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Outcasts: My Crystal Angel
Chapter 3: A Walk Back to the Past
“Ne, Obito-niisan, who's that?” The young Hitomi asked Obito pointing to the other kid.
He had short black hair and onyx eyes; he was sitting all alone on the front porch of their house, reading a book.
“Oh, that's Ryuuko-chan's cousin, Itachi.” He said to the little girl.
“Cousin...?” She looked at Obito.
“Ryuuko-chan never told me she had a cousin….” She said innocently.
Obito chuckled, “Well, you see, Ryuuko-chan and Itachi aren't in good terms…”
“They hate each other…?” Hitomi innocently asked right away.
“No, not really, Ryuuko-chan just doesn't get along well with him…”
Hitomi blinked her big hazel eyes.
Obito kneeled down so he was at level with her, “You want to go talk to him?”
The 3-year-old hesitated at first but then nodded eagerly.
Obito lightly pushed the little girl to where Itachi was.
He looked at the little girl shyly approach the boy.
Itachi sat silently reading a book in their living room until…
Itachi turned to see his cousin running to him than grabbed him by the collar.
Where. Is. My. Necklace??” she asked angrily.
“Ryuuko, please, I don't know what you're talking about.” Itachi told his cousin calmly.
“Stop lying!!!” she yelled.
“Calm down Ryuuko, I don't know, really.”
Ryuuko was furious, and dropped him. “If I find out you did it, I`m telling Fugaku-jiisan!”
She said before running out.
Itachi apathetically blinked.
He walked outside to the front porch and decided to read there instead.
As he was reading he saw a girl with long blonde hair about his age standing behind the post.
“Can I help you?” He asked.
“U-um, k-konnichi wa*…” She muttered, with her head down.
“What's your name?” Itachi asked, putting down his book.
“Hi-hitomi. Wa-watashi wa N-namikaze Hitomi*…” She said shyly, still not looking up.
“Mine's Itachi, Uchiha Itachi, it's nice to meet you Hitomi-chan.” He smiled.
Hitomi finally looked up so Itachi could see her hazel-colored eyes.
“Your eyes…”
“…don't have pupils… I-I know...” she said sadly.
“It's why my name is `Hitomi', that's what my mom and dad said. Most of the people I run into say it looks weird…” She added then meekly smiled.
“But I think it's nice to look at.” He said.
“A-arigatou!” Hitomi said eagerly but still stammered.
Hitomi didn't realize she had fallen asleep.
Itachi kept watching her.
She seems so peaceful when she's asleep…” he thought.
He tucked her hair behind her ear so he could see her face.
Itachi sat quietly reading his book ignoring the squeals of the girls in class.
It was the first day and he couldn't already stand his own schoolmates…
Hitomi walked with her head down, trying to ignore the people's greetings…
“Ohayou gozaimasu, Hime-sama!”
“Ohayou, Hitomi-hime!”
She managed to cross the river of annoying schoolmates when she finally reached the door to her classroom.
She sighed; she knew the same thing would be waiting for her when she comes in.
Itachi turned to see who entered the room; he was expecting the teacher but instead, it was Hitomi, but she looked so glum.
“Hey, she's the Fourth Hokage's daughter right??” The guy on the other desk beside him whispered to his seatmate.
“Yeah, I heard she was already training the basics when she was just 4!”
“No way!”
“Uh- huh it's true! My dad told me so! And he said she's already studying the advanced ones, too.”
Itachi sighed. He noticed Hitomi was looking around looking for a good seat.
When he realized she was looking his direction he waved to her.
Itachi saw Hitomi's face light up and she ran to him.
“I-is this seat taken..?” She asked Itachi.
Itachi shook his head in response.
She sat beside him silently, and the other student's began murmuring.
Itachi looked Hitomi who looked so down.
“Hitomi-chan..?” He whispered so only she could hear.
“B-betsu ni, Itachi-san…” She said sadly.
“I know something's wrong, Hitomi-chan.”
She sighed and fidgeted her fingers.
“I-it's just that… people just start… m-murmuring stuff every time I pass by… I-I always hear my name… a-after the word `fourth hokage', i-it's really… f-frustrating.” She stammered.
“People here are really like that. People expect a lot from me too, being from the Uchiha Clan and all…”
“B-but you don't have t-to train for it very much, once you g-get your Sharingan, you'll be a b-better shinobi, u-unlike me…” she trailed off.
Itachi gave up on trying to cheer her up, she was such a pessimist.
“Hitomi-chan, do you want to train later…?” he asked a few moments later.
She smiled, “I really don't have anything else to do so okay.”
After class…
“Hitomi-chaaaaaan!!” Itachi twitched at the sound of the voice.
They turned around to see Ryuuko running to them, well, to Hitomi.
“Ah, Ryuuk-“
She got cut of when Ryuuko tackled her.
“Hitomi-chan, I finally found you!!” She yelled then glared at Itachi.
“What are you doing with my little princess?” She asked hostilely.
Itachi shrugged and stared at his cousin apathetically.
“We were just going to train, Ryuuko.” Hitomi said giggling.
Ryuuko let go of Hitomi, but she didn't keep her glare off her cousin.
Hitomi hummed as she snuggled up to him.
Itachi didn't mind though. He's never been so close to her.
He savored her cherry scent.
