Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Side Effects: heiwa no Jutsu ❯ Second half of- ( Chapter 20 )

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Kakashi chuckled softly to himself and wondered if she’d find the money he’d stuck in her pocket before she got to the store. Dear god why were there no women like that when I was that age? Life would have been so much more interesting. Then again he’d been on missions most of that time and if life had been toooo much more interesting he might not have survived it. He had been lucky as it was. Still. Damn.
He sighed and shed the dress. Not all of it, he put the apron back on, left the petticoats, lost the sleeves, kept the stocking but lost the garter belt because the garters themselves seemed to be working- mostly he just wanted out of that black top layer. He tossed it over a chair and sprawled onto the bed, staring at the ceiling. Sounded like Iruka was showering now too. Kakashi decided not to really listen, opting to drift off instead.
So, twenty minutes later when Iruka stuck his messy towel dried head out the door, he felt instant guilt.
Should have just asked him to not, do that just then… Iruka wished he’d thought of that before he’d kicked the other man out of the bed. Still. Pretty.
Kakashi was so pale that his skin had an almost translucent, porcelain quality to it that was actually in sharp contrast to the creamy under things he was still wearing. The petticoats looked low slung, just under his hipbones. Even relaxed there weren’t many soft curves to him, and the ones that did exist were totally due to smooth muscles. If his chest wasn’t moving, if his pulse hadn’t been twitching in his wrists he’d had been easy to mistake for marble. A marble god. In petticoats. And he’s mine. Iruka smiled, faintly and leaned on the frame of door, still toweling his hair. Guess I missed my chance for now. Don’t wanna wake him. Well, okay I do but- Mm.
He was wearing his mask, this one had a very wide collar to it that went down his shoulders a bit. Iruka had thought it was some sort of undershirt under the dress but, apparently not. It was so dark it didn’t seem to have depth, just a thin highlight then black. It made his skin even more ethereal.
Iruka found his eyes following scars. They were just, pale forms on white, only noticeable when the shifting light and the motion of his chest let the differences in texture show. He must have showered that morning because all of the bright red property lines were gone. Mm. camera is in.. Hmm… Iruka quietly inched towards where he was relatively certain the damn thing was, hoping it had film.
It did. He took a guess at the lighting and set the shutter speed accordingly, and used up the last three shots. One of those should look alright… “You can stop pretending now. Thank you.”
Kakashi opened on eye just a sliver. “I’ve been caught?”
“I saw you’re breathing shift. I’d have missed it if you’d woken up before I came out.”
“I was aiming to.” But you’re so damn safe I didn’t feel you move closer till you focused on me with that camera. “Do I get a print?” Iruka was blissfully nude, and just slightly damp, feet apart in an utterly casual stance while her screwed around with some lever on the top of the thing, trying to get the film to roll up. Cute. So cute. His eye drifted from Iruka nearly biting his lip in concentration to Iruka’s tanned, sculpted belly, strong legs and ah, perky other bits. Cute and utterly fuckable. Luucky me.
“No, these are mine if they look nice.”
“Can I get one of you?”
“You’ll have to buy film that was the last shot.” He gave up whatever he was doing to set the camera down “I haven’t used that thing in ages, and I don’t have any other rolls-” He took the towel off his shoulders and Kakashi grinned, seeing the dark leather of the collar.
“Mm, I can wait. Remember you said yes.” He stretched a little, back arching and body lengthening in all the most flattering ways. “If you’re out of film why are you still over there while I’m here?”
Iruka blushed. “You looked comfortable.”
“Voyeur. C’mere Ruru- saaaama.” Kakashi crooked a finger at him. Iruka barely had his knee on the bed before the lounging man had lashed out a hand and caught the collar, dragging Iruka onto him. “Is intermission over now?”
“I’m sorry-“ Iruka got cut off by fingertips over his lips. He automatically opened his moth and started to suck on them.
