Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Side Effects: heiwa no Jutsu ❯ The proper Chpt two ( Chapter 2 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

CHAPTER TWO: What do you mean, TWELVE?!
He didn't find the hickey until he'd taken a shower, changed his clothes, drunk the juice, washed all the dishes, made the bed, gone home, downed a few dozen aspirin to hopefully stop his head from exploding and had started to strip down to take another nap that would probably do a better job of ridding him of the grinding pain.
It didn't even click what it was at first. He thought it was a stain, but then he remembered he'd showered. Then he thought it might be a bruise, but it wasn't sore. He was lying on his back on the bed, idly touching it with his fingers, before it finally sunk in what it looked like. What it had to be.
His eyes went wide and he froze, then, without looking, he reached over, grabbed the bottle and took a few more aspirin. Then he crawled under the covers. He would simply refuse to think about it. Wasn't that hard. He didn't have classes today, and he figured he'd be better by tomorrow and that the mark should've gone away by then. Not that it showed when he was dressed, but still…
When had he gotten that thing? He tried to push it away, but too many questions were niggling to let him sleep. When, some time after he got there, he remembered a little of the drinking, but not much after glass ten. So, sometime between then and when he woke up. Possibly after he feel asleep? He kind of hoped not. Where? At the party? After? Oh god, he was going to have to go ASK people. He felt himself turn crimson just THINKING about it. 'Hey, do you know who was sucking on my neck last night?'
He fell asleep still wringing his hands mentally and worrying.
He hadn't expected the dishes to be done, Kakashi decided. He'd expected the bed, somewhat, and the wastebasket that had fallen and landed on someone's cat wasn't completely surprising, but the fact the dishes were done was interesting. He'd even managed to put them away properly. The bathroom towel had been hung up too and the whole place looked rather like some sort of maid had run through really quickly.
Unfortunately, the hormone flux that accompanied the calming jutsu wearing off instantly paraded the image of Iruka in a French maid outfit through his head and he nearly fell over, recasting as quickly as he could. That was not a good sign, there was a limit to how many times one could safely cast it and he was fairly sure he was over that number by now. He was starting to regret saying sunset -- perhaps noon would have been easier. Not that Iruka would actually remember that he'd said that. Oh well, it was nearly sunset now anyway; he had time to wash off the layer of grime he'd gathered while running his team into the ground today.
He leaned his head against the wall of the shower and quietly hoped he wasn't going to have to end up there again later in the night, with hot water running instead of the current ice. As suppressed as he was making himself, one way or another he was going to have to get off tonight or risk some fairly serious and deeply embarrassing health problems. Probably more than once, Kakashi thought blandly, rotating his wrist, hoping there was enough hot water and, for the first time, regretting he had no bath.
He really didn't want to end up here again tonight. Not in the least. It felt odd to want something or someone, he wasn't really used to it. It wasn't that this was a sudden revelation -- he'd been aware of his desires for a decent amount of time -- but he certainly hadn't expected his hand to be forced by the other. Just once, he thought, it'd be nice for the annual sensei party to go smoothly. Well, as smoothly as a party that a group of teachers used as an excuse to get drunk could go, which so far wasn't very.
He sighed and dumped shampoo into his head, then stopped. It was the wrong bottle. Kakashi wrinkled his nose. Greeeaaaat. Now he was going to SMELL like Iruka. THAT would make things go MUCH better. He cranked up the water pressure until the last of the bubbles went away, and then stood there longer until most of the scent was gone. Not all of it though, there was still enough of it to require casting the jutsu AGAIN. ARGH!
Kakashi groaned slightly, stepping out of the shower and toweling off. It was actually starting to ache a bit down his spine from the pressure. He quickly dressed and left, noting that the sun was finally near touching the horizon. Hopefully Iruka would just be at home and he wouldn't have to hunt him down.
He sighed and went against his nature by taking the quickest and straightest path he could.
Iruka sighed. It'd taken nearly twenty minutes, going quickly, to take the most out-of-the-way path he could to reach Kakashi's home. He'd gone back to Kurenai's, but she was so pissed off about the stain of unknown origin on the ceiling that he chose NOT to go in, instead skulking away quietly. Everyone else was nursing hangovers, so he headed towards where Kakashi should be. Or, rather, where he would logically be at some point. Unless he sleeps out in the forest instead of his house tonight.
