Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ The Amorous Adventures of Ayame the Ramen Girl ❯ Endnotes ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

This story is not only a romantic comedy but was also written to have fanfic parody elements and a slight characterization parody of Iruka and Kakashi. If the characterizations come off as slightly OOC that's why. It's purposely written that way.
Canon Iruka is a relatively minor character. He is basically a nice guy with a temper. He has a good sense of humor, blushes a lot, is sensitive, caring, and generous. He's pretty smart and analytical and not afraid to voice his opinion. He's passionate, stubborn, and tends to over react to things, but admits when he's wrong. I love Iruka and would take him home to meet the parents. That's why I have everyone in the story thinking what a great guy he is, because that's the way Kishimoto made him.
Iruka in my story is all these things but with an added twist. He has an inner side which is not quite as nice as he seems. You have to wonder if all the nice people you meet are actually all that nice. Most are not. So here Iruka is not so generous and thinks about money quite a bit. He thinks about his reputation and how important it is to maintain his nice guy image. I also made him insecurity about Kakashi because that's what drives the fic. Canon Iruka recognizes Kakashi's superiority, but I bet if they were both real, Iruka can't help but be at least a little envious. And all men are insecure when it comes to their girlfriend's ex-boyfriends.
Canon Kakashi has two sides. Most fans only see his façade - lazy, sarcastic, cool, aloof, joking. But being a complete obsessive Kakashi-fangirl, I have made an intense study of all scenes with Kakashi in both the anime and manga, read deeply into the Kakashi Gaiden and databooks, etc. The original Kakashi, before Obito died, was prideful, arrogant, serious, industrious, much like Sasuke. The current Kakashi integrates all this personalities facets, but shows only the side he wants to show when he wants to. He is not an angsty character but he is full of deep regret about his past and Obito. (See my “Case Study of Hatake Kakashi” for a full psych analysis.)
The parody elements relate to how Iruka and Kakashi are portrayed in fanfics - usually in yaoi. Although I have nothing against yaoi, I have never come across a yaoi story that took the time to show how such a relationship came to be. Most stories have one or both of them getting drunk and declaring their feelings. Kakashi will NEVER get drunk in public. Privately, maybe, but never in public; he is a very private, secretive person. So in my story, the only way that I see such a relationship happening is Iruka drinking a love potion by accident. Also, in fanfics, Kakashi is either living as a monk or humping every male or female he comes across. My take here is somewhere in between. He will not pursue, but he won't say no if pursued.
But despite the parody elements and slight twists to the characters, they are all fundamentally in character. It's just a matter of interpretation and development.
As for the style, grammar, technique, etc., this story is purposely written to emulate the anime. That means a quick pace, back and forth dialogue, flashbacks, cut to another scene, etc. There should be few typos and grammar errors, but when I upload stories, sometime spaces disappear and words run together.
The ramen girl is the second of my OCxKakashi stories, each one develops a different way Kakashi relates to a woman. (Actually, Ayame is not really an OC since her design was by Kishimoto. I just gave her a personality based on his design.) In this story, the girl likes him, but he doesn't feel the same way about her, and finds a rather unconventional way to turn her down. In my ninja nurse story, the feelings become mutual after a long period of denial. In my kunoichi story, Kakashi is the one doing the pursuing and it's the girl who has reservations.
Happy reading!