“No apologies. I had an interesting time while you were distracted.” Iruka looked at him curiously so he expounded. “Remember how you said, yesterday, how nice it was of Gai not to come harass you? He came by while you were out.”
Iruka eyes went wide.
“I may have opened the door to great him.”
“Oh god.”
“He was struck silent.”
“Tha- really? That’s- silent? You’re sure?”
“Yep. It was beautiful.” Kakashi chuckled, shifting his finger from Iruka lips to touch his ear. “You’re so warm.”
Iruka started to open his mouth, not even consciously aware of what he was going to say, of the fact that ‘I love you’ was really his first response to that at this moment- but- again, Kakashi cut him off. By pinching his rear and squeezing it appreciatively.
“Clean enough?”
Iruka squeaked, and glared at him. “Stop that!”
“Alright-“ He slid his hand up to the small of his back.
“Not that! Stop dodging!”
“I’m not dodging.”
“Yes you are! You’re- doing something sneaky so I can’t say I-“ he was suddenly muffled off by the lace covered hand over his mouth.
“Yes. I am.” Kakashi said seriously, sitting up. Iruka shifted but was still on him, against him. Kakashi kept his hand over Iruka mouth. “So what?” he lifted his hand a little, ready to cut him off again.
“So- so-“ Iruka looked confused. “Am I not allowed too then?”
“Say it or feel it?” Kakashi used his free hand to tug down his mask.
Kakashi moved his hand just enough to brush his lips to Iruka’s gently. Barely even a kiss, Iruka shuddered. Then he was talking, softly against him. “I already know.”
“Then why can’t I say it?”
Kakashi sighed into his neck, cradling him. “Call it a quirk, okay?”
“But why-
“Five days.”
“You can say it in five days. How’s that?” Kakashi kissed behind his ear, taking off the collar on handed to kiss the skin under it. “Please, my Ruru. For me?”
“For you.” Iruka started, nuzzling the fluffy hair. “Two days.”
“I’m going to tell you want you already know in two days whether you like it or not.”
Kakashi took a deep breath. “Three days?”
Iruka shook his head. “Forty eight hours starting now.”
“Can’t I have an extension senseeii?” Kakashi whined softy, kissing at his earlobe.
“Nu-no- because I’ll have a hard enough time not telling you that long as it is. Because I do. I really do.”
Kakashi gave out a pitiful sniff. “Forty nine hours?”
“You’re a very mean person.” Kakashi’s hands started to slide down his back though, light caresses until Iruka was being pulled forward by the hips.
“You’re making it sound like an execution!” Iruka protested. “I don’t think a declaration of lo-ummph-“ His mouth was suddenly covered and Kakashi was giving him a very stern look.
“Fourty eight hours, not heartbeats.”
“Mmmph!” Kakashi let his hand loosen. “See why I can’t go longer than that?” Iruka glared back at him, crossing his arms and trying very hard to ignore the thumb that was rubbing at his hip bone languidly. “You utter brat.”
“You’re forgetting unrepentant.”
“Utterly unrepentant brat.”
“You’d hate it if it was any other way and you know it.” Smug tone.
“Don’t you get smug with me you brat; I’ll scream it when I come just to spite you.”
“I’ll have my tongue too far down your throat for you to even make that cute little squeak.” Kakashi retorted.
“I’ll make sure you go first then. I’ll say it while you’re a little wad of goo.”
“You won’t be able to out last me, I’ll have you utterly unable to talk so there.”
“You’re not THAT that good.”
“Is too.”
“Is not- er, am not, I mean.”
“Am too.”
“No, you had it right. It’s is too, am not.”
“Yes sensei…. Are too.”
“Brat.” Iruka stuck his tongue out at him. And was nearly instant transported to his back, his hands pinned near his head. The motion knocked the wind out of him for a moment until he focused his eyes on Kakashi, whom had a flat out leer on his face.
“Yoooou, just stuck your tongue out.” Almost a sing song tone, he wriggled his hips against Iruka’s. “I think… I shall return the favor-“ And then he’d slide back and grabbed one of Iruka’s legs at the knee, contorting him like so much clay. “Now, before you kicked me off the bed where was I?”