Unfortunately there was no one there. Iruka sighed and sat down near the door. He was aware that it was nearly sunset, and he was not sure why that saddened him. He pulled up a knee and leaned his chin on it. letting his eyes shut. His other hand went to his neck, idly rubbing the mark through his shirt. At least the headache was mostly gone. He felt eons physically better than he had that morning. Mentally, however, he was somewhere between a nervous breakdown and chronically confused. Under all that he was also slightly bitter that he didn't remember getting the hickey.
He kept his eyes shut, feeling the warmth of the sun fade. Perhaps something was supposed to happen, an appointment he'd forgotten. After what felt like a long time, he opened his eyes and started to get up.
Then stopped. Kakashi was standing above him looked down at him blankly.
"How long have you been there?" Iruka asked after a slightly uncomfortable silence.
"Just as the sun set," Kakashi replied. "How long have you been here?"
"Maybe - maybe half an hour. More." Iruka stood up. "I, well, about the party-"
"Do you remember any of it?" Kakashi opened the door and motioned him in.
"No. No, I don't," Iruka said, going in after him. "I - I know I woke up here."
"You fell asleep here too," Kakashi said. "And you left your shampoo." He shut the door and sat on the couch, stretching his legs out and hooking his arms over the back. "Have a seat."
How did my shampoo get here? he thought about asking. But Iruka sat down on the far end of the couch instead, stock straight. There was dead silence as he stared at his hands. Kakashi's head lolled slightly to one side and he gave every appearance of having dozed off. Iruka made an odd noise, finally and reached out, thinking to bump him awake.
Kakashi's eye opened back up halfway. "If you want to know what happened, you had better ask."
"I don't know any of what happened," Iruka gulped. "Anything you can tell me would be helpful."
"Ah." Kakashi rolled his head back to stare at the ceiling. "You have a horrid singing voice."
Iruka blushed. "Oh. Kurenai still has that karaoke machine then?"
"It sounded like it." He shrugged. "I was reading outside."
"Oh." There was more silence. "Then what?"
"You told dirty jokes. A few good ones." Kakashi kicked off his shoes after a moment, tossing them away.
"Oh. Then what?"
"You told everyone you had a box full of confiscated sex toys and other such things you'd taken from students over the years. You also explained how you caught a few of them."
"Oh nooo!" Iruka blushed and covered his face, leaning forward. "Please tell me I just passed out then?" Kakashi laughed quietly and Iruka gave him a horror stricken look. "It gets WORSE?" His eyes were wide. Kakashi nodded. "Wait! How did I get here?"
"How do you think you got here?"
Iruka didn't answer. He'd been thinking about that too, and was hoping he hadn't broken in. "I don't know."
"You must have a guess."
"No, I don't." Iruka lied, shifting.
"Don't lie to me." Kakashi felt slightly irritated suddenly. It showed in his face for a second and Iruka flinched. "Iruka, what do you think was the worst thing you could have done here last night?"
"I - I don't know. There are so many things -" Iruka stopped. "Please just tell me so I can apologize and go home."
"Answer my question. Out of all those things, what's the worst?"
"That's unfair. I might not have done the worst thing." Iruka protested.
"Do you want to know where the hickey came from or not?" Iruka's mouth snapped shut and he froze. "Now. I'll give you a hint, what do you think you could have SAID last night?"
Iruka felt his brain melt for a second then it snapped back, solid with horror. "I told you."
"Told me what?" Kakashi sounded slightly bemused.
"The worst thing I could have done would be to tell you. It'd just - be the worst thing. And I must have." Iruka was muttering to himself slightly, holding his head. "I'm never drinking again. Ever."
"Still waiting."
"I told you I was in… in love with you, didn't I?" Iruka looked pretty dismal.
Iruka's expression went from dismal to sheer mortification. If there had been a katana in the room Kakashi had no doubt he would've been forced to halt a spontaneous ritual suicide.
"You didn't say 'love' yesterday. You said 'like'." Kakashi smiled, his eye becoming a half circle. "You also threatened to sneak into my room unless I either tied you up or took you in with me."
