister and I decided that we go to the academy here. I-is that okay?” she asked.
“Well, we should get that decided by Hokage-sam-”
“Uhh... Miyuri-chan, Sayuri-chan…?” Kakashi was utterly surprised by their sudden outburst.
“WE'RE GONNA BE SHINOBIS!!!! YATTA!! YATTA!!!” they continued squealing.
“Sorry about that Kakashi, they're really like that when they're really happy.” Noriko muttered.
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The next chapter:
The four have now taken new identities.
It looks like the two are about to enter a new life of being true shinobis, not just pretending shinobi.
How will this story turn out as they begin a new life?
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|Author's Note|
Okay, random outbursts -_-;
Haha LoL
I'm Miyuri there and yes, I have a wallet with Itachi-sama's name on it!
And the dolls are true!
I really gave Brenda a Sasuke doll, I also gave KayC Yondaime doll and I DID give Norisa a cat…doll…
And I do have a doll of Tobi, Kakashi, Naruto (in four tail Kyuubi form) and Deidara.
And I also have an Akatsuki cloak (which my brother hasn't returned yet) and a forehead protector too XD
Anyway, thanks for waiting for the update and reading Chapter 3.
I hope you enjoyed this chapter too^^
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