Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Side Effects: heiwa no Jutsu ❯ I LIVE ( Chapter 21 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Elsewhere in the village though not at precisely the same time, as the escapades of team seven took a bit, Kakashi was wondering how, when Iruka had been nearly boneless a scant dozen minutes ago, unwilling to even cuddle back (much) if it took too much effort, had gotten him pinned. Then Iruka rocked his hips again and he decided it wasn't that much of a issue, really. If his sweet, warm, sexy lover wanted to get off like this, grinding and thrusting and bumping then who was he to complain? And If Iruka wanted to keep Kakashi's wrist crossed over his head like that? Well, now- nothing wrong with that- surely-
“Ruru-“ That certainly got him an out of breath grin, as the man mentioned lifted his head enough to make eye contact, licking his lips. Oh fuck- Kakashi moaned and arched his back and felt light teeth dig into his collar bone. The petticoats were crushed between them, very drenched with sweat and other fluids- and the tangerine panties were somewhere around an ankle. “Oh- harder- ah-“ He seemed to be making up for his inability to talk earlier with babble now. “Ruru- baby- ah- just- there- there-“ He groaned and lifted his hips into the friction again, feeling that slick (slick? God when had the man grabbed the lube?) cock bumping and sliding against his in a crude caress. “Nyuh- Iruka!”
Iruka bit him in response, on the under side of his arm. Kakashi groaned again and spread his legs farther, hooking one with Iruka's. He barely bothered holding on, letting the shirt, stormy whirlwind of sensation explode again, truly ruining the petticoats. Not that they'd been salvageable before, but they would really need scrubbing now and that would probably ruin the lace.
Iruka came right after, jerking against Kakashi's prone form for a few seconds before melting. Belated he realized it as a damn good thing Iruka had forgotten his previous threat to say it while Kakashi was, in fact, a boneless mess. (Kakashi didn't really spare a thought as to why it was now it in his head. One must assume it was defensive.) After a moment, maybe twenty, he realized Iruka had let go of his wrists and slung his arms around his lovers neck (how easy to say that word, as compared to it.).
“MMmh- Ruru-“ He mumbled it into hair and neck. “-anks-“
Iruka understood. “Should have done it anyway. 46 hours.”
“Mmkay.” He shifted. “Let me get out of these things now?” Iruka shifted, slide off him, sat up. He was listing to one side just a little, to boneless to support himself quite properly.
“We should shower.” Kakashi chose to slide off the bed and stand, stripping off the remaining layers after kicking off the shoes. But damn did it feel nice to take those things off. Most of the items he kicked to the side, but he DID toss the lacy gloves artfully towards where he'd left his normal clothes.
“Mm.” Iruka nodded and stood up, sliding up against him. “Wash your back?”
“Mmm. Can I wash yours?”
“Sure. I'd love you behind me.” Iruka kissed him lazily, nose to nose. His choice of words got him a faintly solemn look. Iruka rolled his eyes. “I'd enjoy it?”
“Mmm,” Kakashi grumbled. “46 hours.” His arms went to Iruka waist though, pulling him flush.
“Mm. Did you call me baby just then?”
“Probably.” Kakashi grinned and nipped at his lower lip. “Baaby? No?”
“Only when we're naked.”
“Sounds fair.” His hands went to Iruka's ass, suddenly, lifting him up.
“Eep-“ Iruka let his legs circle and grip.
“No, no, `meep',” Kakashi corrected.
“That's it baby!” Kakashi grinned, hands squeezing and sliding up his back. “Meep for me!”
Iruka bit back a chuckle. “I never thought I'd say this but, you're such a dork.”
“Mmm. Don't tell anyone.”
“Whatever you say baaaaby,” Iruka drawled it, laughed softly. “It doesn't suit you.”
“Agreed. We can't both use it.” Kakashi carried him to the bathroom easily. “Well, I used it first. That's like claiming it, right?”
“You can have it.” Iruka brought a free hand up to undo the collar, rubbing the the skin underneath.
“No, it's too good of a collar for that, but it doesn't really, breath.”
“Leather never does.” Kakashi set him down on the tile and turned on the water. Then he started to kiss at the fresh skin. “Starting to understand your thing for necks.”
“For your neck.” Iruka leaned his head back. “Mines usually more exposed than yours.”
Kakashi started to nibble while he reached idly for soap. The bar he grabed felt vaguely softer than he remembered Iruka's soap being so he had to stop and look at it. Semi-opaque, it looked like a chunk of milky honey. And he recognized it. “Why do you have my soap?”