"I didn't…" There was a very quiet gasping noise as the blood left Iruka's face.
"Yes, you did."
Iruka stood up suddenly. Bowing low, he nearly bent double while trying to apologize. "I'm, I'm very, very sorry for any and all the inconvenience or annoyance I've caused you and I'll just be going now." He turned and walked toward the door, mentally picking where he was going to go scream and scream and scream until his throat bled. He even had the proper cliff to fling himself off of picked out, and his suicide note was already in rough draft stages.
Kakashi waited until his hand was on the door.
"It was me."
He didn't actually look at Iruka when he was saying this, opting for the ceiling again.
Iruka stopped, looked back at him warily. "It was you what?"
"I was the one who gave you the bite mark. On your shoulder, near the neck." Iruka blinked and realized the other man was standing now. Right next to him in fact, pushing the collar of his vest back and touching the shirt exactly over the mark. "You lost the shirt on your own. And your other shoe."
"Oh." Iruka's eyes were nearly perfectly round.
"That was all I did though. And I put you to sleep." He leaned closer now, looking slightly thoughtful, fingers still between the vest and the shirt. "You snore." Iruka was still stunned, mouth now slightly agape. Kakashi smiled for a moment, almost reassuringly, and then paused, twitching. "Ah, have you ever heard of a jutsu used to control basic animal instincts?" Kakashi asked suddenly, tilting his head up and looking at the ceiling.
"Ummm, yes, Heiwa no jutsu?" Iruka was confused, but glad to be distracted.
"Have you ever heard of the side effects? There's a reason hardly anyone uses it, after all."
"Whatever's suppressed comes back, doubled by however many times the jutsu was used," Iruka recited. "Often triggering a corresponding lack of self control."
"Good, well said Iruka sensei. Now- you are welcome to stay. I want you to," Kakashi said calmly. "But if you're going to leave, you have approximately one minute before the jutsu wears off. And I've cast it at least twelve times since you stuck your hands inside my vest last night."
Iruka's eyes went wide again. "Is that even safe?"
"No idea. Fifty-five seconds." Kakashi stepped back and turned toward the bedroom, reaching up and pulling the forehead protector off and dropping it on the couch as he passed it. He had the vest halfway off already even as he walked through the doorway and vanished. "Fifty seconds." Iruka shifted from foot to foot, eyes going from the door to the bedroom to the exit. "Thirty seconds- and you'd better be GONE by then if you're leaving." Kakashi said from inside the other room. Iruka couldn't see him at all, just hear him. The thought hit him that by now Kakashi was probably nearly nude and he swallowed, mouth going suddenly dry. A shudder hit down his spine and he started walking towards the bedroom door while taking his sandals off, casting one last look at the doorway out. "Fifteen." Kakashi's voice sounded slightly strained, as if he might have over-estimated how long he had. Iruka got his shoes off, tossed away his vest, and started to go in.
Unfortunately, he forgot about the slight difference in floor height again and stubbed his toes, falling forward. This time he caught himself before he could go very far, but it was still a rather awkward entrance. With the door open more light came pouring in, illuminating Kakashi's now bare back.
He was sitting on the edge of the bed, half bent over, head in his hands, counting down the seconds out loud. Iruka felt his heart skip briefly then double time to make up for it. Shutting the door behind him he stopped listening to the numbers tick off in that unsteady voice and got onto the bed, moving forward and sliding his arms around Kakashi's waist, putting his cheek against his skin. The numbers halted for a second, replaced by a rushing intake of air and a deep shudder.
"One." Iruka supplied quietly. "You were at one."
Kakashi twisted, loosening Iruka's grasp and fell backwards onto the bed dragging the other man with him ferociously. His lips clamped onto Iruka's like a vice, his hands pressing at the small of his back and the back of his head to keep him there. Iruka stiffened for a second then gave up, pushing himself into it, squirming closer. Kakashi groaned, rocking his hips up.
