Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Adoption ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Evelynn Crevan was considered many things. One thing she definitely was NOT was a push over... So why the hell was she driving with Audrey and Gina to an animal shelter? Audrey had pleaded and begged her to go, that was why. Evelynn was a fairly firm person, but she had a soft spot for her innocent looking, naive brunette friend. She sighed, briefly glancing at the blonde in the passenger seat, before turning her eyes back to the road.

“Where is this place anyways, and why did I have to come along? You have your own car, Audrey.” The red-head questioned.

“You never go anywhere or do anything, Evie. Not unless Gina or I make you, and it would do you good to have a pet! It would do her good to have a pet, right Gina?!” Audrey leaned between the two front seats, her elbows resting on either one, and glanced at Gina, who simply rolled her brown eyes.

“If that’s what you think, Audrey.” The blonde drawled with a snicker of amusement.

Evelynn, on the other hand, was not pleased with the answer. She half contemplated on turning around, and making the two girls go by themselves. It wouldn’t be unlike her, considering her short temper. Even more annoying was that she had to get a cat. Not that there was anything wrong with cats, but she was more of a dog person. Her landlord, unfortunately, was not. Narrowing her hazel eyes in serious consideration of her “turn-around-and-go-back-fucking-home” plan, Audrey suddenly squealed, which made Gina and Evelynn jump, and almost caused Evelynn to crash.

“What the hell, Audrey?!” Gina snapped. Whirling around in her seat to glare at the girl.

“Oh… Er, we’re here…” Audrey said pointing out of the passenger side back seat window. Sure enough, they had pulled over right in front of the animal shelter. Just a few feet away from the drive-way. Evelynn sighed, ‘guess there’s no getting out of this one,’ she thought. Grudgingly she pulled into the animal shelter’s parking lot. Gina grumbling about how this wasn’t worth the heart-attack. Well, at least she was on Evelynn’s side.

-Akatsuki P.O.V-

Itachi’s head was pounding as he slowly stirred. Blinking to clear his vision, he looked around. A cage… he was in a cage. How in Kami’s name did he even… His thoughts were cut short as one of his teammates stirred beside him. At least, he thought it was his teammate. Beside him was a red kitten. As it came to its senses it looked at him.

“Itachi..?” Came the voice of Sasori from the kitten.


“Ah, so it is you. Why are you a kitten?”

Itachi blinked, lifted a paw, and scowled. “Hn, like you’re one to talk.”

Sasori was already examining his own paws and tail with distaste.

“Ugh, what happened, hm?”

The voice of Deidara could be heard and from behind a scratching post came a blonde kitten with blue eyes.

“We’re cats.” Itachi stated bluntly.

“I can see that, yeah! I meant why?” Deidara hissed.

The three thought for a moment. What had happened? They couldn’t really remember. A woman approached them, she started rapidly making hand signs, a flash of red light and… nothing. They couldn’t remember a thing after that.

“Did anyone know the woman, hm?”

The Uchiha and puppet master both shook their heads.

”Well, I suppose it’s best to just go with this for now.” Sasori thought out-loud. The other two looked at him curiously. “I don’t sense any type of chakara. It could be possible we’re not even in our world. So, until we figure out a way to get out of these feline bodies, and get back home…” He was cut short by the sound of a squeal

-Normal P.O.V-

Audrey squealed as they entered the shelter. All around there were dogs and cats. Most of them rescued, or picked up off the street. They were greeted by a worker, a lady named Linda. They all informed her they were looking for cats.

“Well, it’s you lucky day! We found three little kittens last night, abandoned.”

She lead them towards the cage that held the akatsuki kittens. The kittens seemed to almost observe the four women. Audrey, not surprisingly, instantly fell in love with them.

“Oh they’re so cute! Look Evelynn, this one’s even a red head like you!” Audrey gushed as she scooped up the red kitten, and dumped it into Evelynn’s hands. The red-headed woman grumbled something about dropping her off on the side of the road on the way home before looking at the kitten in her hands.

“Well wanna go home with me, hm? Not that you have a choice right now.” Evelynn waved Linda over. “Er, how much to adopt this one?”

“Ah it’s a twenty-five dollar fee for each kitten. They already have their shots, and if you’d like to come back and get them neutered it’ll be another fifty dollars.” The read kitten seemed to twitch at that.

“Er, I’ll just pay the twenty-five,” she mumbled. After all her job was at the photography studio. She made just enough to pay rent and keep food in her apartment.

“Right well follow me!” Linda smiled and led the three of them to a room where they would pay, and sign papers that confirmed the kittens had their shots. Audrey had taken a liking to the blonde kitten, and Gina had scooped up the black kitten, “I’m only taking you, because you’re the last one left.”

Once the papers were signed, and the kittens paid for, the young women waved and left. Gina held her kitten in her lap, soothingly stroking its fur. Evelynn’s and Audrey’s kittens were in the back seat with Audrey. Evelynn had insisted she didn’t need the distraction while driving. Then again, Audrey wasn’t really complaining

-Time skip-

Evelynn sighed, and dropped her keys on the counter. She gently placed her new kitten on the floor, and went to open a can of tuna. Not that she ate the stuff. She only kept it around for when Audrey stayed the night. On the way home she had dropped off Audrey and Gina at their houses. Apparently, they had already bought cat supplies for their kittens. Evelynn hadn’t put much thought into it, and so her little cat would have to deal with tuna out of a can tonight.

Taking out a tiny dish, she filled it with water, and set both the water filled dish and the can of tuna on the ground. The red kitten sniffed the food tentatively, must have decided it was okay, and began to eat. Evelynn brushed her fingers gently down it’s back. “I suppose I ought to name you, huh?”