“Be-behind me?” Iruka tried. Kakashi laughed and snaked a hand around Iruka’s other leg to lightly, lightly rub a finger across the head of his member. Iruka choked down a squeal and blushed when he felt the hot wet tongue go across the base of his testicles. Kakashi shifted a little until the small of Iruka back was more or less against his chest. Iruka was now bent nearly in double, most of his weight on his shoulders. His legs went off in nearly opposite directions giving Kakashi quite a bit of space to work with. Those nice, lovely firm cheeks of his Ruru were spread enough for him to use his other hand to slide a finger between them in a easy stroke.
Iruka wriggled a little and turned an all over uniform shade of lobster. “Oh go- you’re really going too-“ Breath stupid. Keep breathing.
“Damn right. After you put all that effort into getting ready.” Kakashi bit lightly at the nice, firm curve of the left globe. “Be rude not too.”
Iruka meeped, then whimpered as the tongue came back, following the trail of the finger. I hope I read the box right- ee-
“You’re just too damn cute.” Kakashi mumbled, pausing to nuzzle. “So shy.”
“I, it’s that- hu-“ He inhaled at something Kakashi’s fingers did along his length. “It’s just you, brat.”
“Mm.” Kakashi stopped responding at this point, letting his tongue start to circle lazily, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Then he was pushing with it, thrusting, forcing that dexterous slice of muscle through that tight ring. He didn’t get quite far enough though, and pulled his tongue back, reloaded it was saliva and was pushing again, fingers doing something akin to flute playing along his shaft. He still had the nails on, and had to remind himself not to accidentally gouge out anything important. Iruka’s skin felt soft, still damp from the shower or bath whatever he’d done, smelling like the vaguely spicy neutral odor soap he had. A rather nice scent, really. He kept friction on Iruka’s cock, wishing he had a slightly better idea how to do the tongue part, having to settle for going in as far as he could and pulling back and trying to keep Iruka aroused.
Little farther, little deeper before Kakashi needed more slick spit. Iruka had one arm up above his head, adding balance with the other hand over his mouth. “Ka-Kakashi-“ Iruka whined it out a little, trying to moving into that totally alien sensation of squirming heat. Fuck- This was weird, this was Weird. No, not just capital ‘W’, make that italic Weird. It felt like it was alive- that’s stupid it IS alive. Sorta. Iruka moved his hand from his mouth to his eyes, peering between his fingers at a rather, odd view of his own member being caressed and stroked by strong fingers with red nails and that fluffy head of hair bobbing in time with the invading- invading Weirdness. He shut his eyes and gasped, very glad Kakashi was so good with that one lace coated hand or he might be stuck here embarrassed and limp. This is stupid, just stop.. “Kakashi, Kakashi just st-“ He stopped as his back arched and he sucked in a breath, a hard gasp. “D-don’t- ah- Kashi-“
Kakashi started to lift his head a little but a sudden death grip on his hair seemed to imply that maybe that wasn’t the best choice. So he did it again, it was tricky to get that deep but Iruka tensed again, and with a ‘d-don’t st-stop-‘ he was given all the encouragement he needed to go as deeply as he could. Iruka tried, somewhat, to thrust into it but Kakashi leaned forward, not letting him move, keeping him nearly folded over. Iruka’s length in his hand was weeping now, finally fully rigid (Kakashi had been about it give up and try again later if Iruka didn’t get into it, perhaps do some research into whether or not there were proper techniques). Kakashi swiped his thumb across the tip, smearing the few delicate drops. He was dry now, except for that, and lower where sweat was mixing with the water from his bath and naturally at the point Kakashi was jamming his tongue. But the sides of his cock were dry and that’s all that needs to be mentioned here. Kakashi shifted a little, aching himself. The silk panties were way too tight, but with Iruka thrashing and twitching like that he couldn’t spare a hand for himself. He shifted again, feeling the ruffles rubbing through tangerine material. It felt nice, but he didn’t really NEED nice right now. He needed pressure and stroking and thrusting.
