Naruto Shippuden Fan Fiction ❯ The Akatsuki's Victory ❯ Ame Orphans ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Nagato had just arrived. The summoning path had summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. With it Nagato used the chakra of the nine tailed beasts to boost the chakra of the Amegakure shinobi and the Akatsuki. Currently, he was fighting back to back with his childhood friends. The three fought bravely. Ducking, dodging, slicing, and killing all enemy shinobi that came in their vicinity.

Konan dodged a shower of kunai and shuriken. She sent a paper bomb clone at the leaf ninja, and soon he was blown into a bloody pile on the ground. Again, she dodged a shinobi who had gotten passed her clones, and had a kunai aimed at her throat. Konan spun to the left, twirled her own kunai in her hand, and sliced the sand-nin's throat open. She stared in disdain at the man, and turned to her two friends.

Nagato had just impaled a woman in an artery with one of his chakra rods. He then let her fall to the ground, and had to leap to the left to avoid a giant axe that was swung at him. He flipped over the axe, and jabbed a chakra rod into the head of the shinobi that had attacked him. How brave he had become. He was no longer the starving, dying orphan that Konan had found laying on the streets all those years ago. No longer did he cry, or second guess if something was right or wrong. Nagato had grown into a fine man, and a fine leader. He would be the main leader of the shinobi world, once the war was over. Yahiko and herself would remain in Amegakure.

With that thought in mind she turned to her other childhood friend, and husband, Yahiko. He was performing a water bullet jutsu, and had taken out six leaf shinobi that were after him. Long gone was his fight with Tsunade. She had finally used up all her chakra, with all the healing and blunt force blows she had pulled. It almost made Konan sad. She had admired the woman, when she was a child. Now, she was a grown woman. Married to the man she loved more than anything else. The man who had been the first leader of the Akatsuki, and had put all his faith in Yahiko. The man who had accepted her for the woman she was. Yahiko was a man who had kept a smile on their faces in the darkest of times. Never swaying in his decisions, and always putting his friends and comrades first.

Almost as if they could tell she was looking at them, Nagato and Yahiko both turned to Konan. Slowly, the three started to smile as they studied each other. How long as it been since they fought together like this? In a battle so fierce? Probably not since they had faced Hanzo the Salamander, and taken him down. They had still been considered orphans then. As they looked around they realized that was no longer the case. Now they had a family. No matter how odd of a family it was.

No matter how outrageous they acted sometimes. The Akatsuki was their family. Now, just as their family fought valiantly for them, they would fight for their family. For each other. For true peace. The Ame Orphans gave each other one last smile (a grin on Yahiko's part) and turned back to their battles. Their goal was almost there. So close they could taste it, and they were not going to slack off now. Not when the peace they desired was finally in reach.