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Outcasts: My Crystal Angel
Chapter 1: Home; Family; Friends
We left the village for Konoha at sunrise.
"Don't worry Shiro, just calm down. I think your power's aggravated with heightened emotions."
"O-okay... I-I'll try..." he said nervously
"Are you sure about letting him that close...?"
"He was just nervous last time. Besides, it was just a scratch Kaede-san."
"You're underestimating Namikaze-san, Nii-chan*."
"You really should stop jumping into other's conversations..." I said turning to Aiko.
She laughs nervously. "Gomen."
"Typical Aiko."
We were traveling through the forest, leaping from tree to tree.
Shiro was still weak; he still couldn't walk so I had to carry him. The others wouldn't carry him though. They don't want me to, either. Poor kid. Reminds me of how the villagers treat my little brother. And speaking of little brother-
"Oh crap, I hope Naruto-kun hasn't done anything stupid AGAIN!" I mentally slapped my head. I slowed down a bit because of the thought.
"Naruto-kun's gonna hate me for leaving him again." He always hated it when I leave him for missions so long. Who could blame him? I'm probably the only one who talks to him, let alone treat him as family.
"But then again, he does start to smile again after I apologize."
Itachi noticed and slowed down as well. Then he came closer to me, "Something wrong, Hitomi-chan?" he whispered.
"B-betsu ni!*" I stuttered. That happens a lot when he gets too close. It's a good thing I'm wearing a mask, I could feel my face heating up. "Geez, why does he always make me feel so uncomfortable??"
Shiro probably fell asleep; he was really quiet, his grip on my neck loosened a bit too.
"You really have a way with kids, don't you?" he said, then chuckled.
"I guess so...” I said, ignoring the warm feeling on my face.

"He's at it again!" a Jounin said.
"Hokage-sama really shouldn't send Hitomi-hime to such missions." the other said.
"This kid only listens to her, anyways." the latter added.
"This kid's really a pain." another Jounin said.
Eventually, they caught the 7-year-old blonde kid who was, again, causing a mess, and brought him to the Hokage's office.
"What will we ever do with you...?" The Hokage said, shaking his head.
"Hmp." was Naruto said, and turned his head, while he was all tied up.
They heard a knock on the door.
"Hokage-sama?" a girl's voice said.
"Come in." he said.
The door opened and revealed 2 young ANBU and one boy.
"How was it?"
"The number of the bandits in Kusagakure* were less than expected. Most of them must've moved out, Hokage-sama." The first one with black hair said.
"But they did left something -- someone, rather." The second said nudging the 7-year old boy.
"Who do we have here...?" The Hokage bent down to level the child but he quickly ran behind the blonde-haired ANBU.
"Gomen nasai*, Hokage-sama, he's a little... aloof..." She said, finding the right words.
"That's fine. Don't worry, we won't harm you." The old man said, looking at the child with the last statement.
"HITOMI-NEE*!!!" Naruto quickly ran to the blonde ANBU and hugged her as soon as he got loose.
"Sorry for leaving so long, Naruto-kun." She said.
"You should get Naruto home then, we'll have this child watched over for the mean time."
"Hai*, Hokage-sama." The two said and left, along with Naruto.
"Alright, what did you do to get sent to Hokage-sama's office again?" I asked as I walked with Naruto.
"Nothing..." he said.
"Aw c'mon. I know you did something."
"Something at the market..." He said.
"O~kay... that solves something..." I said when I saw what a mess the market was when we passed by it.
Naruto was quiet until we got home. I took my mask off when we came inside. Naruto just sat by the table.
"Nee-san, do you know anything about my family...?" he asked glumly, his expression was empty, as if he was in a trance.
"Gomen, I really don't know. Hokage-sama just told me to watch over you..."
"Just like that kid back there...?" he asked as he looked at me with sad eyes.
I stayed silent at first, but then I decided to say something, "Yeah, more or less..."
"Gomen Naruto-kun, the elders instructed me to never tell you..."
I went to my room to change to my normal outfit: a short black yukata with a matching red obi sash. Naruto's expression didn't change at all when I came out. "...Namikaze Naruto...? Nah, Uzumaki still sounds better..."
"How is it like to have parents?" he asked again.
"Well... how do I put this..." I said, putting my finger to my chin.
I stayed silent and watched Naruto. "I've never seen him this gloomy."
I sighed, "Naruto-kun, If you keep asking those kinds of questions, you'll never get over it."
He looked at me straight in the eyes, then his expression lightened up and smiled a little then looked down.
"Hey lighten up. How about if I make you some ramen?"
"ALRIGHT!! RAMEN!!!" he said, recovering from his gloomy mood.
"What'll you have: Spicy Ramen-"
"I want your Ramen Special!!!"
"Alright, the Special it is!" I said, catching into the mood.

"Nee-chan, your ramen's the best!!" he said as he finished his 3rd bowl.
"Teuchi-jii-chan and Ayame-san won't be happy if they'd hear that..." I said teasingly.
"Well it's true!!" he said.
I just laughed after that.
There was silence, almost... The only sound heard is Naruto slurping the ramen.
"Naruto-kun, you wouldn't mind if I go out for a while again...?"
"Where are you going?" he asked, although it was a little muffled, he's got the noodles stuffed in his mouth.
"Just around the village. My friends and I are going to have some bonding time; we've been too busy with missions we don't get to hang around anymore." I said. I saw Naruto's face sadden. Probably from when I said 'my friends'.
"Naruto-kun, If you don't want m-"
"It's okay Hitomi-nee." He said grinning, trying to hide his sadness in that smile.
"If you say so." I said, smiling a little.
"I'll be going then..."
I stood up and walked to the door.
"Yeah...?" I turned to him.
"Thanks for being a great sister." He said and smiled.
I returned the gesture before I left.
"Take care of your little brother, Mii-chan."
I looked up to the sky.
"Am I doing good enough, Dad?"