Iruka was starting to see small flashes of white and decided then and there that Kakashi could do whatever the hell he wanted to his body and Iruka would cheer him on. Hell, he’d cheer Kakashi on now but the bent position made it really, really hard to breath and think enough to do something as complicated as cheering. “Brat-“ He managed to force it out, feeling his belly tighten up in phases, tightening, relaxing a little, tightening more. Kakashi did something clever to the underside of the head, those nails pinching carefully. Iruka tried to arch his back again, to straighten out his spine, but he couldn’t. All he could do was futilely push at Kakashi’s head and writhe in the few winches of space he had while some form of bio-electricity fried his nervous system (or rather, it felt like it). His feet kicked, a little, more like twitching, with his toes tightening up in synch with his stomach. “Ka- ke-“ And then he was screaming, an absolute omelet of vowels with just enough consonants for it to be really guttural.
(the good people of Kentucky had by this stage learn to sleep with earplugs)
Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrglllllle!” or something to this extent, it’s really quiet hard to transcribe these types of screams so if we can just allow a bit of leeway, please pretend that was accurate.
He came in his own face, actually, being bent over so far having an unexpected secondary result. Not that it really sunk in at first. His muscles slowly unclenched of their own accord and his body went limp, sliding to one side. Kakashi had pulled his head away. On hand stayed at Iruka’s cock, giving it one or two last strokes while it was sensitive, but the other…. Kakashi hand to let go of Iruka’s hip and thrust the now freed hand between his own legs, One quick stroke through the silk then he was pushing it to the side, freeing himself. The petticoats felt rough, almost, on his hyper sensitive aching flesh. He’d almost forgotten he’d been wearing the gloves until his palm came in firm contact with the head, almost grating. Iruka let out a whimper, made some small noise and Kakashi growled, low and possessive as he moved back a little, enough for Iruka to lay out properly.
Iruka didn’t know his name at the moment, but he managed to remember Kakashi’s (well, he knew it started with a ‘K’, at least) by the time his lover had straddled one of his legs and started to just, grind into his hip. “Ku-“ No, no, that wasn’t right- Iruka frowned a little, trying to think and giving up. “Ki-“ Still wrong. “Ka-“ That one sounder better, at it got the semi desired reaction. ‘Ka’ slide his arms under Iruka’s torso and buried his face in Iruka’s chest, just wanting to come and get it over with so they could lay there in a stew of their own juices, merrily reeking of sex until Iruka felt guilty and proceeded to reciprocate. At least, that was the general plan, to do silly, silly things until Iruka was screaming then wait a bit and have silly things done back. Kakashi’s orgasm was short and hard, like a stab. He was silent, just his spine stiffened as his embrace tightened and he got hot semen smeared against his thighs and Iruka’s hip and the petticoats (that were in most dire need of a wash).
“Kaka-“ something.. Kakashu? Kakatsu? Kakachi?
“Ruru-“ Kakashi mumbled it into skin, face mashed against Iruka, not willing to move more than a centimeter to take pressure off his nose.
Ruru… Oh yeah that’s me. It took a long moment, a series of long moment, really, before he could respond. “brat”- in a voice to small for grammar. Making his eyes refocus was a waste of effort so he just shut them and, if it was possible, relaxed more. (it wasn’t, as a point of fact, possible for him to be more relaxed but if it HAD been he would have). Good was a crappy word, a completely inferior word for how Iruka felt. He felt like he’d been de-boned and tossed onto a, a, something soft and squishy. He couldn’t think of a good word for it. Mostly because he couldn’t think.
Kakashi, on the other hand, was slowly starting to think again. He hadn’t gone, quiet as far into lala-land (as in, he might spell it wrong but he did know his name) and after a while, when Iruka heart started to slow, he lifted his head a little, shifting to be a bit closer, slightly snuggled to Iruka’s side. Iruka shifted an arm, letting it loop a little. Kakashi. Oh yeah. That’s the name of the guy who did this to me. Also known as comfortable weight on my chest. Probably where the sticky heat on my hip is from.