Iruka gasped, felt the tip of the other man's tongue touch his before searching his mouth. The added sensation of that against the rock hard erection grinding through his clothes made him feel decidedly overdressed. The hand on the small of his back slid down, pushed under the waist of his pants and grabbed his ass. Iruka squeaked slightly, breaking off the kiss for less than a heart beat before it was resumed. With a silent prayer that Kakashi had a better idea what to do than he did, he started to fight the invading tongue, pushing back just as hard and exploring a little himself. By now his seeking hands had touched enough to determine that yes, Kakashi had successfully stripped down to nothing in three seconds, and yes, he'd been right on the money with the last few weeks' dirty fantasies. Without changing the kiss Iruka slid his hand down and started to pull up his own shirt.
The moment Kakashi figured out what the cause of all the delectable shifting was, he was helping. Breaking the kiss he helped push and shove the clothes over Iruka's head, nipping at whatever he could reach. More than just nipping, it felt like being eaten. Once the shirt was off and he had a free hand Iruka slapped it down on the bed, lifting his torso up and shuddering as Kakashi refreshed the earlier bite mark with great enthusiasm.
Kakashi craned his neck, flicking his tongue across a nipple and feeling nearly lightheaded at the liberty. Iruka moved to make it easier and started to slide his fingers down Kakashi's side. If he stretched, he could just brush the hipbone. Sweeping his hand to the side got him belly and the flesh below the navel. Kakashi made an unhappy noise and muttered something about dirty, dirty teases. Iruka laughed at that, feeling himself suddenly relax like a spring had loosened in him somewhere and wriggled his fingers, moving until he could go lower if he chose to. Kakashi made another noise and Iruka smiled, leaning down to kiss his neck and collarbone. He nuzzled, leaning against him as he made use of his mouth, rocking his body against Kakashi's.
Iruka started to go lower, following muscle curves with his lips and tongue, pressing against him, hands roaming up his sides. He felt the scars, ribs, and skin that were surprisingly smooth. He brushed the hair on the arms that encircled him, and he could hear Kakashi's' heart beating. He felt Kakashi shift up to his elbow as he went lower, starting to flush with slight embarrassment as he had to back off the bed a little to nuzzle.
"It's not necessary that you -" Kakashi started, stopping with a shudder when Iruka bit his side.
"I had a friend, once," Iruka explained. "Who cast heiwa no jutsu around five times. We had to rescue a cat from him." He licked a hipbone slowly; Kakashi's back arched. "A sane person would have just jacked off."
Kakashi whimpered an actual, genuine whimper. He started to open his mouth to retort, maybe suggest a better use for his mouth, but gave a muffled cry instead, biting his lip to keep from yowling. Iruka had grabbed him, almost too tightly, but he'd loosened up and was blushing really hard now.
"Popsicle -" He'd meant to say more, but between the light-headedness and the image he was getting in the near dark… Iruka looking shy, well, now he looked confused but that didn't seem to make it any less erotic because his fingers were still wrapped around his cock.
"Popsicle?" Iruka blinked, then looked mortified again. He shook his head hard once and lowered it. "Shaddup." His lips brushed against the tip for moment before his tongue slid out, his hand loosening so that his fingers could stroke further down. The noises Kakashi was making were encouraging, so he took a deep breath and gently grabbed him again, licking the tip and wrapping his lips around the head. With almost a mental shrug, a kind of `what the hell', he took more in, tilting his head against Kakashi's hand.
Kakashi had gone from propped on one elbow to bracing himself nearly sitting with one arm, his other hand against Iruka's' face, shifting to mess with his hair. He had to bite his lip, trying to hold back just a little, though in all honestly he nearly came when he got grabbed. His current mental stream of thought was beginning to spiral more and more rapidly into what was either a series of religious exclamations or obscenities.
Actually, his train of though was powerful enough that parts of his inner spiel were being spoken. Not very legibly, but enough that Iruka heard it. He lifted his head a little, wanting to know if it was a request of some sort and made a questioning sound.
Kakashi's back arched and his hips lifted, the hand on Iruka's head turning into a fist that he slammed up over his own head as his lips parted in an animalistic yowl. Iruka nearly choked on the sudden spurt of seed and very nearly ended up with a high protein facial. As it was, he swallowed most on reflex while the rest splattered elsewhere, mostly back on its creator and Iruka's hand. After a moment of blinking, Iruka licked up the small amount on Kakashi, but wiped his hand free of the slightly sticky stuff on the sheet to the left.