"I"m here!" Aiko said, panting as she came running to the other two. "Am I late?"
"Not as late as Hitomi-san." Ryuuko said monotonously.
"She's not here yet?" Aiko asked curiously.
"Nope. She had to take care of Naruto." Aya said.
"I'm surprised she could actually handle him that well." she added.
"I'm not." Aiko said straight.
The two stared at her blankly.
"Sorry, I'm late guys." Hitomi said as she came to the group.
"That's fine, Hitomi-san." Ryuuko said.
"So where do we go first..?" Hitomi asked smiling.

They went out of the Dango Shop after eating.
"Man, we've been getting a lot more missions lately." Hitomi said as she stretched her arms.
"I know. Those Kuroitsume guys are really persistent." Ryuuko said, raising her head up to the sky.
"Not to mention annoying. Almost all our recent missions have the Kuroitsume's scheme written all over it!" Aiko said throwing her hands upward.
"You guys always share the same thoughts in mind." Aya commented.
"It's probably because we've been teammates since we were Genins." Aiko said plainly.
Aya could only let out a chuckle.
They walked silently to their favorite hang-out: the training grounds where the Marker of Konoha's Fallen Heroes stood.
The three sat on each one's favorite spot, Hitomi by the marker, Ryuuko by a nearby tree, Aiko somewhere in the grassy part near the marker. Aya just sat beside Aiko. The three sighed at the same time.
"Same thoughts..." Aya said.
"Whatever..." The three said again in unison, and lay down exactly at the same time.
Aya couldn't help but laugh again.
Silence took over; all they could hear were the chirping of the birds flying overhead.
"Ryuuko, just wanted to ask, haven't you activated yours yet...?" Hitomi asked out of the blue.
"My what..? Oh that... not really. Geez, don't remind me. I've envied Itachi enough." Ryuuko said.
"Activated what...?" Aya asked curiously.
"Her Sharingan." Hitomi said, at the same time with Ryuuko, "My Sharingan."
"Sharingan...? I thought only Uchihas-"
"Ryuuko's mother is an Uchiha." Hitomi said.
"Fugaku-jiisan is my mom's younger brother." Ryuuko said.
"In other words, Ryuuko-chan and Itachi-kun are cousins." Aiko added. "And speaking of Itachi..."
"Hey, Hitomi-san, you know I noticed something." she said suddenly.
"What?" Hitomi said dully, still staring at the clear blue sky.
"You and Itachi-kun look really cute together." She said with a mischievous smile.

"WHAT?!?" I quickly shot up at Aiko's remark. I swear I could feel my face start to heat up.
I heard Aya and Ryuuko giggle. I looked down to the ground so they wouldn't see I was blushing.
But they already did...
"Your face is so red, Hitomi-san." Aya said laughing.
"Aiko's right, you do look cute together." Ryuuko said, still giggling. Seriously, she rarely smiles, or laugh for that matter!
My face just felt even hotter. I was dumbfounded.
"Hey Aiko, you should see when she's with Itachi's little brother Sasuke-" Ryuuko couldn't finish what she was saying because she was laughing so hard - completely out of her character.
Aiko stared of into a distance before she bursted laughing again.
"KAWAII*!!!" She said.
Aya was laughing too.
"CUT IT OUT ALREADY!!" I yelled. I could imagine how red my face is. It was so hot I could faint any moment now.
"Alright, alright." Ryuuko said, raising her hands defensively in front of her.
"Seriously, can't you take a joke?" Aiko asked, wiping an imaginary tear from her eye, there was still a hint of laughter in her voice.
I looked away from the three, "This is so embarrassing..."

Naruto stared out the window of his room, waiting for his 'sister' to come.
"I really appreciate it, but you don't need to if you don't want to anymore..." the young 4-year-old Naruto said.
"Naruto-kun, I'm not doing this just because I was ordered to, it's because I want to." The 10-year-old Hitomi kneeled down.
"Even if I"m not really your sister, I've gotten used to you being my little brother. Naruto-kun, people treat me differently too, at least you don't treat me like they do. I've already thought of you as my only family."
Naruto wanted to jump from the window when he saw Hitomi walking home.
"NEE-CHAN!!!" Naruto yelled and waved to Hitomi, breaking the silence of the night.
Hitomi returned the gesture, and started to run to the house.
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|Author's Note|
Chapter 1!! Thank you for reading, the story could get confusing in a few chapters.
`Outcasts' is a 2 series fan fiction story of mine.
My Crystal Angel
The Black Moon
The beginning of `TheBlack Moon' takes place during the main series of Naruto itself while the beginning of `My Crystal Angel' takes place 3 or 4 years before the series start
This story has been published in my Quizilla© account with the title “A Frozen-Solid Heart”
Please forgive the incorrect grammar and misspelled words.
What follows are the translations for the words denoted with asterisks (*).
Nii/Onii - older brother
Betsu ni - Nothing
Kusagakure - Hidden Grass
Gomen nasai/ gomen - sorry
Nee/Onee - older sister
Hai - yes
Jii - uncle
Kawaii - cute/adorable
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