“It's not YOUR soap. It's your brand. I picked it up in at the store when I left today. You seem intent on staying here so I got your brand of soap and shampoo and so forth.”
“Oh.” Kakashi wasn't sure how to respond such a small, easy gesture. Iruka probably hadn't even been thinking about it when he'd done it either.
“I'd had things at your place before I booby trapped them.” Iruka offered.
“That was different- I'd just taken them from your place.” I hadn't looked at them close enough to know the name. “I'm invading your space.”
“I like you there.” Iruka slid his arms around Kakashi's waist in a sudden, tight embrace. “That's why I bought the soap.”
There was a moment where Kakashi mentally calculated how many layers within layers there was to that statement, then tried to figure out how many deep he was supposed to interpret. His brain topped out at fifty seven possible layers, but he settled on six and started to suck on Iruka's earlobe. “Thank you.” He mumbled it, pressing Iruka to the tiled wall gently and meaning every one of the forty-three layers implied there.
“Silly man-“ Iruka smiled and relaxed into the hold, leaning his head back. “I scatter ten type of lube in fifty locations of the house cause you whined about locating it when you wanted it, and soap makes you realize- Oh, there- please-“ He made a delighted groan as Kakashi's fingers slide down to caress a hip bone lightly. Kakashi obliged and let his fingers sink in a little. “Sexy man.” He moaned it out, rocking his hips forward.
“That was just practical of you. The soap is different.” Lips and teeth were added, caressing the side of Iruka's throat, sucking at it. “I'm silly now?”
“In a very sexy way-“Iruka protested weakly.
“But you said silly first….” A teasing grumble. “Silly, then sexy… I don't like the order of those words-“
“Nyuhh-“ Iruka had a more clever response, really, but, with Kakashi's fingers sliding down the crease connecting leg to torso- well- `nyuhh' was down right loquacious. “B-brat. Kiss-“
“Kiss what?” Kakashi cut in, leering cheerfully, fingers teasing at coarse hair but not actually touching anything.
“Like I care-“ Iruka's hands slide from Kakashi's waist to Kakashi's ass, jerking him forward. “Brat. My bratty brat-“
“We really have to find me a new pet name, Ruru-saaama.” Kakashi pushed, letting Iruka's back slide up the wall a little, till Kakashi's cheek was resting on latte colored skin. “Something else?”
“But- it suits you so, ahh-“ Iruka halted a second as Kakashi started to nibble at him lazily. “It suits you so very very well, dammit.”
“I can't be genius?”
“No.” Iruka said firmly, threading his fingers thought Kakashi's hair. “You're Konoha's genius. You're my brat.”
“Fair enough.” His teeth found a dark nipple to tease at till Iruka was squirming. After a moment Kakashi stopped, tilting his head to kiss at the underside of Iruka's jaw. “Am I a good brat?”
“Oh, the best.” Iruka shifted, by now his erection was trapped against Kakashi's chest and the level of friction was frighteningly inadequate. And with his feet off the ground like that… “Nyuuh- “ He tried to move, to get more motion but Kakashi was having none of it. “My brat, my beautiful, fucking, brat Please let me MOVE-“
“So now I'm a bad brat?”
“Kaaaaashi-“ Iruka groaned, letting his head roll back to hit the tile. “DO something. Or put me DOWN and let ME do something fer fucks sake!”
Kakashi set him down so quickly Iruka could not help but wonder if that was the reason for his being held aloft in the first place. He didn't really care, with his feet down he could press forward in a surge, hands gripping Kakashi's arms above the elbows. He only got one good push in though, one firm roll of his hips before Kakashi had him pressed back to the wall.
“Argh! You braaaat!!!” Iruka growled, pushing hard, suddenly, struggling for some degree of dominance. Kakashi thought it was utterly adorable and twisted a little as Iruka pushed, redirecting the momentum with a whirl that had their positions reversed rather nicely. Iruka panted for half a heart beat before reconnecting their lips with an airtight seal. They both had to stop to breath when he was done, staring at each other for a few second with nearly red lips and dilated pupils.
Kakashi grinned first, an open mouth, lopsided sort of wolf grin that made Iruka's hips jerk nearly involuntarily. “Heh… Ruka?” He leaned his head back, staring at Iruka down his nose a bit.