Iruka half stood, shifting further onto the bed and trying to wipe his chin. Kakashi had gone limp at this point but had roused himself enough to be lying on the bed properly without his legs dangling off the side. There were a strange few seconds of clarity for him, all after-effects of the misused jutsu temporarily gone. He realized that it was probably not going to last but at the very least it was a moment to regain some control.
His lips twitched at that thought and he made himself sit up. He reached over, grabbed his new lover then merrily dragged him down and pinned him.
Iruka made a token protest but stopped as soon he felt Kakashi sit up and get to work undressing him. The protests turned into wiggly whimpers whenever Kakashi let his hands 'slip'. And they seemed to slip a lot, stalling for time as his own arousal came back, though the pain was another uncomfortable side-effect. He distracted himself by looking elsewhere, settling on Iruka's' face. Iruka seemed to be biting his lip slightly, eyes half shut but focused on him. All in all, not a bad view. He let his eyes slide lower, down the path of slightly mottled flushed skin to the now bitten shoulder, down the chest, along the abdomen. He smiled when he got to his hands, a wide predatory smile could be seen easily in the dim light that made his current happy-to be-there-prey shiver. Kakashi shuddered once as if in response, lust hammering him suddenly and he had to bite his own lip to keep from just ramming into him. Stupid jutsu. See if he ever used that one again. His hands became slightly less gentle and Iruka jerked upwards into them, pants turning into moans.
Cursing his own impatience, Kakashi slid his hand down further, shifting so he was straddling one leg. He looked at the other leg for a second and hooked it with his arm, sliding it till the ankle was on his shoulder near his neck. It wasn't a typical position, but Iruka didn't seem to mind.
He squeezed with the free hand making Iruka squirm then let go, bringing his hand lower and prodding his entrance. After a moment he brought his finger to his mouth, licking them. "Heh. Should have done this at your place. Ever confiscate any lube?"
"Probably." Iruka gasped slightly at the flat out weird sensation of being violated by Kakashi's damp index finger. It wasn't that it hurt, it had just been unexpected. "Eep!"
"Sorry, sorry."
Iruka thought he sounded like he was lying and told him so. Kakashi responded with another finger before wriggling them both. That stretched him a little more. Iruka winced a bit then felt a flash of something that felt like lightning making his stomach contract. It was at this point he stopped wincing; after all, he'd taken much worse damage in much bigger doses than some mild discomfort, and none of THOSE incidents ever ended with the orgasm this one was promising.
Kakashi realized he was staring at the other man's face now, and gave up on the idea of three fingers. Iruka didn't look like he was in pain; he'd probably be fine. Kakashi, on the other hand, was in pain right now from sheer pressure. He forced his fingers as far apart as he could make them go, the hand on Iruka's leg reaching down and grabbing his wrist, pulling it to get him closer. Keeping the same two fingers in him, he used the other three to aim, as it were.
Kakashi had meant to go in slowly, he really had, but his control was fraying badly by then and before even the tip was settled he'd let loose a slight growl and thrust forward, jerking hard on Iruka's arm.
Iruka made a startled pained noise at that, body stiffening up. Kakashi leaned forward as much as he could and leaned his head down. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He pleaded softly, loosening his grip on the wrist. Iruka pulled his hand free, brought it up and around and rubbed at the now red area, panting.
"Kakashi -" Iruka was silent a brief moment before speaking. "Please just, shut up and fuck me, okay?"
Kakashi looked up, slightly startled to hear something so crude out of those lips while their owner was sober. Iruka had his face turned slightly away, but his eyes were quite serious if hazy and he had a second layer of blush. Kakashi's' grin was both deeply surprised and delighted. "If you insist." He half sat back up, reclaiming Iruka's wrist and the hand attached to it, the other arm going to the bed for balance as he rocked backwards. He leaned his head back, repeating, wishing there were a nice fat full moon he could howl at. Apparently having adapted to the sensation quickly, Iruka shared the sentiment completely, vocalizing his approval with rushed low whispers. Mostly with demands for more, though he wasn't too specific as to what.