“Hitomi, I don't really know how to tell you how I really feel…” he muttered.
“What's wrong Hitomi-chan?” he asked her friend who looked so miserable sulking on her seat.
“Akari…” She muttered.
“What about her?” He asked sitting next to her.
“She said I'm not cut out to be a shinobi.” She muttered
“She's only jealous, Hitomi-chan.”
“And that you and Ryuuko are only hanging out with me because my dad was a Hokage and you guys were only sucking up.” She added as if she ignored his statement.
“Then after you two graduate, you won't talk to me anymore and if you see that she was better than me...” She trailed off nearly crying.
“You shouldn't listen to Akari, Hitomi-chan, you're the only girl I see.” He said, smiling at his friend.
Hitomi returned the smile and hugged him, “Arigatou, Itachi-san.” She whispered to him.
She looks so fragile... how am I going to tell her..?
He looked down when he remembered the order.
I have to do it, but neither would I want to leave you…
“Well well, look who we found here.” One guy in a mask said.
The little 7-year-old was terrified, cowering at the end of the alley, cornered by five thugs.
“Hey Aniki*, isn't that the Kiiroi Senkou*'s kid?” the other guy asked his comrade.
“This is her alright, who knows how much we could get for her ransom, eh?”
The guy said as he crouched down to her height and pulled on her long hair.
“P-please, don't hurt me.” She pleaded as the guy tugged her hair.
“Ain't that cute, Kido?” The bigger guy said.
“Yeah, Aniki.” his younger brother chuckled.
“Let go of her!” the two guys turned around to see a young Uchiha boy.
“Another kid to bother us, what should we do Aniki?” he asked the fifth guy.
“Just get rid of him.” The first guy said standing up.
Hitomi winced in pain as he yanked her hair again.
“As long as we have this girl here, we're free to go.” He said.
The other guy pulled out a kunai and charged to attack Itachi but he evaded it and jumped into the air.
Itachi quickly pulled out shurikens and threw it at the guy.
The other guy swiftly evaded the shurikens but he didn't see the barrage of kunais following it so he got hit.
Itachi landed on his feet and waited if his opponent could still stand and cautiously walked to him.
Yep, he's out cold.
He managed to see that the third guy was charging up on him and blocked his attack, but the enemy was strong so he was thrown back.
“If he's attacking then…” he turned to see Hitomi was still being held. “…kage bunshin*…
“And to think a kid beat my little brother.” He said.
Itachi managed to stand up and created hand seals.
Katon: Gokakkyou no Jutsu*.” And breathed a huge fireball at the enemy but the guy managed to jump behind him and hit the back of this neck. Everything went black.
He woke up to see Hitomi yanking him awake.
“Ah, yokatta*!” she said and hugged Itachi as he got up.
“What happened?” he asked a little disoriented. “Where are they?”
Hitomi loosened her hug and turned behind her revealing the other four covered in blood, she looked at Itachi in the eye and looked down.
He saw that even Hitomi was stained with blood.
“Did you do that…?” He asked. Hitomi meekly nodded.
“I managed to use Otoo-san*'s justu…” She muttered still her head hanging low.
“Daijobou*, Hitomi-chan?” he asked.
Hitomi looked up at him, “H-hai, daijobou…”
Itachi hugged Hitomi to her surprise. “I'm just glad you're okay…” he whispered.
He looked back at her.
Hitomi, no matter what happens...”
He never took off his gaze from her.
…you'll always be my angel…
I didn't realize I had fallen asleep, when I opened my eyes I was leaning onto someone.
I nearly jumped when I realized it was Itachi, I forgot I did lean onto him before I drifted off to sleep.
“Had a good sleep?” He asked a little teasingly.
I quickly sat up, and turned my head away, trying to avoid his gaze.
“Y-yeah, I-I g-guess so. A-arigatou.” I stuttered.
I heard him laugh a little. I looked around and looked at my watch.
“N-Naruto-kun's probably waiting for me, I-I have to go, g-gomen Itachi-san.” I said as I stood up and began to walk.
He stood up. “H-Hitomi.” He called.
I was surprised he didn't call me with `chan', and he even stammered.
“Hmm?” I hummed, turning to him.
He wasn't looking at me but I knew something was wrong.
I walked to him and put my palm on his cheek, “I-Itachi-san?”
I surprised when he hugged me, I remained stunned for a moment.
“Please don't hate me…” he whispered, it was almost inaudible.
“What-” Before I even he let go of me and disappeared.
What does he mean…?
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|Author's Note|
That's chapter 3! Thank you for reading again!!!
Things are really getting too cheesy 8D
Yes, Ryuuko was hyper when she was a kid…
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What follows are the translations for the words denoted with asterisks (*).
Konnichi wa - `good afternoon'
`Wa-watashi wa N-namikaze Hitomi' - `I am Namikaze Hitomi.'
Hime- princess
Aniki - older brother
Kiiroi Senkou - Yellow Flash
Kage bunshin - shadow clone
Katon: Gokakkyou no Jutsu - Fire Element (sometimes `Fire Style'): Great Fireball Technique
Otoo - father
Yokatta - `Thank God'/`I'm glad.'
Daijobou? / Daijobou - `Are you okay?' / `I'm okay.' (Depends on punctuation usage.. it think^^)
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