Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ How cliche Kittens ❯ Deidara and Audrey ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Audrey didn’t sleep all night. How could she sleep with a man, whom she didn’t even know, was in her home?! Sighing, the brunette looked at the time. It was seven-thirty. Darn. Slowly she sat up, deciding to get ready for the day. Looking up she shrieked and jumped back, pulling a pillow in front of her to protect herself. Ah, sweet little Audrey

Standing in the door way was the blonde missing-nin Audrey was housing. Now, even though he was cute (in Audrey’s opinion), that didn’t make her any less scared or him. He could kill her! Or rape her! He could gut her, and take her intestines to strangle her! Audrey shivered at her last thought, and peered over the pillow at him.

“You know, I’m not going to hurt you, hm.” He spoke softly, which sounded quite odd with his deep voice. Audrey didn’t move. “Come on, it’s morning time. We should get breakfast, yeah?”

Audrey stood up slowly, and eyed his out stretched hand suspiciously. She nodded slowly, but refused to take his hand. She ushered him gently into her kitchen, where she started to prepare breakfast. Cooking and baking has always helped ease Audrey’s nerves. She decided pancakes, toast, and scrambled eggs would do. She paused, then turned to Deidara.

“D-do you like your eggs scrambled?” She asked quietly. He just nodded, so she went back to work cooking.

Audrey hummed while she worked, and it was a noise that put Deidara at ease. Being a ninja was a stressful life. Especially when that life is of a missing-nin. Everyone’s always hunting you down, and everyone wants to kill you. Here, in the small brunette’s kitchen, he felt at ease. He watched her flip pancakes, butter toast, and stir eggs around in the pan. She made him a plate full of pancakes. He had never had them before, but they smelled delicious.

When she was done, Audrey set a plate of four pancakes, two pieces of toast, and two eggs in front of him. Then sat down to her own two pancakes, two eggs, and one piece of toast.

“I have more, hm? Deidara questioned, raising an eye brow.

“Oh, I… Uhm…” Audrey stuttered, and looked down at her lap. “I wasn’t sure when the last time you had a decent meal was, so I figured I’d make enough for you to eat your fill.”

“Thank you.” Deidara smiled, and Audrey’s heart fluttered. She smiled back.

The two ate their meal in silence. Deidara only ate two pancakes, and everything else on his plate. Audrey was pleased to have someone who appreciated her cooking. Evelynn wasn’t one for home cooked meals (if you could even get her to eat anything besides pizza), and Gina usually cooked for herself or ordered take-out. Audrey loved home-cooked meals. The only time she really got the chance was during Thanksgiving or Christmas. That thought brought Audrey another thought. Would they be around for Christmas? If they were, she’d have to make something special. She stole a glance at Deidara and blushed. She’d also have to buy something special. Giggling, she started humming and washing the dishes.

Deidara watched while she worked. She seemed to be really happy, doing household things. She’d probably make someone a good wife. He mentally slapped himself. Where did that come from? He shook his head and continued to watch the female in front of him.

“Do you have a home, Deidara?”


“A home? Do you have a home?” Audrey turned to him, drying one of the plates.

“Not really, hm.”

“Oh…” Audrey frowned.

“Why do you ask, un?”

“Oh… Curious, is all.” Audrey turned away, and started to put the dishes up. “This can be your home, if you want?”

Deidara came up behind her, grabbed a plate, and reached up from behind her to put it on the stack with the rest in the cubboard.

“I don’t think I’d mind that, hm.” He whispered in her ear.

Audrey fainted.