Iruka came back to himself enough to get the other arm up and around Kakashi’s shoulders, enough to turn his face to nuzzling into that fluffy, soft, sweaty and now sticky hair. Wait. Iruka made his eyes open a little focusing. Sticky? “Uuah?”
Iruka nuzzled again, then (because it was easier than lifting up a hand to test it between his fingers) stuck out his tongue and licked at a particularly sticky looking patch. Oh. Wonder how that got there. He licked his lips and tasted it again, more on one side, and blinked. When did- He thought about it, going back wards, and came to the logical conclusion that- heh. He made a soft noise, a laugh almost.
Kakashi made himself lift his head a little to see what Iruka was giggling at. “Yes?”
Iruka slide a hand up Kakashi’s back, tugging him down by the loose folds of the mask around his neck. Kakashi let himself get pulled down until Iruka could, with a little effort, whisper in his ear. “I got spunk in your hair.” He said this very seriously and softly, as if it was a secret. Then he ruined the affect with another soft giggle.
Kakashi blinked at him. “You got it on you.” He said, wondering if that made much sense.
Iruka nuzzled his neck, smearing what little was left on his face between them. “See?” He grinned and let his head loll back. “Heh.”
Not that he was ever going to wear that particular mask again anyway, due to the lace, it was still a tad annoying to have jizz rubbed into it. He sighed and took it off then went back to the highly demanding task of basking.

~O.o~ we’ll get back to them I SWEAR just let em cuddle for a bit. ~o.O~

Sakura was furiously red (though not actually furious) and staring at the door. Okay, just knock- bang on it. Go go go-
She’d been sitting outside the door, sitting against the wall, for about ten minutes, listening to the (highly muted, the comforters worked) grunts growls and howls of the two boys rutting inside. They yelled at each other a lot. They yelled things…
Naughty, naughty things.... Things that made her, picture- what- oh god. That was when she’d stood up. Mostly for fear of soaking her panties to the extent that her dress would be, suspicious. And now she was staring at ahead a few inches from the surface of the peeling paint of the door that was the only thing separating her from walking in and declaring her Plan. Said plan had been a lot more coherent in her head before the blood had left it. Dammit, weren’t girls suppose to be more level headed about this kinda of thing?
She licked her lips. Apparently not, all she could think about was whether or not her back would bend far enough for that thing on page 56 of that last book. Actually, just the description of that had been three pages of dense text but, still. She took another deep breath and thought of the note she’d found wrapped around a rather large sum of money in her wallet. Kakashi must have put it there.
Fact one- they won’t know what you like. Unless you tell them. Try drawing a chart .
Fact two- you’re a virgin. This will probably hurt.
Fact three- there will be no flower petals. Also, body fluids are involved. If it’s not messy your doing it wrong.
Fact four- Go for it. Have fun anyway. There’s really no way to do it wrong. Unless you bite down. Don’t do that. And watch the nails.
It was to the point and still included circular logic. Even if he hadn’t doodled in a small henehenomoheji, she’d have known it was him. One more deep breath- and
Bang bang bang
Naruto jumped about ten inches off Sasuke when he heard the door. He growled, then hollered. “Fuck off you miserable old man I already paid my rent!”
Sakura smiled, feeling oddly relieved, and pounded again.
“Fuck- GO AWAY.”
“Dobe-“ Sasuke sounded a little fuzzy. “He knows you’re here-“
“Senile bastard.” Naruto grouched.
“Aren’t you gonna put pants on to answer the door?”
“Why? Maybe the old fart will get offended and leave-“ Naruto swung open the door all the way. “Okay look you wrinkled old- fuu-“
“Hi Naruto.”
“Fuck!” his first response was to try to shut the door but she had already stepped inside so he settled for covering himself with his hands, blushing and stammering. “Sa-Sa-Sakura!”