Iruka made a noise. Not a growl, but it was as possessive as one. Demanding, maybe, but not really aggressive. Think of a very macho purr. Kakashi moaned softly, enough to make Iruka's spine feel like ball lighting was running it's length.
“Ruka-“ Another soft moan and Kakashi was running his fingers through dark brown hair, wet and stringy. “Mmnn. Please?”
Iruka blinked and second, then shut his eyes and turns his head enough to kiss at the wrist of the most accessible hand with parted lips and a flick of tongue. “Pretty please?” His tone was softly teasing.
“Pretty preeettty please.” Kakashi confirmed, rocking his hips a little and letting his hands apply faint pressure. "With sugar and anything else you'd like on top-"
Iruka grinned and kissed at Kakashi's neck, then lower. His collar bones got the attention next, before being bitten. "Brat."
Kakashi didn't respond with particularly articulate words, shifting slightly as Iruka hands slid down his sides. "Ahhh-" Sometimes inarticulate works best, really. And even with the hot shower water pouring down them both Iruka's mouth was nearly molten on him.
Kakashi's stomach twitched as fingers and lips danced over it, as Iruka nuzzled flat skin tenderly. Then those fingers were sliding down, along the sides of his hips and up his thighs to cradled his swollen testicles. Iruka mumbled something, lips brushing drenched white curls before hot tounge was out, teasing that stretch between shaft and sac.
It was nearly ridiculous, the level of desire that was overwhelming him at just the idea of going down on his brat of a lover. He'd never enjoyed the act as much as he did with Kakashi. Okay, it had been fun before, with those few other people, but, that had been more of a quid pro quo type of thing, acting with the intention of receiving compensation in like coin. This was diffrent. This was better. Kakashi was better.
Kakashi shut his eyes and tried to keep his fingers from tightening on Iruka's head, panting through his mouth. “Ahh- ahh-” Deep breathing though, shuddering out of him as flexible lips were coaxing obscene noises from deep in his chest. “Ruka-”
Iruka didn't respond, having a slightly full mouth at the moment, but he did look up a little in time to see Kakashi's eyes flicker open a sliver. Kakahsi moaned without realizing it and his eyes widened a bit as Iruka's fingers slide up along his shaft, teasing the skin there. Iruka had tilted his head at a slight angle to accommodate the actions of his hand, and as a result his nose was nuzzling coarse hair. Gentle pressure and Kakashi could see as well as feel it when his foreskin was pulled back to expose his deep crimson cock head.
Iruka pulled his head away, gently releasing Kakashi's balls with one final application of suction. Then he was kissing up along the underside, sucking teasingly at the loose skin before finally starting in earnest. Kakashi had to make himself blink, make himself breath as he watched Iruka's tounge pressed against the slit before the lips returned and Iruka's mouth was wrapping itself abitiously around his cock as far as he could get in one go.
Kakashi gasped and his hips twitched hard forward, making Iruka use one hand to press to Kakashi's hip, keeping the man against the wall. His other hand? Well, it had other things to do at the moment, mainly stroking himself vigourously. This didn't leave any free hands for Kakashi's shaft or other bits at the moemnt though, so Iruka opted to just be careful with his breathing and move his tounge to one side. Kakashi groaned, shifted his hips, shifted a leg enough to brush his shin to the back of Iruka's pumping hand.
Iruka pulled his head back and gasped, before bringing his mouth back forward and MISSING, as far as Kakashi was concerned. Horribly missing because Iruka was temporarily lavishing utter attention on the crease that joined leg to hip. Not a BAD sensation, but most certainly NOT cocksucking.
“Ruuuuuukaaa!” Sharp, dismayed protested followed by a needy hip rotation as if to say 'No, no, THIS is the part. Here... This thing.'
When Iruka deliberatly glanced up with a grin and missed again, Kakashi found the urge to maybe tighten his grip on the suddenly tempting hair and maybe nudge him in the right direction starting to rise. 'Here god dammit are you blind?!' his body actions wailed. Iruka's lips kissed at and brushed ever so gently at the base of his shaft and Kakashi was torn between moaning from sheer delight and smacking the jerk. Iruka winced a bit as a hair or two was plucked as Kakashi rembered he could, in a manner of speacking, do both by groaning and tensing his hands.
“Heh. Sorry.” Kakashi said, grinning lopsidedly and not meaning of word of it. Iruka pulled away a little bit, agianst the hands busily relaxing themselves and rubbing helpfully inot his scalp. (yes, scalp massage. NOTHING to do with MAYBE pushing that lovely mouth BACK no no not at ALL.)