Iruka's back arched, his hand gripping Kakashi's as he started to see flashes of white. He didn't last long; back arching as his voice trailed from words to a rather interesting noise Kakashi didn't think he'd heard before. He shuddered as he came down. It was being drawn out due to the fact Kakashi hadn't stopped thrusting into him yet. In a hazy blissed-out state Iruka looked up, making himself focus on Kakashi.
Kakashi growled, nearly a snarl, leaning forward and going harder. It hurt, the feeling of the orgasm bubbling up and up but not going over. It wasn't that it didn't feel good too, it felt incredible, but something was bottling -
This time he screamed when he came, it sounded raw and primal and scared small children as far away as Kentucky. And considering that no one there has ever even HEARD of Kentucky that's pretty dang far. Iruka winced slightly from the sheer volume. Kakashi leaned back on his heels, panting. The pressure was gone, all of it, replaced with a slight ache and a sense of calm. It felt so good, even with the ache it was worth it. He carefully shifted, pulled out and slumped forward against Iruka, licking his neck.
Iruka slid his arms around Kakashi's neck and shoulders, nearly cooing. Kakashi nuzzled his neck, pressing himself against Iruka's warmth and ignoring the stickiness. Their legs tangled up, Kakashi rocked against him softly, almost in a nudge.
"Hey don't tell me you're tired." Kakashi whined slightly, looking up with a nearly impish look in his eyes. Iruka blinked back and grinned.
"No, but with the way you yelled I thought that jutsu had knocked you out for a minute." His lips found Kakashi eyebrow, moving to his temple. Kakashi smiled and let his eyes slide shut under the attention. "Was I wrong?"
Kakashi smiled and slide a hand down Iruka's' side, answering by brushing his tongue against Iruka's lips while groping lightly. Iruka grinned and fought back, rocking against him as he gave his tongue access. He was nearly dizzy when it broke off, their lips still softly against each other.
Shifting a little, Kakashi started biting him, first his lower lip lightly, sucking on it, then in a trail down his neck and chest.
Iruka shuddered, his hands touching everything they could. "You're just trying to leave marks now, aren't you? Ahh!"
Kakashi chuckled softly. "Maybe."
"And just how many are you planning on leaving this time?" Iruka ran his fingers through Kakashi hair, not sounding in the least distressed about his polka dotted future.
"Mm. Twelve. One for every time I recast that damn jutsu." Kakashi bit at a nipple. "Which hasn't worn off yet, not all the way. Mm. You better hope it wears out before you do." He kissed him again, teasing slowly until Iruka was reeling.
"Mm. Is that a challenge?" Iruka smiled, stretching out for a moment.
That got Iruka his second broad predatory smile of the night. This time he just mirrored it, welcoming it.
Iruka woke up alone at five to eight with the sheet more or less glued to his body. That confused him at first, so he staggered up, sheet stuck to him and tried to head to the bathroom. He hit the wall with a thud, and blinked at it.
"Oh. Yeah." He blinked, remembering, then grinned. He went to walk around the bed to get to the shower and saw the clock. The smile went to dismay. His first class today started in twenty minutes, and he had a sheet stuck to his stomach with dried semen. "FUCK!" He tore the sheet off and dove into the shower, cranking the hot water on in a rush, and grabbed the shampoo.
It was a comical mess as he shoved his hair into its ponytail and located his pants. He found them, saw the questionable stain on them, and cursed again. Looking at the clock, he did the only thing he could think of and bolted, hoping he could make it in time.
Unfortunately, while Kakashi's pants were plenty long enough, they were a little tight. Iruka realized he was going to have to teach his whole class standing up. Great. Plus, once he was done with the class he was going to end up going back to Kakashi's to gather his clothes. Iruka shoved that though as far out of his mind as he could. He didn't need to go all space cadet on his class today.
He skidded to a halt right outside the door, and walked in fairly calmly. Forty pairs of eyes swiveled to look at him. He smiled cheerfully back.
"Teacher, you realize you're late."
Iruka glanced at the clock. Craaaaap! A whole ten minutes. Oh, screw it. "I got lost. Okay, now, everyone be ready. We're covering kunai safety today and I don't want to reattach any fingers."