Sasuke was now decently out of sight. Not the best hiding job - he’d like boxers on before he did this- but still
Sakura held out a plastic cup to Naruto. “Take this.”
“Ah- let me- let me get pants and-“
“Don’t bother. Take the cup. You get one too Sasuke. Nice genjutsu, but I know Naruto only has four pillows and none of them are that clean.”
There was a pause and the large pillow was replaced with a rather naked and chewed on Sasuke. He took the cup and declined to comment.
“You look like shit.” Sakura said without thinking, eyes widening. “All those- wait- that’s not a human bite mark what’s that on your neck?”
“I don’t want to talk about it-“ Sasuke slapped a hand over the mark. This rather left him exposed so his other hand grabbed a pillow for protection. This meant he dropped the cup. Sakura rolled her eyes and picked it up, forcing it back on him.
“Um, Sakura- hey, hey-“ Naruto seemed to be trying to figure out how to tug on her sleeve with a cup in one hand and his other hand futilely covering Things.
“Yes?” She turned her head, arched an eyebrow and he quailed.
“What- are- nani- Sakura?” Naruto ran of words, looking like a very scared puppy.
“It’s okay Naruto I’m not mad. Sit down?” Sakura gestured at the couch and set her bag down on the floor. “I’ll explain, alright?”
“Your bag is filled with sake bottles.” Sasuke commented, leaning forward.
“He had a few in his cupboard too. I assumed they were also being given to me.” Sakura said calmly. Actually Kakashi would be slightly irate when he found them gone, but that’s not now. “Here, this bottle is chilled.” She pulled out a rather large one, beaded with condensed moisture. “I know they’re not sake cups but-“ She shrugged.
Okay she bough the cups at a drug store on the way over. Sue her if you must but a genins salary is not a great settlement.
“You brought… Booze…” Sasuke glared suddenly. “Are you really Sakura? How do I know you’re not a squirrel!?”
“A what? Like the one on the window sill?” Sakura pointed and Sasuke’s head whipped around to look at the disgustingly innocent looking creature tapping at the window with a hazel nut. Sasuke shuddered, then glared at her. His eyes gleamed red suddenly, and he looked her over once, calculatingly. “Say something.”
“Like what?”
“Something that Sakura would know that Kakashi wouldn’t.”
“Like what?
“Something! Not the stuffed cat the bastard knows about that.”
“You mean Fluffers?” Naruto chimed in and got a pillow thrown at his head.
“You named it? That cat was a present from my-“ Sakura got a little distracted by the fact the throw pillow had, in fact, been the one thing covering Sasuke up. “You have an angsty penis. How the hell do you do that?”
“You should see it do ‘quietly affronted dignity’, it’s hilarious!!” Naruto said with a slight leer to his tone.
“I’ll bet.”
“Prove your Sakura dammit or I’ll test it myself!” Sasuke yelled, covering himself at the thought that this might be either Kakashi or another clone. Not Iruka, Iruka would die at the sight of Naruto and him rutting away, but still.
“Naruto doesn’t taste like ramen. He taste like strong tea and salt and sweat and if you breath through your mouth it’s all musk. And he usually smells like torn up soil but right now he smells like a roll in the hay.”
Sasuke blinked at her, and let his eyes go back to normal. He was relatively certain Kakashi wouldn’t kiss the brat. “Slut.”
“Hey- don’t’ call Sakura tha-“
“I meant you, you moron!” Sasuke snapped.
“I’m in the clear here, Naruto I didn’t know you two were dating… I was too freaked out by that sat- well, anyway I didn’t notice. Sorry Sasuke.” Sakura bowed slightly towards the dark haired boy.
“No problem.”
“Don’t I get to say what I think-” Naruto started.
“Shut up dobe.” Sasuke grumbled. “Is that all?”
“No.” Sakura looked at Naruto. “What, exactly, did you think was gonna happen when Sasuke and I compared notes?”