“S'okay.” Iruka smiled entirely too nicely, in a manner than Kakashi felt far too many TEETH. “Accident's happen.”
“Urrm-” Kakashi faltered in a variety of ways and Iruka's smile went back to normal, as opposed to the enamel baring reminder that a blow-job was actually sticking a rather tender bit of yourself into a hole equipped with things that had evolved for the sole purposed of tearing things into swallowable bits.
Iruka brought both his hands up, hands cradling the suddenly not quite and rigid as as, say, a tree trunk, organ and kissing it delicately with a slight, appreciative noise. More kisses and soft, almost coo like noises were required before the image of a tuna being eaten by grinning aquatic mammal was replaced with hard cock in a lovers gentle control again but that's life.
“My sexy brat-” Iruka mumbled it, letting the vibrations of his speech and lips work as a second caress to match his fingers. More was said, but you don't really say Shakespeare while fucking. Unless you are Shakespeare, in which cases it's rarely your best work.
“Haa- hahh-” Kakashi's breath caught, his hips shuddered and he pulled his hands away from Iruka's hair, not wanting to pluck anything again. Iruka felt the shift, lifted his eyes, and proceeded to nearly cream himself. Sure, one of Kakahsi's hands was now flat on the wall, adding balance, but, the other one was almost lazily playing with one of those barely there nipples. Iruka made an almost distraught moan and found himself rocking his hips needily, grinding himself to Kakashi's leg. With his goal being changed from 'See how hard you can make him come' to 'get him the hell off so you can take care of yourself dumbass!' Iruka's pace increased and within what was probably seconds but felt longer he had Kakashi moaning twitching and spurting.
Iruka barely waited past the first noise before letting go of Kakashi's completely and grabbing at himself, rocking back to his heels and hunching over. Kakashi's legs felt like jello, and under the hot water they melted till his was sitting sprawled on the floor of the shower, eyes slightly glazed as he watched Iruka complete himself. Then it was Iruka's turn to melt, leaning forward and tucking his head into Kakahsi's neck, feeling delightfully boneless.
“Didn't have to completely ignore yourself, you know.” Kakahi's mumbled once the power of speech returned.
“S'fucking hot. Know that? So hot.” Iruka mumbled it, nuzzling a little. “Was doing okay till you touched your chest like that.”
Kakashi decided the best answer was just to remain quite, letting his head loll to the side so Iruka could be more comfortable. It was a bit of an odd position but Iruka's weight was comforting. Kakashi watched the water droplets hit milk tea colored skin, running in rivers down the curve of his spine, unbroken lines except where they swerved to bypass or go along scars. Kakashi let his hand follow their path a moment, exhaling. “How much hot water do you have?”
Iruka thought about that a second. “We should get out soon.” He said finally.
“You still have some soap in your hair.”
“I can shower in the morning.” Iruka kissed at an ear. “Though I guess I should just do it now.”
“Yeah probably.” Kakashi shifted first, then the two of them were shifting until they were upright again, scrubbing away the last of the soap. The water started to chill but they held out long enough to give each other actual scrub downs till they were pink and terra cotta respectively. Then there was toweling down, then the rather dirty sheets were peeled off the bed and the two fresh and clean men curled against each other under a blanket, presumably to slide into sleep in an enviably sexy cuddle.
Or, at least that was the master plan until Kakashi opened his mouth to muse, out loud, if Sakura's scheme had gone well.
Iruka opened one eye and considered…. Obviously, HE had no idea WHAT Sakura's scheme had been…. So either Kakashi was asking a purely hypothetical question or he was deliberately throwing that out there to get a rise out of Iruka…..
Now, if he was just trying to get a rise out of Iruka (and if Iruka hadn't sworn off gambling the same time he'd given up on fishing and lollipops he'd bet money this was the case), Iruka could just ignore it, in theory. If he ignored it, Kakashi would either let it drop and let Iruka sleep, or drop another random comment to bait his lover one last time. Iruka mulled it over in his head a few moments.
There was the chance that Kakashi wouldn't drop another comment just out of annoyance that Iruka was being to lazy to even read the half level it took to realize Kakashi was fishing for an answer, but Iruka wasn't sure if he cared. Was it THAT hard just to say `hey, did I tell you about Sakura plan?'. But then again, this WAS Kakashi,,,,, it might be. (insert time here!). Iruka sighed. “Okay. I'll bite. What scheme?” He lifted his head a little and propped his face on his hand.
Kakashi opened his eye an imperceptible slit to observed the bemused, sleepy expression on Iruka's face. Utterly adorable. Shame I have to mess it up… “Oh, she was going to so sleep with her team mates.”
There was an even more adorable look of confusion on Iruka face for a few moments. “What's wrong with her house?”
“Well I'd assume her parents have a rule against three ways and sex and so forth.”
“Well, most parents would.” Iruka said in a calm, reasonable tone. Then there was a pause. “Wait. What?”
“Parents are, Generally, or so I've been told, not very open to the idea of their children doing anything really interesting out outside social standards.” Kakashi said logically.
“No, no, wa- wait WHAT? She's- you means she's gonna go SLEEP with Naruto?” it should be noted that Sasuke was left out of this sentence because Iruka was having a hard enough time picturing Sakura being that brazen, let alone Sasuke pulling the icicle out of his ass long enough to have sex. “Whaa- When? Why haven't- Why- what are you doing here- shouldn't you be doing something?!”
“I think my presence there would be both obnoxious to them and wholly inappropriate.” Kakashi said, and was promptly hit on the head with a pillow for that. Kakashi just stretched lazily as Iruka sat up and fretted in place, head twisting and turning to attempt to find some one item that would solve his problems. Considering his room was filled with stained sheets, bits of a man-sized maid out fit, a tube of lube on the counter- not allot of inspiration. Well, okay, not allot of USEFUL inspiration.
“I- I should- I should go- do… Something.” Iruka started to get up but long arms caught his waist and pulled him down. “No, dammit- hey I need to-“
“Mmm. Sated boyfriend wants to cuddle-“ Kakashi purred out. Iruka stiffened a little at his choice of words, so he continued. “Boyfriend want's boyfriend pillow.”
“Cheater-“ Iruka grumbled, trying to squirm free. But he was finding it quite impossible, because somehow Kakashi was exerting nearly no force and still lazily keeping Iruka down and to him.
“Am I cheating?”
“Your- using that word- that's cheating-”
“S'not cheating. It's true. I just hadn't used it yet, is all. What else should I call you?” kakashi smiled against Iruka's skin for a moment. “Sides. Not letting you up anyway. You're far too comfortable for that.”
“You sent Sakura to try to seduce her team mates and you want me to be your pillow?”
“That's not- let me Up I have to-”
“Stop them? If they let her in it's already too late. She left hours ago and they ARE teenagers.”
“That's not- if they turned her down-”
“I doubt they did. She's more more persuasive when she drops the demure.”
“You really think Sasuke is even capable of having sex? And naruto's-”
“Oh- that reminds me...” Kakashi started this with the same tone of voice one would use to mention that the neighbors child had graduated, or the way one would bring up the fact that the refrigerator was out of milk or eggs.
Iruka tensed and gave Kakashi an utterly horrified look. “I'm not going to like whatever your going to say, am I?”
“Mmm. I don't know. But, I just remembered that I ment to tell you that-”
A/N: There is, believe it or not, a logical reason as to why the good people of Konoha have been able to sleep through these outbursts as opposed to those poor Kentuckians. The first reason being that everyone in Konoha has developed a tolerance to things above a certain decibel coming from Iruka's general location. This was a necessity to a good night's sleep during Naruto's formative years as one would otherwise have to endure the repeated sustained cries of 'NARUTO WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?' and 'NARUTO GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!' as sporadic intervals. The fact that, lately, more often than not these screams were not scoldings but, in fact, the sounds of really really fabulous sex didn't affect anyone in Konoha because sound was sound and their mental blocks protected them from noting the change in intent.
The second reason being that Genma and Raidou had been having loud, fabulous sex for years and the orgasmic scream was no longer given the attention it deserved in Konoha. It should be noted that due to a hair line fracture in the time/space continuum all of their highly erotic noises are funneled to a small tribe that lives deep in the African jungle. This tribe has grown used to these noises and believe them to be the sounds of evil spirits engaged in battle.
End authors notes.
No amount of passive restraint masked as cuddling was going to keep Iruka down after this revelation so Kakashi was forced to grab his shoulders and press him to the mattress. This was harder than you might think, unless you happen to be thinking that a fully qualified Chunnin might know a few interesting escape moves. The end result was them both horribly entangled in the blanket, with Iruka perhaps a little more horribly tangled face down and his arms pinned up behind his back. He tried to struggled and had to quit as the tension was hurting his shoulders.