“Umm.” Naruto looked down. “I was hoping I’d have things figured out by then. Before now, at least.”
“Don’t tell me your enough of an idiot to think that cheating on a fellow ninja is feasible for extended periods of time. Nevermind how not safe it is.” Sakura said, sounding like she was starting a lecture. “What if I’d been mad? I could have come in twenty minutes ago and tried to riddle you with kunai!”
Sasuke tilted his head. “Where you sitting outside that long?”
“Yes.” Bleeding uncomfortable.
Sasuke had the decency to blush a tad at that. “Oh.”
Naruto took a second longer to figure out what you would have heard from outside the door about twenty minutes ago but once he had it he blushed as well. “Sorry…”
“So, I’ll ask again. What did you really think was going to happen?” Sakura tilted her head and glared. “Or were you planning to just go between the two of us?”
“No. I didn’t think that’d work.”
“But you thought about it.” Sakura pressed.
“A little.” Naruto admitted finally. “But even I know that’s not right.”
“Damn right it’s not.” Sakura got the bottle open and filled his cup. He blinked at it, then at her as she filled Sasuke’s next. “It’s just, you know, impolite. Why should you get both of us if we only get you?” Then she filled her own glass with what was left. “That’s rather greedy of you.”
Sasuke, had, by this point, come to the conclusion that, for whatever reason, Sakura was not mad. At least not mad at him. But she wasn’t screaming at Naruto…. Sasuke looked at his cup (bringht blue, plastic and picnic like) and then glanced at the large empty bottle on the floor. Not cheap stuff either. He took a small sip and kept thinking about, why, possibly, Sakura would have brought Sake with her. He eyed the bag, trying to guess at what else she’d brought. Well, what the hell she seemed distracted enough…. He snatched it smoothly, a fast, subtle motion that she missed and sneaked a look inside.
Then he utterly broke rule number 79#, A shinobi shall not crack up while being stealthy.
Sakura stopped, turned her head to stare at the now cackling Sasuke, who was hugging the bag to his chest. “What are you-“ The fact it was HER bag sunk in. “Oh-“ She blushed allll the way to deep purple. “Give me tha-“ She started to reach for it, automatically, but Sasuke gripped her wrist and pulled her forward. She was suddenly silent, not entirely sure what to do while being hugged by a giggly naked Sasuke.
“Hey-“ Naruto started, trying to decided what, exactly his emotional response to that should be.
Sasuke kissed her on the cheek once before grinning broadly at Naruto. “We have, and I mean this- we have the best team mate EVER.”
A kiss, physical contact and a compliment from Sasuke simply didn’t fit in Sakura’s world view. She blinked rapidly. “Are you feeling alright-“ She started automatically, wondering if maybe Sasuke had hit his head lately. Maybe he just had really low tolerance. He kissed her again, on the lips this time, quickly and she turned right red.
“Hey!” Naruto semi stood up.
“Shut up dobe, don’t you know why she’s here?” Sasuke moved her to one side, a little, but kept an arm around her waist. His free hand raised his glass. “And I think it’s a great idea!” Apparently the whole getting his brains fucked out thing had renewed, for now, his energy.
“You do?” Sakura blushed.
“Yes- You do too, right Dobe?”
“Yes? Wait- what the hell am I agreeing too?” Naruto stood up and tried to look cross, but was forced to grab at his crotch-pillow.
“A threeway.” Sasuke had an absolutely incredible grin on his face. “The three of us! Think about it!”
There was a paused, and then Naruto produced a grin that matched Sasuke’s. “E-heh-heh-” His cheeks pinked thinking about it. He shook himself out of it though. “Wait- how do you know that’s why she-“ For the second time in this story, Naruto was hit in the face with a book. “OW!”
“She’s got more in here-“ Sasuke said, waving another book in his direction. “This one’s The idiots guide to the ThreeWay.
Threeways; before after and during. The illustrated guide.” Naruto flipped it open to a random page and blinked. “How much do you weigh, Sasuke?”