“Let me up so i can hurt you!”
“Now, now, calm down-”
“How can I- I can't- THEY can't-”
“Oooh yes they can. Trust me.. They can. They and and have for nearly as long as, well...” Kakashi paused and leaned forward, kissing Iruka's neck. “As long as we have, Ruru-chan.”
Iruka was torn between bristling and relaxing under that tone of voice. Kakashi lips kept moving though, and Iruka settled for bristling in place, like a vaguely irate cat submitting to a ear scratch.
Well, Kashi, you've got his attention.... Kakashi took a deep breath. “I'm going to drag them all to see Nenani-san tomorrow regardless of the outcome.”
“Oh, so you DO have a plan, well, then, that makes everything BETTER.”
“Mmm. Don't be like that-” Kakashi sucked at an earlobe until Iruka was squirming a little. “Nenani's a hellion with stupid brats like them. She'll be-” he stopped, and leered suddenly, it was such a powerful leer you could hear it in his voice. “She'll be almost as scary as you, Iruka-sensei.” his grip lessened and he eased off Iruka's back, sitting up. “Maybe you Should go talk to them, give them a talk about morals and responsibility and all those other things.”
Iruka sat up and gave Kakashi a bland look that clearly had 'what the hell are you up too now?' written on it. On one hand, Kakashi was clearly willing let him handle the situation... On the other hand, Kakashi wanted that now- which, annoyingly, was making Iruka second guess doing it. Because if Kakashi was going to let him handle it, then it was somehow already planned that he should react this way- and- and- if that was the case was he really making a choice at all? Kakashi kept that perfectly innocent smile on too, as if to say 'aren't i brilliant, Aren't i clever- gimme a hug and go do that brilliant Idea I had.'
This only soured Iruka's expression further. “I really hate being out maneuvered THAT easily...”
“You're not being out maneuvered- I just had a brilliant idea is all-” Kakashi scooted up close behind Iruka, draping himself around shoulders warmed with righteous indignation. “you could stay now and scare them into submission tomorrow- if you rather.”
Iruka Groaned a lay back down forcefully, back to kakashi. “Fine.”
“Hey now-” Kakashi lay down hurriedly, sliding his arms around Iruka's waist and cuddling enthusiastically. “Hey now, come on. I want you to do it because you'd be much scarier to them.”
“Fine. I will. Next time tell me about your master plans a little farther in advance. So i can start withholding sex BEFORE a ton of it.”
“oOne, that has got to be the WORSE motivational speech anyone has ever given me or any other human.” Kakashi bit at Iruka's neck lightly. “Two, it's cute you think I planned this.”
“You just about would have HAD too-” Came the growling reply. “That or you just so happened to manage to make it all work out, it which case you're being a smug bastard now-”
“Mmm.” Kakashi thought about that for a minute. “Maybe the last one. But i really wasn't planning it consciously. I'm too greedy to do that.”
“How do you figure greed factors in?”
“Because in my world view, my sex life is mush more important than theirs. Even if it will probably turn out better for them this way.”
“Gruu-” Iruka groaned.
“At least now they actually know they have each other. Bet you a late breakfast it went well for them.”
“I- I don't even know them anymore, apparently. No bet.” Iruka thought about it for a second- sure- he could get mad- and he'd be right too this time- but... he heaved a defeated sigh, rolling over and refitting himself to Kakashi's body. “I'd get mad but I already did that and it'd take me a while to think of a better way to dye you pink.”
“Oh- let's skip that stage and do makeup sex.”
“Our makeup sex is violent. Let's skip that too and go to normal sex tomorrow.”
“Mkay.” Kakashi pulled the blankets up over them, stroking at Iruka's back. Iruka sighed in a way that would have resulting in him being kept up a bit longer, but Kakashi figured that a good grope and grind session might be pushing his luck right now.
“M'not gonna yell that them too much-” Iruka mumbled. “Take them to Nenani too. And Amiri-san- she can scare em with a VD talk or something.”
“Cause we were already pretty damn mean to Sasuke- um, were they already- you know- when you taught em heiwa?”
“Little bastards kept coming to my class late. Later than me.”
“Oh. Yes then?”
“Yes. They didn't show up at ALL the next day.”
“Ah. Well....” Iruka sighed. “Goodnight Brat.”
“Night Ruru-chan-”
“Heh. Brat-chan.”
And then they slept.