“Th-the back pages are for advanced trios.” Sakura cut in. “Go back towards the front that the- less, complicated stuff.”
Naruto looked up at her, for a second, then moved, sitting on the other side of her. She didn’t hit him and he shifted closer, handing her the book. “What ones then?”
Sakura flushed and opened the book, shifting a little as Sasuke’s grip on her wrist turned into what was nearly a caress and Naruto head rested on her shoulder, his arm going past her, possibly to Sasuke’s arm. She didn’t care. “The, the first few pages are, really simple but, at about- see, twenty they start to get more, interesting.” She started leafing through her book. “Like, this one, maybe.”
“I don’t like being upside down.” Sasuke leaned in, pointing to the other page. “That ones better.”
“Why do you think that you’d be the upside down one?” Naruto said. “I could do that.”
“I’m less clumsy than you dobe.”
“I haven’t dropped you yet.” Naruto’s arm came up to cuff the back of his head.
“Hey!” Sasuke’s arm came up off Sakura’s hip to return the favor. “Stop that!”
“Make me!” Naruto growled back.
Sasuke bristled.
And then Sakura demonstrated how a light weight female could easily get a handle on two quarreling boys. Naruto and Sasuke both made a completely abnormal noise. Not, completely free of pleasure, mind you, she had soft hands, but, then again, having never touched that particular organ on a commenting model, wasn’t really sure how hard you had to squeeze too get a reaction. Here’s a hint…. Not that hard. She loosened up her grip instantly, blushing. Not the wording was loosen up, not let go. Her brain started to automatically compare her two handfuls, while Inner Sakura had been blasting some sort of techno beat for the last ten minutes. “I-“ She started, then blushed, then stopped, then started again. “I’d like to be, touched. Please.” She pulled her hands away and both boys leaned in towards her.
“Okay-“ Naruto mumbled it, turning to kiss her ear. “Like this?” His other hand can up to fluff her hair. Sasuke follow suit, kissing her lips instead, the corner of the mouth. Lucky girl, since they were both sated (for now) they were momentarily content to at least give a go at figuring her body out. For a bit.
Things went well till they got to her bra. There was a brief, intense argument on whether it should be on (Sasuke claimed it was sexy), off (Naruto thought it got in the way), or pulled down (Sakura didn’t care but pitched that out as a compromise). By the time it was argued off Sakura had wriggled out of her panties to head off possible other arguments.
And things went swimmingly again. It took a few moments but Sasuke was the first to slide his hand up her lean inner thigh and curiously start exploring. She leaned back and found Naruto behind her, head against her shoulder. There was a moment then-
“You’re doing that wrong.”
“Am not.”
“Feels okay to me-“ Sakura started, but Naruto rolled his eyes and smacked Sasuke’s hand out of the way and proceeded to display a level of manual dexterity that made her see STARS. She slumped, a little, gasping and only vaguely heard-
“Do that again. I didn’t catch it.”
“Shut up dobe your hand was in the way.”
“It kinda goes there- here, look sit to the side a little-“
Then he did it again. It took three times total but Sasuke got it. There he tried it and she had to hit them both to get them to stop because really if they kept doing that she was going to pass out merrily.
Both agreeded she had a wonderfully clever mouth, which made her feel quite proud as she was only attempting to imitate her books. Though she had to figure out the whole breath through your nose thing on her own, and swallowing around the damn things was tricky to do without excessive drooling. She could say the same about them, though, Naruto seemed on eerily familiar ground when he suggested a modified 69. A 689, if you will?
Losing her virginity hurt like the blazes, but she’d been ready for it, and after the initial shock of feeling a new area hurt, she was able to compare it to other damage she’d had and it didn’t seem quite so bad. She still had to hit Sasuke when he tried to speed up too fast.
It is worth noting, but barely, that Sasuke was the one to due it only because of a coin toss. Then Naruto. Both were good, though the fingers did more for her release than any other bits in the equation.
All three were late the next day.
But- we’re not there yet, now are we?